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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-86039-004-3Debi GlioriMr Bear: Peek-A-Boo
1997978-1-86039-054-8Andrew MatthewsBunch of Baddies:Great Gold Train Robbery (Orchard Readalones)
  ''978-1-86039-081-4Sue LimbChicken Mission (Younger Fiction Paperbacks)
1996978-1-86039-084-5Sue LimbMe Jane (Older Fiction Paperbacks)
  ''978-1-86039-092-0Jane RayThe Happy Prince (Orchard Paperbacks)
  ''978-1-86039-100-2Angela JohnsonToning The Sweep (Black Apples)
1995978-1-86039-107-1jane RayX10 Noah's Ark Shrinkwrap+1 Fr
1997978-1-86039-109-5Geraldine McCaughreanThe Orchard Book of Greek Gods and Goddesses
2001978-1-86039-161-3Andrew MatthewsThe Orchard Book Of Classic Shakespeare Stories
2002978-1-86039-162-0Robert SwindellsThe Orchard Book Of Viking Stories
1996978-1-86039-226-9Keith BrumptonThe Mystery Of The Dachsund Diam (Police Dog 99)
  ''978-1-86039-268-9Adrian MitchellThe Orchard Book Of Poems (Poetry & Folk Tales)
1997978-1-86039-370-9Malorie BlackmanThe Secret Of The Terrib (Puzzle Planet)
1997978-1-86039-410-2Debi GlioriAre You There Baby? (Mr Bear)
2000978-1-86039-421-8Martin WaddellTHE ORCHARD BOOK OF GHOSTLY STORIES
1997978-1-86039-467-6Elisabeth BeresfordThe Smallest Whale (Orchard Paperbacks)
1998978-1-86039-489-8Nicola SmeeFreddie's First Experiences: Freddie Gets Dressed (Toddler Books)
  ''978-1-86039-490-4Nicola SmeeFreddie Visits the Doctor (Toddler Books)
2002978-1-86039-493-5Geraldine McCaughreanThe Orchard Book of Love and Friendship Stories
1998978-1-86039-600-7Keith BrumptonWho'd be a Viking? (Derek the Depressed Viking) (Orchard Super Crunchies)
  ''978-1-86039-601-4   ''Derek The Depressed Viking: The Dragon From The Black Lagoon
1999978-1-86039-602-1   ''Kidnapped by Ice Maidens (Derek the Depressed Viking) (Orchard Super Crunchies)
  ''978-1-86039-603-8   ''Nice Throne, Shame About the Crown (Derek the Depressed Viking) (Orchard Super Crunchies)
  ''978-1-86039-615-1Lisa BruceRover (Pet Pals # 2)
1998978-1-86039-637-3Julie GoldFrom A Distance
1999978-1-86039-648-9Laurence AnholtThe Fried Piper Of Hamstring (Seriously Silly Stories)
2000978-1-86039-655-7Jane SimmonsDaisy And The Egg (Orchard picturebooks)
1998978-1-86039-660-1Giles AndreaeRumble in the Jungle
1999978-1-86039-706-6James MayhewKatie and the Mona Lisa
1998978-1-86039-734-9Malorie Blackman · Tony BlundellFangs (Pet Pals S.)
1998978-1-86039-735-6Debi GlioriMr Bear: Can I Have A Hug?
  ''978-1-86039-736-3   ''Mr Bear: A Little Hush Please
1998978-1-86039-737-0Debi GlioriMr Bear Says Let's Go Outside
  ''978-1-86039-738-7   ''Mr Bear Says Tickly Under There
1999978-1-86039-753-0Geraldine McCaughreanThe Orchard Book of Roman Myths
1998978-1-86039-754-7Jonathan AllenWolf Academy (Orchard Picturebooks)
  ''978-1-86039-768-4James MayhewKatie and the Impressionists
2000978-1-86039-795-0Jane SimmonsDaisy and the Beastie (Picture Books)
  ''978-1-86039-806-3Robert SwindelsThe Orchard Book Of Egyptian Gods
1998978-1-86039-810-0Nicola SmeeFreddie's First Experiences: Freddie Goes Swimming (Toddler Books)
  ''978-1-86039-812-4Michael ColemanWeirdo's War (Ghosthunters)
1999978-1-86039-824-7Chris PowlingGorgeous George (Pet Pals S.)
2000978-1-86039-836-0Michael LawrenceThe Poltergoose
1998978-1-86039-860-5Jane SimmonsCome On, Daisy!
1998978-1-86039-876-6Jonathan AllenWho's at the Door (Big Book)
1999978-1-86039-879-7Bernard AshleyLittle Soldier (Black Apples)
  ''978-1-86039-913-8Giles AndreaeThe Lion Who Wanted To Love
2001978-1-86039-920-6Keith BrumptonRome And Away: Gladiators!
  ''978-1-86039-922-0   ''Rome And Away: Flying Sorceress
2000978-1-86039-923-7   ''Rome And Away: Chariots On Fire!
2001978-1-86039-925-1   ''Statue of Terror (Rome & Away S.)
1999978-1-86039-948-0Penny DannParty Book (The Secret Fairy)
  ''978-1-86039-951-0Rita Philips MitchellThe Gotcha Smile (Orchard picturebooks)
  ''978-1-86039-953-4Rose ImpeyI-Spy, Pancakes and Pies (Twice Upon A Time Crunchies)
2000978-1-86039-991-6Laurence AnholtSerously Silly:Ghostyshocks and the three Scares (Seriously Silly Stories)
1999978-1-86039-992-3Geraldine McCaughreanUnicorns! Unicorns!
1999978-1-86039-993-0Sian TuckerWho Lives Here?
  ''978-1-86039-997-8Sally GrindleyTime For Bed, Elephant Small (Little Orchard toddler books)
  ''978-1-86039-998-5Sally Grindley · Andy EllisElephant Small Goes to a Party (Little Orchard toddler books)
  ''978-1-86039-999-2Sally GrindleyElephant Small Goes To A Party (Little Orchard Toddler Books)