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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-933988-02-3Javid Jamae · Peter JohnsonJBoss in Action: Configuring the JBoss Application Server
2007978-1-933988-03-0Dave Crane · Bear Bibeault · Tom LockePrototype and Scriptaculous in Action [Ajax]
2009978-1-933988-05-4Ramnivas LaddadAspectJ in Action: Enterprise AOP with Spring Applications
2008978-1-933988-07-8Don Brown · Chad Michael Davis · Scott StanlickStruts 2 in Action
2007978-1-933988-13-9Craig Walls · Ryan BreidenbachSpring in Action
  ''978-1-933988-14-6Alessandro Gallo · David Barkol · Rama VavilalaASP.NET AJAX in Action
2008978-1-933988-16-0Fabrice Marguerie · Steve Eichert · Jim WooleyLINQ in Action
2010978-1-933988-17-7Michael McCandless · Erik Hatcher · Otis GospodneticLucene in Action, Second Edition: Covers Apache Lucene 3.0
2008978-1-933988-21-4Tijs Rademakers · Jos DirksenOpen-Source ESBs in Action: Example Implementations in Mule and ServiceMix
  ''978-1-933988-22-1Arlen Feldman · Maxx DaymonWPF in Action with Visual Studio 2008: Covers Visual Studio 2008, SP1 and .NET 3.5 SP1
2007978-1-933988-23-8Robert Hanson · Adam TacyGwt in Action: Easy Ajax With the Google Web Toolkit
2009978-1-933988-25-2Greg Smith · Ahmed SidkyBecoming Agile: an imperfect world
2012978-1-933988-26-9Arnon Rotem-Gal-OzSOA Patterns
2009978-1-933988-27-6Roy OsheroveThe Art of Unit Testing: With Examples in .net
2008978-1-933988-29-0Robert Cooper · Charles CollinsGWT in Practice
  ''978-1-933988-31-3Satnam AlagCollective Intelligence in Action
2009978-1-933988-32-0Rob Allen · Nick Lo · Steven BrownZend Framework in Action
  ''978-1-933988-33-7Michael J. Foord · Christian MuirheadIronPython in Action
2007978-1-933988-34-4Debu Panda · Reza Rahman · Derek LaneEJB 3 in Action
2008978-1-933988-35-1Bear Bibeault · Yehuda KatzjQuery in Action
2008978-1-933988-36-8Jon SkeetC# in Depth
2009978-1-933988-39-9Philipp K. JanertGnuplot in Action: Understanding Data with Graphs
2008978-1-933988-40-5Dan AllenSeam in Action
  ''978-1-933988-42-9Chad A. Campbell · John StocktonSilverlight 2 in Action
2009978-1-933988-45-0Paul BoagWebsite Owner's Manual: The Secret to Successful Websites
  ''978-1-933988-47-4Jeremy McAnally · Assaf ArkinRuby in Practice
2008978-1-933988-48-1Joseph Lott · Kathryn Rotondo · Samuel Ahn · Ashley Atkins · Max JacksonAdobe AIR in Action
2009978-1-933988-49-8Warren Sande · Carter SandeHello World!: Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners
2008978-1-933988-50-4Peter ArmstrongFlexible Rails: Flex 3 on Rails 2
2009978-1-933988-51-1Nicholas M Chase · Jason T ClarkPlatform Second Life: Developing Real World Applications
  ''978-1-933988-54-2Jeff DavisOpen Source SOA
  ''978-1-933988-55-9Dhanji R. PrasannaDependency Injection: With Examples in Java, Ruby, and C#
2010978-1-933988-57-3David James KelleyHacking Silverlight 2
2009978-1-933988-59-7Jamil AzherTeam Foundation Server 2008 in Action
2010978-1-933988-60-3Ayende RahienDSLs in Boo: Domain Specific Languages in .NET
2009978-1-933988-62-7Jeffrey Palermo · Ben Scheirman · Jimmy BogardASP.NET MVC in Action: With MvcContrib, NHibernate, and More
2009978-1-933988-64-1Emmanuel Bernard · John GriffinHibernate Search in Action
  ''978-1-933988-65-8David A. BlackThe Well-Grounded Rubyist: Covers Ruby 1.9.1
  ''978-1-933988-66-5Haralambos Marmanis · Dmitry BabenkoAlgorithms of the Intelligent Web
  ''978-1-933988-67-2Frank Ableson · Charlie Collins · Robi SenUnlocking Android
2013978-1-933988-69-6John Resig · Bear BibeaultSecrets of the JavaScript Ninja
2009978-1-933988-72-6Rod ColledgeSQL Server 2008 Administration in Action
  ''978-1-933988-74-0Tariq Ahmed · Jon Hirschi · Faisal AbidFlex3 in Action
2012978-1-933988-75-7Yvonne M. HarrymanSharePoint 2010 Site Owner's Manual: Flexible Collaboration without Programming
2009978-1-933988-76-4Peter ArmstrongHello! Flex 4
2012978-1-933988-77-1Anthony WilliamsC++ Concurrency in Action: Practical Multithreading
2010978-1-933988-78-8Martin Logan · Eric Merritt · Richard CarlssonErlang and OTP in Action
2010978-1-933988-79-5BJ Allmon · Jeremy AndersonFlex on Java
2009978-1-933988-81-8Brett Lonsdale · Nick SwanSharePoint 2007 Developer's Guide to Business Data Catalog
  ''978-1-933988-86-3Christopher Allen · Shannon AppelclineiPhone in Action: Introduction to Web and SDK Development
2011978-1-933988-91-7Richard Hall · Karl Pauls · Stuart McCulloch · David SavageOSGi in Action: Creating Modular Applications in Java
2010978-1-933988-92-4Tomas Petricek · Jon SkeetReal-World Functional Programming: With Examples in F# and C#
2009978-1-933988-93-1Glen Smith · Peter LedbrookGrails in Action
2011978-1-933988-94-8Bruce Snyder · Dejan Bosanac · Rob DaviesActiveMQ in Action
2009978-1-933988-96-2David Dossot · John D'EmicMule in Action
  ''978-1-933988-99-3Simon MorrisJavaFX in Action