Annie Dillard

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An American ChildhoodPaperback978-0-06-091518-61989
An American ChildhoodHardcover978-0-06-015805-71987
An American ChildhoodPaperback978-0-06-015834-71987
APPRENDRE À PARLER À UNE PIERRE   "978-2-267-00922-41992
Au présentBroché978-2-267-01565-22001
Encounters with Chinese WritersPaperback978-0-8195-6156-51984
En vivant, en écrivantPoche978-2-267-01990-22008
For the Time BeingPaperback978-0-375-70347-82000
For the Time BeingHardcover978-0-375-40380-41999
Give It All, Give It Now: One of the Few Things I Know About Writing   "978-1-59962-060-22009
Holy the FirmPaperback978-0-06-091543-81998
Holy the Firm   "978-0-06-091098-31984
Holy the FirmHardcover978-0-06-010528-01977
Holy the Firm   "978-0-06-011061-11977
In Fact: The Best of Creative NonfictionPaperback978-0-393-32665-92004Lee Gutkind
L'amour des MaytreeBroché978-2-267-01982-72008
Les vivantsPoche978-2-267-02089-22010
Living by FictionPaperback978-0-06-091544-52000
Living By Fiction   "978-0-06-091044-01983
Living by fictionHardcover978-0-06-014960-41982
Modern American MemoirsPaperback978-0-06-092763-91996Cort Conley
Modern American MemoirsHardcover978-0-06-017040-01995Cort Conley ey
Mornings Like This: Found PoemsPaperback978-0-06-092725-71996
Mornings Like This: Found PoemsHardcover978-0-06-017155-11995
Pélerinage à Tinker CreekPoche978-2-267-02090-82010
Pilgrim at Tinker CreekPaperback978-0-06-123332-62013
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek   "978-1-84825-078-92011
Pilgrim at Tinker CreekAudio Cassette978-1-4332-6123-72009
Pilgrim at Tinker CreekAudio CD978-1-4332-6124-42009
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek   "978-1-4332-6126-82009
Pilgrim at Tinker CreekMP3 CD978-1-4332-6127-52009
Pilgrim at Tinker CreekPreloaded Digital Audio Player978-1-4332-6131-22009
Pilgrim at Tinker CreekPaperback978-0-07-243417-02000
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek   "978-0-06-095302-71998
Pilgrim at Tinker CreekHardcover978-1-56849-706-81998
Pilgrim At Tinker CreekPaperback978-0-330-24715-31990
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek   "978-0-06-091545-21988
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek   "978-0-06-091279-61985
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek   "978-0-06-121980-11974
Teaching a Stone to TalkHardcover978-0-06-015030-31982
Teaching a Stone to Talk: Expeditions and EncountersPaperback978-0-06-091541-42013
Teaching a Stone to Talk: Expeditions and Encounters   "978-0-06-091072-31983
The Abundance: Narrative Essays Old and NewHardcover978-0-06-243297-12016
The Annie Dillard LibraryPaperback978-0-06-091625-11989
The Annie Dillard Reader   "978-0-06-092660-11995
The Annie Dillard ReaderHardcover978-0-06-017158-21994
The Best American Essays 1988Paperback978-0-89919-730-21988
The Living   "978-1-56054-925-31993
The LivingHardcover978-0-06-099257-61992
The Living   "978-1-56054-500-21992
The Living: A NovelPaperback978-0-06-092411-92013
The Living: A NovelHardcover978-0-06-016870-41992
The Maytrees :Paperback978-1-84391-447-12008
The MaytreesHardcover978-1-84391-710-62007
The Maytrees: A NovelPaperback978-0-06-123954-02008
The Maytrees: A NovelHardcover978-0-06-123953-32007
The Social Medicine Reader   "978-0-8223-1957-31997Gail E.Henderson · Sue E.Estroff · Martha Balshem · Holly F.Matthews · Donald R.Lannin · James P.Mitchell · Arthur Frank
The Social Medicine ReaderPaperback978-0-8223-1965-81997Gail E.Henderson · Sue E.Estroff · Martha Balshem · Holly F.Matthews · Donald R.Lannin · James P.Mitchell · Arthur Frank
The Writing Life   "978-0-06-091988-72013
The Writing LifeHardcover978-0-06-016156-91989
Three by Annie Dillard: The Writing Life, An American Childhood, Pilgrim at Tinker CreekPaperback978-0-06-092064-71990
Tickets for a Prayer Wheel   "978-0-8195-6536-52002
Tickets for a prayer wheel: Poems   "978-0-06-097014-71986
Tickets for a Prayer Wheel: PoemsHardcover978-0-8262-0156-01974
Tickets for a Prayer Wheel: PoetryPaperback978-0-06-091542-11988
To See What I Could See   "978-0-06-196227-12000
Tree Grows in BrooklynSchool & Library Binding978-0-8085-1462-61998Betty Smith
Watch for the Light: Readings for Advent and ChristmasHardcover978-0-87486-917-02014Dietrich Bonhoeffer · Thomas Merton · C. S. Lewis · Henri J. M. Nouwen · John Donne · Meister Eckhart · Dorothy Day

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