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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-1-4083-2380-9Rosie BanksFairytale Forest: Book 11 (Secret Kingdom)
2012978-1-4083-2384-7Daisy MeadowsElizabeth the Jubilee Fairy: Special (Rainbow Magic)
  ''978-1-4083-2385-4James MayhewKatie in London: Jubilee Edition
2016978-1-4083-2396-0Adam BladeSolak Scourge of the Sea: Series 12 Book 1 (Beast Quest)
  ''978-1-4083-2397-7Adam BladeKajin the Beast Catcher: Series 12 Book 2 (Beast Quest)
  ''978-1-4083-2399-1   ''Vigrash the Clawed Eagle: Series 12 Book 4 (Beast Quest)
  ''978-1-4083-2401-1   ''Kama the Faceless Beast: Series 12 Book 6 (Beast Quest)
2013978-1-4083-2408-0   ''Viktor the Deadly Archer: Special 11 (Beast Quest)
2013978-1-4083-2410-3Adam BladeAnoret the First Beast: Special 12 (Beast Quest)
  ''978-1-4083-2433-2Giles AndreaeI Love You
  ''978-1-4083-2437-0Geraldine McCaughreanOrchard Greek Myths
  ''978-1-4083-2438-7Giles AndreaeI Love My Daddy Board Book
  ''978-1-4083-2510-0Daisy MeadowsJennifer the Babysitter Fairy: Special (Rainbow Magic)
2013978-1-4083-2614-5Jonathan MeresMay Require Batteries: Book 4 (The World of Norm)
2014978-1-4083-2634-3Britta TeckentrupThe Memory Tree
  ''978-1-4083-2641-1James MayhewKatie's London Christmas
2015978-1-4083-2642-8   ''Katie: Katie's London Christmas
2016978-1-4083-2644-2James MayhewElla Bella Ballerina and A Midsummer Night's Dream
2013978-1-4083-2645-9Ally CarterPerfect Scoundrels: Book 3 (Heist Society)
2014978-1-4083-2648-0R J AndersonNomad (Faery Rebels)
2013978-1-4083-2743-2Daisy MeadowsBelle the Birthday Fairy (Rainbow Magic Early Reader)
  ''978-1-4083-2745-6   ''Summer the Holiday Fairy (Rainbow Magic Early Reader)
  ''978-1-4083-2839-2Jonathan MeresMay Be Contagious: Book 5 (The World of Norm)
2015978-1-4083-2936-8Giles AndreaeMad About Mega Beasts!
2014978-1-4083-2949-8Jonathan MeresMay Need Rebooting: Book 6 (The World of Norm)
  ''978-1-4083-2951-1   ''Must Be Washed Separately: Book 7 (The World of Norm)
2013978-1-4083-2974-0Daisy MeadowsMy Rainbow Fairies Collection (Rainbow Magic)
  ''978-1-4083-3002-9Lemony SnicketThe Dark
2014978-1-4083-3003-6Lemony SnicketThe Dark
2014978-1-4083-3004-3Giles AndreaeGiraffes Can't Dance Touch-and-Feel Board Book (Touch & Feel)
2015978-1-4083-3012-8Mike BrownlowTen Little Princesses
2014978-1-4083-3018-0Gillian PhilipThe Lost Children: Book 1 (Mysteries of Ravenstorm Island)
  ''978-1-4083-3025-8Jamie ThomsonEternal Detention: Book 3 (Dark Lord)
  ''978-1-4083-3026-5Jamie ThomsonThe Wrong Side of the Galaxy: Book 1
2013978-1-4083-3040-1My Little PonyThe Big Book of Equestria (My Little Pony)
  ''978-1-4083-3043-2My Little PonySticker Colouring Book (My Little Pony)
2016978-1-4083-3066-1Daisy MeadowsLila and Myla the Twins Fairies: Special (Rainbow Magic)
2014978-1-4083-3122-4G M Berrow · My Little PonyRainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare (My Little Pony)
  ''978-1-4083-3123-1G.M. Berrow · My Little PonyTwilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell (My Little Pony)
2014978-1-4083-3125-5Emma DoddI Love Cats!
  ''978-1-4083-3134-7My Little PonySuper Sticker Fun (My Little Pony)
2016978-1-4083-3160-6Rachel BrightThe Lion Inside
2017978-1-4083-3164-4Rachel BrightThe Koala Who Could
2015978-1-4083-3190-3James MayhewKatie: Katie and the British Artists
2014978-1-4083-3191-0   ''Katie: Katie and the Dinosaurs
  ''978-1-4083-3192-7   ''Katie and the Impressionists
2014978-1-4083-3193-4James MayhewKatie In London
  ''978-1-4083-3240-5   ''Katie's Picture Show
  ''978-1-4083-3241-2   ''Katie in Scotland
2015978-1-4083-3242-9   ''Katie: Katie and the Spanish Princess
2014978-1-4083-3244-3   ''Katie and the Sunflowers
2016978-1-4083-3248-1Chris d'LaceyThe Wearle: Book 1 (The Erth Dragons)
2015978-1-4083-3270-2Margaret MayoBig Digger ABC: An A to Z of things that go! (Awesome Engines)
2014978-1-4083-3377-8Daisy MeadowsGiselle the Christmas Ballet Fairy: Special (Rainbow Magic)
2015978-1-4083-3401-0Mike BrownlowTen Little Dinosaurs
2016978-1-4083-3403-4Mike BrownlowTen Little Monsters
2015978-1-4083-3406-5Jonathan MeresMay Contain Buts: Book 8 (The World of Norm)
  ''978-1-4083-3425-6Teri TerryMind Games
2016978-1-4083-3428-7Teri TerryBook of Lies
2015978-1-4083-3437-9Ally CarterAll Fall Down: Book 1 (Embassy Row)
2014978-1-4083-3459-1Giles AndreaeThe Lion Who Wanted To Love: Board Book
  ''978-1-4083-3525-3Tony MittonBumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus Board Book
2015978-1-4083-3590-1Giles AndreaeI Love My Granny
  ''978-1-4083-3591-8   ''I Love My Granny
2019978-1-4083-3643-4Saviour PirottaThe Unicorn Prince
2016978-1-4083-3644-1Jane RayThe Nutcracker
2015978-1-4083-3647-2Daisy MeadowsHeidi the Vet Fairy: Special (Rainbow Magic)
2016978-1-4083-3678-6   ''Lacey the Little Mermaid Fairy: The Fairytale Fairies Book 4 (Rainbow Magic)
2017978-1-4083-3685-4James MayhewElla Bella Ballerina and the Magic Toyshop
2014978-1-4083-3693-9My Little PonyBumper Sticker Book (My Little Pony)
2015978-1-4083-3695-3G.M. Berrow · My Little PonyApplejack and the Secret Diary Switcheroo (My Little Pony)
  ''978-1-4083-3699-1My Little PonyFashion Boutique Dress-Up Sticker Book (My Little Pony)
2015978-1-4083-3702-8G.M. Berrow · My Little PonyFluttershy and the Furry Friends Fair (My Little Pony)
  ''978-1-4083-3704-2   ''Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity (My Little Pony)
2014978-1-4083-3710-3Giles AndreaeMad About Dinosaurs!
2015978-1-4083-3744-8Daisy MeadowsLucy Longwhiskers Finds a Friend (Magic Animal Friends)
  ''978-1-4083-3806-3Mike BrownlowTen Little Pirates
2016978-1-4083-3831-5G.M. Berrow · My Little PonyPrincess Celestia and the Royal Rescue (My Little Pony)
  ''978-1-4083-3862-9Zena SutherlandThe Orchard Book of Nursery Rhymes
2015978-1-4083-3897-1Laurence AnholtGoing to Nursery (Anholt Family Favourites)
  ''978-1-4083-3943-5Daisy MeadowsMartha the Doctor Fairy: The Helping Fairies Book 1 (Rainbow Magic)
2015978-1-4083-3998-5Rosie BanksFairy Charm: Book 31 (Secret Kingdom)
  ''978-1-4083-4008-0   ''Genie Wish: Book 33 (Secret Kingdom)
2015978-1-4083-4010-3Rosie BanksPixie Spell: Book 34 (Secret Kingdom)
  ''978-1-4083-4012-7   ''Mermaid Magic: Book 32 (Secret Kingdom)
  ''978-1-4083-4023-3Lindsay MattickFinding Winnie: The Story of the Real Bear Who Inspired Winnie-the-Pooh
2016978-1-4083-4102-5Jerry SpinelliStargirl
  ''978-1-4083-4145-2My Little PonyMy Little Pony Annual 2017
  ''978-1-4083-4149-0G.M. Berrow · My Little PonyPrincess Luna and the Winter Moon Festival (My Little Pony)
2016978-1-4083-4151-3My Little PonyHoliday Fun Sticker and Activity Book (My Little Pony)
  ''978-1-4083-4193-3Jonathan MeresIncludes Delivery: Book 10 (The World of Norm)
  ''978-1-4083-4293-0My Little PonyMy Little Pony Creative Colouring Book
2017978-1-4083-4472-9   ''Princess Ponies Sticker and Activity Book (My Little Pony)
2019978-1-4083-4921-2Rachel BrightThe Way Home For Wolf
2018978-1-4083-4956-4Chris d'LaceyThe New Age: Book 3 (The Erth Dragons)
2019978-1-4083-5087-4Magda BrolWhen the Crocodiles Came to Town
2017978-1-4083-5229-8PokémonThe Official Pokémon Encyclopedia Special Edition: With Exclusive Board Game and Figurine
2019978-1-4083-5363-9Corrinne AverissMy Pet Star
2018978-1-4083-5473-5PokémonThe Official Pokémon 1001 Sticker Book
  ''978-1-4083-5951-8Sara HollandEvermore: Book 2 (Everless)
  ''978-1-4083-5952-5Sara HollandEvermore: Book 2 (Everless)