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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-933392-00-4Jessica PrenticeFull Moon Feast: Food and the Hunger for Connection
  ''978-1-933392-01-1J. Matthew M.D. SleethServe God, Save the Planet: A Christian Call to Action
  ''978-1-933392-02-8Tim MatsonLandscaping Earth Ponds: The Complete Guide
  ''978-1-933392-03-5James KachadorianPassive Solar House: The Complete Guide to Heating and Cooling Your Home
  ''978-1-933392-04-2Peter LauferMission Rejected: U.S. Soldiers Who Say No to Iraq
2006978-1-933392-07-3H. C. FloresFood Not Lawns: How to Turn Your Yard into a Garden and Your Neighborhood into a Community
2007978-1-933392-08-0Ross ConradNatural Beekeeping: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture
2006978-1-933392-09-7Linda FaillaceMad Sheep: The True Story Behind the USDA's War on a Family Farm
2007978-1-933392-10-3Elizabeth Henderson · Robyn Van EnSharing the Harvest: A Citizen's Guide to Community Supported Agriculture, 2nd Edition
2006978-1-933392-11-0Sandor Ellix KatzThe Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved: Inside America's Underground Food Movements
2007978-1-933392-12-7Greg PahlThe Citizen-Powered Energy Handbook: Community Solutions to a Global Crisis
2012978-1-933392-13-4Michael PhillipsThe Holistic Orchard: Tree Fruits and Berries the Biological Way
2007978-1-933392-15-8Mark SchapiroExposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What's at Stake for American Power
2006978-1-933392-16-5Glenn W. SmithWhat Noble Cause?
2007978-1-933392-20-2George CadwaladerCastaways: The Penikese Island Experiment (Chelsea Green Classics)
2006978-1-933392-21-9Ellen Ratner · Kathie ScarrahReady, Set, Talk!: A Guide to Getting Your Message Heard by Millions on Talk Radio, Talk Television, and Talk Internet
2007978-1-933392-23-3Hazel Henderson · Simran SethiEthical Markets: Growing the Green Economy
2013978-1-933392-24-0Judy WicksGood Morning, Beautiful Business: The Unexpected Journey of an Activist Entrepreneur and Local-Economy Pioneer
2006978-1-933392-26-4Harry Wiland · Dale Bell · Joseph D'AgneseEdens Lost & Found: How Ordinary Citizens Are Restoring Our Great American Cities
  ''978-1-933392-27-1Diane WilsonAn Unreasonable Woman: A True Story of Shrimpers, Politicos, Polluters, and the Fight for Seadrift, Texas
  ''978-1-933392-29-5Stephan HardingAnimate Earth: Science, Intuition, And Gaia
  ''978-1-933392-30-1Ian McHargThe Lost Tapes of Ian Mcharg: Collaboration with Nature, Ecological Planning Lecture
2007978-1-933392-31-8Lynn Margulis · Dorion SaganDazzle Gradually: Reflections on the Nature of Nature
  ''978-1-933392-32-5Dorion SaganNotes from the Holocene: A Brief History of the Future (Sciencewriters)
2007978-1-933392-33-2Lynn MargulisLuminous Fish: Tales of Science and Love (Sciencewriters)
  ''978-1-933392-34-9Jeffrey RobertsAtlas of American Artisan Cheese
  ''978-1-933392-37-0David EastonThe Rammed Earth House
2011978-1-933392-38-7Dorion Sagan · Eric D. SchneiderThe Purpose of Life
2006978-1-933392-40-0John Lamb LashNot in His Image: Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology, and the Future of Belief
  ''978-1-933392-41-7Jerome Armstrong · Markos MoulitsasCrashing the Gate: Netroots, Grassroots, and the Rise of People-Powered Politics
2007978-1-933392-43-1Lynn Margulis · Eduardo Punset · David SuzukiMind, Life and Universe: Conversations with Great Scientists of Our Time (Sciencewriters)
  ''978-1-933392-44-8Eduardo PunsetThe Happiness Trip: A Scientific Journey (Sciencewriters)
2008978-1-933392-45-5Matthew SteinWhen Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability, and Surviving the Long Emergency, 2nd Edition
2007978-1-933392-47-9William Coperthwaite · John SaltmarshA Handmade Life: In Search of Simplicity
2007978-1-933392-49-3Jenny Hall · Iain TolhurstGrowing Green: Animal-Free Organic Techniques
  ''978-1-933392-53-0Satish Kumar · Freddie WhitefieldVisionaries: The 20th Century's 100 Most Inspirational Leaders
2008978-1-933392-58-5Riki OttNot One Drop: Betrayal and Courage in the Wake of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
2007978-1-933392-59-2Gardeners and Farmers of Centre Terre VivantePreserving Food without Freezing or Canning: Traditional Techniques Using Salt, Oil, Sugar, Alcohol, Vinegar, Drying, Cold Storage, and Lactic Fermentation
  ''978-1-933392-60-8Don Stillman · Earl Dotter · Andy SternSince Sliced Bread: Common Sense Ideas from America's Working Families
  ''978-1-933392-61-5Lynn Margulis · Eduardo Punset · David SuzukiMind, Life, and Universe: Conversations with Great Scientists of Our Time (Sciencewriters)
2008978-1-933392-62-2Stephen & Rebekah HrenThe Carbon-Free Home: 36 Remodeling Projects to Help Kick the Fossil-Fuel Habit
2007978-1-933392-64-6Les LeopoldThe Man Who Hated Work and Loved Labor: The Life and Times of Tony Mazzocchi
2008978-1-933392-65-3Lynn ByczynskiThe Flower Farmer: An Organic Grower's Guide to Raising and Selling Cut Flowers, 2nd Edition
2007978-1-933392-66-0George WuerthnerThrillcraft: The Environmental Consequences of Motorized Recreation
  ''978-1-933392-70-7Dean CyconJavatrekker: Dispatches from the World of Fair Trade Coffee
2007978-1-933392-71-4Bruce E. LevineSurviving America's Depression Epidemic: How to Find Morale, Energy, and Community in a World Gone Crazy
  ''978-1-933392-72-1Jon Clift · Amanda CuthbertEnergy: Use Less-Save More: 100 Energy-Saving Tips for the Home (The Chelsea Green Guides)
  ''978-1-933392-73-8Jon Clift · Amanda CuthbertWater: Use Less-Save More: 100 Water-Saving Tips for the Home (Chelsea Green Guides)
  ''978-1-933392-74-5Nicky ScottComposting: An Easy Household Guide (Chelsea Green Guides)
  ''978-1-933392-75-2Nicky ScottReduce, Reuse, Recycle: An Easy Household Guide (Chelsea Green Guides)
2012978-1-933392-77-6John NavazioThe Organic Seed Grower: A Farmer's Guide to Vegetable Seed Production
2008978-1-933392-78-3Tim TraverSippewissett: Or, Life on a Salt Marsh
2007978-1-933392-79-0Naomi WolfThe End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot
2010978-1-933392-80-6Bill KauffmanBye Bye, Miss American Empire: Neighborhood Patriots, Backcountry Rebels, and their Underdog Crusades to Redraw America's Political Map
2007978-1-933392-81-3Jean GionoThe Man Who Planted Trees
2008978-1-933392-82-0Diane WilsonHoly Roller: Growing up in the Church of Knock down, Drag out;: Or, How I Quit Loving a Blue-Eyed Jesus: a Childhood Memoir
2007978-1-933392-83-7Matthew SteinWhen Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance and Planetary Survival
2008978-1-933392-89-9Gary Paul Nabhan · Deborah MadisonRenewing America's Food Traditions: Saving and Savoring the Continent's Most Endangered Foods
2008978-1-933392-90-5Dave PollardFinding the Sweet Spot: The Natural Entrepreneur's Guide to Responsible, Sustainable, Joyful Work
  ''978-1-933392-92-9Madeleine KuninPearls, Politics, and Power: How Women Can Win and Lead
2007978-1-933392-93-6John Lamb LashQuest for the Zodiac: The Cosmic Code beyond Astrology
2008978-1-933392-96-7Greg PahlBiodiesel: Growing a New Energy Economy, 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-933392-99-8Jon Clift · Amanda CuthbertGreening Your Office: From Cupboard to Corporation, An A-Z Guide (Chelsea Green Guides)