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2018978-0-7643-5435-9Constance SmithDamsels in Design: Women Pioneers in the Automotive Industry, 1939-1959
2017978-0-7643-5441-0Rik AlvarezThe Unofficial Guide to Vintage Transformers: 1980s Through 1990s
  ''978-0-7643-5445-8Karen HobbsSwept Away: The Vanishing Art of Broom Making
2018978-0-7643-5448-9David DoyleGrumman J2F Duck: US Navy, Marine Corps, Army Air Force, and Coast Guard Use in World War II (Legends of Warfare: Aviation)
  ''978-0-7643-5460-1Susanne Miller JonesHERstory Quilts: A Celebration of Strong Women
  ''978-0-7643-5461-8Véronique EngingerThe Magic of Christmas to Cross Stitch: French Charm for Your Stitchwork
  ''978-0-7643-5478-6Véronique EngingerFables & Fairy Tales to Cross Stitch: French Charm for Your Stitchwork
2018978-0-7643-5484-7Luc GuillouAmerican Submachine Guns 1919-1950: Thompson SMG, M3 "Grease Gun," Reising, UD M42, and Accessories (Classic Guns of the World)
  ''978-0-7643-5485-4   ''The Sten: The Legendary World War II British Submachine Gun (Classic Guns of the World)
  ''978-0-7643-5486-1   ''German Submachine Guns, 1918-1945: Bergmann MP18/I, MP34/38/40/41, MKb42/43/1, MP43/1, MP44, StG44, Accessories (Classic Guns of the World)
  ''978-0-7643-5489-2Karen S. Robbins · Dale BaskinFlags Across America
  ''978-0-7643-5493-9Jennifer B. BodineTrains: Photography of A. Aubrey Bodine
2018978-0-7643-5495-3Alistair GibbonsChasing Time: Vintage Wristwatches for the Discerning Collector
  ''978-0-7643-5500-4Cathy WigginsQuilted Leather: Adding Texture, Dimension, and Style to Leather Crafting
  ''978-0-7643-5502-8Mary W KerrSouthern Quilts: Celebrating Traditions, History, and Designs
  ''978-0-7643-5504-2James C. Goodall USAFLockheed SR-71 Blackbird: The Illustrated History of America's Legendary Mach 3 Spy Plane
  ''978-0-7643-5514-1Robert AlvaradoAlvarado's Cosplay Pin-ups
2018978-0-7643-5517-2Franziska Ebner · Romana HasenöhrlNatural Dyeing with Plants: Glorious Colors From Roots, Leaves & Flowers
  ''978-0-7643-5521-9Andy GröningThe MiG-29: Russia's Legendary Air Superiority, and Multirole Fighter, 1977 to the Present
  ''978-0-7643-5524-0Donna Marcinkowski DeSotoInspired by Elvis: Art Quilts Celebrating the King
  ''978-0-7643-5533-2Bernadette MayrPlay-of-Color Quilting: 24 Designs to Inspire Freehand Color Play
  ''978-0-7643-5539-4Eberhard RödelThe Soviet Space Program: First Steps: 1941-1953 (The Soviets in Space Series)
2018978-0-7643-5542-4Richard Pérez SevesEric Stanton & the History of the Bizarre Underground
  ''978-0-7643-5549-3Dawn Cook RonningenAntique American Needlework Tools
  ''978-0-7643-5550-9Susan J. FoulkesWeaving Patterned Bands: How to Create and Design with 5, 7, and 9 Pattern Threads
  ''978-0-7643-5557-8Yinan WangThe 50 State Fossils: A Guidebook for Aspiring Paleontologists
  ''978-0-7643-5561-5Caitlín MatthewsUntold Tarot: The Lost Art of Reading Ancient Tarots
2018978-0-7643-5572-1Tim ScullionBreakthrough Ghost Photography of Haunted Historic Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia Part II
  ''978-0-7643-5590-5Michelle Motuzas Johnson · Steven P. WilsonThe Empathic Oracle
2019978-0-7643-5591-2Bety Comerford · Steve WilsonThe Empath and the Dark Road: Struggles that Teach the Gift
2018978-0-7643-5596-7Louise LewisThe Meaning of Life According to Bikers: The Biker Book for Charity
978-0-7643-5598-1Thief in Law: A Guide to Russian Prison Tattoos and Russian-Speaking Organized Crime
2018978-0-7643-5603-2Henry HerzGood Egg and Bad Apple
  ''978-0-7643-5609-4Gina ThiesTarot of the Moors
  ''978-0-7643-5613-1Meredith WoolnoughOrganic Embroidery
  ''978-0-7643-5614-8George NoltaThe Doolittle Raiders: What Heroes Do after a War
2018978-0-7643-5616-2H. Keith Melton · Lt. Col. Vladimir AlekseenkoThe Secret History of KGB Spy Cameras: 1945-1995
  ''978-0-7643-5622-3Ron FieldUniforms of the Union Volunteers of 1861: The Mid-Atlantic States
  ''978-0-7643-5626-1Nancy Bavor · Lisa Ellis · Martha SielmanArt Quilts Unfolding: 50 Years of Innovation
  ''978-0-7643-5627-8Hanne Andreassen Hjelmås · Torunn SteinslandKnitting for Little Sweethearts
  ''978-0-7643-5630-8Quilts of Valor Foundation · Ann Parsons Holte · Renelda Peldunas-Harter · Ann RehbeinQuilts of Valor: A 50 State Salute
2019978-0-7643-5631-5Lindsey CampbellWelcome to Weaving: The Modern Guide
2018978-0-7643-5632-2Georgia BonesteelScrap Happy Quilts from Georgia Bonesteel: A How-To Memoir with 25 Quilts to Make
2019978-0-7643-5633-9Joy Boutrup · Catharine EllisThe Art and Science of Natural Dyes: Principles, Experiments, and Results
2019978-0-7643-5636-0Holger MüllerThe MiG-21: The Legendary Fighter/Interceptor in Russian and Worldwide Use, 1956 to the Present
2018978-0-7643-5637-7Andy GröningThe Sukhoi Su-27: Russia's Air Superiority and Multi-role Fighter, 1977 to the Present
  ''978-0-7643-5639-1Amy E. ChaceManifesting Your Greatness: An Oracle Deck
  ''978-0-7643-5642-1Tod LangeBorn to Run: NYC Subway Graffiti on the IND and BMT Lines
2019978-0-7643-5646-9Karen Walker20 Projects for Alcohol Inks: A Workbook for Creating Your Best Art
  ''978-0-7643-5647-6Caitlin DundonThe Painted Word: Mixed Media Lettering Techniques
  ''978-0-7643-5648-3Jeff ZamekThe Ceramics Studio Guide: What Potters Should Know
2019978-0-7643-5649-0Kate KramerArtists Write to Work: A Practical Guide to Writing about Your Art
  ''978-0-7643-5650-6Deb BrandonThreads Around the World: From Arabian Weaving to Batik in Zimbabwe
  ''978-0-7643-5657-5Luc GuillouThe Luger P.08 Vol.1: The First World War and Weimar Years: Models 1900 to 1908, Markings, Variants, Ammunition, Accessories (Great Guns of the World)
  ''978-0-7643-5658-2Ken NeubeckThe Blue Angels: The US Navy's Flight Demonstration Team, 1946 to the Present (Legends of Warfare: Aviation)
  ''978-0-7643-5659-9David DoyleP38 Lightning Vol.1: Lockheed’s XP38 to P38H in World War II (Legends of Warfare: Aviation)
2019978-0-7643-5662-9David F. BrownF14 Tomcat: Grumman's “Top Gun” from Vietnam to the Persian Gulf (Legends of Warfare: Aviation)
  ''978-0-7643-5663-6David DoyleUSS New Jersey (BB62): From World War II, Korea, and Vietnam to Museum Ship (Legends of Warfare: Naval)
  ''978-0-7643-5664-3   ''B26 Marauder: Martin’s Medium Bomber in World War II (Legends of Warfare: Aviation)
  ''978-0-7643-5666-7   ''PT Boats: The US Navy’s Fast Attack Patrol Torpedo Boats in World War II (Legends of Warfare: Naval)
2019978-0-7643-5668-1David DoyleUSS Tennessee (BB43): From Pearl Harbor to Okinawa in World War II (Legends of Warfare: Naval)
  ''978-0-7643-5669-8   ''Consolidated B24 Vol.2: The B24G to B24M Liberators in World War II (Legends of Warfare: Aviation)
  ''978-0-7643-5670-4Ken NeubeckA10 Thunderbolt II: Fairchild Republic’s Warthog at War (Legends of Warfare: Aviation)
  ''978-0-7643-5673-5David DoyleP47 Thunderbolt: Republic's Mighty "Jug" in World War II (Legends of Warfare: Aviation)
  ''978-0-7643-5674-2   ''P51 Mustang, Vol.1: North American's Mk. I, A, B, and C Models in World War II (Legends of Warfare: Aviation)
2019978-0-7643-5675-9Eugen ReichlThe Soviet Space Program: The Lunar Mission Years: 1959–1976 (The Soviets in Space Series)
  ''978-0-7643-5679-7Joseph T. Page IIRockets and Missiles of Vandenberg AFB: 1957-2017
  ''978-0-7643-5680-3Yefim Gordon · Sergey Komissarov · Dmitriy KomissarovThe Bell P39 Airacobra and P63 Kingcobra Fighters: Soviet Service during World War II
  ''978-0-7643-5681-0Eric E. LenckLaw of Recreational Boating
  ''978-0-7643-5690-2Daniel ErricoThe Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived
2019978-0-7643-5709-1Monte FarberThe Enchanted Love Tarot: The Lover's Guide to Dating, Mating, and Relating
  ''978-0-7643-5711-4Kooch N. Daniels · Victor DanielsSacred Mysteries: The Chakra Oracle
  ''978-0-7643-5713-8Amanda EllisThe Archangel Metatron SelfMastery Oracle
  ''978-0-7643-5715-2Caroline Smith · John Astrop · Eddison Books LTDOracle of the Radiant Sun: Astrology Cards to Illuminate Your Life
  ''978-0-7643-5716-9Marie WhiteThe MaryEl Tarot
2019978-0-7643-5718-3Jo JaysonSelfLove through the Sacred Feminine: A Guide through the Paintings & Channelings of Jo Jayson
  ''978-0-7643-5723-7Paula ScardamaliaTarot for the Fiction Writer: How 78 Cards Can Take You from Idea to Publication
  ''978-0-7643-5725-1Brett WeissThe SNES Omnibus: The Super Nintendo and Its Games, Vol. 2 (N–Z)
  ''978-0-7643-5727-5Catherine KernanSingular & Serial: Contemporary Monotype and Monoprint
  ''978-0-7643-5728-2David SkernickHow Did You Get That Shot?: A Photographer's Journal from America's Back Roads
2019978-0-7643-5731-2Shayla CopasFour Seasons of Entertaining
  ''978-0-7643-5733-6Sondra Celli · Tisi FarrarBling!: The Uncommon Crystal Couture World of Sondra Celli
  ''978-0-7643-5738-1Charline FabreguesDream Catchers: Homemade Mobiles, Wall Hangings, and Jewelry
  ''978-0-7643-5740-4Carolyn L. MazloomiVisioning Human Rights in the New Millennium: Quilting the World’s Conscience
  ''978-0-7643-5742-8Shelly Miller LeerThe Little Upholstery Book: A Beginner's Guide to Artisan Upholstery
2019978-0-7643-5743-5Susan BrandeisThe Intentional Thread: A Guide to Drawing, Gesture, and Color in Stitch
  ''978-0-7643-5744-2Carsten BothePractical Leatherwork: Cutting, Sewing, Finishing, and Repair
  ''978-0-7643-5746-6Rosalie BerberianCreating Beauty: Jewelry and Enamels of the American Arts & Crafts Movement
  ''978-0-7643-5750-3Scott ErskineEmbracing Light: A Year in Acadia National Park & Mount Desert Island
  ''978-0-7643-5751-0Cathy McManusUnsolved New England: 20 Cases That Rocked the Region
2019978-0-7643-5754-1Don ShenkLancaster County: A Keepsake
  ''978-0-7643-5755-8   ''Seasons of Lancaster County: Home to the World's Largest Amish Community
  ''978-0-7643-5757-2Michael P. GadomskiPhiladelphia: A Keepsake
  ''978-0-7643-5760-2John AnnerinoIn the Chasms of Water, Stone, and Light: Passages through the Grand Canyon
  ''978-0-7643-5762-6David SkernickBack Roads of Northern California
2019978-0-7643-5763-3David SkernickBack Roads of Southern California
  ''978-0-7643-5767-1Kristy RiceThe Art for Joy's Sake Journal: Watercolor Discovery and Releasing Your Creative Spirit (Artisan Series)
  ''978-0-7643-5768-8Lindsey CampbellWelcome to Weaving 2: Techniques and Projects to Take You Further
  ''978-0-7643-5770-1Dennis R. JenkinsThe History of the American Space Shuttle
  ''978-0-7643-5775-6Chris LeechThe Charles Dickens Tarot
2019978-0-7643-5781-7Linda HolderbaumThe Other Russian Dolls: Antique Bisque to 1980s Plastic
  ''978-0-7643-5788-6Jon OrtnerCalendar Girls, Sex Goddesses, and Pin-up Queens of the '40s, '50s, and '60s
  ''978-0-7643-5789-3Donna Marcinkowski DeSotoInspired by Endangered Species: Animals and Plants in Fabric Perspectives
  ''978-0-7643-5797-8Susanne Miller JonesOURstory Quilts: Human Rights Stories in Fabric
  ''978-0-7643-5798-5Beth RothWee Witches
2019978-0-7643-5799-2Lucian ReadAll of Which I Saw: With the US Marine Corps in Iraq
  ''978-0-7643-5807-4Robert AlvaradoAlvarado's Pin-up Nudes
  ''978-0-7643-5809-8Graphic-Sha50 Pouches: Putting Your Fabric Scraps to Good Use
  ''978-0-7643-5811-1Janet KoplosWhat Makes a Potter: Functional Pottery in America Today
  ''978-0-7643-5812-8Steve HuytonAustralia Modern: 15 Houses in Harmony with the Land
2019978-0-7643-5813-5Anthony StultzThe Three Principles of Oneness: How Embodying the Cosmic Perspective Can Liberate Your Life
  ''978-0-7643-5819-7Richard SchultzForm Follows Technique: A Design Manifesto
  ''978-0-7643-5821-0David DoyleM551 Sheridan: The US Army's Armored Reconnaissance / Airborne Assault Vehicle From Vietnam to Desert Storm (Legends of Warfare: Ground)
  ''978-0-7643-5822-7   ''P-38 Lightning Vol. 2: Lockheed's P-38J to P-38M in World War II (Legends of Warfare: Aviation)
2019978-0-7643-5823-4David DoyleStuart Tank Vol. 2: The M5, M5A1, and Howitzer Motor Carriage M8 Versions in World War II (Legends of Warfare: Ground)
  ''978-0-7643-5824-1   ''USS New York (BB-34): From World War I to the Atomic Age (Legends of Warfare: Naval)
  ''978-0-7643-5825-8Jean HuonThe Colt M1911 .45 Automatic Pistol: M1911, M1911A1, Markings, Variants, Ammunition, Accessories (Classic Guns of the World)
  ''978-0-7643-5828-9Yasmeen WestwoodThe Tarot of Enchanted Dreams
  ''978-0-7643-5831-9Frank MastropoloGhost Signs: Clues to Downtown New York's Past
2019978-0-7643-5832-6C. Angela MohrGourds in Motion: Simple Techniques to Make Gourd Projects Move
  ''978-0-7643-5834-0Leigh Ann ThelmadatterMexican Cartonería: Paper, Paste, and Fiesta
  ''978-0-7643-5837-1Gregory M. Wier · Stephen D. WierShooting Handguns: An Introductory Guide to Shooting Safely and Effectively
  ''978-0-7643-5838-8Mélanie VoituriezLittle Delights in Leather: Charming Projects to Use Every Day
  ''978-0-7643-5839-5Peggy Rose WhiteneckThe Lladró Guide: A Collector's Reference to Retired Porcelain Figurines in Lladró Brands
2019978-0-7643-5841-8Marlis MaehrleArt in a Box: 30 Creative Projects in Mixed-Media Assemblage
  ''978-0-7643-5846-3David DoyleSBD Dauntless: Douglas's US Navy and Marine Corps Dive-Bomber in World War II (Legends of Warfare: Aviation)
  ''978-0-7643-5849-4Sérgio SantanaUSS Nimitz (CVN-68): America's Supercarrier: 1975 to the Present (Legends of Warfare: Naval)
  ''978-0-7643-5850-0Harrisville Designs · Rachel SnackPotholder Loom Designs: 140 Colorful Patterns
  ''978-0-7643-5852-4Jenny HillArtisan Felting: Wearable Art
2019978-0-7643-5855-5Eugen ReichlThe Soviet Space Program: The N1: the Soviet Moon Rocket (The Soviets in Space Series)
  ''978-0-7643-5856-2Jean HuonThe M1 Garand: Variants, Markings, Ammunition, Accessories (Great Guns of the World)
  ''978-0-7643-5858-6David SkernickBack Roads of the Southwest
  ''978-0-7643-5861-6David DoyleUS Landing Craft of World War II, Vol. 1: The LCP(L), LCP(R), LCV, LCVP, LCS(L), LCM, and LCI (Legends of Warfare: Naval)
  ''978-0-7643-5862-3   ''USS Hornet (CV-8): From the Doolittle Raid and Midway to Santa Cruz (Legends of Warfare: Naval)
2020978-0-7643-5867-8Michael NormannMil Mi-24 Attack Helicopter: In Soviet/Russian and Worldwide Service, 1972 to the Present
2020978-0-7643-5868-5Yefim Gordon · Dmitriy KomissarovSukhoi Interceptors: The Su-9, Su-11, and Su-15: Unsung Soviet Cold War Heroes
  ''978-0-7643-5869-2Jacqueline PeterA Practical Guide to Needle Lace
  ''978-0-7643-5873-9Rick Tuers · Terri TuersFlorida Lighthouses: 30 Beacons and the Keepers Who Tended Them
  ''978-0-7643-5874-6John FredricksonNorth American Aviation in the Jet Age: The California Years, 1945–1997
2019978-0-7643-5884-5Clay StudioFrom Storage to Studio: The Clay Studio Resident Artists Explore the Philadelphia Museum of Art Collection
2020978-0-7643-5887-6Sandra SiderExploring Your Artistic Voice in Contemporary Quilt Art
  ''978-0-7643-5888-3Pamela Weeks · Don BeldCivil War Quilts: Revised, Updated, and Expanded
2020978-0-7643-5893-7Diana MolinaIcons & Symbols of the Borderland: Art from the US-Mexico Crossroads
  ''978-0-7643-5917-0Sandra Sider · Pamela WeeksDeeds not Words: Celebrating 100 Years of Women's Suffrage
  ''978-0-7643-5918-7Marissa Huber · Heather KirtlandThe Motherhood of Art
  ''978-0-7643-5928-6Rob HammerBarbershops of America: Then and Now
  ''978-0-7643-5933-0Jean Pierre Larochette · Yadin Larochette · Yael LurieAnatomy of a Tapestry: Techniques, Materials, Care
2020978-0-7643-5934-7Wendy LandryVelvet on My Mind, Velvet on My Loom: Velvet Weaving Past & Present
  ''978-0-7643-5936-1Luc Guillou · Erik DuPontThe German MG 34 and MG 42 Machine Guns: In World War II (Classic Guns of the World)
  ''978-0-7643-5944-6Dylan SilverClarity: A Photographic Dive into Lake Tahoe's Remarkable Water
  ''978-0-7643-5946-0Barbara TricaricoOregon
  ''978-0-7643-5950-7Cathy McClellandThe Star Tarot: Your Path to Self-Discovery through Cosmic Symbolism
2020978-0-7643-5961-3Gita RashThe Mahābhārata Oracle
  ''978-0-7643-5963-7Paige AshmoreTarot of the Kingdoms
  ''978-0-7643-5966-8James Bouck · Robert LongAlien Abductions: The Control Factor
  ''978-0-7643-5967-5Stéphane CailleauWalther P.38: Germany's 9 mm Semiautomatic Pistol in World War II (Classic Guns of the World)
2019978-0-7643-5977-4Nancy LamottePure Sea Glass 2020 Calendar