Seahorse Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-0-9545244-0-1Chee SooThe Chinese Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan: The Taoist Way to Mental and Physical Health (Taoist Arts of the Lee style)
2006978-0-9545244-1-8Chee SooThe Taoist Art of K'ai Men: Opening the Door to the Inner Self Through Chi Gung (Taoist Arts of the Lee Style)
  ''978-0-9545244-2-5   ''The Taoist Art of Feng Shou: 'Hand of the Wind ' Kung Fu (Taoist Arts of the Lee Style)
2008978-0-9545244-3-2   ''The Tao of Long Life: The Chinese Art of Ch'ang Ming (Taoist Arts of the Lee Style)
2006978-0-9545244-5-6   ''The Tao of My Thoughts: The Inner Thoughts of a Modern Taoist Master (Taoist Arts of the Lee Style)