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2004978-1-55111-700-3Munroe Eagles · Christopher Holoman · Larry JohnstonThe Institutions of Liberal Democratic States
2008978-1-55111-702-7Christopher Manfredi · Mark RushJudging Democracy
  ''978-1-55111-703-4Edward KimberThe History of the Life and Adventures of Mr. Anderson
2005978-1-55111-705-8Philip ResnickThe European Roots of Canadian Identity
  ''978-1-55111-706-5Barbara Dahms · Peter A. MortonThe Trial of Tempel Anneke: Records of a Witchcraft Trial in Brunswick, Germany, 1663
  ''978-1-55111-707-2Bernd Hamm · Russell SmandychCultural Imperialism: Essays on the Political Economy of Cultural Domination
  ''978-1-55111-710-2Katherine FierlbeckThe Development of Political Thought in Canada: An Anthology
2006978-1-55111-711-9Katherine FierlbeckPolitical Thought in Canada: An Intellectual History
2008978-1-55111-712-6David Thomas · Barbara Boyle TorreyCanada and the United States: Differences that Count, Third Edition
2011978-1-55111-714-0Kelly DeVriesMedieval Military Technology
2006978-1-55111-715-7Richard N. Bosley · Martin M. TweedaleBasic Issues in Medieval Philosophy - Second Edition: Selected Readings Presenting Interactive Discourse Among the Major Figures
2005978-1-55111-716-4Craig S. Walker · Jennifer WiseThe Broadview Anthology of Drama: Concise Edition: Plays from the Western Theatre
2006978-1-55111-717-1Leslie E. CassonA Writer's Handbook - Second Edition: Developing Writing Skills for University Students
2007978-1-55111-718-8Philipp W. RosemannThe Story of a Great Medieval Book: Peter Lombard's 'Sentences'
2006978-1-55111-719-5llka ThiessenWaiting for Macedonia: Identity in a Changing World
2009978-1-55111-721-8Joseph ConradUnder Western Eyes
2006978-1-55111-722-5Arthur Conan DoyleThe Hound of the Baskervilles: Another Adventure of Sherlock Holmes, with "The Adventure of the Speckled Band"
2005978-1-55111-724-9Janet Giltrow · Daniel Burgoyne · Richard Gooding · Marlene SawatskyAcademic Writing: An Introduction
2009978-1-55111-726-3Paul Depasquale · Renate Eigenbrod · Emma LarocqueAcross Cultures / Across Borders: Canadian Aboriginal and Native American Literatures
2006978-1-55111-727-0Brian OrendThe Morality of War
2006978-1-55111-728-7James J. GiffordGlances Backward: An Anthology of American Homosexual Writing, 1830-1920
2008978-1-55111-734-8Francis CoventryThe History of Pompey the Little: Or, The Life and Adventures of a Lap-Dog
2010978-1-55111-735-5Michael Yeo · Anne Moorhouse · Pamela Kahn · Patricia RodneyConcepts and Cases in Nursing Ethics - Third Edition
2007978-1-55111-737-9Charles H. HinnantThe London Jilt
  ''978-1-55111-738-6Mathew KueflerThe History of Sexuality Sourcebook
2010978-1-55111-740-9Henry Blake FullerBertram Cope's Year
2008978-1-55111-741-6Edith JohnstoneA Sunless Heart
  ''978-1-55111-742-3Andrew Bailey · Samantha Brennan · Will Kymlicka · Jacob T. Levy · Alex Sager · Clark WolfThe Broadview Anthology of Social and Political Thought - Volume 1: From Plato to Nietzsche
2007978-1-55111-745-4John William PolidoriThe Vampyre and Ernestus Berchtold; or, The Modern Oedipus
2009978-1-55111-746-1VoltaireCandide: and Other Poetic and Philosophical Writings
2005978-1-55111-750-8Thomas HobbesLeviathan, Parts I and II
2006978-1-55111-752-2Gordon Laxer · Dennis SoronNot for Sale: Decommodifying Public Life
2005978-1-55111-757-7George EliotRomola
2007978-1-55111-759-1Susan ScottAll Our Sisters: Stories of Homeless Women in Canada
2006978-1-55111-760-7Paul A. Erickson · PAE Liam D. MurphyReadings for a History of Anthropological Theory, Second Edition
2007978-1-55111-761-4Shirley A. FedorakAnthropology Matters!
2006978-1-55111-763-8Bernard O'DwyerModern English Structures - Second Edition: Form, Function, and Position
  ''978-1-55111-764-5   ''Modern English Structures Workbook - Second Edition: Form, Function, and Position
2005978-1-55111-766-9Patrick Malcolmson · Richard MyersThe Canadian Regime: An Introduction to Parliamentary Government in Canada
2007978-1-55111-770-6Andrew Ede · Lesley CormackA History of Science in Society: A Reader
  ''978-1-55111-771-3Miriam SmithGroup Politics and Social Movements in Canada
2005978-1-55111-772-0Bernard SuitsThe Grasshopper: Games, Life and Utopia
2006978-1-55111-775-1Jerome BickenbachCanadian Cases in the Philosophy of Law - Fourth Edition
2007978-1-55111-777-5Shelley ButlerContested Representations: Revisiting Into the Heart of Africa
2006978-1-55111-778-2Cindy L. VittoGrammar By Diagram - Second Edition: Understanding English Grammar Through Traditional Sentence Diagraming
2006978-1-55111-779-9David JohnsonThinking Government: Public Sector Management in Canada, Second Edition
  ''978-1-55111-780-5John McDougallDrifting Together: The Political Economy of Canada-US Integration
2007978-1-55111-785-0Alain G. Gagnon · Brian TanguayCanadian Parties in Transition, Third Edition
2009978-1-55111-786-7Jill ClasterThe Crusades
2007978-1-55111-787-4F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby
2005978-1-55111-789-8Doug Babington · Don LePanThe Broadview Guide to Writing: U.S. Edition
2007978-1-55111-792-8Mary Lorena KennyHidden Heads of Households: Child Labor in Urban Northeast Brazil
2011978-1-55111-793-5J.M. BarriePeter Pan
2007978-1-55111-794-2Sean P. Hier · B. Singh BolariaRace and Racism in 21st-Century Canada: Continuity, Complexity, and Change
2009978-1-55111-796-6Laurel Amtower · Jacqueline VanhoutteA Companion to Chaucer and his Contemporaries: Texts and Contexts
2011978-1-55111-802-4David HumeAn Enquiry concerning Human Understanding
2010978-1-55111-805-5Rhoda BroughtonCometh Up As A Flower
2009978-1-55111-806-2Harriet Beecher StoweUncle Tom's Cabin
  ''978-1-55111-807-9Daniel DefoeRoxana: or, The Fortunate Mistress
2007978-1-55111-810-9Keith CulverReadings in the Philosophy of Law - Second Edition
  ''978-1-55111-814-7Heather Graves · Roger GravesA Strategic Guide to Technical Communication
2006978-1-55111-816-1Steven Kendall HollowayCanadian Foreign Policy: Defining the National Interest
2008978-1-55111-820-8Jordi Diez · O.P. DwivediGlobal Environmental Challenges: Perspectives from the South
2006978-1-55111-824-6Marjorie Mather · Brett McLenithanClear Writing: Readings in Expository Prose
2008978-1-55111-836-9Edward Bulwer-LyttonThe Coming Race
2010978-1-55111-837-6Arthur Conan DoyleThe Sign of Four
  ''978-1-55111-838-3Edgar Allan PoeThe Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket
2009978-1-55111-839-0Susanna RowsonReuben and Rachel: or, A Tale of Old Times
2008978-1-55111-847-5Thomas HueglinClassical Debates for the 21st Century: Rethinking Political Thought
2010978-1-55111-852-9Peter MortonA Historical Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind - Second Edition: Readings with Commentary
2008978-1-55111-858-1D. Munroe EaglesPolitics (US Edition): An Introduction to Democratic Government, Third Edition
2009978-1-55111-863-5Bradley MontonSeeking God in Science: An Atheist Defends Intelligent Design
2009978-1-55111-866-6James Fenimore CooperThe Last of the Mohicans
2007978-1-55111-868-0Joseph Black · Leonard Conolly · Kate Flint · Isobel Grundy · Don LePan · Roy Liuzza · Jerome J. McGann · Anne Lake PrescottThe Broadview Anthology of British Literature: Concise Edition, Volume A
  ''978-1-55111-869-7Joseph Black · Leonard Conolly · Kate Flint · Isobel Grundy · Don LePan · Roy Liuzza · Jerome J. McGann · Anne Lake PrescottThe Broadview Anthology of British Literature: Concise Volume B: Concise Edition, Volume B
  ''978-1-55111-870-3Roberta GarnerSocial Theory: Continuity and Confrontation: A Reader, Second Edition
2008978-1-55111-871-0Paul A. Erickson · Liam D. MurphyA History of Anthropological Theory, Third Edition
  ''978-1-55111-873-4Herbert Northcott · Donna WilsonDying and Death in Canada, Second Edition
2007978-1-55111-875-8John SteckleyWhite Lies About the Inuit
2008978-1-55111-882-6David ShoemakerPersonal Identity and Ethics: A Brief Introduction
  ''978-1-55111-884-0Jonathan Lavery · Willam HughesCritical Thinking, fifth edition: An Introduction to the Basic Skills
2010978-1-55111-888-8Laurence SterneA Sentimental Journey through France and Italy
2012978-1-55111-894-9R.D. FulkAn Introduction to Middle English: Grammar and Texts
2009978-1-55111-896-3Francis GodwinThe Man in the Moone
2008978-1-55111-898-7Martin Hallett · Barbara KarasekFolk and Fairy Tales - Fourth Edition
2008978-1-55111-899-4Andrew Bailey · Samantha Brennan · Will Kymlicka · Jacob T. Levy · Alex Sager · Clark WolfThe Broadview Anthology of Social and Political Thought - Volume 2: The Twentieth Century and Beyond
  ''978-1-55111-901-4Cindy VittoGrammar By Diagram - Second Edition Workbook: Understanding English Grammar Through Traditional Sentence Diagraming
2009978-1-55111-902-1Robert J. Stainton · Samantha BrennanPhilosophy and Death: Introductory Readings
  ''978-1-55111-904-5Wendy Lynne LeeContemporary Feminist Theory and Activism: Six Global Issues
  ''978-1-55111-907-6Jack S. Crumley IIAn Introduction to Epistemology - Second Edition
  ''978-1-55111-908-3Janet Giltrow · Rick Gooding · Daniel Burgoyne · Marlene SawatskyAcademic Writing, second edition: An Introduction
2009978-1-55111-909-0Eric SteinhartMore Precisely: The Math You Need to Do Philosophy
2010978-1-55111-910-6Christopher MarloweEdward the Second
  ''978-1-55111-911-3Henry JamesThe Turn of the Screw and Other Stories
  ''978-1-55111-914-4W.D. HowellsAn Imperative Duty
2011978-1-55111-916-8Tanya M. CaldwellPopular Plays by Women in the Restoration and Eighteenth Century
2010978-1-55111-928-1Clem Martini · Olivier MartiniBitter Medicine: A Graphic Memoir of Mental Illness
2008978-1-55111-929-8Marina EndicottGood To A Fault
2004978-1-55111-932-8Marina EndicottOpen Arms
2010978-1-55111-934-2Christopher DalyAn Introduction to Philosophical Methods
  ''978-1-55111-935-9Daniel DefoeRobinson Crusoe
2009978-1-55111-965-6Joseph Black · Leonard Conolly · Kate Flint · Isobel Grundy · Don LePan · Roy Liuzza · Jerome J. McGann · Anne Lake PrescottThe Broadview Anthology of British Literature Volume 1: The Medieval Period - Second Edition
2010978-1-55111-966-3Thomas MoreUtopia
  ''978-1-55111-968-7T.S. EliotThe Waste Land and Other Poems
2009978-1-55111-969-4Doug Babington · Don LePan · Maureen OkunThe Broadview Guide to Writing, fourth edition
2011978-1-55111-971-7Robert M. Martin · Andrew BaileyFirst Philosophy - Second Edition: Fundamental Problems and Readings in Philosophy
2009978-1-55111-975-5Geoffrey ChaucerThe Canterbury Tales: A Selection
2009978-1-55111-976-2Angus TaylorAnimals and Ethics - Third Edition
  ''978-1-55111-977-9Victor J. RamrajConcert of Voices - Second Edition: An Anthology of World Writing in English
2018978-1-55111-990-8Mahesh AnanthBringing Biology to Life: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Biology
2009978-1-55111-996-0Kit ChristensenNonviolence, Peace, and Justice: A Philosophical Introduction
2010978-1-55111-997-7Marijane OsbornNine Medieval Romances of Magic: Re-Rhymed in Modern English
2011978-1-55111-998-4Hannah Webster FosterThe Coquette and The Boarding School
2008978-1-55111-999-1Marina EndicottGood to a Fault