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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-84121-008-7Rose ImpeyA Letter To Father Christmas (Orchard Picturebooks)
2003978-1-84121-018-6Laurence AnholtMary, Mary, Fried Canary (Seriously Silly Rhymes)
  ''978-1-84121-020-9Laurence AnholtOld King Cole Played In Goal (Seriously Silly Rhymes)
  ''978-1-84121-022-3   ''Ding, Dong Bell What's That Funny Smell? (Seriously Silly Rhymes)
  ''978-1-84121-024-7   ''Little Bo Peep Has Knickers That Bleep (Seriously Silly Rhymes)
1999978-1-84121-031-5Giles AndreaeCock-a-doodle-doo! Farmyard Hullabaloo
  ''978-1-84121-037-7Laurence AnholtSeriously Silly Stories: The Collection
1999978-1-84121-045-2Ian BeckThe Ugly Duckling (Orchard picturebooks)
2003978-1-84121-054-4Rose ImpeyTitchy Witch And The Magic Party
1999978-1-84121-055-1Laurence AnholtThe New Puppy (Orchard Picturebooks)
  ''978-1-84121-059-9   ''Billy and the Big New School (Orchard picturebooks)
1998978-1-84121-067-4Seriously Silly A2 Poster
2002978-1-84121-068-1Giles AndreaeThere's A House Inside My Mummy
1998978-1-84121-071-1Jane Ray A4 Poster
  ''978-1-84121-073-5Debi Gliori A3 Poster
2002978-1-84121-074-2John ButlerPi-Shu The Little Panda (Orchard Picturebooks)
1999978-1-84121-075-9Ian Beck A3 Poster
2002978-1-84121-076-6Lindsey GardinerWhen Poppy And Max Grow Up
1999978-1-84121-077-3Jean Ure A3 Poster
2002978-1-84121-078-0Lauren ChildI Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed (Charlie and Lola)
  ''978-1-84121-080-3Margaret MayoDig Dig Digging (Awesome Engines)
  ''978-1-84121-096-4Debi GlioriFlora's Blanket
2016978-1-84121-098-8Tony MittonDown By The Cool Of The Pool
1998978-1-84121-101-5Giles AndreaeCommotion In The Ocean
2002978-1-84121-104-6Lauren ChildWhat Planet Are You From Clarice Bean?
2002978-1-84121-106-0Lindsey GardinerNot Fair, Won't Share (Pinky & Blue)
  ''978-1-84121-108-4Jane SimmonsWhere The Fairies Fly
  ''978-1-84121-112-1Miriam MossScritch Scratch, We Have Nits
  ''978-1-84121-114-5Ursula JonesThe Witch's Children: The Witch's Children
2004978-1-84121-116-9Rose ImpeyTitchy-Witch and the Disappearing Baby (Titchy-Witch)
  ''978-1-84121-118-3   ''Titchy-Witch and the Stray Dragon (Titchy-Witch)
2004978-1-84121-120-6Rose ImpeyTitchy-Witch and the Birthday Broomstick (Titchy-Witch)
2004978-1-84121-122-0Rose ImpeyTitchy Witch And The Frog Fiasco
  ''978-1-84121-124-4   ''Titchy-Witch and the Bully Boggarts (Titchy-Witch)
  ''978-1-84121-126-8   ''Titchy-Witch and the Wobbly Fang (Titchy-Witch)
  ''978-1-84121-128-2   ''Titchy-Witch and the Get-better Spell (Titchy-Witch)
  ''978-1-84121-130-5   ''Titchy-Witch and the Magic Party (Titchy-Witch)
2000978-1-84121-131-2Nicola SmeeFreddie's First Experiences: Freddie Goes On An Aeroplane (Toddler Books)
1999978-1-84121-141-1John ButlerWhile You Were Sleeping (Picture Books)
2002978-1-84121-142-8Margaret MayoFirst Fairy Tales: Snow White
2003978-1-84121-144-2Margaret MayoFirst Fairy Tales: Sleeping Beauty
  ''978-1-84121-146-6   ''First Fairy Tales: Jack and The Beanstalk
  ''978-1-84121-148-0   ''First Fairy Tales: Hansel and Gretel
  ''978-1-84121-150-3   ''First Fairy Tales: Cinderella
  ''978-1-84121-152-7   ''Rumplestiltskin: Rumpelstiltskin (First Fairy Tales)
2003978-1-84121-154-1Margaret MayoFirst Fairy Tales: Snow White
2004978-1-84121-168-8Michael LawrenceSmall Eternities: The Aldous Lexicon: Pt. 2
2007978-1-84121-170-1Michael LawrenceThe Aldous Lexicon: The Underwood See
1999978-1-84121-181-7Jane SimmonsEbb's New Friend (Orchard Picturebooks)
1998978-1-84121-203-6Debi GlioriMr Bear'S New Baby (Special SA (Picture Books)
2000978-1-84121-207-4Alex · AyliffeRuby Loves (Busy Baby Board Books)
  ''978-1-84121-209-8Alex · AyliffeBoo Barney (Busy Baby Board Books)
2000978-1-84121-211-1Alex · AyliffeYum Yum Molly (Busy Baby Board Books)
2002978-1-84121-214-2Penny DannAt Home Carousel (Secret Fairy)
1999978-1-84121-253-1Daisy Poster A2
  ''978-1-84121-259-3Giles AndreaeRumble/Commotion Brds/Puppets X4
2003978-1-84121-262-3   ''K Is For Kissing A Cool Kangaroo
  ''978-1-84121-264-7Jane SimmonsGoodnight Daisy, Goodnight Pip
2002978-1-84121-266-1David WojtowyczCan You Choo Choo Too? (Little Orchard)
2003978-1-84121-268-5Jane SimmonsShout Daisy SHOUT! or Shout, Daisy, Shout
  ''978-1-84121-270-8Debi GlioriFlora's Flowers
  ''978-1-84121-272-2Margaret MayoEmergency! (Awesome Engines)
2003978-1-84121-274-6Lindsey GardinerPoppy And Max: Time For Bed Poppy And Max
  ''978-1-84121-276-0Lauren ChildThat Pesky Rat
  ''978-1-84121-280-7John ButlerHush Little Ones
  ''978-1-84121-290-6Giles AndreaeThe Magic Donkey Ride
2016978-1-84121-294-4Tony MittonBumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus
2003978-1-84121-296-8Jane RayCan You Catch a Mermaid?
2002978-1-84121-318-7Andrew MatthewsTwelfth Night: Shakespeare Stories for Children
  ''978-1-84121-322-4Andrew MatthewsAntony And Cleopatra: Shakespeare Stories for Children: Super Crunchies
2002978-1-84121-330-9Andrew MatthewsThe Tempest: Shakespeare Stories for Children (Orchard Shakespeare)
2003978-1-84121-332-3Andrew Matthews · William ShakespeareA Midsummer Night's Dream: Shakespeare Stories for Children (A Shakespeare Story)
  ''978-1-84121-334-7Andrew Matthews · William ShakespeareTwelfth Night (A Shakespeare Story)
  ''978-1-84121-336-1   ''Romeo And Juliet (A Shakespeare Story)
  ''978-1-84121-338-5   ''Antony and Cleopatra (Shakespeare Stories)
  ''978-1-84121-340-8   ''Hamlet: Shakespeare Stories for Children (A Shakespeare Story)
2003978-1-84121-342-2Andrew Matthews · William ShakespeareHenry V (A Shakespeare Story)
2003978-1-84121-344-6Andrew Matthews · William ShakespeareMacbeth (A Shakespeare Story)
  ''978-1-84121-346-0   ''The Tempest (A Shakespeare Story)
  ''978-1-84121-354-5Lauren ChildI Am Too Absolutely Small for School (Charlie & Lola Series)
1999978-1-84121-363-7Debi GlioriMr Bear A2 Poster
2002978-1-84121-364-4Anthony HorowitzThe Phone Goes Dead (Horowitz Horror)
  ''978-1-84121-366-8Anthony HorowitzKiller Camera (Horowitz Horror)
  ''978-1-84121-368-2   ''Burnt (Horowitz Horror)
2002978-1-84121-370-5Anthony HorowitzScared (Horowitz Horror)
  ''978-1-84121-372-9   ''The Night Bus (Horowitz Horror)
  ''978-1-84121-374-3   ''Twist Cottage (Horowitz Horror)
1999978-1-84121-375-0Anholt Author A3 Poster
2002978-1-84121-376-7Jane SimmonsBouncy Bouncy Daisy (Jigsaw S.)
2002978-1-84121-384-2Jane SimmonsDaisy Hide and Seek
2000978-1-84121-385-9Sally GrindleyCan't You Sleep Piglittle? (Toddler Books)
2002978-1-84121-392-7Laurence AnholtShampoozel (Seriously Silly Supercrunchies)
  ''978-1-84121-394-1   ''Seriously Silly Stories: Ecowolf and The Three Pigs
  ''978-1-84121-396-5   ''Seriously Silly Stories: Ghostyshocks and the Three Scares
  ''978-1-84121-398-9   ''The Fried Piper Of Hamstring (Seriously Silly Stories)
2000978-1-84121-399-6Lauren ChildMy Uncle is a Huncle says Clarice Bean (Picture Books)
2002978-1-84121-400-9Laurence Anholt · Michael RosenSeriously Silly Stories: Little Red Riding Wolf
  ''978-1-84121-402-3Laurence AnholtSeriously Silly Stories: Snow White and The Seven Aliens
2002978-1-84121-404-7Laurence AnholtCinderboy (Seriously Silly Supercrunchies)
  ''978-1-84121-406-1   ''The Emperor's Underwear (Seriously Silly Stories)
2002978-1-84121-408-5Laurence AnholtDaft Jack and The Bean Stack (Seriously Silly Supercrunchies)
  ''978-1-84121-410-8   ''Billy Beast (Seriously Silly Stories)
  ''978-1-84121-412-2   ''Seriously Silly Stories: Rumply Crumply Stinky Pin
  ''978-1-84121-414-6   ''The Rather Small Turnip (Seriously Silly Stories)
2003978-1-84121-416-0Ursula JonesThe Witch's Children: The Witch's Children and the Queen
2002978-1-84121-418-4Margaret MayoDig Dig Digging (Awesome Engines)
2001978-1-84121-435-1Pat MoonDo Not Read This Book: Finch's Top Secrets (Finch's Secret Diaries)
2000978-1-84121-437-5Adrian MitchellBalloon House (Black Apples)
2002978-1-84121-449-8Giles AndreaeLove Is A Handful Of Honey
1999978-1-84121-455-9Anthony HorowitzHorowitz Horror 2: v. 2 (Black Apples)
2003978-1-84121-456-6Pat MoonDo Not Read Any Further: Finch's Top Secrets on Boys, Rabbits, Warrior Princesses, School, Guinea Pigs, Friends, Enemies, Worry Bugs, Cringeworld, ... Etc.: Pt. 2 (Finch's Secret Diaries)
  ''978-1-84121-470-2Penny DannChristmas Handbook (Secret Fairy)
2001978-1-84121-481-8Liza WoodruffHow To Be A Little Bride and A Bridesmaid Too (How to Be Handbooks)
2000978-1-84121-497-9Wendy MccormickDaddy, Will You Miss Me?
2001978-1-84121-500-6Margaret MayoThe Orchard Book Of The Unicorn And Other Magical Animals
1999978-1-84121-527-3Charles CausleyThe Merrymaid of Zennor A2 Poster
2001978-1-84121-533-4Chris d'LaceyThe Fire Within
2006978-1-84121-534-1Rose ImpeyMonster And Frog and the Terrible Toothache
2006978-1-84121-536-5Rose ImpeyMonster And Frog and the Big Adventure
  ''978-1-84121-538-9   ''Monster And Frog and the Haunted Tent
2002978-1-84121-539-6Chris D'laceyThe Salt Pirates Of Skegness (Orchard Red Apple)
2006978-1-84121-540-2Rose ImpeyMonster And Frog and the Slippery Wallpaper
2002978-1-84121-541-9Saviour PirottaThe Sleeping Princess and other Fairy Tales from Grimm (The Orchard Books Collection)
2006978-1-84121-548-8Rose ImpeyMonster And Frog and the Magic Show
2000978-1-84121-561-7Giles AndreaeLove Is A Handful Of Honey (Orchard Picturebooks)
2000978-1-84121-563-1Giles AndreaeFarmyard Hullabaloo!
2014978-1-84121-565-5   ''Giraffes Can't Dance
2000978-1-84121-569-3Jane SimmonsEbb And Flo And The Greedy Gulls (Orchard Picturebooks)
  ''978-1-84121-583-9Lauren ChildClarice Bean, That's Me
2001978-1-84121-589-1John ButlerWhile You Were Sleeping (Orchard Picturebooks)
  ''978-1-84121-591-4Charles CausleyThe Merrymaid Of Zennor (Picture Books)
  ''978-1-84121-592-1Jane SimmonsDaisy And The Beastie (Orchard Picturebooks)
  ''978-1-84121-600-3Lindsey GardinerPoppy And Max: Here Come Poppy And Max
2001978-1-84121-602-7Lauren ChildI Will Not Ever Never Eat A Tomato (Charlie and Lola)
  ''978-1-84121-606-5Andrea ShavickYou'll Soon Grow, Alex (Orchard Picturebooks)
2000978-1-84121-607-2Anthony HorowitzHorowitz Horror 2 (Black Apples)
2001978-1-84121-608-9Debi GlioriMr Bear's Holiday
1999978-1-84121-613-3Giles Andreae A3 Author Poster
  ''978-1-84121-615-7David Wojtowycz A3 Ill Poster
2001978-1-84121-624-9Lauren ChildMy Uncle Is A Hunkle Says Clarice Bean
2002978-1-84121-625-6Bernard AshleyDouble The Love (Picture Books)
2001978-1-84121-634-8James MayhewKatie and the Sunflowers
2002978-1-84121-644-7Shoo RaynerThe Pumpkin Man (Little Horrors)
  ''978-1-84121-648-5Shoo RaynerThe Spider Man (Little Horrors)
  ''978-1-84121-650-8   ''The Sand Man (Little Horrors)
2004978-1-84121-670-6Fiona Waters · Penny DannStories For Bedtime
2000978-1-84121-691-1Wendy Cope · Amanda VeseyThe Big Orchard Book Of Funny Poems (Big Books)
2002978-1-84121-693-5Giles AndreaeHeaven's Having You
2000978-1-84121-713-0Michael LawrenceThe Killer Underpants (Jiggy McCue)
2000978-1-84121-737-6Jane SimmonsDaisy And The Beastie
2001978-1-84121-752-9Michael LawrenceThe Toilet Of Doom: A Jiggy McCue Story
2002978-1-84121-756-7   ''Maggot Pie (Jiggy McCue)
2006978-1-84121-764-2Caroline UffThe Worry Monster (Picture Books)
2001978-1-84121-767-3Jane SimmonsDaisy Hide and Seek
2003978-1-84121-775-8Saviour PirottaThe Orchard Book of First Greek Myths (Orchard Myths)
2001978-1-84121-776-5Debi GlioriWhere, Oh Where, Is Baby Bear? (Little Orchard)
2002978-1-84121-778-9Brothers GrimmThe Twelve Dancing Princesses
2001978-1-84121-799-4Tony Mitton · Martin ChattertonGroovy Greek Hero Raps
2003978-1-84121-810-6Emily SmithWhen Mum Threw Out The Telly (Red Apple)
2001978-1-84121-821-2Lauren ChildI Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed (Charlie and Lola)
  ''978-1-84121-823-6Malorie BlackmanI Want a Cuddle
  ''978-1-84121-826-7Jane SimmonsDaisy And The Egg (Little Orchard Board Book)
2002978-1-84121-830-4Lauren ChildThat Pesky Rat
2001978-1-84121-831-1Jean UreGet A Life (Black Apples)
2002978-1-84121-835-9Jean UrePink Knickers Aren't Cool (Girlfriends)
  ''978-1-84121-839-7   ''Girls Stick Together! (Girlfriends)
2002978-1-84121-843-4Jean UreGirls Are Groovy! (Girlfriends)
  ''978-1-84121-847-2   ''Boys Are Ok! (Girlfriends)
2001978-1-84121-853-3Tony MittonDown By The Cool Of The Pool
2006978-1-84121-896-0Jane SimmonsEbb And Flo And The Sea Monster
2004978-1-84121-898-4   ''Daisy And The Moon
2003978-1-84121-904-2Anthony MastersHunted (Predator)
  ''978-1-84121-906-6Anthony MastersShark Attack (Predator)
  ''978-1-84121-910-3   ''Deathtrap (Predator)
2002978-1-84121-918-9Lauren ChildClarice Bean, Utterly Me
2004978-1-84121-920-2   ''Clarice Bean Spells Trouble
2002978-1-84121-926-4Jerry SpinelliStargirl (Black Apple)
  ''978-1-84121-928-8John ButlerWhile You Were Sleeping (Little Orchard Board Book)
2002978-1-84121-930-1Claire Freedman · Penny DannBlossom's Teatime Party Book (Secret Fairy)
2001978-1-84121-975-2Jane SimmonsDaisy Poster A2 2001
  ''978-1-84121-995-0Tv Tie-InMona the Vampire A2 Poster
  ''978-1-84121-999-8Debi GlioriFlora's Blanket A2 Poster