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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-884777-03-5William K PrattPiks Foundation C Programmer's Guide
  ''978-1-884777-08-0T G LewisClient/Server Yellow Pages
  ''978-1-884777-09-7Harold LorinDoing It Right: Technology, Business, and Risk of Computing
  ''978-1-884777-10-3Trygve Reenskaug · P. Wold · O. A. LehneWorking With Objects: The Ooram Software Engineering Method
1996978-1-884777-18-9Ronny RichardsonMicrosoft Office Essentials
  ''978-1-884777-19-6Ronny RichardsonProfessional's Guide to Robust Spreadsheets: With Examples in Lotus 1-2-3
1996978-1-884777-22-6Nancy H. BancroftImplementing Sap R/3: How to Introduce a Large System into a Large Organization
  ''978-1-884777-27-1Chamond LiuSmallTalk, Objects, and Design
  ''978-1-884777-28-8Evan RosenPersonal Videoconferencing
  ''978-1-884777-29-5Kenneth P BirmanBuilding Secure and Reliable Network Applications
  ''978-1-884777-30-1Richard Scott MarkInternet Bbss a Guided Tour
1997978-1-884777-37-0Paul S. HethmonIllustrated Guide to Http
1997978-1-884777-38-7Christian CrumlishCoffeehouse: Writings from the Web
  ''978-1-884777-39-4Ronny RichardsonJava Applets and Channels Without Programming: With CDROM
  ''978-1-884777-44-8Paul MessickMaximum MIDI: Music Applications in C++
1998978-1-884777-46-2Ted NewardAdvanced Owl 5.0: Power Tools for Owl Programmers
1997978-1-884777-48-6Joe McGinnInside LotusScript: A Complete Guide to Notes Programming
1999978-1-884777-49-3Merlin Hughes · Derek HamnerJava Network Programming, 2nd Edition
1997978-1-884777-50-9Ted NewardCore Owl 5.0: Owl Internals for Advanced Programmers
1998978-1-884777-58-5Peter SmallMagical A-Life Avatars
  ''978-1-884777-59-2Benjamin L KovitzPractical Software Requirements: A Manual of Content and Style
  ''978-1-884777-64-6Steven GutzUp to Speed with Swing: User Interfaces with Java Foundation Classes
1998978-1-884777-67-7Stephen Drye · William WakeJava Foundation Classes: Swing Reference
  ''978-1-884777-68-4Michael BarlottaDistributed Application Development With Powerbuilder 6 (Powerbuilder Developer's Library)
  ''978-1-884777-69-1Michael RosingImplementing Elliptic Curve Cryptography
2000978-1-884777-74-5Daryl D Harms · Kenneth McDonaldThe Quick Python Book
1999978-1-884777-75-2Steven Gutz · Matthew Robinson · Pavel VorobievUp to Speed with Swing
  ''978-1-884777-76-9Anthony PattonPractical LotusScript
  ''978-1-884777-77-6Galina Landres · Vlad LandresSqr in PeopleSoft and Other Applications
1999978-1-884777-78-3Noel YuhannaOracle8i Database Administration
2000978-1-884777-79-0Damian ConwayObject Oriented Perl: A Comprehensive Guide to Concepts and Programming Techniques
1999978-1-884777-80-6Andrew L JohnsonElements of Programming with Perl
2000978-1-884777-81-3John E GraysonPython and Tkinter Programming
1999978-1-884777-84-4Matthew Robinson · Pavel A VorobievSwing: A fast-paced guide with production-quality code examples
  ''978-1-884777-87-5Mark Wilson · Tracey WilsonXML Programming with VB and ASP
2000978-1-884777-88-2Jonathan BlowInternet Game Programming
  ''978-1-884777-90-5Jon Barrilleaux3D User Interfaces with Java 3D
  ''978-1-884777-92-9Tony Delia · Galina Landres · Prakash Sankaran · Isidor RiveraEssential Guide to PeopleSoft Development and Customization
  ''978-1-884777-97-4Daniel SelmanJava 3D Programming: A Guide to Key Concepts and Effective Techniques
2000978-1-884777-98-1Nayan RupareliaMq Series Messaging
  ''978-1-884777-99-8Duane K Fields · Mark A KolbWeb Development with Java Server Pages