Applewood Books

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1979978-0-918222-07-7John Marvin · Raymond AbbottDeath Dances: Two Novellas on North American Indians (118P)
  ''978-0-918222-08-4John · Abbott, Raymond MarvinDeath dances: Two novellas on North American Indians
  ''978-0-918222-09-1Douglas WorthTriptych
1980978-0-918222-18-3Alan CheuseCandace and Other Stories
  ''978-0-918222-19-0Alan CheuseCandace & other stories
1982978-0-918222-26-8William CorbettRunaway Pond
1981978-0-918222-28-2Richard ElmanCocktails at Somoza's: A Reporter's Sketchbook of Events in Revolutionary Nicaragua
  ''978-0-918222-29-9Sheila Solomon KlassA Perpetual Surprise
1982978-0-918222-37-4Joe NiggThe Book of Gryphons: A History of the Most Majestic of All Mythical Creatures
1984978-0-918222-38-1Douglas WorthFrom Dream, from Circumstance: New and Selected Poems, 1963-1983
1984978-0-918222-47-3Joe NiggThe Book of Gryphons
1983978-0-918222-48-0Eric KraftPeter Leroy: Life on the Bolotomy, Number 3
  ''978-0-918222-49-7Eric KraftStatic of the Spheres (The Personal History, Adventures, Experiences and Observation, No 4)
1989978-0-918222-51-0Miriam LevineGuide to Writer's Homes in New England
1983978-0-918222-58-9William (Editor) ZarankaLiterature in briefs: Great writers indecently exposed
1985978-0-918222-68-8Eric KraftPeter Leroy: The Young Tars (Personal History, Adventures, Experiences, and Observations of Peter Leroy, No 9)
1986978-0-918222-69-5Sheila Solomon KlassIn a Cold Open Field
1991978-0-918222-78-7Louisa May AlcottHospital Sketches
1986978-0-918222-79-4John JosselynNew England's Rarities Discovered
  ''978-0-918222-84-8AnonymousMourt's Relation: A Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth
  ''978-0-918222-87-9Carl SnadburgMary Lincoln: Wife and Widow
  ''978-0-918222-88-6Benjamin FranklinThe Way to Wealth (Books of American Wisdom)
1986978-0-918222-89-3Randolph MarcyThe Prairie Traveler
  ''978-0-918222-92-3Albert GreeneRecollections of the Jersey Prison Ship (American Experience Series)
1989978-0-918222-98-5Lydia ChildAmerican Frugal Housewife: Dedicated to Those Who Are Not Ashamed of Economy (Cooking in America)