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Applications of Differential-Algebraic Equations: Examples and Benchmarks
978-3-030-03717-82019Achim Ilchmann · Volker Mehrmann · Timo Reis
Cosme Tura of Ferrara 978-0-300-07219-81998
Global Business Jet Yearbook 2013 978-0-9568102-4-32012
Global Business Jet Yearbook 2014 978-0-9568102-7-42013
Global Business Jet Yearbook 2015 978-0-9930592-0-92015
Global Business Jet Yearbook 2017 978-0-9930592-5-42017
Handbook of Business Aviation: Asia Pacific Edition 2014/15 978-0-9568102-9-82014
Handbook of Business Aviation: Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa Edition 2014/15 978-0-9568102-8-12014
Modeling and Simulation in Scilab/Scicos 978-0-387-27802-52005Jean-Philippe Chancelier · Ramine Nikoukhah
New History of Italian Renaissance Art 978-0-500-23886-82012
Police Battalions of the Third Reich 978-0-7643-2771-12007
SS-Polizei: Memories of Poland 978-0-615-15109-02009
The Cabinet of Eros: Renaissance Mythological Painting and the Studiolo of Isabella d'Este 978-0-300-11753-02006

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