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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-935182-00-9Richard SiddawayPowershell in Practice
  ''978-1-935182-02-3Petar Tahchiev · Felipe Leme · Vincent Massol · Gary GregoryJUnit in Action, Second Edition
2009978-1-935182-04-7Paul Nielsen · Kalen Delaney · Adam Machanic · Kimberly Tripp · Paul Randal · Greg LowSQL Server MVP Deep Dives
2013978-1-935182-05-4Willie Wheeler · Joshua WhiteSpring in Practice: Covers Spring 3
2012978-1-935182-08-5Anthony S. BriggsHello! Python
2010978-1-935182-11-5Jesus GarciaExt JS in Action
2008978-1-935182-12-2IlliadTen Years of UserFriendly.Org: A Chronicle of Geek Pain and Adventure, 1997-2007
2011978-1-935182-13-9Bruce PayetteWindows PowerShell in Action, Second Edition
  ''978-1-935182-17-7Alexandre de Castro AlvesOSGi in Depth
  ''978-1-935182-18-4Stefano Mostarda · Marco De Sanctis · Daniele BochicchioEntity Framework 4 in Action
2010978-1-935182-19-1Chuck LamHadoop in Action
  ''978-1-935182-20-7Vernon L. CederThe Quick Python Book, Second Edition
2010978-1-935182-21-4Opher Etzion · Peter NiblettEvent Processing in Action
2011978-1-935182-26-9Regina Obe · Leo HsuPostGIS in Action
  ''978-1-935182-27-6Ryan Bigg · Yehuda KatzRails 3 in Action
2010978-1-935182-28-3Christopher ChandlerCouchDB in Action
  ''978-1-935182-30-6Arnaud Cogoluegnes · Thierry Templier · Andy PiperSpring Dynamic Modules in Action
  ''978-1-935182-32-0Bear Bibeault · Yehuda KatzjQuery in Action, Second Edition
2011978-1-935182-33-7Richard Ferraro · Murat AktihanogluLocation-Aware Applications
2012978-1-935182-34-4Jerome Louvel · Thierry Templier · Thierry BoileauRestlet in Action: Developing RESTful web APIs in Java
2011978-1-935182-35-1Craig WallsSpring in Action: Covers Spring 3.0
  ''978-1-935182-36-8Claus Ibsen · Jonathan AnsteyCamel in Action
2010978-1-935182-37-5Pete BrownSilverlight 4 in Action
2011978-1-935182-39-9Robert KabacoffR in Action
2010978-1-935182-42-9Dan Orlando · Tariq Ahmed · John C. Bland II · Joel HooksFlex 4 in Action: Revised Edition of Flex 3 in Action
2012978-1-935182-43-6Mark Fisher · Jonas Partner · Marius Bogoevici · Iwein FuldSpring Integration in Action
2015978-1-935182-44-3Dierk König · Paul King · Guillaume Laforge · Hamlet D'Arcy · Cédric Champeau · Erik Pragt · Jon SkeetGroovy in Action: Covers Groovy 2.4
2010978-1-935182-45-0Debasish GhoshDSLs in Action
2010978-1-935182-47-4Jon SkeetC# in Depth
  ''978-1-935182-48-1Chris Hay · Brian PrinceAzure in Action
2011978-1-935182-50-4Mark SeemannDependency Injection in .NET
2010978-1-935182-52-8Jothy Rosenberg · Arthur MateosThe Cloud at Your Service: The When, How, and Why of Enterprise Cloud Computing
2011978-1-935182-54-2Ashish SarinPortlets in Action: Covers Portlet 2.0, Spring 3.0, Portlet MVC, WSRP 2.0, Portlet Bridges, Ajax, Comet, Liferay, Gateln, Spring JDBC and Hibernate
  ''978-1-935182-55-9Marcin Kawalerowicz · Craig BerntsonContinuous Integration in .NET
2013978-1-935182-57-3Lasse KoskelaEffective Unit Testing
2011978-1-935182-59-7Amit RathoreClojure in Action: Elegant Applications on the JVM
2010978-1-935182-61-0Bruno LowagieiText in Action: Covers iText 5
2011978-1-935182-62-7Matt PearsonGenerative Art: A Practical Guide Using Processing
  ''978-1-935182-63-4Michael HüttermannAgile ALM: Lightweight tools and Agile strategies
  ''978-1-935182-64-1Michael Fogus · Chris HouserThe Joy of Clojure: Thinking the Clojure Way
2011978-1-935182-67-2David Scott LeibowitziPhone Art, iPad Art
  ''978-1-935182-68-9Sean Owen · Robin Anil · Ted Dunning · Ellen FriedmanMahout in Action
2012978-1-935182-70-2Joshua D. SuerethScala in Depth
2011978-1-935182-71-9Phil WicklundSharePoint 2010 Workflows in Action
  ''978-1-935182-72-6Frank Ableson · Robi SenAndroid in Action
  ''978-1-935182-73-3Ian W. StirkSQL Server DMVs in Action: Better Queries with Dynamic Management Views
2013978-1-935182-75-7Nilanjan RaychaudhuriScala in Action: Covers Scala 2.10
2011978-1-935182-77-1Wictor WilénSharePoint 2010 Web Parts in Action
2010978-1-935182-79-5Jeffrey Palermo · Ben Scheirman · Jimmy Bogard · Eric Hexter · Matthew HinzeASP.NET MVC 2 in Action
2011978-1-935182-80-1Timothy PerrettLift in Action: The Simply Functional Web Framework for Scala
2013978-1-935182-81-8Joshua BlakeNatural User Interfaces in NET
2011978-1-935182-82-5Rich SezovLiferay in Action: The Official Guide to Liferay Portal Development
2013978-1-935182-84-9Adam Tacy · Robert Hanson · Jason Essington · Anna TokkeGWT in Action
2011978-1-935182-85-6Chris Mattmann · Jukka ZittingTika in Action
  ''978-1-935182-87-0Kyle BankerMongoDB in Action
2012978-1-935182-89-4Rob CrowtherHello! HTML5 & CSS3: A user-friendly reference guide
2011978-1-935182-92-4Charlie Collins · Michael Galpin · Matthias KaepplerAndroid in Practice: Includes 91 Techniques
2013978-1-935182-94-8Ken KousenMaking Java Groovy
2011978-1-935182-95-5Arnaud Cogoluegnes · Thierry Templier · Gary Gregory · Olivier BazoudSpring Batch in Action
2012978-1-935182-96-2Ken Rimple · Srini PenchikalaSpring Roo in Action
2014978-1-935182-99-3Debu Panda · Reza Rahman · Ryan Cuprak · Michael RemijanEJB 3 in Action