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1990978-0-08-040793-7International Institute for Educational PlanningInvesting in the Future: Setting Educational Priorities in the Developing World (Comparative & international education series)
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1991978-0-08-040798-2Gideon ShimoniThe Holocaust in University Teaching
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1990978-0-08-040809-5Advisory Committee on Marine Pollution of the SeaMarine Pollution
1996978-0-08-040812-5Sten JonssonAccounting for Improvement
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1992978-0-08-040837-8Stan RoachHealth Risks from Hazardous Substances at Work: Assessment, Evaluation and Control
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  ''978-0-08-040844-6   ''The Waltham Book of Companion Animal Nutrition (Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition)
1991978-0-08-040907-8Frank Rennie · George BruceThe Land Out There: Scottish Land Anthology
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2002978-0-08-040928-3Susan Stuart · Brian FillingThe End of a Regime - An Anthology: Scottish-South African Writing Against Apartheid
1991978-0-08-040934-4Margaret Barnes29: Oceanography And Marine Biology: An Annual Review: Vol 29
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  ''978-0-08-040971-9   ''Submarines (Sea Power: Naval Vessels, Weapons Systems & Technology)
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