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2010978-0-08-096622-9Diana LuckCIM Coursebook Assessing the Marketing Environment (The Official Cim Coursebook)
  ''978-0-08-096624-3Jim BlytheCIM Coursebook Marketing Essentials (The Official Cim Coursebook)
  ''978-0-08-096626-7Michelle GledhillCIM Coursebook Stakeholder Marketing
2011978-0-08-096628-1Trevor LinsleyBasic Electrical Installation Work 2357 Edition, 6th ed
  ''978-0-08-096630-4Alfred Hassner · Irishi NamboothiriOrganic Syntheses Based on Name Reactions: A Practical Guide to 750 Transformations
2012978-0-08-096632-8E. L. HoughtonAerodynamics for Engineering Students
2011978-0-08-096634-2Owen BishopElectronics: Circuits and Systems, 4th ed
2010978-0-08-096636-6Phil Hughes MBE MSc FIOSH RSP · Ed Ferrett PhD BSc (Hons Eng) CEngInternational Health and Safety at Work: for the NEBOSH International General Certificate
2013978-0-08-096638-0Morgan JonesBuilding Valve Amplifiers
2012978-0-08-096640-3Morgan JonesValve Amplifiers
  ''978-0-08-096642-7Chris KitcherElectrical Installations Revision Guide: City & Guilds 2382 course (City & Guilds Revision Guide)
2012978-0-08-096644-1Chris KitcherElectrical Installations Revision Guide: City & Guilds 2391 course (City & Guilds Revision Guide)
2011978-0-08-096646-5   ''Electrical Installations Revision Guide: City & Guilds 2357 (City & Guilds Revision Guide)
2012978-0-08-096648-9Dennis NicksonHuman Resource Management for the Hospitality and Tourism Industries (3D Photorealistic Rendering)
  ''978-0-08-096652-6Colin H. SimmonsManual of Engineering Drawing: Technical Product Specification and Documentation to British and International Standards
  ''978-0-08-096659-5Gavin Towler Ph.D. Dr. · R K SinnottChemical Engineering Design: Principles, Practice and Economics of Plant and Process Design
2010978-0-08-096661-8Matthew HousdenCIM Coursebook Market Information and Research
978-0-08-096662-5Actress hayden panettiere Poster 36x24inch
2011978-0-08-096665-6D. R. H. JonesEngineering Materials 1: An Introduction to Properties, Applications and Design
2012978-0-08-096668-7D. R. H. Jones · Michael F. AshbyEngineering Materials 2: An Introduction to Microstructures and Processing (International Series on Materials Science and Technology)
  ''978-0-08-096670-0Bernard Davis · Andrew Lockwood · Peter Alcott · Ioannis PantelidisFood and Beverage Management
2011978-0-08-096672-4Derek HullIntroduction to Dislocations
  ''978-0-08-096673-1Derek HullIntroduction to Dislocations
2011978-0-08-096674-8Andrew ParrHydraulics and Pneumatics: A Technician's and Engineer's Guide
  ''978-0-08-096676-2William E. ForsthofferForsthoffer's Best Practice Handbook for Rotating Machinery
2010978-0-08-096678-6Sergio M. Savaresi · Charles Poussot-Vassal · Cristiano Spelta · Olivier Sename · Luc DugardSemi-Active Suspension Control Design for Vehicles
  ''978-0-08-096680-9Keith ShawVacant Possession
  ''978-0-08-096682-3Simon Judd ProfessorThe MBR Book: Principles and Applications of Membrane Bioreactors for Water and Wastewater Treatment
2011978-0-08-096683-0Mike Tooley · Lloyd DingleBTEC National Engineering Tutor Support Material 3e
2010978-0-08-096685-4Gordon W. Gribble · John A. Joule ProfessorProgress in Heterocyclic Chemistry: 22
  ''978-0-08-096688-5Patrick H. BondRating Valuation: Principles and Practice
2011978-0-08-096690-8Andrew BaumThe Income Approach to Property Valuation
2010978-0-08-096692-2Anne GalbraithGalbraith's Building and Land Management Law for Students
2012978-0-08-096699-1Richard Penner · Lawrence Adams · Stephani K. A. RobsonHotel Design, Planning and Development
2011978-0-08-096704-2John M. Nicholas · Herman SteynProject Management for Engineering, Business and Technology
2010978-0-08-096706-6Heinrich D Holland Dr. · Karl K. TurekianGeochemistry of Earth Surface Systems: A derivative of the Treatise on Geochemistry
2010978-0-08-096708-0Heinrich D Holland Dr. · Karl K. TurekianRadioactive Geochronometry: A derivative of the Treatise on Geochemistry
  ''978-0-08-096710-3   ''Isotope Geochemistry: A derivative of the Treatise on Geochemistry
  ''978-0-08-096768-4Ken MorlingGeometric and Engineering Drawing, 3rd ed (Elsevier Insights)
  ''978-0-08-096770-7Ed Ferrett PhD BSc (Hons Eng) CEngIntroduction to Health and Safety in Construction Revision Cards
2011978-0-08-096772-1Auguste EscoffierEscoffier, 2nd Edition
2010978-0-08-096781-3David J. Smith BSc PhD CEng FIEE FIQA HonFSaRS MIGasE. · Kenneth G. L. Simpson MPhil FIEE FInstMC MIGasE.Safety Critical Systems Handbook: A Straight forward Guide to Functional Safety, IEC 61508 (2010 EDITION) and Related Standards, Including Process IEC 61511 and Machinery IEC 62061 and ISO 13849
2011978-0-08-096789-9Mark E. Schlesinger · Matthew J. King · Kathryn C. Sole · William G. DavenportExtractive Metallurgy of Copper
  ''978-0-08-096791-2David BowieHospitality Marketing: Principles and Practice
2020978-0-08-096796-7Brian Porter · Chris TookeCarpentry and Joinery: Work Activities, 2nd ed
2020978-0-08-096798-1Brian Porter · Chris TookeCarpentry and Joinery: Bench and Site Skills
2010978-0-08-096802-5Filippo De FlorioAirworthiness: An Introduction to Aircraft Certification
2011978-0-08-096805-6Gordon W. Gribble · John A. Joule ProfessorProgress in Heterocyclic Chemistry: 23
2012978-0-08-096807-0   ''Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry: 24
2011978-0-08-096809-4Frank Crundwell · Michael Moats · Venkoba Ramachandran · Timothy Robinson · W. G. DavenportExtractive Metallurgy of Nickel, Cobalt and Platinum Group Metals
2010978-0-08-096813-1Raphael TsuSuperlattice to Nanoelectronics (Elsevier Insights)
2011978-0-08-096902-2David J. SmithReliability, Maintainability and Risk Eighth Edition: Practical Methods for Engineers including Reliability Centred Maintenance and Safety-Related Systems
2012978-0-08-096905-3T.H.G. MegsonAircraft Structures for Engineering Students (Elsevier Aerospace Engineering)
2013978-0-08-096907-7Christopher KitcherPractical Guide to Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations
2012978-0-08-096908-4Chris KitcherPractical Guide to Inspection, Testing, and Certification of Electrical Installations
2011978-0-08-096911-4Martin P. BatesPIC Microcontrollers: An Introduction to Microelectronics
  ''978-0-08-096912-1Colin Bayliss · Brian HardyTransmission and Distribution Electrical Engineering
  ''978-0-08-096914-5Brian Scaddan17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations: Design and Verification of Electrical Installations
  ''978-0-08-096917-6Brian Scaddan17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations: Explained and Illustrated (Iee Wiring Regulations Explained and Illustrated (Scadden))
  ''978-0-08-096919-0   ''PAT: Portable Appliance Testing
2013978-0-08-096921-3Tommaso Sgobba · Firooz Allahdadi Dr. · Isabelle Rongier · Paul WildeSafety Design for Space Operations
2010978-0-08-096928-2Glenn BowdinManuals site for Events Management: 0
2010978-0-08-096929-9John BirdQ Site for Electrical and Electronic Principles and Technology: 0
2011978-0-08-096930-5Nigel MorganDestination Brands
  ''978-0-08-096932-9Stephen J. PageTourism Management
2010978-0-08-096934-3Hazel MarshallEGLR 2010 SET (Estates Gazette Law Report)
2011978-0-08-096937-4Brian ScaddanThe Dictionary of Electrical Installation Work
  ''978-0-08-096939-8Hazel MarshallEGLR 2010 Volume 3 (Estates Gazette Law Report)
  ''978-0-08-096940-4Trevor LinsleyIntroduction to Electrical Installation Work, 3rd ed
2012978-0-08-096942-8Tom DentonAutomobile Electrical and Electronic Systems, 4th ed
2011978-0-08-096945-9Tom DentonAutomobile Mechanical and Electrical Systems
  ''978-0-08-096947-3Alf YarwoodIntroduction to AutoCAD 2012
2012978-0-08-096949-7A. J. Martyr · M A PLINTEngine Testing: The Design, Building, Modification and Use of Powertrain Test Facilities
2013978-0-08-096951-0Seshadri SeetharamanTreatise on Process Metallurgy: 3-VOLUME SET: 1-2-3A-3B
2012978-0-08-096953-4Donald GetzEvent Studies: Theory, Research and Policy for Planned Events (Events Management)
2012978-0-08-096955-8Tom DentonAdvanced Automotive Fault Diagnosis
2011978-0-08-096957-2Charles Adams · Mike Early · Jane Brook · Katherine BamfordPrinciples of Horticulture
  ''978-0-08-096959-6Ann Ross · Jonathan Hetreed · Charlotte Baden-PowellArchitect's Pocket Book 4E (Routledge Pocket Books)
2012978-0-08-096979-4Geoffrey Davies Fellow Institute of Materials MSc University of OxfordMaterials for Automobile Bodies
2011978-0-08-096981-7Brian ScaddanElectrical Installation Work
  ''978-0-08-096982-4Fred Hall · Roger GreenoBuilding Services Handbook
2013978-0-08-096984-8Seshadri SeetharamanTreatise on Process Metallurgy, Volume 2: Process Phenomena
2013978-0-08-096986-2Seshadri SeetharamanTreatise on Process Metallurgy, Volume 1: Process Fundamentals
  ''978-0-08-096988-6   ''Treatise on Process Metallurgy, Volume 3: Industrial Processes
2011978-0-08-096992-3Keith BrindleyStarting Electronics
  ''978-0-08-096994-7Danny MyersEconomics and Property
2010978-0-08-096996-1Norbert VanhoveThe Economics of Tourism Destinations (Elsevier Insights)
2011978-0-08-096998-5Alan Bonnick · Derek NewboldA Practical Approach to Motor Vehicle Engineering and Maintenance, 3rd ed
2010978-0-08-097006-6Luisa RobertsonCima Mobile Phone App Financial Manageme
2012978-0-08-097016-5Hans PacejkaTire and Vehicle Dynamics
2013978-0-08-097035-6Jean Rouquerol · Françoise Rouquerol · Philip Llewellyn · Guillaume Maurin · Kenneth S.W. SingAdsorption by Powders and Porous Solids: Principles, Methodology and Applications
  ''978-0-08-097036-3Jean Rouquerol · Fran Oise Rouquerol · Philip Llewellyn · Guillaume Maurin · Kenneth S W SingAdsorption by Powders and Porous Solids: Principles, Methodology and Applications
  ''978-0-08-097037-0David WildThe Immunoassay Handbook: Theory and Applications of Ligand Binding, ELISA and Related Techniques
2012978-0-08-097040-0Brian Boniface · Robyn Cooper · Chris CooperWorldwide Destinations: The geography of travel and tourism
2011978-0-08-097042-4Trevor LinsleyAdvanced Electrical Installation Work 2357 Edition, 6th ed
2015978-0-08-097053-0Barry A. WillsWills' Mineral Processing Technology: An Introduction to the Practical Aspects of Ore Treatment and Mineral Recovery
2011978-0-08-097055-4Trevor Linsley2357 Electrical Installation Work Tutor Support Material
2011978-0-08-097057-8Trevor LinsleyAdvanced Electrical Installation Work Tutor Support Material
2012978-0-08-097061-5Roy Chudley · Roger GreenoBuilding Construction Handbook
2011978-0-08-097063-9Ian SinclairElectronics Simplified
  ''978-0-08-097064-6Christopher KitcherA Practical Guide to Renewable Energy: Microgeneration systems and their Installation
  ''978-0-08-097068-4Phil Hughes · Ed FerrettIntroduction to Health and Safety in Construction: The Handbook for the NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction: Health and Safety
  ''978-0-08-097070-7Phil Hughes · Ed FerrettIntroduction to Health and Safety at Work: The Handbook for the NEBOSH National General Certificate
  ''978-0-08-097072-1Graham A. Webb74: Annual Reports on NMR Spectroscopy
2011978-0-08-097074-5Graham A. WebbAnnual Reports on NMR Spectroscopy: Volume 73
2013978-0-08-097082-0David FawcettPlumbing Tutor Support Material Level 3
  ''978-0-08-097084-4Dingle DingleAircraft Engineering Principles (Taylor & Francis Aerospace and Aviation Engineering)
2015978-0-08-097086-8James D. WrightInternational Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences (Set of 26 Volumes) (26 Vols 7 Boxes)
2012978-0-08-097089-9Ibrahim Dincer Dr. · Marc A. Rosen Dr.Exergy: Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
2016978-0-08-097091-2John Moubray · Aladon Network · J. R. Paul LanthierReliability-Centered Maintenance
978-0-08-097092-9John MoubrayReliability-Centered Maintenance
2012978-0-08-097093-6C. B. BarrassShip Stability for Masters and Mates
2011978-0-08-097095-0Dennis FitzpatrickAnalog Design and Simulation using OrCAD Capture and PSpice
2012978-0-08-097097-4William RibbensUnderstanding Automotive Electronics: An Engineering Perspective
2013978-0-08-097100-1Duncan Marshall · Derek Worthing · Nigel Dann · Roger HeathThe Construction of Houses
2010978-0-08-097103-2Fevzi OkumusStrategic Management for Hospitality and Tourism: Xplana Bundle
  ''978-0-08-097104-9Victor T.C. Middleton · Alan Fyall · Mike MorganMarketing in Travel and Tourism: Xplana Bundle
  ''978-0-08-097105-6Christopher KitcherPractical Guide to Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations: Conforms to 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations (BS 7671:2008) and Part P of Building Regulations Xplana Bundle
2009978-0-08-097106-3Roger Greeno · Fred HallBuilding Services Handbook: Incorporating Current Building & Construction Regulations - Xplana Bundle
2010978-0-08-097107-0Bernard Davis · Andrew Lockwood · Ioannis Pantelidis · Peter AlcottFood and Beverage Management: Xplana Bundle
  ''978-0-08-097108-7Roy ChudleyBuilding Construction Handbook: Xplana Bundle
2010978-0-08-097109-4John BuglearStats Means Business 2nd edition: Statistics with Excel for business, hospitality and tourism - Xplana Bundle
2013978-0-08-097112-4Duncan Marshall · Derek Worthing · Roger Heath · Nigel DannUnderstanding Housing Defects
2011978-0-08-097114-8Trevor SparksSolid-Liquid Filtration: A User’s Guide to Minimizing Cost and Environmental Impact, Maximizing Quality and Productivity
2012978-0-08-097116-2Eric Shapiro · David Mackmin · Gary SamsModern Methods of Valuation
2013978-0-08-097117-9Eric F. ShapiroModern Methods of Valuation
2014978-0-08-097121-6Fiona CobbStructural Engineer's Pocket Book: Eurocodes, Third Edition
2012978-0-08-097123-0John CarltonMarine Propellers and Propulsion
2015978-0-08-097129-2Peter Wilson ProfessorDesign Recipes for FPGAs: Using Verilog and VHDL
2016978-0-08-097131-5Philip SantoInspections and Reports on Dwellings: Inspecting, 2nd edition
2013978-0-08-097132-2Philip SantoInspections and Reports on Dwellings: Assessing Age
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2013978-0-08-097135-3Alick DavidsonParry's Valuation and Investment Tables
2012978-0-08-097138-4Peter WilsonThe Circuit Designer's Companion
2013978-0-08-097144-5Philip SantoInspections and Reports on Dwellings: Assessing Age
2011978-0-08-097150-6Volker BertramPractical Ship Hydrodynamics
2013978-0-08-097151-3David W. SmithPIC Projects and Applications Using C: A Project-based Approach
2012978-0-08-097154-4Brian Porter · Chris TookeCarpentry & Joinery 1
  ''978-0-08-097156-8   ''Carpentry & Joinery 2
  ''978-0-08-097158-2   ''Carpentry & Joinery 3
2011978-0-08-097170-4A. N. Cockcroft · J. N. F. LameijerA Guide to the Collision Avoidance Rules
2012978-0-08-097172-8Andrew CollinsNanotechnology Cookbook: Practical, Reliable and Jargon-free Experimental Procedures
2011978-0-08-097174-2Martin KillcrossChemical and Process Plant Commissioning Handbook: A Practical Guide to Plant System and Equipment Installation and Commissioning
2014978-0-08-097182-7Don RatnayakaWater Supply
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978-0-08-097188-9Doug WoodyardPounders Marine Diesel Engines
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  ''978-0-08-097190-2Howard D. CurtisOrbital Mechanics: For Engineering Students
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2012978-0-08-097196-4Simon JuddThe MBR Book
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2011978-0-08-097204-6Kim Viborg AndersenThe Past and Future of Information Systems
2012978-0-08-097205-3John NewmanAdvanced Concrete Technology 2
2011978-0-08-097206-0John NewmanAdvanced Concrete Technology: Processes
  ''978-0-08-097207-7   ''Advanced Concrete Technology: Constituent Materials
2011978-0-08-097208-4John NewmanAdvanced Concrete Technology: Testing & Quality
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  ''978-0-08-097221-3Geoffrey AllenProtein Volume 1
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2011978-0-08-097224-4Bruno AmeduriWell-Architectured Fluoropolymers: Synthesis, Properties and Applications
  ''978-0-08-097225-1Ivica CepanecSynthesis of Biaryls
  ''978-0-08-097226-8Krzysztof KolowrockiReliability of Large Systems
2006978-0-08-097227-5Harry MarshActivated Carbon
2011978-0-08-097228-2Rafael KandiyotiSolid Fuels and Heavy Hydrocarbon Liquids: Thermal Characterisation and Analysis
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2011978-0-08-097233-6Theodore NicholasHigh Cycle Fatigue: A Mechanics of Materials Perspective
  ''978-0-08-097235-0Koji KobashiDiamond Films: Chemical Vapor Deposition for Oriented and Heteroepitaxial Growth