Publishers from country group: English speaking area (0-954... to 0-959...)

Little Hermit Press
British Urban Regeneration Association
Daphne J Ashby & Jackie Woolsey
Sammon Publishing Ltd
History Data Service
European Electrical Steels
People's Trust for Endangered Species
Mitchellwing Publications
KCP Publications Ltd.
National Institute of Economic & Social Research
Decomplexity Associates Ltd
NatureQuest Centre
Helion & Company
Napier Press
ISBN 978-0-9540081-...
Ormeau Baths Gallery
Devon Birdwatching and Preservation
Kilcloon Jubilee Committee
White Flight Promotions U.K.
Shelley Studios
Plumbago Books
Tanner Publishing
Markhill Publishing
Play Wales | Chwarae Cymru
WSC Books Limited
Networks UK
Douglas Barry Publications
Nightlight Publishing
Golden Egg Ltd
The Public
A & C Services
Japonica Press
British DX Club
Sovereignty Publications
Cumbrian Railways Association
Iris Combe, Dareen Bridge & Pat Hutchinson
Insight Training & Development Limited
Larch Hill Scouting Ireland CSI
B L Associates
BioMed Central Ltd
Brechin Books Ltd
Blackrock Education Centre
Wishing Well Publications
Black Rabbit Press
Warboys Media
Bahamas Maritime Authority
Fan Museum
Crossways Patch
Rennsport Sidecars
Ayot St Lawrence Old Church Preservation Trust
Concrete Publications, Market Deeping
Castlehaven Books
Harrison Advanced Rods
British Lichen Society
Sage (UK) Ltd
Gapwork Ltd
Delius Klasing Vlg GmbH
Abolition 2000 UK
Helm Press
New Internationalist Publications Ltd
FEASTA, The Foundation For the Economics of Sustainability
Health and Beauty Enterprises
Mayfield Books
Grey House in the Woods
Right Now Press Ltd
Blackthorn Press
David Paul
Amal Press
CD41 Publishing
Dinefwr Publishers Ltd
Kingfisher Television Productions
Positive Press Ltd
Terence Kingston
Matfield Books
Craft Education
The Garlandstone Press
Holly Jones
Lightline Press
Colour Affects Ltd
Mantis, London
Vogelsang Publications
Haunch of Venison
Jeremy Mills Publishing
Bridport Arts Centre
OIDFA (International Bobbin & Needle Lace Organization)
Sue Horwood Publishing Limited (SHPL)
West Ridge Books
Mechaero Publishing
Barbara Anslow
Verschoyle Mason Publications
Victor Keegan
Environmental Investigation Agency
D. Jay Ltd
Cyber Communications (UK) Ltd
Schmetterling Productions
Media Services (Brighton) Ltd
British Science Fiction Assn
Success Publications
Blue Island Publishing
Vitesse Media Group
Nottingham Natural History Museum
Dajo Publishers & Distributors
Anglo-Arabic Graphics Ltd
Oxford Expedition to Egypt
Azzam Publications
New Contemporaries (1988) Ltd
Ocarina Books
Moseley Railway Trust
Planet Books
The Royal Scots History Committee
Benbow Publications
Congrave Press
Wanderlust Publications Ltd
Quilters Haven Publications
Rowan Yarns Ltd
Arnison Newgass
Big 4 Media
John Manship
Magavelda Press
ITV Meridian
Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust
Anastasi Ltd
Declan McGrath
Herridge & Sons Ltd
Pembroke Interactive
Keda Publications
Rosemary Knox
Patrick Cameron Hair International
Panglossian Books
Webbs Barn Designs
Urch Publishing Ltd
NliteN Publications
Penmellyn Publications
George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research - GGIEMR
Great Bear Publishing
Tai Chi Worldwide Limited
Streetwise Publications
Originator Publishing Services
The Anderson Centre
Restoration Publishing Company
LBA Books
Ragged Angel Ltd
Erskine Hospital
Tiger & Rose Publications
Sefton Park Palm House Preservation Trust
Umbria Press
Joane Whitmore
Tindal Street
Nicholas O'Hare
Rubicon Gallery
PBI Publishing
Jack Case
Infinite Dreams
Think Publishing Limited
Virgin Books
Croydon Airport Society
Posing Productions
Long Midnight Publishing
Bathgate 2000 Trust
Kranji Publications
Centre for Learning and Teaching in Art and Design (CLTAD)
Ancholme Publishing
BT plc
W J & T Ltd
John E Titterton F.S.A.
Ceres P.
Highland Music Trust
Queriendo Press
Beeston & District Local History Society
Howtatt P.
Alan Hamilton
Valerie Jacob
DEK Publishing
Edinburgh Printmakers
The Pony Club
Superbrands Ltd
Consortium of European Research Libraries
Brummie Stokes BEM - MISM
St Mary's Publishing
Lubin & Kleyner
Network Theory Ltd.
Canterton Books
Birth Concepts UK
DogSense Publications
Pendulum Publishing
School of Acoustics & Electronic Engineering,University of Salford
Penkiln Burn
John Baker Products
Nicky Oppenheimer
Westlakes Research Institute
Dumbreck Publishing
Watch Publishing
Cinemagine Media Publishing
Schneider Text Editions
Bermac Publications
Main Collins Publishing
Psychometric Technology Limited
GKA Publishing
Caribbean Art and Musical Expression (C.A.M.E) Publishing
Nymet Press
Avalon Wholesale Limited
Sutcliffe Gallery
Welsh Harp Conservation Group
Topscore Ltd
Arcatrans Inc Limited
Dalton Publishing
Silversmiths & Goldsmiths Company Limited
Quester Publications
Rider-French Consulting Limited
Blue Gallery
Griffin Press
Cornish Fiction
Briglin Books
Mary Campbell Hill
Derwent Valley Mills Partnership
Patula Books
Redbourn Books
Stentorian Publishing
Drake Bros Publications
Thrive Floristry
Chanadon Publications Limited
Big Cat Publishing
British Wheelchair Sports Foundation
Deerpark Press
Norman Geras
Cengage Learning
Ulric Publishing
Martlesham Monthly
The Village Guild
The North of England P&I Association Limited
Periwinkle Publications
Tortoise Publishing
Hayward Medical Communications
Hightobygloak Publications
Dundee Contemporary Arts
Mount St Bernard Abbey
Winemaster Publishing Limited
Kestrel Railway Books
Ardnamona Publishers
Final Conflict
Heraldic Media Limited
Stewart Green
Edward Everett Root
Living History Library
Trolley Books
Astrospace Publications
Tanners Yard Press
Nine Hearts Publishing
Bread Books
Brian E. Gage
Saltwater Books
Coch-y-Bonddu Books
Yesterday Once More
Friends of Tintern
Giss'On Books
Jawziyyah Press
Rural Heritage Society
Snap-Map Limited
Allyboy Books
Lushington Publishing
Hertfordshire Publications
TomCat Publishing
Rising Stars UK Ltd
Sort Of Books
Aset (1982) Limited
Mansion Editions
mn global knowledge solutions ltd
BPM Books
Flipped Eye Publishing Limited
J&J Giblin Publishing
Chichester City Council
Dancing Elephant Press
RazorBlade Press
ISBN 978-0-9542268-...
Calypso Press
Raw Perfection Ltd
Sir John Soane's Museum
Tinto Press
Virgin Books
International Flower Essence Repertoire
Lazy Cook Mo Smith
Aurora Metro Publications
Alex Brown
Living Wood Books
White Cube
Domestic Violence Perpetrators Programme Steering Group
Sergison Bates Architects
Soper Lane
Co-Sign Communications
Casthermen Books
Inner Sanctum Publications
HD Group
Life-Work Potential
House of Heroes
Mortons Motorcycle Media
Open Agency
DS Press
Friends of Glenside Hospital Museum
Pitch Publishing
Feng Shui Designs Limited
Caister Academic Press
JBN Publishing
Central Regalia Ltd
Felt by Design
Ethical Marketing Group
Wren Publishing
Tony Price Gypsy Books
Farming Books & Videos Ltd
Pomegranate Press
Watersports Books
Eric F. Box Funeral Directors
Free Reed Music Ltd
Sherwood Press Agencies
Blujah Books
Portrayer Publishers
Ink Books
Providence Books
Trolley Books
Rainbarrow Press
Drawing Room
Angela Kilmartin
Cuckoo Press
Chakula Press
Archive Publishing
Iarnrod Eireann
Heather Toomer Antique Lace
Andy Winter (Moonface Press)
Foundation Stage Network Ltd
Blue Bridge
Seafarer Books
Fuzzy Media Ltd
CPN Publications
Peter B Gunn
Museum of the King's Royal Hussars in Lancashire (14th/20th King's Hussars)
Caerphilly Local History Society
D&AD (British Design & Art Direction)
Peveril Press
Ceratopia Books
University of Cambridge School Classics Project
Chris Boot
Cyan Books
Matrix Chambers Ltd
Internet Primary School Ltd
Leelu Morris
Live Wire Books
Third Leaf Books
Timothy Taylor Gallery
Lakes Paragliding
Nathan Carmody
MEP Publishing
The Psychosynthesis & Education Trust
Penyghent Publishing
Commonwealth Business Publications Ltd
Wedderspoon Associates
Willow Publishing
Life Force Publishing
Pre-Construct Archaeology Limited
Maverick House
Republican Publications
Librario Publishing
Connect Publications
Green Magic
Stranraer & District Local History Trust
CSL Publishing Ltd
Health Issues Ltd
South East Public Health Observatory
Eggsact Ltd
Robin Campbell
Quill Press
College Publications
Pirogue Press
NCT Publishers Ltd
V L T Promotions Ltd
John F Neale Publishing
Agent Provocateur
Global Games International Ltd
Pennant Health Publishing
Victoria Miro Gallery
Lotus Harmony Publishing
Normandi Publishing Limited
Bob Little Press & PR
Tiger Books (UK)
Magna Press
Elysium Publishing
Storyman Publishing
Arena Books
Comics World Ltd
Cool Publications
Wood Lea Press
Lotus Publishing
Kev's Books
Strangest Books
High Tee Press
Washington Green Fine Art Publishing Company
Hartsmere Publishers
Perca Press
NMG Publishing
Pario Communicaitons Limited
Shetland Amenity Trust
Special Interest Group in Radiographic Reporting
Books of the North
Corvo Books
Cantium Services
Chief Publishing Limited
Regeneration Publishing
Rabbit Hole Publications
Go MAD Books
Weech Publishing
Gardiner Press
Signal Publishing
Jim Beavis
Savanna Press
Leaping Cat Press
Red Hat Books
Clare Elizabeth Church
Brambleby Books
Seagull Publishing House Ltd
Association of Photographers
Just 78's
Raw Vision Ltd
Tank Publications Ltd
Atmosphere Publishing
Karl Martin
Wild Spirit
FM Systems & eLearning Centre
Sutton Hoo Society
EMAS Publications
Pam West
Bob Carlos Clarke
Westminster Forum Projects Ltd
Pen & Ink Publishing
Peartree Publishing
Amirtalingam Memorial Foundation
Dash Optimization Ltd
Friends of Bristol University Botanic Garden
Merricks Media
Blarney Publications
B & C P.
Leighton Academic Press
British Hedgehog Preservation Society
Greek-o-File Ltd
Rothay House
Lux Verbi
The Friends of the Pang and Kennet Valleys
Forest Oak Publications
MPA Fingal
Sandra Fretwell
Music Industry Manual
Spire Books Ltd
Guidon Publishing
Paula Brown
APJ Publications
Luxmy Publications
Fox Books
Little Big Press
Papercut Ltd
Saltire Graphics
Zed Said LLP
Quest Institute
Carmania Press
Useful Booklet Company
Legends Publishing
English Bridge Union
Ocean Explorer Maps
Guerilla Publishing
Amadeus Books
Lifetime Publishing
Classic Rock Productions
International Correspondence Chess Federation
Avalanche Direct Ltd
Impact Press
John Harper Publishing
Learning Files Scotland Ltd
CoreFacts Ltd
Central Books Ltd
Drivegreen Ltd
Classical Press of Wales
Alan Beadle Ltd
Andrew Smith
Royal Irish Academy
Snowdrop Press
Relationships Foundation
Heroes Publishing
Starfire Pub Ltd
J & J Publishing
Days Out UK
Merlin Massara Publishing
Lakeland Manor Press
Shanway Press
White Ladder Press Ltd
POH Publishing
Anno Mundi Books
Howard Mallinson
Spirit of the Rose Limited
Temple DPS Ltd
Anita Roddick Books
Renaissance Press
Reading Agency
Green Valley Press
Rawcreation Limited
Great Northern Books Ltd
J Loveday
Next Century Books
Freight Design
Soliloquy Books
The Mary Rose Trust
Goldhawk Press
Pocket Press
Waymaker Ltd
Fa'yahaa Islamic Nasheeds
Centre For Brazilian Studies
Polygon An Imprint of Birlinn Limited
Wavechange Books
Henry Dallal
Saipan Press
Baltic Publications Limited
River Lea Tidal Mill Trust Ltd
Easy Magazines Ltd
Williamson Moore
Walking Oliver
Simply Painting Ltd
The Burgon Society
Whitehaven Hospital WEA Research Group
Watersports Books
Fledgling Press
Tencton Planet Publications
Formula One Publishing
Williams Murray Hamm
National Rural Touring Forum
Bexley Press
Alain Charles Publishing Ltd
Naked Guides Ltd
Dynamite Educational Publishers Limited
Barons Down Publishing Ltd
Cracking It Limited
Pocket Mountains Ltd
Kimberry Associates
Bowland Press
Polperro Heritage Press
DJB Exhibitions
Forest Peoples Programme
Norstar Publishing Ltd
Conex Publishing
Masonic Publishing Company
Logic Press
Black Ankh Publications
Cenfar Books
Humanitarian Initiatives
Community Health Publishing CHP
Verba Volant Ltd
Quintic Consultancy Ltd
Nightwriters Press
Kaplan Publishing
Quintessence Books
A Taste for Nutrition
Moonscape Ltd
Timber Frame Publications Ltd
Streetwise Press
Network Marketing Support
Last Refuge Ltd
Redline Books
Engineering Integrity Society
Hurrah! Books
Crowswing Books
Big Thinking
Millennium Publishing Group
Cualann Press
Consort de Danse Baroque
John Conen
Prentice Publishing
Jak Books Limited
The Islamic Art Society
MasterWorks International
City Life Publishing
Fort Publishing Ltd
Writing Life
Martial Arts Publishing
Ray O'Brien
Rebecca Stephens
Synthesis of Life Promotions Ltd
Shiraz Press
Architecture Research Unit
John Cox Associates
Checkmate Books
Old Forge Publishing
Mixed Reality Limited
RoseTintedSpecs Imprint
Orage Press
Uley Society
Paper Jukebox
UIT Cambridge LTD
Don Bosco Publications
Exploding Pen Limited
Home Stagers
Green Umbrella Publishing
Littoralis Press
Skelter Publishing LLP
s.n. 2003?
Top Shelf Productions
UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences Ltd
Orchard House Books
TSS Marketing
The London Press
Kirby Wilson Publishing
James Murphy
Wessex Constitutional Convention
Ascent Publishing Ltd
Chris Marsh Publishing
Horton Publishing Ltd
High Table Pub
Parker Publishing,London
Bamaha Publishing
CalRecovery Europe Ltd
Family Links
Sportsguide Press
Mawenzi Books
Gibsons of Scilly
Mandaras Publishing
Mount Stuart Trust
Park House Press
Summer Palace Press
Creative Educational Press Limited
PS Avalon
Yondercott Press
Lifestyle Press Ltd
Construction Management Services 99 Ltd
Northern Heritage
Cancer Resource Centre
Third Way Movement Ltd
K.H. McIntosh
Paul Books Ltd
Arabian Publishing Ltd
The Square Design & Print Co Ltd
Freestyle Aviation
Baytree Publishing Ltd
F and M Publications UK
Prisons.Org.Uk Ltd
Fivepin Publishing Ltd
Coastal Publishing
Pelican Press
Meem Audio
Six Martlets Publishing
Kestrel Railway Books
Brehon Press Ltd
SHooting People
Stamp Publishing
ILX Group
Fairfield Books
Independent Street Arts Network (ISAN)
Accent Press Ltd
Rankin Photography
Dodder Books Ltd
Forward Publications
Institute of Science in Society
Steve Laffy
Xiphos Books
Charterhouse Communications Group Ltd
Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution
W.& G. Foyle Ltd
acorn book company
Weapons Of Mass Disruption
G2 Entertainment
ISBN 978-0-9544966-...
St John's College Research Centre
DRIVESAFE Publishing
Magic Realist Press
Blythe Smart Publications
Four Corners Books
A W Majeed
Immanion Press
Practical HACCP Publishing
Ann Walker
Fiscal Publications
Daniel Katz Ltd
Praxis Publications
Forestdale Publications
Mapu Publishing
Transglobe Publishing Ltd
Golgonooza Press
Ecademy Press
Palazzo Editions Ltd
Merrydown Publishing Co Ltd
Animal Aid
Hayden Lawford
Sylverwood Publishing
Impulse Books UK
Hafan Books
Brian O' Leary
SAE Publications (An SAE Institute Company)
Hal-abuur Communications
Vector Fine Art
The Little Map Company Ltd
Ditto International Ltd
Wavestone Press
Ultimate Sports Publications Ltd
Capercaillie Books Limited
Knapsack Publishing Limited
Airborne Engineers Association
Apollo Publishing Ltd
Zlatorog Publications
Taylor & Francis
Chilterns Conservation Board
Engineering Design Centre, University Of Cambridge
Seahorse Books
Tiptree House Publishing
Natural Health Advisory Service
floreo publishing
Nick Evans
Grey Cat Books
Al Drasat Al Libia
Science Friction Limited
Alan Rogers Guides Ltd
Heaventree Press
Friends of Govan Old
First Film Books
Chappel Galleries
Vola Press Ltd
Liberties Press
The New Human Project
CaritasData Ltd
Red Robin Books
J.M.Pearson & Son (Publishers) Ltd
African Books Collective
Polair Publishing
Merrythought Ltd
4 Corners Publishing
Laurentic Wave Machine
Positive Press Ltd
Peter Lehmann Publishing
Martin Holmes Rallying
Read around Asia
Akada Press
Natal Hypnotherapy
Highland Railway Society
Wooden Dragon Press
PARN (Professional Associations Research Network)
Palantine Publishing
Sean Kingston Publishing
Windgather Press
Peter Morgan Media Ltd
Trelease Publications
Richard Guise
Templeton Press
Brabourne Books
MPM Publishing
Flight Recorder Publications Ltd
Policy Exchange
Growth Company Investor Ltd, a subsidiary of Vitesse Media PLC Ltd
Baronius Press Ltd
The Dorothy L.Sayers Society
Carningli Books
BDS titles not on BD and which cannot be assigned
Golden Publications
Ahmed Affi Ali
Lean Marketing Press
Tawnyhill Publications
Lafarge Plasterboard Ltd
Cheers Promotions
Sharmar Publications
Institute of Artology
Bankside Press
Carra Publications
Icarus Publications
Paintbox Publishing
Grice Chapman Publishing
Autocraft Publications
QES Publications
CIT Press
Moodiesburn Press
Qanuk Publishing and Design Ltd
Sean Kenny
ISBN 978-0-9545742-...
Bagehot Publishing
Communications in Action
Karen Platt
PH Topics
Trencavel Press
Health Creation Ltd
Malnoue Publications
Southern Universities Press
Sliabh Ban Productions Ltd
Mandarin Press
Runnelstone Books
Proof Publishing Ltd
XL5 Editions
Paisley Thread Mill Museum Committee
Studio Jupiter Military Publishing
Witchingham Press
Foresight Association for the Promotion of Preconceptual Care
Tell Books
Flame Books Ltd
Dyscovery Press
Barry Harber Public Relations
Step Through Books
Long Island Press
Generation Yacht
Agenda Publishing
Unity Publications Ltd
Beechwood Press
Ascog Press
Local Government Data Unit - Wales
Human - Alchemy Productions
Meridian Music Guides
Asthma Care
Copperjob Publishing
Double Trouble Enterprises
Best Foot Forward Ltd
Muban Foundation
Roderick and Valentine Butler
MX Publishing
Owlpen Press
Reekus Music Irl Ltd
Peter Woodger
NLP Academy Ltd
The Future Mapping Company
MPP Publications
Creative Media Publishing
Fantastic Hairdresser Company Ltd
Milcot Publishing Ltd
Luxan Publishers
Potwell Press
Tree Tongue
Marten Julian
Poison Pixie Ltd
Network Theory Ltd.
Edmundian Association
Barkus Books
David Fells
Mulbury Consulting Ltd
Atopia Projects
Y G Publications
Charlton Publications
Peppermint Press
Arts Development,Bath & North East Somerset Council
Vanguard Consulting Ltd
Specialist Computing Ltd
Red Kite
South Tipperary Arts Centre & Start Magazine
Sportsworld Publishing Ltd
Diverse Publishing
Kenton Publishing
Creative Communications
Susan Elizabeth Caola
90 Minutes Publications
Adur Services Limited
nthposition press
Egerton House
Word Of Mouth Publishing Ltd, Mansfield
Border Action
Education Training And Support
George Mann Publications
Blackthorn Press
Sandstone Press Ltd
Jean Southon
Campion Books
Onwords Ltd
Inclusive Solutions UK Limited
Royal Jelly Factory
Four by Four Publishing Limited
Pied Piper Publishing Ltd
Meditainment Ltd
Understand English ELT
J And N Wilson
Piers Liron
Vision Sports Publishing Ltd
The Centre for Global Studies
Rickaro Books Ltd
Colour Heroes Ltd
Azure Publishing
Antiques Information Services Ltd
Jeremy Mills Publishing
Fisheries Research Services
College of Occupational Therapists
Complete Gardens Ltd
Ebuilders Ltd
White Cube
Natural Health Holdings Ltd
Cotton and Jarrett
Filament Publishing
Coppermill Press
PHD Publications
The North of England P&I Association Limited
The Trustees of the Royal Lincolnshire Regimental Museum
Compton Verney
Media Information
Badsey Publications
DangerSpot Books Ltd
Henley Media Group Ltd
Namaste Publishing
Boychild productions
Marmalade, Publishers of Visual Theory
All-Star Print
Carrick Media
Jenner Publications
Orford Books
Tidyprint Publications
Senate Hall Ltd
FNRM Enterprises Ltd
Streets Publishers
Deaf Ex-Mainstreamers Group
GW Publishing
David Hyrons
Portfolio Creative Services Ltd
Robaccord Publications
IBID Projects
International Simultaneous Policy Organisation
York Courses
art 21 limited
Scottish Rights of Way and Access Society
Icarus Art Calenders
Automobiles Historique
DS Publishing
MK Publishing
ALTANA Pharma Ltd
Kaichan Europe
Centennial Publishing
David Schutte
Ecclesiastical History Society
Ecclesiastical History Society
QSB Consulting Ltd
BTM Life Light
Two Associates
Brocken Spectre Publishing
Limitless Publications
Jason Semmens
Dewi Lewis Media Ltd
Oakleaf Recordings
Naunton Social Committee
BusinessF1 Books
Trinity Mirror Sport Media
Optimus Publishing
Surrenden Pens Limited
Hutton & Anstey
Chris Boot
Eye 5
Aurora Metro Publications
Credit Reporting Agency Limited
Chameleon HH Publishing
Flodden 1513 Club
Smallholding Press
DEADGOOD Publications
Harry E Cichy
London & North Western Railway Society
Pilkington's Lancastrian Pottery Society
Shedhead Productions
Pretzel Publishing
Oddball Publishing Ltd
Information Architects
Cultureshock Media
Cornerstone Media
Silverburn Publishing
Andrell Ltd
Contact Publishing Ltd
Ayebia Clarke Publishing Ltd
Impact Press
Food for Thought Publications
Mind Body Spirit Direct Ltd
Open Air Books
Robert Shaw
HOW (History of Wollaston Group)
Pesda Press
Seafarer Books
World Society for the Protection of Animals(WSPA)
Music Mentor Books
C. T. Editions
Blue Boat Books Ltd
Shirragh Press
Ruff Ruff Publishing
Capricorn Press Ltd
Dingley Press
Helmsley Walled Garden Limited
Accent Press Ltd
Academy of Hypnotic Arts Ltd
Graven Images
Stonegold Publishing
Steaming Publishing
Camrose Organisation
Accent Press
Camden Miniature Steam Services
Balloon View Ltd
SamSCO Networks Limited
Porsche Club Great Britain
Don Namor Press
Cross Country
The Trustees of the Fusiliers Museum of Northumberland
KOS Media
Twoedged Sword Publications
Overview Press Limited
Mountainmere Research
Golden House Publications
Gumball 3000 Merchandise Limited
Peiffer Press
Green Magic
The Purple Guide Ltd
Bosko Books
Grapevine Guides Ltd
Tsar Press
Pickard Communication
M-Y Books
Wow Worldwide Ltd
Byzantion Books
Wecommunic8 Ltd
ZigZag Education
SWPA Limited
Royal Yachting Association
Hippocrates Books
R. E. Thomas Publications
Transform Management Ltd
Malcolm R White
D3 Editions
Bill Norman
Hyaline Ltd
Hundy Publications
Fandemonium Ltd
McCullagh Publishing, a Division of Siren Systems
Y Crofft
Fotogenix Publishing
Hospitality Scotland Ltd
Summersdale Publishers
The Godstow Press
Instant Anatomy
Boxer Books
Turath Publishing
UK Athletics
Quarterstaff Publishing
Karen Arnott
Wincot Press
Juniper Books
Fort Publishing Ltd
Roots Books
Chesed Publishing
Malavan Media
European Research Forum at London Metropolitan University
Kids Cornwall
Pressuredown Therapies
Dave Moore
Anglo Russian Publications Ltd
Metacom Education
dramatic media Ltd
Castweasel Publishing
Zentec Limited
Moondust Books Ltd
Aston House Press
Sidmouth International Festival Ltd
Anglo-Arabic Graphics Ltd
Superbrands Ltd
Healthy Audio Limited
Tarsus Publishing Ltd
Figo Books
Policy Exchange
Howard And Sally Wills
Lear Books
AQSA Publications
Multa-Mira Publishing
Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust
Impress Books
Norzia Press
Rutherford Press Limited
Geoffrey & Diana Hearn
Creme de la Crime Books
Golden Hoard Press Ltd
Eastbourne Local History Society
Tamic Publications
Trauma Publishing
Cardiau Cefn Gwlad
Stockholm Network
Crown House Publishing
Blithfield Publishing
Location Guides
Bashe Publications
Corporate Medical Services Ltd
The British Fluoridation Society
Old Git Publications
Advance Materials
Red Wellies Publishing
The Dads Army Appreciation Society
Media Analytics Ltd
Houyhnhnm Press Ltd
Black Country Pathfinder (14-19 Networks for Excellence)
Brian M Leahy
Small Limited
Barzan Publishing Limited
Fortune Teller Press
Elizabeth Holtom and James Dale-Adcock
P3 Publications
Agora Ireland Publishing & Services Ltd
Tell Tales
Basileus Press
Outward Bound
Open Way
Cogan and Mater Ltd
Non-Duality Press
The Viking Loom Ltd
Useful Books France
R Addyman
Ozymandias Books
Katy Press
Forest of Rossendale Bridleways Association
The Bookcase
Yore Publications
Isaac Publishing
Boxford Community Council & The Boxford Society
Relish Books
Roe Racing Ltd
Royal Air Force Club
Bryngold Books Ltd
Filmer Ltd
Front Line
Impress Sport Limited
Yiannis Books
David John Curry
Learn2fly Publishing Ltd
Polymath Press
Panther Publishing Ltd
Tindal Street
A. K. Ilen Company
Illuminata Publishers
Manchester Centre for Civil and Construction Engineering
Chubby Cheeks Publications Limited
Little Knowall Publishing
Bango Press
St Christopher's Publishing Ltd
Compass Books Limited
MA Creative Writing
P. J. Avery
Pi Global Publishing
Angels Bring Love
The Muswell Press
Tennis Is Mental
ECPR Press
The Leeds Art Collections Fund
Primary Language Publications
Tree Seer Publications
Marlin Press
Colley Books
World Snowboard Guide Ltd
Atari Europe
Wendy M Tugby
Sanderson Books Limited
Qanuk Ltd
Train Crazy Publishing
Ian Hilton
National Office of Animal Health Ltd
Beckenham Publishing Limited
Rowmark Ltd
Elmsett C of E V.CP School
M J Wood
Strange Attractor Press
Soul to Sole Reflexology
Anthony T. Frais
Ertug & Kocabiyik The Creative Book Company
The Cairn
The Erasmus Press Ltd
Salop Sporting Services
Ben Sherman
People of the Day Limited
Book Selecta
Shepton Mallet Local History Society
Waddington Galleries
Vertebrate Publishing
Indicator Ltd
Diverse Publishing Ltd
Oldie Publications Ltd
Here Buckle! Productions
Wild Hawthorn Press
Shipping Books Limited
White Ladder Press Ltd
Severn Gorge Countryside Trust
Richard C Daniels
Phil Tomaselli
Highbridge History Project
The Real Reader's Quarterly
Berwick Press Ltd
Comma Press
The Hospital
Forma Arts and Media Limited
Read Think Know Publishers
Sirius Book Works Publishing
Pottage Publishing
Fresh Press
The Friday Project Limited
Brampton Manor Books
The Baldric Press
Football World
Snide Press
Fromanteel Ltd
Travelbrief Publications
Rugby League Journal Publishing
Blaze Publications
The Vanity Press
George Watts
Coon Cat Books
Line of Intent Books
Trotters Independent Publishing Services Ltd
Don Bosco Publications
Little Samson Models
Mathew & Son Limited
Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax Ltd
Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery
Idle Ltd
Musketeer Press
Melrose Books
Portfolio Editions Ltd
David Paul
30 Degrees South Publishers
Brian Parks
Spectral Music
Endometriosis Solutions
Qanuk Publishing and Design Ltd
HandE Publishers
Corvalis Publishing
Medinform Publishing
Coleg Y Groes
Zia Mohyuddin
Forum on Prisoner Education
MK Publishing Ltd
Frogillo Books
Rose Villa Publications
Inkline Press
CRE8 (UK) Ltd
Education Leeds
Kasmo Publishing
Harman Usher / Sally Parker
Zebra Publishing
Effective Publishing
Dennis Publishing
IPM Promotions
Action for Prisoners' Families
Hayes Press
Cloudburst Media
British Medical Association
Church of the Annunciation, Spencer Street, Chesterfield
Maxims Global
Test-Tube Comics
Rooke Publishing
Red Rock Press
Maktabah Publications
Accent Press Ltd
Ovolo Publishing Ltd
Isokon Plus
Ardra Press
Amazing Grace Publishers
The Bardwell Press
Smokestack Books
Life Affairs Limited
Globe Law and Business
Maverick House
Scribblers 2 Ltd
Acumen Books
Sladdinc Books
John McCullagh
Customer 1st International
Centre for Bioscience
Button Group PLC
Stone Country Press
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