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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-86152-010-4I.H. Gray · S. MansonThe Audit Process: Principles, Practice and Cases
  ''978-1-86152-015-9David Faulkner · Susan Segal-HornThe Dynamics of International Strategy
1980978-1-86152-018-0Stephen BrownPostmodern Marketing Two: Telling Tales
1996978-1-86152-021-0Andrzej HuczynskiManagement Gurus
  ''978-1-86152-027-2John Curwin · Roger SlaterQuantitative Methods for Business Decisions
2010978-1-86152-046-3Mona Clark · Roy C. Wood · Michael RileyResearching and Writing Dissertations in Hospitality and Tourism (Tourism and Hospitality Management Series)
1998978-1-86152-054-8Jon Hughes · Mark Ralf · William MichelsTransform Your Supply Chain: Releasing Value in Business (Smart Strategies)
1997978-1-86152-088-3Keith Cuthbertson · Peter GripaiosThe Macroeconomy: A business perspective
1980978-1-86152-090-6Aidan Berry · Robin JarvisAccounting in a Business Context (Business in Context Series)
1997978-1-86152-091-3Philip J. Professor Kitchen · Philip KitchenPublic Relations: Principles and Practice
  ''978-1-86152-095-1Roy C. Wood · Dennis Nickson · Alistair GoldsmithHuman Resource Management for Hospitality Services (Tourism and Hospitality Management Series)
  ''978-1-86152-100-2John L. ThompsonStrategic Management: Awareness and Change
1997978-1-86152-114-9Malcolm WarnerConcise International Encyclopedia of Business and Management
  ''978-1-86152-153-8Roy DodgeFoundations of Business Accounting
1998978-1-86152-155-2Raymond KentMarketing Research: Measurement, Method and Application
1997978-1-86152-157-6Malcolm Warner · Arndt SorgeThe IEBM Handbook of Organizational Behaviour (International encyclopedia of business & management)
1980978-1-86152-158-3Sarah L. Sayce · Judy Smith · Timothy EcclesProperty and Construction Economics
2001978-1-86152-161-3Malcolm WarnerInternational Encyclopedia of Business & Management (International encyclopedia of business & management library)
1998978-1-86152-166-8Michael Poole · Malcolm WarnerIEBM Handbook of Human Resource Management (International Encyclopedia of Business and Management (IEBM))
  ''978-1-86152-167-5Alan E. WaringManaging Risk: Critical issues for survival and success into the 21st century
1997978-1-86152-173-6Margaret Bruce · Rachel CooperMarketing and Design Management (Advanced marketing series)
1980978-1-86152-176-7L. BennettManaging the Business Environment
1998978-1-86152-181-1Mark Poustie · Norman GeddesHospitality and Tourism Law (Tourism and Hospitality Management Series)
1997978-1-86152-191-0Bodo SchlegelmilchMarketing Ethics: An International Perspective
  ''978-1-86152-192-7Ian Turner · Dominic SwordsStrategy from the Inside Out (Self Development for Managers)
1994978-1-86152-198-9Christopher Mabey · Paul IlesManaging Learning
1980978-1-86152-211-5Clive Emmanuel · David T. Otley2: Accounting for Management Control
1994978-1-86152-220-7Isobel Doole · Robin Lowe · Chris PhillipsInternational Marketing Strategy: Analysis, Development and Implementation
1980978-1-86152-229-0J.M. Samuels · F.M. Wilkes · R.E. BrayshawManagement of Company Finance
1996978-1-86152-233-7Isobel Doole · Robin LoweInternational Marketing Strategy: Contemporary Readings
1998978-1-86152-240-5Peter GomezIntegrated Value Management (Smart Strategies)
1980978-1-86152-258-0Colin DruryCosting: an Introduction (student's book)
1998978-1-86152-260-3Leslie ChadwickManagement Accounting (Elements of Business)
  ''978-1-86152-261-0John J. Glynn · John Perrin · Michael P. MurphyAccounting for Managers
1998978-1-86152-268-9Annie BrookingCorporate Memory: Strategies For Knowledge Management (Intellectual Capital)
1990978-1-86152-272-6Clive Emmanuel · David Otley · Kenneth MerchantAccounting for Management Control
1980978-1-86152-273-3Andrew Campbell · Kathleen LuchCore Competency Based Strategy (Smart Strategies)
1997978-1-86152-274-0Mike Field · Laurie KellerProject Management
1998978-1-86152-275-7Colin DruryCosting: Student's Manual: An Introduction
1996978-1-86152-302-0M.M. Bennett · A.V. SeatonMarketing Tourism Products: Concepts, Issues, Cases
1999978-1-86152-304-4Michael J. BakerThe IEBM Encyclopedia of Marketing (International Encyclopedia of Business and Management (IEBM))
1998978-1-86152-314-3Carl A. NelsonProtocol for Profit: Manager's Guide to Competing Worldwide (Global Manager Series)
2001978-1-86152-318-1Elizabeth ChellEntrepreneurship: Globalization, Innovation and Development
1995978-1-86152-354-9Piet Sercu · Raman UppalInternational Financial Markets and the Firm (Current Issues in Finance)
1993978-1-86152-356-3George Chryssides · John KalerAn Introduction to Business Ethics
2000978-1-86152-358-7David NeedleBusiness in Context: An Introduction to Business and Its Environment (Business in Context Series)
1996978-1-86152-367-9Keith Parramore · Terry WatshamQuantitative Methods for Finance
1998978-1-86152-371-6Stephen Brown · Gordon Foxall · Ronald E. GoldsmithConsumer Psychology for Marketing
2000978-1-86152-377-8Richard WhittingtonWhat Is Strategy and Does It Matter?
1994978-1-86152-381-5D. J. StoreyUnderstanding the Small Business Sector
1993978-1-86152-382-2Ephraim Clark · Michel Levasseur · Patrick RousseauInternational Finance (The Chapman & Hall Series in Accounting & Finance)
1992978-1-86152-383-9David C. WilsonA Strategy of Change: Concepts and Controversies in the Management of Change
1998978-1-86152-384-6Peter Walton · Axel Haller · Bernard RaffournierInternational Accounting
1991978-1-86152-387-7Michael J. HicksProblem Solving in Business and Management: Hard, Soft and Creative
1998978-1-86152-390-7International Thomson Business PressThomson Derivatives and Risk Management Directory: 1999 (Thomson Derivatives & Risk Management Directory 1999)
1996978-1-86152-395-2David L. TaylorGlobal Cases in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
1999978-1-86152-399-0Maria MoschandreasBusiness Economics
  ''978-1-86152-400-3Colin Haslam · Alan Neale · Sukhdev JohalEconomics in a Business Context (Business in Context)
1998978-1-86152-401-0Peter J BuckleyThe Internationalization of the Firm: A Reader: A Reader
  ''978-1-86152-402-7Lisa O'Malley · etc. · Maurice Patterson · Martin EvansExploring Direct Marketing
1999978-1-86152-403-4Malcolm WarnerThe Regional Encyclopedia of Business and Management (Iebm Handbook Series)
1996978-1-86152-408-9Annie BrookingIntellectual Capital: Core Asset for the Third Millennium
1999978-1-86152-415-7Derek WallerOperations Management: A Supply Chain Approach
1997978-1-86152-425-6David BrewsterBusiness Economics
1980978-1-86152-430-0Adamantios Diamantopoulos · Bodo SchlegelmilchTaking the Fear Out of Data Analysis: A Step-by-Step Approach
  ''978-1-86152-452-2Frank McDonald · Fred BurtonInternational Business
  ''978-1-86152-456-0Hans Muhlbacher · Lee Dahringer · Helmuth LeihsInternational Marketing: A Global Perspective
1992978-1-86152-458-4Deryl NorthcottCapital Investment Decision Making (Advanced Management Accounting & Finance)
2000978-1-86152-473-7Alan E. BranchExport Practice and Management
1999978-1-86152-474-4John CurranTaking the Fear Out of Economics
1999978-1-86152-479-9Aidan BerryFinancial Accounting: An Introduction
2000978-1-86152-487-4Peter WaltonFinancial Statement Analysis: An International Perspective
2010978-1-86152-490-4Kotas · Richard KotasManagmnt Acc Hosp & Toursm (Tourism & Hospitality Management)
1997978-1-86152-501-7Baum · et alIncome Approach to Property Valuation
1999978-1-86152-507-9David Arnott · Maureen FitzgeraldMarketing Communications Classics: An International Collection of Classic and Contemporary Papers
1980978-1-86152-521-5Roger Martin-FaggMaking Sense of the Economy (Self Development for Managers)
2000978-1-86152-523-9Tony WatsonIn Search of Management: Culture, Chaos and Control in Managerial Work
1994978-1-86152-529-1H. Clark · J ChandlerOrganisation and Identities: Text and Readings in Organisational Behaviour
2002978-1-86152-531-4Jon Curwin · Roger SlaterQuantitative Methods for Business Decisions
2001978-1-86152-533-8Andrew Newman · Peter CullenRetailing: Environment and Operations
1980978-1-86152-536-9Colin DruryManagement and Cost Accounting (Management & Cost Accounting)
2000978-1-86152-537-6   ''Management & Cost Accounting (Student's Manual)
2001978-1-86152-539-0Roberto Simonetti · Andrew Trigg · Susan HimmelweitMicroeconomics: Neoclassical and Institutional Perspectives on Economic Behaviour
  ''978-1-86152-544-4Michael Rouse · Sandra RouseBusiness Communications: A Cultural and Strategic Approach
2010978-1-86152-547-5Shirley HarrisonPublic Relations: An Introduction: An Introduction
2000978-1-86152-549-9A. D. JankowiczBusiness Research Projects (3rd Edition)
  ''978-1-86152-551-2Jon CurwinImprove Your Maths: A Refresher Course: A Refresher Course
  ''978-1-86152-570-3Colin HalesManaging Through Organization: The Management Process, Forms of Organization and the Work of Managers
  ''978-1-86152-572-7Kevin Daniels · David Lamond · Peter StandenManaging Telework: Perspectives from Human Resource Management and Work Psychology
2010978-1-86152-577-2J. HendryEuropean Cases in Strategic Management
2001978-1-86152-583-3John MartinOrganizational Behaviour
1980978-1-86152-584-0Olive Lundy · Alan CowlingStrategic Human Resource Management
2000978-1-86152-586-4Michael C. Fleming · Joseph G. NellisPrinciples of Applied Statistics: An Integrated Approach using MINTAB and Excel (2nd edition): An Integrated Approach using MINITABTM and Excel (Principles of Management)
2001978-1-86152-587-1John ThompsonStrategic Management: Awareness and Change
2000978-1-86152-589-5Nicky HayesFoundations of Psychology: An Introductory Text
2000978-1-86152-595-6David Fanning · M.W. Pendlebury · Roger GrovesCompany Accounts: Analysis, Interpretation, Understanding
  ''978-1-86152-598-7Colin DruryManagement and Cost Accounting: Student Pack
2002978-1-86152-602-1Malcolm SullivanRetail Marketing
2010978-1-86152-604-5David BruntManufacturing Operations and Supply Chain Management: The Lean Approach
2000978-1-86152-605-2John StoreyHuman Resource Management: A Critical Text
  ''978-1-86152-607-6Steve Lumby · Chris JonesThe Fundamentals of Investment Appraisal
  ''978-1-86152-608-3Michael Riley · Roy C. Wood · Mona Clark · Eleanor Wilkie · Edith SzivasResearching and Writing Dissertations in Business and Management
  ''978-1-86152-610-6Nelarine CorneliusHuman Resource Management: A Managerial Perspective
2004978-1-86152-617-5Michael J. HicksProblem Solving and Decision Making: Hard, Soft and Creative Approaches
2000978-1-86152-624-3Sally Dibb · Lyndon SimkinThe Marketing Casebook: Cases and Concepts
2000978-1-86152-632-8Malcolm WarnerIEBM Handbook of Management Thinking: (International Encyclopaedia of Business and Management) (International Encyclopedia of Business & Management)
  ''978-1-86152-636-6Milan ZelenyIEBM Handbook of Information Technology in Business: (International Encyclopaedia of Business and Management) (International Encyclopedia of Business & Management)
2001978-1-86152-640-3Stephen Page · Paul Brunt · Graham BusbyTourism: A Modern Synthesis
2000978-1-86152-644-1Ben C. Fletcher(Inner) Fitness and the Fit Corporation (Smart Strategies)
1980978-1-86152-660-1Martin GreenSalon Management: Level 4: The Official Guide to NVQ/SVQ (Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority (Paperback))
2000978-1-86152-662-5Lorraine NordmannProfessional Beauty Therapy: NVQ 3 (Hairdressing & Beauty Industry Authority S.)
1980978-1-86152-663-2Valerie Ann WorwoodAromatherapy for the Beauty Therapist (Hairdressing & Beauty Industry Authority) (Hairdressing & Beauty Industry Authority S.)
2001978-1-86152-664-9Muriel Burnham-Airey · Adele O'KeefeIndian Head Massage (Hairdressing & Beauty Industry Authority S.)
2000978-1-86152-665-6Charles Duncan · Malcom Doughton · E. G. Patterson · E. Stocks · John HooperIntermediate Science and Theory: Electrical Installation Series: Intermediate Course
  ''978-1-86152-666-3Annie DavyPlaywork: Play and Care of Children (Caring S.)
2001978-1-86152-668-7Geoffrey RandallPrinciples of Marketing (Principles of Management)
  ''978-1-86152-672-4David AlexanderFinancial Reporting
2003978-1-86152-673-1Susan HartMarketing Changes
2001978-1-86152-675-5H. M. Coombs · D. E. JenkinsPublic Sector Financial Management
2002978-1-86152-678-6Gillian Hogg · Angus Laing · Moira Fischbacher · Anne SmithManaging and Marketing Health Services
1996978-1-86152-681-6Martin GreenStart Hairdressing: The Official Guide to Level 1
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1996978-1-86152-687-8   ''Food and Drink Service Levels 1 and 2 (Hospitality)
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1995978-1-86152-698-4Lorraine NordmannBeauty Therapy: NVQ/SVQ Level 2: The Foundations (Hairdressing & Beauty Industry Authority S.)
1996978-1-86152-701-1Patrick Cameron · Jacki WadesonDressing Long Hair (Book 1): Bk. 1 (Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority (Hardcover))
  ''978-1-86152-710-3Roy HayterBar Service Levels 1 & 2 (NVQ/SVQ: Levels 1 & 2)
2000978-1-86152-714-1Malcom DoughtonThe Importance of Quality: Electrical Installation Series: Intermediate Course
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1997978-1-86152-717-2David MintonTeaching Skills in Further and Adult Education (City & Guilds co-publishing series)
2002978-1-86152-722-6Jennie LindonChild Care and Early Education: Good Practice to Support Young Children and Their Families: Good practice to support young children and their families
1980978-1-86152-723-3Marian NewmanThe Complete Nail Technician (Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority Series)
2001978-1-86152-725-7M. DoughtonSupplying Installations: Advanced Course (Electrical Installation Series)
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  ''978-1-86152-753-0Herve Stolowy · Michael LebasCorporate Financial Reporting: A Global Perspective
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2001978-1-86152-769-1David FordUnderstanding Business Marketing and Purchasing
1997978-1-86152-770-7Colin DruryManagement Accounting for Business Decisions
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  ''978-1-86152-772-1Isobel DooleInternational Marketing Strategy: Analysis, Development and Implementation
1980978-1-86152-776-9Adele O'KeefeThe Official Guide to Body Massage: Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority (Hairdressing & Beauty Industry Authority) (Hairdressing & Beauty Industry Authority S.)
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2003978-1-86152-781-3Dominic Cooper · Ivan T. Robertson · Gordon TinlineRecruitment and Selection: A Framework for Success: Psychology @ Work Series
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1980978-1-86152-788-2Martin Gannon · Richard ThompsonMahogany Hairdressing: Advanced Looks (Thomson Learning Series)
2002978-1-86152-800-1Peter J. Buckley · Pervez N. GhauriInternational Mergers and Acquisitions: A Reader
2003978-1-86152-803-2Derek WallerOperations Management: A Supply Chain Approach
2002978-1-86152-804-9Sandra GittensAfrican-Caribbean Hairdressing (Hairdressing & Beauty Industry Authority)
2001978-1-86152-805-6Jack HirstEngines, Electronics and Related Systems Level 3: Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Series (Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Series: Level 3)
  ''978-1-86152-806-3John WhippTransmission, Chassis and Related Systems Level 3: Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Series: Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Series (Vehicle Maintenance ... Maintenance & Repair Series: Level 3)
  ''978-1-86152-807-0Roy Brooks · Jack Hirst · John WhippMaintenance and Repair of Road Vehicles Level 2: Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Series
  ''978-1-86152-808-7Roy Brooks · Jack Hirst · John WhippVehicle Maintenance: Vehicle Fitting Units Levels 1 & 2: Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Series (Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Series)
2002978-1-86152-836-0Jacqui JeffordThe Encyclopedia of Nails (Hairdressing & Beauty Industry Authority S.)
  ''978-1-86152-838-4DynamixCan Do, Serious Fun: Games for 4-9s: Games for 4-9 Year Olds
1980978-1-86152-839-1DynamixCan Do Series, Serious Fun: Games for 10-14s: Games for 10-14 Year Olds
2002978-1-86152-841-4Jane GallagherCan Do: Whatever the Weather (4-9)
2003978-1-86152-872-8C. GowthorpeBusiness Accounting and Finance: For Non-specialists
1999978-1-86152-873-5R. J. KaufmannPractical Professional Cookery
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2002978-1-86152-882-7H.L. Cracknell · R. J. KaufmannPractical Professional Catering Management
1980978-1-86152-890-2Penny DelamarThe Complete Make Up Artist: Working in Film, Fashion, Television and Theatre
2002978-1-86152-892-6Tom DentonMotor Vehicle Engineering: The UPK for NVQ Level 2
1998978-1-86152-893-3Jacki Wadeson · Pat DixonBridal Hair (Hairdressing Training Board/Thomson)
1980978-1-86152-894-0David Adams · Jacki WadesonThe Art of Hair Colouring
2003978-1-86152-895-7Jane McKenzie · Christine van WinkelenUnderstanding the Knowledgeable Organization: Nurturing Knowledge Competence
2002978-1-86152-902-2Jacki Wadeson · Guy KremerProfessional Men's Hairdressing: The Art of Cutting and Styling (Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority (Hardcover))
2003978-1-86152-904-6John J. Glynn · John Perrin · Michael P. Murphy · Anne AbrahamAccounting for Managers
  ''978-1-86152-905-3Colin DruryCost and Management Accounting: An Introduction
  ''978-1-86152-907-7Tina ParsonsAn Holistic Guide to Reflexology (Hairdressing & Beauty Industry Authority)
  ''978-1-86152-908-4Suzanne Le QuesneNutrition: A Practical Approach
2004978-1-86152-910-7Lorraine NordmannBeauty Therapy the Foundations: The Official Guide to Level 2
1980978-1-86152-915-2Leo Palladino · Jane FarrHairdressing: Level 2: The Foundations - The Official Guide for Level 2
2004978-1-86152-916-9Maurice ListerMen's Hairdressing (Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority)
  ''978-1-86152-917-6Jane Crebbin-BaileyThe Spa Book: The Official Guide to Spa Therapy: The Official Guide to Spa Therapy (Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority) (Hairdressing & Beauty Industry Authority)
2002978-1-86152-918-3John Thompson · Bill Bolton · Dianne ThompsonThe Entrepreneur in Focus: Achieve Your Potential
1980978-1-86152-919-0Tina ParsonsAn Holistic Guide to Massage: From Beginner to Advanced Level and Beyond: From Beginner to Advanced Level and Beyond
2004978-1-86152-920-6Keith WardHands on Sports Therapy
2003978-1-86152-926-8Stephen Lumby · Chris JonesCorporate Finance: Theory and Practice
2003978-1-86152-931-2Edward LittleRELATIONSHIP MARKETING MANAGEMENT
2002978-1-86152-932-9E. StocksPractical Requirements and Exercises: Electrical Installations Series: Foundation Course
2004978-1-86152-936-7Lorraine NordmannBeauty Basics: Official Guide to Level 1
1980978-1-86152-940-4Leo Palladino · Martin GreenProfessional Hairdressing: The Official Guide to Level 3
2004978-1-86152-941-1Min ChenAsian Management Systems: Chinese, Japanese and Korean Styles of Business
1980978-1-86152-943-5Lorraine NordmannProfessional Beauty Therapy: The Official Guide to Level 3
2003978-1-86152-944-2Jacqui Jefford · Anne Swain · Sue MarshNail Artistry (Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority/Thomson Learning)
2004978-1-86152-945-9Jim Bell · Richard Fletcher · Rob McNaughtonInternational E-Business Marketing
  ''978-1-86152-946-6Stuart Manson · I.H. GrayAudit Process
2003978-1-86152-947-3Maurice Pendlebury · Roger GrovesCompany Accounts: Analysis, Interpretation and Understanding
1980978-1-86152-948-0John MartinOrganizational Behaviour and Management
2001978-1-86152-955-8Sacha Mascolo · Christian Mascolo · Stuart WessonEssensuals: Next Generation Toni&Guy - Step by Step (Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority)
2003978-1-86152-961-9Colin CarnallThe Change Management Toolkit
  ''978-1-86152-962-6Farhad Analoui · Azhdar KaramiStrategic Management: In Small and Medium Enterprises
2010978-1-86152-963-3John Sheldrake · SheldrakeManagement Theory
1980978-1-86152-964-0Bob De Wit · Ron MeyerStrategy: Process, Content, Context
2004978-1-86152-965-7Ron Meyer · Bob De WitStrategy Synthesis: Resolving Strategy Paradoxes to Create Competitive Advantage
2003978-1-86152-966-4Alan PriceHuman Resource Management in a Business Context
2002978-1-86152-967-1Kids' Clubs NetworkCan Do: Cool Creations (10-14)
  ''978-1-86152-968-8   ''Can Do: Eco-Ventures (4-9)
2001978-1-86152-973-2Malcolm Warner · Pat JoyntManaging Across Cultures: Issues and Perspectives
2002978-1-86152-976-3Tina ParsonsHolistic Guide To Anatomy & Physiology (Hairdressing & Beauty Industry Authority S.)
2001978-1-86152-978-7A.J.Van WeelePurchasing and Supply Chain Management: Analysis, Planning and Practice
  ''978-1-86152-979-4Tony GrundyStrategic Project Management: Creating Organizational Breakthroughs: Creating Organizational Breakthroughs
2002978-1-86152-981-7Allan Williams · Sally Woodward · Paul DobsonManaging Change Successfully: Using Theory and Experience to Implement Change
2002978-1-86152-982-4Jane Cranwell-Ward · Andrea Bacon · Rosie MackieInspiring Leadership: Staying Afloat in Turbulent Times
2004978-1-86152-989-3Colin Barrow · Gerard Burke · David Molian · Robert BrownEnterprise Development: The Challenges of Starting, Growing and Selling Businesses
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  ''978-1-86152-992-3David NeedleBusiness in Context
  ''978-1-86152-993-0Bob RyanFinance and Accounting for Business
2004978-1-86152-996-1Guilherme Pires · John StantonEthnic Marketing
2007978-1-86152-999-2Cary L. Cooper · Ashley WeinbergSurviving the Workplace: A Guide to Emotional Well-being