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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2019978-1-61729-370-2Andrew TraskGrokking Deep Learning
2016978-1-61729-371-9Danilo PocciaAWS Lambda in Action: Event-driven serverless applications
2018978-1-61729-372-6Marko LuksaKubernetes in Action
2017978-1-61729-374-0Matt BaileyCoreOS in Action: Running Applications on Container Linux
2018978-1-61729-376-4Will KurtGet Programming with Haskell
2017978-1-61729-377-1Jeremy WagnerWeb Performance in Action: Building Faster Web Pages
2018978-1-61729-378-8Ana BellGet Programming: Learn to code with Python
  ''978-1-61729-381-8Ivan CukicFunctional Programming in C++: How to improve your C++ programs using functional techniques
2017978-1-61729-382-5Peter SbarskiServerless Architectures on AWS: With examples using AWS Lambda
2018978-1-61729-385-6Mark Tielens ThomasReact in Action
  ''978-1-61729-386-3Lyza Danger GardnerJavaScript on Things: Hacking hardware for web developers
  ''978-1-61729-387-0Nishant ShuklaMachine Learning with TensorFlow
978-1-61729-391-7NativeScript in Action
2017978-1-61729-392-4Sameer Wadkar · Hari RajaramFlink in Action
2018978-1-61729-393-1Matt LaceyUsability Matters: Practical UX for Developers and other Accidental Designers
2017978-1-61729-395-5Enrico BuonannoFunctional Programming in C#: How to write better C# code
  ''978-1-61729-398-6John CarnellSpring Microservices in Action
2018978-1-61729-399-3Isaac AbrahamGet Programming with F#: A guide for .NET developers
2018978-1-61729-403-7Naomi CederThe Quick Python Book
2020978-1-61729-404-4Richard FeldmanElm in Action
2019978-1-61729-405-1Nader DabitReact Native in Action
2017978-1-61729-407-5Craig GrummitiOS Development with Swift
  ''978-1-61729-410-5Kamil NiciejaWriting Great Specifications: Using Specification By Example and Gherkin
2018978-1-61729-413-6Julien VehentSecuring DevOps: Security in the Cloud
  ''978-1-61729-414-3Steve KinneyElectron in Action
2016978-1-61729-416-7Donald W. Jones · Jeffrey HicksLearn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches
2018978-1-61729-420-4J. D. IsaacksGet Programming with JavaScript Next: New features of ECMAScript 2015, 2016, and beyond
  ''978-1-61729-424-2Ken FinniganEnterprise Java Microservices
2017978-1-61729-425-9Gabriel Ford · Melissa Ford · Sadie FordHello Scratch!: Learn to Program by Making Arcade Games
2018978-1-61729-427-3Dustin Metzgar.NET Core in Action
2019978-1-61729-428-0Nicolai ParlogThe Java Module System
  ''978-1-61729-429-7Cornelia DavisCloud Native Patterns: Designing change-tolerant software
2019978-1-61729-435-8Daniel Deogun · Dan Bergh Johnsson · Daniel SawanoSecure By Design
2018978-1-61729-438-9Jim BennettXamarin in Action: Creating native cross-platform mobile apps
  ''978-1-61729-439-6Elyse Kolker GordonIsomorphic Web Applications: Universal Development with React
2019978-1-61729-440-2Paul McFedriesWeb Design Playground: HTML & CSS the Interactive Way
2017978-1-61729-443-3François CholletDeep Learning with Python
  ''978-1-61729-444-0David ClintonLearn Amazon Web Services in a Month of Lunches
2018978-1-61729-445-7Morgan Bruce · Paulo A. PereiraMicroservices in Action
  ''978-1-61729-447-1Bill BejeckKafka Streams in Action: Real-time apps and microservices with the Kafka Streams API
2017978-1-61729-448-8Elijah MeeksD3.js in Action: Data visualization with JavaScript
2019978-1-61729-453-2Jon SkeetC# in Depth
2018978-1-61729-454-9Chris RichardsonMicroservices Patterns: With examples in Java
2020978-1-61729-455-6Tim McNamaraRust in Action
2018978-1-61729-456-3Jon SmithEntity Framework Core in Action
2017978-1-61729-458-7Dean Alan HumeProgressive Web Apps
2018978-1-61729-459-4Jonathan CarrollBeyond Spreadsheets with R: A beginner's guide to R and RStudio
  ''978-1-61729-461-7Andrew LockASP.NET Core in Action
2018978-1-61729-462-4Erik Hanchett · Benjamin ListwonVue.js in Action
2019978-1-61729-463-1Hobson Lane · Hannes Hapke · Cole HowardNatural Language Processing in Action: Understanding, analyzing, and generating text with Python
  ''978-1-61729-464-8Kalle RosenbaumGrokking Bitcoin
  ''978-1-61729-469-3Anthony WilliamsC++ Concurrency in Action
  ''978-1-61729-471-6Tryggvi BjörgvinssonThe Art of Data Usability
  ''978-1-61729-472-3Slobodan Stojanovic · Aleksandar SimovicServerless Applications with Node.js: Using AWS Lambda and Claudia.js
2019978-1-61729-473-0Mark Seemann · Steven van DeursenDependency Injection Principles, Practices, and Patterns
  ''978-1-61729-474-7Jonathan WexlerGet Programming with Node.js
  ''978-1-61729-475-4Simon Holmes · Clive HerberGetting MEAN with Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node
  ''978-1-61729-476-1Jeff Nickoloff · Stephen KuenzliDocker in Action
  ''978-1-61729-477-8Brandon ByarsTesting Microservices with Mountebank
2018978-1-61729-478-5Sean HunterAurelia in Action
2019978-1-61729-479-2Tommaso TeofiliDeep Learning for Search
2019978-1-61729-480-8Ian Miell · Aidan Hobson SayersDocker in Practice
2018978-1-61729-483-9Jamie Duncan · John OsborneOpenShift in Action
  ''978-1-61729-484-6Ashley DavisData Wrangling with JavaScript
  ''978-1-61729-489-1David KopecClassic Computer Science Problems in Swift: Essential Techniques for Practicing Programmers
  ''978-1-61729-493-8David ClintonLinux in Action
  ''978-1-61729-494-5Craig WallsSpring in Action
2018978-1-61729-496-9Joe HockingUnity in Action: Multiplatform game development in C#
  ''978-1-61729-497-6Marc Garreau · Will FaurotRedux in Action
2019978-1-61729-502-7Saša JuricElixir in Action
  ''978-1-61729-504-1Geoffrey LesselPhoenix in Action
2017978-1-61729-509-6Don Jones · Jeffery HicksLearn PowerShell Scripting in a Month of Lunches
2019978-1-61729-510-2Arnaud LauretThe Design of Web APIs
2018978-1-61729-511-9Andreas Wittig · Michael WittigAmazon Web Services in Action
978-1-61729-513-3Building Chatbots with Microsoft Bot Framework and Node.js
2019978-1-61729-515-7Roberto InfanteBuilding Ethereum DApps: Decentralized Applications on the Ethereum Blockchain
  ''978-1-61729-516-4Barry PollardHTTP/2 in Action
2018978-1-61729-517-1Iain FouldsLearn Azure in a Month of Lunches
  ''978-1-61729-518-8Tjeerd in 't VeenSwift in Depth
2019978-1-61729-521-8David A. Black · Joseph Leo IIIThe Well-Grounded Rubyist
2020978-1-61729-523-2Dylan ScottKafka in Action
2018978-1-61729-524-9Edd YerburghTesting Vue.js Applications
2020978-1-61729-526-3Eli Stevens · Luca AntigaDeep Learning with PyTorch
2020978-1-61729-528-7Milan CurcicModern FORTRAN: Building Efficient Parallel Applications
2019978-1-61729-531-7Dustin A. CoatesVoice Applications for Alexa and Google Assistant
  ''978-1-61729-532-4Max Pumperla · Kevin FergusonDeep Learning and the Game of Go
2018978-1-61729-534-8Yakov Fain · Anton MoiseevAngular Development with Typescript
2020978-1-61729-535-5Paul OrlandMath for Programmers
2019978-1-61729-536-2Pierre-Yves SaumontThe Joy of Kotlin
2020978-1-61729-542-3Peter Sbarski · Ajay NairServerless Architectures on AWS
  ''978-1-61729-543-0Alexander Zai · Brandon BrownDeep Reinforcement Learning in Action
2019978-1-61729-544-7Stephan RaaijmakersDeep Learning for Natural Language Processing
2020978-1-61729-550-8Reuven M. LernerPython Workout: 50 Essential Exercises
2018978-1-61729-554-6Francois Chollet · J. J. AllaireDeep Learning with R
2019978-1-61729-556-0Jakub Langr · Vladimir BokGANs in Action: Deep learning with Generative Adversarial Networks
  ''978-1-61729-560-7Jesse C. DanielData Science with Python and Dask
  ''978-1-61729-574-4Gerard GallantWebAssembly in Action
2019978-1-61729-577-5Ben FarrellWeb Components in Action
  ''978-1-61729-581-2Jens GustedtModern C
2020978-1-61729-583-6Doug Hudgeon · Richard NicholMachine Learning for Business: Using Amazon SageMaker and Jupyter
  ''978-1-61729-586-7Luis AtencioThe Joy of JavaScript
2019978-1-61729-587-4Nina Zumel · John MountPractical Data Science with R
2020978-1-61729-594-2Yakov Fain · Anton MoiseevTypeScript Quickly
  ''978-1-61729-595-9Prabath Siriwardena · Nuwan DiasMicroservices Security in Action
2019978-1-61729-598-0David KopecClassic Computer Science Problems in Python
2020978-1-61729-608-6Dane HillardPractices of the Python Pro
2019978-1-61729-614-7Eric WindmillFlutter in Action
  ''978-1-61729-615-4Peter Elger · Eoin ShanaghyAI as a Service
2019978-1-61729-616-1Randy AbernethyProgrammer's Guide to Apache Thrift
2020978-1-61729-617-8Shanqing Cai · Stan Bileschi · Eric NielsenDeep Learning with JavaScript: Neural networks in TensorFlow.js
  ''978-1-61729-618-5Rishal HurbansGrokking Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
  ''978-1-61729-623-9J. T. WolohanMastering Large Datasets: Parallelize and Distribute Your Python Code
  ''978-1-61729-624-6Jacqueline Nolis · Emily RobinsonBuild A Career in Data Science
2019978-1-61729-629-1Marco FaellaSeriously Good Software: Code that works, survives, and wins
2020978-1-61729-633-8Bina RamamurthyBlockchain in Action
2019978-1-61729-641-3Vlad RiscutiaProgramming with Types
2020978-1-61729-685-7Matthias NobackObject Design Style Guide
  ''978-1-61729-689-5Scott WinklerTerraform in Action
2020978-1-61729-693-2Veljko KrunicSucceeding with AI
  ''978-1-61729-702-1Warren Sande · Carter SandeHello World!: Computer Programming for Kids