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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-1-85032-016-6P. Mytton-DaviesA Practical Guide to the Repair and Maintenance of Houses
1995978-1-85032-116-3Donald R. AskelandThe Science and Engineering of Materials
  ''978-1-85032-117-0Gunter BornThe File Formats Handbook
1996978-1-85032-166-8Mathias Hein · David GriffithsSwitching Technology in the Local Network: From Lan to Switched Lan to Virtual Lan
1995978-1-85032-170-5Yoshua BengioArtificial Neural Networks and Their Application to Sequence Recognition
1996978-1-85032-222-1Stefan Jablonski · Christoph BusslerWorkflow Management Systems: Modelling Concepts, Architecture and Implementation
  ''978-1-85032-230-6Jonathan BowenFormal Specification and Documentation Using Z: A Case Study Approach
1991978-1-85032-242-9N.E. Fenton · et alSoftware Metrics: A Rigorous Approach
1996978-1-85032-244-3Steve Ellacott · D. BoseMathematical Foundations of Neural Networks
  ''978-1-85032-275-7Norman E. Fenton · Shari Lawrence PfleegerSoftware Metrics: A Rigorous and Practical Approach
1994978-1-85032-281-8D. ChadwickUnderstanding X.500 (Chapman & Hall Computing)
1997978-1-85032-284-9Jeffrey MannClient/Server Development with UNIFACE
  ''978-1-85032-289-4Jonathan MackenzieLotus Notes 4 [With CD-Rom]
1996978-1-85032-293-1Thomas Magedanz · Radu Popescu-ZeletinIntelligent Networks: Basic Technology, Standards and Evolution
1997978-1-85032-298-6Patrick D. TerryCompilers, Compiler Generators and C++ (Itcp-Uk Computer Science Series)
1997978-1-85032-316-7Roger Garside · John MarianiJava: First Contact
1992978-1-85032-836-0G. Gordon SchulmeyerTotal Quality Management for Software
1993978-1-85032-847-6C. KanerTesting Computer Software (Vnr Computer Library)
1990978-1-85032-880-3Boris BeizerSoftware Testing Techniques
1999978-1-85032-908-4Cem KanerTesting Computer Software (Itcp-Us Computer Science Series)