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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-1-130-62014-6Books GroupThe Insurance year book Volume 37 ; Life, casualty and miscellaneous
  ''978-1-130-62015-3Augusta Harriet LeypoldtThe Literary news Volume 8 ; a monthly journal of current literature
2013978-1-130-62016-0Ellis BonimeTuberculin and Vaccine in Tubercular Affections; A Practical Guide for the Utilization of the Immune Response in General Practice
2012978-1-130-62017-7Richard HackettGrammar of Gregorian and modern music
  ''978-1-130-62018-4Joel Herbert SheddReport on sewerage in the city of Providence
  ''978-1-130-62019-1Columbia University. Henry MinesThe School of Mines quarterly Volume 22
  ''978-1-130-62020-7Georgetown CollegeHistorical catalogue of Georgetown College, 1829-1917
2012978-1-130-62021-4English Jersey Cattle SocietyThe English Jersey Cattle Society's herd book Volume 9
  ''978-1-130-62022-1Franz Xaver ZachTabulae motuum solis novae et correctae. Quibus accedit Fixarum praecipuarum catalogus novus ex observationibus astronomicis annis 1787. 1788. 1789. 1790. in specula astronomica Gothana habitis
  ''978-1-130-62023-8Louise Rogers JewettMount Holyoke college,Department of art, courses VII and VIII.; History of Italian painting, outline and references
  ''978-1-130-62024-5Books GroupMirror of Parliment
  ''978-1-130-62025-2   ''The Annual register of world events Volume 58 ; a review of the year
2012978-1-130-62026-9J. D. WhiteThe Dental cosmos Volume 59
  ''978-1-130-62027-6Oscar Bernard JesnessCooperative purchasing and marketing organizations among farmers in the United States
  ''978-1-130-62028-3Royal Society of QueenslandProceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland Volume 7-11
  ''978-1-130-62029-0Society of the United HeathenProceedings of the Society for Propagating the Gospel Among the Heathen
  ''978-1-130-62030-6Bakhshish LalDigest of Cases on Pre-emption; as prevailing in Behar, Lower Bengal, Malabar, Guzerat, United Provinces of Agra and Cudh, and the Punjab, to Feb. 1905
2012978-1-130-62031-3Erich HaaseResearches on mimicry on the basis of a natural classification of the Papilionidae Volume 2
  ''978-1-130-62032-0Augustus FrederickBibliotheca Sussexiana; A descriptive catalogue, accompanied by historical and biographical notices, of the manuscripts and printed books contained in ... the Duke of Sussex ... in Kensington palace
  ''978-1-130-62034-4John Vaughan ThompsonA catalogue of plants growing in the vicinity of Berwick upon Tweed
  ''978-1-130-62035-1Books Groupthe glasgow university calendar for the year 1884-85.
2013978-1-130-62036-8John Claudius LoudonThe Derby Arboretum; Containing a Catalogue of the Trees and Shrubs Included in It; a Description of the Grounds and Directions for Their Management; ... it was Presented to the Town of Derby; by Its
2012978-1-130-62037-5Jo. Alberti FabraciiBIBLIOTHECE
  ''978-1-130-62038-2Ontario. Dept. of AgricultureDescription of the country, its resources and development, glimpses of its scenery, attractions for tourist sportsman and settler
2012978-1-130-62039-9John PostlethwaiteThe geology of the English Lake District; with notes on the minerals
2013978-1-130-62040-5Frances Cashel HoeyA Golden Sorrow Volume 2
2012978-1-130-62041-2Charles MacfarlaneThe comprehensive history of England Volume 4 ; civil and military, religious, intellectual, and social: from the earliest period to the suppression of the Sepoy Revolt
  ''978-1-130-62042-9Eliakim LittellLittell's living age Volume 200
  ''978-1-130-62043-6J. D. LegareThe Southern agriculturist Volume 6
  ''978-1-130-62045-0George Augustus Salaamerica revisted from the bay of new york to the gulf of mexico, and from lake michigan to the pacific
  ''978-1-130-62046-7Henry Harrison MetcalfThe Granite monthly Volume 17 ; a New Hampshire magazine devoted to history, biography, literature, and state progress
2012978-1-130-62047-4Books GroupGreen's Connecticut annual register and United States calendar for Volume 58; to which is prefixed an almanac
  ''978-1-130-62048-1J. Rosenthal SenatorCentralblatt Fur Die Medicischen Wissenschaften
  ''978-1-130-62049-8John Robertson DunlapFactory and industrial management Volume 22
  ''978-1-130-62050-4Olympic ClubWestern field Volume 13, no. 2
  ''978-1-130-62051-1Books GroupThe Franklin globe manual; an aid to the study of geography and astronomy with the use of artificial globes
2012978-1-130-62052-8Massachusetts. Supreme CourtReports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Volume 79-80
2013978-1-130-62053-5Barr FerreePennsylvania; a primer
2012978-1-130-62054-2Great Britain. ParliamentThe Parliamentary debates (Authorized edition) Volume 106
  ''978-1-130-62055-9Thomas ReidThe works of Thomas Reid, with selections from his unpublished letters. Preface, notes and suppl. dissertations by sir W. Hamilton. Prefixed, Stewart's Account of the life and writings of Reid
  ''978-1-130-62057-3MinnesotaMinnesota general laws Volume 1
2013978-1-130-62058-0MoiraPhilip Graham; a subject of Queen Mab Volume 3
2012978-1-130-62059-7Congregation Emanu-ElDivre yeme Emanuel; The chronicles of Emanu-el: being an account of the rise and progress of the Congregation Emanu-el, which was founded in July, ... its fiftieth anniversary December 23, 1900
2013978-1-130-62060-3Iowa State Horticultural SocietyReport of the Iowa State Horticultural Society, for the Year
2012978-1-130-62061-0International ExhibitionMedals and honourable mentions awarded by the international juries
  ''978-1-130-62062-7National Irrigation AssociationForestry & irrigation Volume 12
  ''978-1-130-62064-1American Ethnological SocietyBulletin of the American Ethnological Society Volume 1
2012978-1-130-62065-8Institution of Civil EngineersMinutes of proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers Volume 149
  ''978-1-130-62066-5Books GroupThe New Hampshire register and farmer's almanac
2013978-1-130-62067-2William Jasper NicollsThe story of American coals Volume 3
  ''978-1-130-62068-9AnonymousSweethearts always; poems of love
2012978-1-130-62069-6Sidney Frederic HarmerThe Cambridge Natural History Volume 6, PT. 2
  ''978-1-130-62070-2James GairdnerThree fifteenth-century chronicles Volume 28; with historical memoranda by John Stowe, the antiquary, and contemporary notes of occurances written by him in the reign of Queen Elizabeth
  ''978-1-130-62072-6Canada. Patent OfficePatents of Canada Volume 1
2012978-1-130-62073-3Minnesota Tax CommissionBiennial report of the Minnesota Tax Commission to the Governor and Legislature of the State of Minnesota Volume 4
  ''978-1-130-62074-0Tri-State Medical Association ofMemphis medical monthly Volume 2, no. 1
  ''978-1-130-62075-7Leopold Cassella & Co.The dyeing of wool Volume 27-36; nos. 38-39; no. 41; nos. 43-46 ; including wool-printing, with the dyestuffs of
  ''978-1-130-62076-4West Publishing CompanyThe southern reporter Volume 33
2012978-1-130-62078-8George RipleyThe new American cyclopaedia Volume 13; a popular dictionary of general knowledge
  ''978-1-130-62079-5New York Catholic ProtectoryThe Manhattan and de la Salle monthly Volume 1-2
  ''978-1-130-62080-1International Bureau of RepublicsBulletin of the Pan American Union Volume 45
2013978-1-130-62081-8John NicholsThe progresses, processions, and magnificent festivities of King James the First, his royal consort, family and court; collected from original ... entertainments, ten civic pageants, Volume 3
2012978-1-130-62082-5Belfast Naturalists' Field ClubSystematic lists illustrative of the flora, fauna, palaeontology, and archaeology of the North of Ireland Volume 1
  ''978-1-130-62083-2Freemasons. California. ChapterProceedings of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the state of California at its annual convocation Volume 34-36
  ''978-1-130-62084-9Elias H. HendersonIncome tax puzzles; Revised and selected answers to questions arising under the United States Income Tax Law heretofore published under the title ... Forms and Income Tax Statute, Annotated
2013978-1-130-62085-6Annie ThomasCalled to Account; A Novel Volume 2
2012978-1-130-62088-7Charles UlrichThe honor of a cowboy; a comedy drama in four acts ...
2012978-1-130-62089-4Joseph Jackson HowardSome Pedigrees from the Visitation of Kent, 1663-68
  ''978-1-130-62090-0British Museum. Dept. of MedalsA guide to the exhibition of English medals
  ''978-1-130-62091-7Robert William EytonAntiquities of Shropshire Volume 3-4
  ''978-1-130-62092-4National Association of DruggistsN.A.R.D. notes Volume 9, no. 1
  ''978-1-130-62093-1Friejul OttoLehrbuch der rationellen Praxis der landwirthschaftlichen Gewerbe Volume 2 ; Die Bierbrauerei und Branntweinbrennerei, die Sprit-, Hefe-, Liqueur-, ... die Ciderbereitung, die Kalk-, Gyps- und
2012978-1-130-62094-8Society for Visual EducationVisual education Volume 1, no. 4
  ''978-1-130-62095-5Books GroupAtti del Congresso internazionale dei matematici Volume 5, no. 1
  ''978-1-130-62098-6Thomas BeconThe early works of Thomas Becon, S. T. P. Volume 2; being the treatises published by him in the reign of King Henry VIII
  ''978-1-130-62099-3Great Britain. Foreign OfficeReports from Her Majesty's consuls on the manufactures, commerce, &c. of their consular districts Volume 16
  ''978-1-130-63054-1BengalSecond report of the Committee appointed by the governour of Bengal for the establishment of a fever hospital
2012978-1-130-64062-5Books GroupTHE LAKESIDE MEMORIAL
  ''978-1-130-65121-8Kansas. Board of CommissionersReport of the Board of Railroad Commissioners, State of Kansas, for the year ending Volume 19
2013978-1-130-65194-2William SmithDictionary of the Bible; Comprising Its Antiquities, Biography, Geography, and Natural History Volume 1
2012978-1-130-66439-3Canada. ParliamentSessional papers of the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada Volume 9
  ''978-1-130-67125-4New York Legislature SenateProceedings before the Senate of the State of New York on a message from the governor, recommending the removal from office of Mr. Otto Kelsey, Superintendent of Insurance
  ''978-1-130-67198-8David HosackA system of practical nosology; to which is prefixed, a synopsis of the systems of Sauvages, Linnæus, Vogel, Sagar, Macbride, Cullen, Darwin, Crichton, Pinel, Parr, Swediaur and Young
  ''978-1-130-70066-4Henry Edward RandallA treatise on the law of instructions to juries in civil and criminal cases Volume 1; with forms of instructions approved by the courts
2012978-1-130-70544-7Warren HastingsIndia courier extraordinary Volume 3 ; Proceedings of Parliament relating to W. Hastings
  ''978-1-130-70620-8Natal Dept. of AgricultureReport of the government entomologist Volume 1-7
  ''978-1-130-70768-7Northwestern University. SchoolQuarterly bulletin of Northwestern University Medical School Volume 3-4
  ''978-1-130-70870-7Eliakim LittellThe living age Volume 145
  ''978-1-130-70871-4Ontario. Legislative AssemblySessional papers Volume 24, pt. 2
2013978-1-130-70872-1AnonymousThe Complete Wroks of Edgar Allen Poe
2012978-1-130-70873-8Benjamin Howell MorganReport on the engineering trades of South Africa
2012978-1-130-70875-2Books GroupThe New theatrical observer and censor of the stage Volume 1, nos. 1-24
  ''978-1-130-70876-9Norbertine FathersAnnals of Saint Joseph Volume 25-26
  ''978-1-130-70877-6North Central Association SchoolsProceedings of the annual meeting of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools Volume 22
  ''978-1-130-70878-3Books GroupThe Lafayette Weekly Volume 26
  ''978-1-130-70879-0Thomas PopeSt. Peter's day in the Vatican, (a narrative of the 18th centenary of the martyrdom of ss. Peter and Paul).
2012978-1-130-71259-9Southern Railway and AssociationCircular letter Volume 1
  ''978-1-130-72815-6Frank P. Bennett and CompanyUnited States investor Volume 13
  ''978-1-130-72950-4Jerome McneillRevision of the Truxalinae of North America
  ''978-1-130-72951-1United States. Hawaiian CommissionThe report of the Hawaiian Commission, appointed in pursuance of the "Joint resolution to provide for annexing the Hawaiian Islands to the United States," approved July 7, 1898
  ''978-1-130-72953-5Frederick Lowell HoughtonHolstein-Friesian register Volume 27, pt. 2
2012978-1-130-72957-3MontanaActs, resolutions and memorials, of the territory of Montana, passed by the Legislative Assembly Volume 10
  ''978-1-130-72958-0New York Genealogical and SocietyThe New York genealogical and biographical record Volume 36
  ''978-1-130-72959-7Books GroupAmerican educational annual Volume 1
  ''978-1-130-73899-5Northwestern University. SchoolQuarterly bulletin of Northwestern University Medical School Volume 9
2013978-1-130-74157-5AnonymousA Gazetteer of the World, Or, Dictionary of Geographical Knowledge Volume 7
2012978-1-130-75062-1Best ReadingThe best readings, hints on the selection of books [&c.] ed. by F.B. Perkins. 4th revised ed. Ed. by L.E. Jones
  ''978-1-130-76719-3James ElmesA topographical dictionary of London and its environs; containing descriptive and critical accounts of all the public and private buildings, offices, ... scholastic and other establishments, with l
2012978-1-130-78125-0Mordecai Cubitt CookeHardwicke's science-gossip Volume 18 ; an illustrated medium of interchange and gossip for students and lovers of nature
  ''978-1-130-79641-4Dartmouth CollegeAddresses of living graduates; of Dartmouth college, the Medical school, the Thayer school of civil engineering and the Amos Tuck school of administration and finance
  ''978-1-130-80317-4Books Groupgeneral catalogue of vowdoin college and the medical school of maine 1794-1894
  ''978-1-130-80360-0   ''the miscellaneous documents of the house of representatives, printed during the first session of the thirty-eight congress 1863-'64
  ''978-1-130-80361-7Nathanael VincentSpirit of prayer
2012978-1-130-80363-1Elizabeth Jane BrabazonA month at Gravesend
  ''978-1-130-80364-8India: Central Provinces and BerarRules under the Berar Land Revenue Code, 1896 Volume p85-256
  ''978-1-130-80365-5HindusGenealogical tables of the deities, princes, heroes, and remarkable personages, of the Hindus, with an intr. and index, by F. Hamilton
  ''978-1-130-80366-2Pennsylvania. Dept. of ZoologyThe Zoological Bulletin of the Division of Zoology of the Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture Volume 1
  ''978-1-130-80368-6Theodor BillrothErfahrungen auf dem Gebiete der praktischen Chirurgie; Chirurgische Klinik, Zürich 1860 bis 1867 Mit 3 lithogr. Taf. u. 15 Holzschn
2012978-1-130-80369-3Pratt InstitutePratt institute monthly Volume 10
  ''978-1-130-80544-4Friedrich Max M. Ller Friedrich Max MullerCollected Works of the Right Hon. F. Max Muller Volume 10
  ''978-1-130-80620-5Henry Harrison MetcalfThe Granite monthly Volume 6
  ''978-1-130-80651-9Canada. ParliamentSessional papers of the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada Volume 11
  ''978-1-130-81259-6Books GroupUnited States Congressional serial set Volume 4328
2012978-1-130-81480-4Royal SocietyProceedings of the Royal Society of London Volume 37
  ''978-1-130-85054-3Books GroupBeschryving der Stadt Delft
  ''978-1-130-85542-5Canada. ParliamentSessional papers of the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada Volume 12
2014978-1-130-86446-5William SmithA Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography Volume 1
2012978-1-130-87835-6CanadaActs of the parliament of the Dominion of Canada relating to criminal law, to procedure in criminal cases and to evidence
  ''978-1-130-88310-7Canada. ParliamentSessional papers of the Parliament of the Province of Canada Volume 21, no. 6
  ''978-1-130-89125-6Wilhelm Gerhard WalpersAnnales botanices systematicae Volume 1
2012978-1-130-90574-8Canada. ParliamentSessional papers of the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada Volume 10
  ''978-1-130-90620-2Titus Maccius PlautusT. Macci Plavti Psevdolvs; the Pseudolus of Plautus
  ''978-1-130-90729-2New York Suffern & SonRailroad operating costs Volume 2; a series of original studies in operating costs of the leading American railroads
  ''978-1-130-91259-3Books GroupThe Continental monthly Volume 2, nos. 1-6
  ''978-1-130-92279-0H. W. Wilson CompanyCumulated index to the books Volume 24
2012978-1-130-94450-1Canada. ParliamentSessional papers of the Parliament of the Province of Canada Volume 25, no. 1
  ''978-1-130-94596-6Jonathan PereiraLectures on polarized light; delivered before the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, and in the Medical School of the London Hospital
  ''978-1-130-96054-9Books GroupAnnual of the universal medical sciences Volume 5
  ''978-1-130-97062-3London Local Gov. and Tax. CommReport on the city day-census, 1881