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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-932394-00-9Vlad Landres · Galina LandresSQR in PeopleSoft and Other Applications Second Edition: PeopleSoft v.8
  ''978-1-932394-05-4Craig Walls · Norman Richards · Rickard ObergXDoclet in Action (In Action series)
  ''978-1-932394-06-1Neal FordArt of Java Web Development: Struts, Tapestry, Commons, Velocity, JUnit, Axis, Cocoon, InternetBeans, WebWork
2004978-1-932394-11-5Howard M. Lewis ShipTapestry in Action (In Action series)
2005978-1-932394-12-2Kito MannJavaServer Faces in Action (In Action series)
2004978-1-932394-13-9Erik KellerTechnology Paradise Lost: Why Companies Will Spend Less to Get More from Information Technology
  ''978-1-932394-14-6Arky, M.D. Ciancutti · Thomas, Ph.D. StedingUnleashed: The Better Way To Execution
  ''978-1-932394-15-3Christian Bauer · Gavin KingHibernate in Action (In Action series)
2004978-1-932394-18-4Ira R. Forman · Nate FormanJava Reflection in Action (In Action series)
  ''978-1-932394-19-1Michael P NashExplorer's Guide to Open Source Java Tools (In Action)
  ''978-1-932394-20-7Thomas B Passin · Thomas B. PassinExplorer's Guide to the Semantic Web
  ''978-1-932394-22-1Teo LachevMicrosoft Reporting Services in Action (In Action series)
  ''978-1-932394-23-8J B RainsbergerJUnit Recipes: Practical Methods for Programmer Testing
2004978-1-932394-24-5George Franciscus · Danilo GurovichStruts Recipes
  ''978-1-932394-27-6Matthew Scarpino · Stephen Holder · Stanford Ng · Laurent MihalkovicSwt/Jface in Action: GUI Design with Eclipse 3.0
  ''978-1-932394-28-3Erik Hatcher · Otis GospodneticLucene in Action
  ''978-1-932394-29-0Maria WinslowThe Manager's Guide to Open Source
  ''978-1-932394-35-1Craig Walls · Ryan BreidenbachSpring in Action
2004978-1-932394-36-8Jeffrey MacholsSubversion in Action
2005978-1-932394-38-2Hanumant Deshmukh · Jignesh Malavia · Matthew ScarpinoScwcd Exam Study Kit: Java Web Component Developer Certification
  ''978-1-932394-40-5Paul SangheraScbcd Exam Study Kit: Java Business Component Developer Certification for Ejb
  ''978-1-932394-41-2Patrick Peak · Nick HeudeckerHibernate Quickly
2006978-1-932394-44-3Duane Fields · Stephen Saunders · Eugene BelyaevIntelliJ IDEA in Action: Covers IDEA v.5
  ''978-1-932394-49-8Dave JohnsonRSS and Atom in Action: Web 2.0 Building Blocks
  ''978-1-932394-50-4Tim MaherMinimal Perl: For Unix and Linux People
2005978-1-932394-53-5Patrick Lightbody · Jason CarreiraWebWork in Action
2005978-1-932394-54-2Stefan HepperPortlets And Apache Portals
  ''978-1-932394-55-9David GallardoEclipse in Action: A Guide for Java Developers
2006978-1-932394-58-0Chris RichardsonPOJOs in Action: Developing Enterprise Applications with Lightweight Frameworks
2005978-1-932394-59-7Eric Pulier · Hugh TaylorUnderstanding Enterprise SOA
  ''978-1-932394-61-0Dave Crane · Eric Pascarello · Darren JamesAjax in Action
2006978-1-932394-62-7Noel Rappin · Robin DunnWxpython in Action
  ''978-1-932394-65-8Erik BrownWindows Forms in Action: Second Edition of Windows Forms Programming with C#
2008978-1-932394-68-9Ramarao Kanneganti · Prasad A ChodavarapuSOA Security
2006978-1-932394-69-6David BlackRuby for Rails: Ruby Techniques for Rails Developers
2007978-1-932394-74-0Mark WatsonHacking with Ruby: Ruby and Rails for the Real World
  ''978-1-932394-75-7Dagfinn Reiersol · Marcus Baker · Chris ShiflettPHP in Action: Objects, Design, Agility
2006978-1-932394-76-4Bret UpdegraffSQL Server 2005 Reporting Services in Action: Revised edition of Microsoft Reporting Services in Action
2006978-1-932394-77-1Darren NeimkeASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts in Action: Building Dynamic Web Portals
  ''978-1-932394-79-5Bruno LowagieiText in Action: Creating and Manipulating PDF
2007978-1-932394-80-1Steve Loughran · Erik HatcherAnt in Action: Covers Ant 1.7
  ''978-1-932394-81-8Nishant SivakumarC++/CLI in Action
  ''978-1-932394-82-5Clinton Begin · Brandon Goodin · Larry MeadorsiBatis in Action
  ''978-1-932394-84-9Dierk Koenig · Andrew Glover · Paul King · Guillaume Laforge · Jon SkeetGroovy in Action
2007978-1-932394-85-6Lasse KoskelaTest Driven: TDD and Acceptance TDD for Java Developers
2006978-1-932394-88-7Christian Bauer · Gavin KingJava Persistence with Hibernate: Revised Edition of Hibernate in Action
2007978-1-932394-90-0Bruce G. PayetteWindows PowerShell in Action
2009978-1-932394-92-4Pierre Henri Kuaté · Christian Bauer · Gavin King · Tobin HarrisNHibernate in Action
2007978-1-932394-93-1Panda / Lane / RahmanEJB 3 in Action
2008978-1-932394-98-6Martijn Dashorst · Eelco HilleniusWicket in Action
2007978-1-932394-99-3Dave Crane · Bear Bibeault · Jord Sonneveld · Ted Goddard · Chris Gray · Ram Venkataraman · Joe WalkerAjax in Practice