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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-84616-570-2Vivian FrenchThe Tiara Club: Princess Megan and The Magical Tiara
  ''978-1-84616-571-9Vivian FrenchPrincess Megan and the Magical Tiara (Tiara Club)(Pack of 25)
  ''978-1-84616-572-6Daisy MeadowsRainbow Magic: Rainbow Fairy Letter Writing Kit
  ''978-1-84616-576-4Hiawyn OramRumblewick Letters: My Unwilling Witch
  ''978-1-84616-578-8Nicola MoonSomething Special
2007978-1-84616-579-5Ian BeckFive Little Ducks
  ''978-1-84616-580-1Ian BeckThe Ugly Duckling
  ''978-1-84616-582-5Rita Philips MitchellThe Gotcha Smile
  ''978-1-84616-584-9Daisy MeadowsPaige The Pantomime Fairy: Special (Rainbow Magic)
  ''978-1-84616-590-0Rose Impey · Saviour Pirotta · Geraldine McCaughrean · Margaret MayoPrinces and Princesses: Seven Tales of Enchantment
2007978-1-84616-591-7Daisy MeadowsAbigail The Breeze Fairy: The Weather Fairies Book 2 (Rainbow Magic)
  ''978-1-84616-593-1   ''Crystal The Snow Fairy: The Weather Fairies Book 1 (Rainbow Magic)
  ''978-1-84616-594-8   ''Pearl The Cloud Fairy: The Weather Fairies Book 3 (Rainbow Magic)
  ''978-1-84616-595-5   ''Goldie The Sunshine Fairy: The Weather Fairies Book 4 (Rainbow Magic)
  ''978-1-84616-596-2   ''Evie The Mist Fairy: The Weather Fairies Book 5 (Rainbow Magic)
2007978-1-84616-597-9Daisy MeadowsStorm The Lightning Fairy: The Weather Fairies Book 6 (Rainbow Magic)
2007978-1-84616-598-6Daisy MeadowsHayley The Rain Fairy: The Weather Fairies Book 7 (Rainbow Magic)
  ''978-1-84616-599-3Jerry SpinelliStargirl: Pink
2008978-1-84616-606-8Chris d'LaceyFly, Cherokee Fly
  ''978-1-84616-607-5Andrew Fusek PetersPriceless! (Skateboard Detectives)
  ''978-1-84616-608-2Andrew Fusek PetersDiamonds Are for Evil (Skateboard Detectives)
2010978-1-84616-609-9Chris d'LaceyGruffen (The Dragons Of Wayward Crescent)
  ''978-1-84616-610-5Chris D'LaceyGauge (Dragons of Wayward Crescent) (The Dragons Of Wayward Crescent)
2010978-1-84616-611-2Chris d'LaceyThe Dragons Of Wayward Crescent: Glade
  ''978-1-84616-612-9   ''The Dragons Of Wayward Crescent: Grabber
2008978-1-84616-619-8Adele GerasLittle Ballet Star (Tutu Tilly)
2007978-1-84616-621-1Michael LawrenceJuby's Rook
2008978-1-84616-624-2Henry PorterThe House of Skirl: The Master of the Fallen Chairs
  ''978-1-84616-625-9Henry PorterThe House of Skirl: The Master of the Fallen Chairs
  ''978-1-84616-627-3Leigh HodgkinsonColin and the Snoozebox
2009978-1-84616-629-7Leigh HodgkinsonColin and the Wrong Shadow
2010978-1-84616-687-7Tony MittonJolly Olly Octopus
2007978-1-84616-690-7Belinda HollyerSecrets, Lies and My Sister Kate
  ''978-1-84616-691-4Lauren ChildCharlie and Lola's Colours
2007978-1-84616-692-1Lauren ChildCharlie and Lola's Animals
2008978-1-84616-694-5Cressida CowellEmily Brown and the Thing
2007978-1-84616-699-0Jerry SpinelliEggs
2008978-1-84616-700-3   ''Eggs
2007978-1-84616-705-8Giles AndreaeRumble in the Jungle (Book & CD)
2008978-1-84616-706-5Rose ImpeyIntroducing Scarlett Lee (Red Apples)
2009978-1-84616-710-2Margaret MayoSnap! (On the Go)
2010978-1-84616-711-9   ''Snap! (On the Go)
  ''978-1-84616-715-7Ted DewanOne True Bear
2009978-1-84616-724-9Shoo RaynerViking Vik and the Trolls
  ''978-1-84616-725-6Shoo RaynerViking Vik and the Wolves
  ''978-1-84616-726-3   ''Viking Vik and the Bug House
2009978-1-84616-727-0Shoo RaynerViking Vik and the Lucky Stone
  ''978-1-84616-728-7   ''Viking Vik and the Longship
  ''978-1-84616-729-4   ''Viking Vik and the Secret Shield
  ''978-1-84616-730-0   ''Viking Vik and the Chariot Race
  ''978-1-84616-731-7   ''Viking Vik and the Big Fight
2008978-1-84616-732-4Caroline DavisShimmery Dinkies: One Two Three
2008978-1-84616-734-8Caroline DavisShimmery Dinkies: Chug-Chug!
  ''978-1-84616-736-2James MayhewKatie and the British Artists
2009978-1-84616-737-9James MayhewKatie and the British Artists
2008978-1-84616-759-1Margaret MayoDig Dig Digging: Touch-and-Feel Book (Awesome Engines)
2008978-1-84616-761-4Margaret MayoEmergency!: Touch-and-Feel Book (Awesome Engines)
  ''978-1-84616-766-9Belinda HollyerEverything I Know About You
  ''978-1-84616-770-6Saviour PirottaTheseus and The Minotaur (First Greek Myths)
  ''978-1-84616-771-3   ''Pegasus The Flying Horse (First Greek Myths)
  ''978-1-84616-772-0   ''Arion The Dolphin Boy (First Greek Myths)
2008978-1-84616-773-7Saviour PirottaJason and The Golden Fleece (First Greek Myths)
2009978-1-84616-781-2Penny DannThe Secret Fairy: The Secret Tooth Fairy
2008978-1-84616-784-3Lauren ChildThings: Board Book (Charlie and Lola)
  ''978-1-84616-785-0   ''Shapes: Board Book (Charlie and Lola)
2007978-1-84616-786-7Giles AndreaeGiraffes Can't Dance Book & CD
  ''978-1-84616-787-4   ''Commotion In The Ocean
2008978-1-84616-793-5Giles AndreaeDinosaurs Galore!: Pop-up Book
2009978-1-84616-797-3Malachy DoyleCharlie Is My Darling
2010978-1-84616-799-7Ursula JonesThe Princess Who Had No Kingdom
2007978-1-84616-832-1Daisy MeadowsRainbow Fairies: Weather Fairies 7 Copy Pack
  ''978-1-84616-833-8   ''Rainbow Fairies: Party Fairies 7 Copy Pack
  ''978-1-84616-835-2   ''Rainbow Fairies: Petal Fairies 7 Copy Pack
  ''978-1-84616-836-9   ''Rainbow Magic: Dance Fairies 7 Copy Pack
2008978-1-84616-869-7Vivian FrenchPrincess Amelia and the Silver Seal: Book 25 (The Tiara Club)
  ''978-1-84616-870-3   ''Princess Leah and the Golden Seahorse (The Tiara Club at Emerald Castle # 26)
2008978-1-84616-871-0Vivian FrenchPrincess Ruby and the Enchanted Whale: Book 27 (The Tiara Club)
2008978-1-84616-872-7Vivian FrenchPrincess Millie and the Magical Mermaid: Book 28 (The Tiara Club)
  ''978-1-84616-873-4   ''Princess Rachel and the Dancing Dolphin: Book 29 (The Tiara Club)
  ''978-1-84616-874-1   ''Princess Zoe and the Wishing Shell: Book 30 (The Tiara Club)
2009978-1-84616-875-8   ''Princess Mia and the Magical Koala: Book 31 (The Tiara Club)
  ''978-1-84616-876-5   ''Princess Bethany and the Lost Piglet: Book 32 (The Tiara Club)
2009978-1-84616-877-2Vivian FrenchPrincess Caitlin and the Little Lamb: Book 33 (The Tiara Club)
  ''978-1-84616-878-9   ''Princess Lindsey and the Fluffy Guinea Pig: Book 34 (The Tiara Club)
  ''978-1-84616-879-6   ''Princess Abigail and the Baby Panda: Book 35 (The Tiara Club)
  ''978-1-84616-880-2   ''Princess Rebecca and the Lion Cub: Book 36 (The Tiara Club)
2008978-1-84616-881-9   ''Emerald Ball (The Tiara Club)
2008978-1-84616-882-6Vivian FrenchThe Midnight Masquerade with Princess Emma and Princess Jasmine (The Tiara Club)
2007978-1-84616-883-3Lauren ChildCharlie and Lola: Exactly Three Classic Charlie and Lola Books
2015978-1-84616-884-0   ''I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed (Charlie and Lola)
2007978-1-84616-885-7   ''I am Too Absolutely Small for School (Charlie and Lola)
2015978-1-84616-886-4   ''I Will Not Ever Never Eat A Tomato (Charlie and Lola)
2008978-1-84616-888-8Daisy MeadowsHelena the Horseriding Fairy: The Sporty Fairies Book 1 (Rainbow Magic)
  ''978-1-84616-889-5   ''Francesca the Football Fairy: The Sporty Fairies Book 2 (Rainbow Magic)
2008978-1-84616-890-1Daisy MeadowsZoe the Skating Fairy: The Sporty Fairies Book 3 (Rainbow Magic)
  ''978-1-84616-891-8   ''Naomi the Netball Fairy: The Sporty Fairies Book 4 (Rainbow Magic)
  ''978-1-84616-892-5   ''Samantha the Swimming Fairy: The Sporty Fairies Book 5 (Rainbow Magic)
  ''978-1-84616-893-2   ''Alice the Tennis Fairy: The Sporty Fairies Book 6 (Rainbow Magic)
  ''978-1-84616-894-9   ''Gemma the Gymnastic Fairy: The Sporty Fairies Book 7 (Rainbow Magic)
2008978-1-84616-900-7Cressida CowellThat Rabbit Belongs To Emily Brown
2009978-1-84616-908-3Caroline DavisShimmery Dinkies: My Toys
2010978-1-84616-909-0Jane RayThe Dolls' House Fairy
2009978-1-84616-913-7Ronda ArmitageSmall Knight and George and the Royal Chocolate Cake
  ''978-1-84616-921-2Caroline DavisBig and Little (Shimmery Dinkies)
  ''978-1-84616-924-3Jerry SpinelliLove, Stargirl
2008978-1-84616-925-0Jerry SpinelliLove, Stargirl
2009978-1-84616-926-7James MayhewElla Bella Ballerina and Cinderella
2010978-1-84616-927-4   ''Ella Bella Ballerina and Cinderella
2009978-1-84616-929-8Emma DoddI Don't Want a Posh Dog
2007978-1-84616-936-6Daisy MeadowsRainbow Magic Slipcase: Weather Fairies - Goldie Doll (Rainbow Magic: The Weather Fairies)
2010978-1-84616-938-0Martin WaddellThe Orchard Book of Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales
2008978-1-84616-941-0Sam LloydWhoops-a-Daisy World: Chief Rhino to the Rescue
2009978-1-84616-942-7Sam LloydChief Rhino to the Rescue (Whoops-a-Daisy World)
  ''978-1-84616-945-8   ''Whoops-a-Daisy World: Inspector Croc Investigates
2010978-1-84616-946-5   ''Inspector Croc Investigates (Whoops-a-Daisy World)
2008978-1-84616-949-6Lauren ChildThat Pesky Rat
  ''978-1-84616-951-9Adam BladeVedra & Krimon Twin Beasts of Avantia: Special (Beast Quest)
2009978-1-84616-954-0Chris d'LaceyThe Last Dragon Chronicles: Dark Fire: Book 5
  ''978-1-84616-955-7   ''Dark Fire: Book 5 (The Last Dragon Chronicles)
  ''978-1-84616-956-4Michael LawrenceOne for All and All for Lunch! (Jiggy McCue)
2008978-1-84616-959-5Jean UreLove Is For Ever
2008978-1-84616-961-8Jean UrePink Knickers Aren't Cool (Girlfriends)
2008978-1-84616-962-5Jean UreGirls Are Groovy! (Girlfriends)
  ''978-1-84616-963-2   ''Girls Stick Together! (Girlfriends)
  ''978-1-84616-964-9   ''Boys Are Ok! (Girlfriends)
  ''978-1-84616-966-3Anthony HorowitzBurnt (Horowitz Horror)
  ''978-1-84616-967-0Anthony HorowitzThe Night Bus (Horowitz Horror)
2008978-1-84616-968-7Anthony HorowitzScared (Horowitz Horror)
  ''978-1-84616-969-4   ''Horowitz Horror 1: Nine Nasty Stories to Chill You to the Bone: v. 1
  ''978-1-84616-970-0   ''More Horowitz Horror: v. 2: Eight Sinister Stories You'll Wish You'd Never Read
2008978-1-84616-971-7Anthony HorowitzKiller Camera
  ''978-1-84616-972-4   ''The Phone Goes Dead
  ''978-1-84616-973-1   ''Twist Cottage (It's not an Alex Rider book!)
2015978-1-84616-988-5Adam BladeBeast Quest: 1: Zepha the Monster Squid
2008978-1-84616-989-2   ''Claw the Giant Monkey (Beast Quest - The Golden Armour): Series 2 Book 2
  ''978-1-84616-990-8   ''Soltra the Stone Charmer (Beast Quest - The Golden Armour): Series 2 Book 3
2008978-1-84616-991-5Adam BladeBeast Quest: 4: Vipero the Snake Man
  ''978-1-84616-992-2   ''Arachnid the King of Spiders (Beast Quest - The Golden Armour)
  ''978-1-84616-993-9   ''Trillion the Three-headed Lion (Beast Quest - The Golden Armour)
  ''978-1-84616-994-6   ''Spiros the Ghost Phoenix: Special (Beast Quest)
2010978-1-84616-995-3Emma DoddI Don't Want a Cool Cat
2008978-1-84616-997-7Adam BladeTorgor the Minotaur (Beast Quest - The Dark Realm)
2015978-1-84616-998-4   ''Skor the Winged Stallion: Series 3 Book 2 (Beast Quest)