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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-84362-010-5Shoo RaynerThe Bone Man (Little Horrors)
2004978-1-84362-012-9Shoo RaynerThe Shadow Man (Little Horrors)
  ''978-1-84362-013-6Martin WaddellRoom For A Little One
2005978-1-84362-014-3Martin WaddellRoom For A Little One
2003978-1-84362-016-7Daisy MeadowsRuby the Red Fairy
  ''978-1-84362-017-4Daisy MeadowsAmber the Orange Fairy (Rainbow Magic - Rainbow Fairies)
  ''978-1-84362-018-1   ''Saffron the Yellow Fairy: 3 (Rainbow Magic): 5
  ''978-1-84362-019-8   ''Fern the Green Fairy (Rainbow Magic - Rainbow Fairies)
2003978-1-84362-020-4Daisy MeadowsSky the Blue Fairy (Rainbow Magic - Rainbow Fairies): The Rainbow Fairies Book 5
  ''978-1-84362-021-1   ''Izzy the Indigo Fairy
978-1-84362-022-8   ''Heather the Violet Fairy: The Rainbow Fairies Book 7 (Rainbow Magic)
2005978-1-84362-035-8James MayhewKatie and the Bathers
2004978-1-84362-036-5Ursula JonesThe Witch's Children: The Witch's Children and the Queen
2002978-1-84362-040-2Giles AndreaeGiraffes Can't Dance
  ''978-1-84362-041-9Giles AndreaeRumble in the Jungle
2004978-1-84362-072-3Christine Morton-ShawItzy Bitzy House
2002978-1-84362-075-4Penny DannThe Secret Fairy: Handbook
  ''978-1-84362-076-1Penny DannParty Book: With Paper Gifts (Secret Fairy)
2004978-1-84362-091-4Margaret MayoThe Magical Mermaid (Magical Tales)
2002978-1-84362-099-0Jane SimmonsDaisy Loves Playtime - Shaped Board (Little Orchard Board Book)
  ''978-1-84362-102-7Nigel GrayA Balloon For Grandad
2004978-1-84362-134-8Chris d'LaceyIcefire
2003978-1-84362-142-3Margaret MayoEmergency!: Board Book (Awesome Engines)
2005978-1-84362-145-4Jeanne WillisLillibet The Monster Vet (Crazy Jobs)
2005978-1-84362-146-1Jeanne WillisJeff The Witch's Chef (Crazy Jobs)
2005978-1-84362-148-5Jeanne WillisVanessa The Werewolf Hairdresser (Crazy Jobs)
  ''978-1-84362-149-2   ''Bert The Fairies' Fashion Expert (Crazy Jobs)
2004978-1-84362-154-6   ''Jeff The Witch's Chef (Crazy Jobs)
2005978-1-84362-155-3   ''Annie The Gorilla Nanny (Crazy Jobs)
2004978-1-84362-156-0   ''Vanessa The Werewolf Hairdresser (Crazy Jobs)
2005978-1-84362-158-4Jeanne WillisGabby The Vampire Cabbie (Crazy Jobs)
  ''978-1-84362-159-1   ''Norman, The Demon Doorman (Crazy Jobs)
  ''978-1-84362-160-7   ''Iddy Bogi The Ogre Yogi (Crazy Jobs)
2004978-1-84362-179-9Sarah GibbThe Bridesmaid's Diary
2005978-1-84362-180-5Andrew MatthewsThe Orchard Book of Best-Loved Stories from Hans Christian Andersen
2003978-1-84362-183-6Michael ColemanWeirdo's War (Black Apple)
2002978-1-84362-195-9Paul O.ZelinskyThe Wheels on the Bus
2003978-1-84362-206-2Thomas RockwellHow To Eat Fried Worms (Red Apple)
1997978-1-84362-207-9Thomas RockwellHow to Get Fabulously Rich
2003978-1-84362-208-6   ''How To Fight A Girl (Red Apple)
  ''978-1-84362-211-6Nicola SmeeFreddie Goes To Playgroup (Toddler Books)
  ''978-1-84362-215-4Nicola SmeeFreddie Has A Haircut (Freddie's First Experiences)
2003978-1-84362-216-1Nicola SmeeFreddie Goes To The Seaside (Freddie's First Experiences)
  ''978-1-84362-217-8   ''Freddie's First Experiences: Freddie Goes On An Aeroplane
2003978-1-84362-218-5Nicola SmeeFreddie Visits The Dentist (Freddie's First Experiences)
  ''978-1-84362-220-8Penny DannSing-Along Rhymes: Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  ''978-1-84362-221-5   ''Sing-Along Rhymes: Five In The Bed
  ''978-1-84362-222-2   ''Sing-Along Rhymes: Old Macdonald Had A Farm
2007978-1-84362-227-7Rose ImpeyMonster And Frog and the Terrible Toothache
  ''978-1-84362-228-4Rose ImpeyMonster And Frog and the Big Adventure
2007978-1-84362-230-7Rose ImpeyMonster And Frog and the Slippery Wallpaper
  ''978-1-84362-231-4   ''Monster and Frog Get Fit
  ''978-1-84362-232-1   ''Monster and Frog Mind The Baby
2007978-1-84362-233-8Rose ImpeyMonster And Frog and the All-In-Together Cake
2004978-1-84362-264-2Theresa TomlinsonBlitz Baby
2005978-1-84362-265-9Theresa TomlinsonBlitz Baby (Green Orchard)
2004978-1-84362-267-3Geraldine McCaughreanJalopy (Green Apple)
2005978-1-84362-269-7Gene KempThe Haunted Piccolo (Red Apple)
2014978-1-84362-271-0Michael MorpurgoOrchard Aesop's Fables (Orchard Book of)
2004978-1-84362-272-7Jane SimmonsCome On, Daisy!
  ''978-1-84362-273-4   ''Daisy And The Egg
  ''978-1-84362-274-1   ''Daisy And The Beastie
2005978-1-84362-281-9Mandy SutcliffeEvie's Seaside Lullaby
2004978-1-84362-283-3Jamie RixGiddy Goat
  ''978-1-84362-284-0David WojtowyczFizz The Fire Engine! (Little Wheelies)
  ''978-1-84362-285-7James MayhewKatie In London
2004978-1-84362-289-5Stephen GulbisLily And The Magical Moonbeam
  ''978-1-84362-290-1Paul Rogers · Emma RogersRuby's Dressed!
2003978-1-84362-298-7Geraldine McCaughreanThe Orchard Book Of Stories From The Ballet
  ''978-1-84362-304-5Lauren ChildClarice Bean, Utterly Me
  ''978-1-84362-306-9Robert SwindelsThe Orchard Book of Stories from Ancient Egypt
  ''978-1-84362-308-3Geraldine McCaughreanThe Orchard Book Of Roman Myths
2004978-1-84362-333-5Rose ImpeyTitchy Witch 24 D/Pack Full
2003978-1-84362-344-1Michael LawrenceThe Snottle (Jiggy McCue)
2003978-1-84362-353-3Penny DannThe Secret Fairy: The Secret Mermaid Handbook: Pop-Up Book with Paper Gifts
2004978-1-84362-354-0Julia JarmanKangaroo's Cancan Cafe
2006978-1-84362-355-7Sean TaylorWhen A Monster Is Born
  ''978-1-84362-356-4Michael LawrenceThe Griffin And Oliver Pie
2004978-1-84362-362-5John ButlerCan You Cuddle Like A Koala?
2005978-1-84362-363-2Jane SimmonsDaisy And The Moon
2004978-1-84362-366-3Lauren ChildI Am Too Absolutely Small For School (Charlie and Lola)
2003978-1-84362-373-1Chris d'LaceyIcefire
2005978-1-84362-383-0Sally GrindleyDear Max
2004978-1-84362-389-2Ceri WormanThe Secret Life of Jamie B - Superspy
2005978-1-84362-390-8   ''Rapstar (The Secret Life of Jamie B)
  ''978-1-84362-391-5Malorie BlackmanEllie And The Cat (Orchard Green Apple)
2007978-1-84362-393-9Sally Grindley & Lindsey GardinerPoppy and Max and the Fashion Show (Poppy & Max) (Poppy & Max)
2008978-1-84362-394-6Sally GrindleyPoppy And Max And The Lost Puppy HB: Poppy and Max and the Lost Puppy (Poppy & Max)
  ''978-1-84362-395-3   ''Poppy and Max and the River Picnic (Poppy & Max)
2004978-1-84362-396-0James MayhewKatie and the Dinosaurs
2004978-1-84362-397-7James MayhewKatie's Picture Show
2007978-1-84362-399-1Sally Grindley & Lindsey GardinerPoppy and Max and the Fashion Show (Poppy & Max)
2004978-1-84362-400-4Margaret MayoFirst Fairy Tales
  ''978-1-84362-403-5   ''Choo Choo Clickety-Clack! (Awesome Engines)
2008978-1-84362-404-2Sally GrindleyPoppy and Max and the Snow Dog (Poppy & Max)
  ''978-1-84362-405-9   ''Poppy and Max and the Sore Paw (Poppy & Max)
  ''978-1-84362-409-7   ''Poppy and Max and the Noisy Night (Poppy & Max)
  ''978-1-84362-410-3   ''Poppy and Max and Too Many Muffins (Poppy & Max)
2004978-1-84362-413-4Adele GerasThe Ballet Class (Tutu Tilly)
2004978-1-84362-414-1Wendy CoolingWith Love: A Celebration of Words and Pictures for the Very Young
  ''978-1-84362-416-5Michael LawrenceA Crack In The Line: The Aldous Lexicon: Pt. 1
2005978-1-84362-418-9Giles AndreaeBilly Bonkers
  ''978-1-84362-421-9Joan LingardTilly And The Wild Goats
2004978-1-84362-424-0Jane RayThe Orchard Book Of Bible Stories
2006978-1-84362-431-8Martin WaddellBoneless And The Tinker (Tales of Ghostly Ghouls and Haunting Horrors)
2004978-1-84362-435-6Robert SwindellsThe Orchard Book Of Viking Stories
2005978-1-84362-436-3Ian WhybrowFaraway Farm
  ''978-1-84362-438-7Margaret MayoChoo Choo Clickety-Clack! (Awesome Engines)
  ''978-1-84362-444-8Shoo RaynerBluebeard's Cat (Scaredy Cats)
2004978-1-84362-448-6Gill LobelHazel. Not A Nut (Black Apples)
2006978-1-84362-451-6Cressida Cowell · Neal LaytonThat Rabbit Belongs To Emily Brown
2007978-1-84362-453-0Cressida CowellThat Rabbit Belongs To Emily Brown
2006978-1-84362-454-7Margaret MayoFirst Fairy Tales: Puss In Boots
2006978-1-84362-456-1Margaret MayoFirst Fairy Tales: The Frog Prince
2005978-1-84362-457-8Margaret MayoFirst Fairy Tales: The Frog Prince
  ''978-1-84362-458-5Sarah GarlandStan And His Gran (Orchard Picture Books)
2004978-1-84362-460-8David WojtowyczCan You Choo Choo Too?
2005978-1-84362-472-1Tony BradmanJason And The Voyage To The Edge Of The World (The Greatest Adventures in the World)
  ''978-1-84362-473-8Tony BradmanAli Baba And The Stolen Treasure (The Greatest Adventures in the World)
  ''978-1-84362-474-5   ''Robin Hood And The Silver Arrow (The Greatest Adventures in the World)
  ''978-1-84362-475-2   ''Arthur And The King's Sword (The Greatest Adventures in the World)
2005978-1-84362-476-9Tony BradmanWilliam Tell And The Apple For Freedom (The Greatest Adventures in the World)
  ''978-1-84362-477-6   ''Aladdin And The Fabulous Genie (The Greatest Adventures in the World)
2004978-1-84362-480-6Jane SimmonsShout Daisy SHOUT! or Shout, Daisy, Shout
2003978-1-84362-485-1Jerry SpinelliMilkweed
2005978-1-84362-486-8Anna NilsenPet Peepers
  ''978-1-84362-487-5Anna NilsenPeople Peepers
  ''978-1-84362-488-2   ''Farm Peepers
2005978-1-84362-489-9Anna NilsenJungle Peepers
2004978-1-84362-490-5Penny DannBeauty Parlour Handbag: Novelty Book with Accessories (The Secret Fairy)
2005978-1-84362-494-3James MayhewWho Wants A Dragon?
2009978-1-84362-510-0Linda NewberyPosy
2005978-1-84362-513-1Penny DannThe Secret Fairy: Letters
2008978-1-84362-519-3Sally GrindleyPoppy and Max and the Big Wave (Poppy & Max)
2005978-1-84362-521-6Chris d'LaceyFirestar (The Last Dragon Chronicles)
2006978-1-84362-522-3   ''Fire Star
  ''978-1-84362-542-1Giles AndreaeKeep Love In Your Heart, Little One
2004978-1-84362-549-0Fiona DunbarThe Lulu Baker Trilogy: The Truth Cookie: Book 1
2005978-1-84362-560-5Rose ImpeyThe Shooting Star
  ''978-1-84362-562-9Mary GreenTiger Tom
  ''978-1-84362-581-0Patricia Reilly GiffPictures Of Hollis Woods (Red Apples)
2004978-1-84362-582-7Laurence AnholtSophie and the New Baby
  ''978-1-84362-583-4Laurence AnholtBilly and the Big New School
2004978-1-84362-584-1Laurence AnholtGood Days Bad Days
2005978-1-84362-587-2Hiawyn OramMr Strongmouse And The Baby
2006978-1-84362-588-9Hiawyn OramMr Strongmouse And The Baby (Picture Books)
2004978-1-84362-593-3Andrew MatthewsThe Orchard Book of Legends of King Arthur
2005978-1-84362-598-8John ButlerCan You Cuddle Like A Koala?
  ''978-1-84362-600-8Julia JarmanKangaroo's Cancan Cafe
  ''978-1-84362-603-9Christine Morton-ShawItzy Bitzy House
  ''978-1-84362-605-3Julia JarmanBig Red Bath (Orchard Red Apple)
2007978-1-84362-606-0Trevor Dickinson · Emma CarlowKitty Princess And The Fantastic Frog
2006978-1-84362-607-7Mandy SutcliffeEvie's Seaside Lullaby
2005978-1-84362-608-4Tony MittonSpookyrumpus
  ''978-1-84362-609-1Giles AndreaeDinosaurs Galore!
2004978-1-84362-614-5Sue LimbYou're Amazing Mr Jupiter (Orchard Red Apple)
2007978-1-84362-617-6Karen WallaceThunderbelle's Spooky Night (Monster Mountain)
2004978-1-84362-633-6Daisy MeadowsCrystal The Snow Fairy: The Weather Fairies Book 1 (Rainbow Magic)
2004978-1-84362-634-3Daisy MeadowsAbigail the Breeze Fairy
2016978-1-84362-635-0   ''Pearl The Cloud Fairy: The Weather Fairies Book 3 (Rainbow Magic)
2004978-1-84362-636-7   ''Evie: The Mist Fairy (Rainbow Magic - Weather Fairies): The Weather Fairies Book 5
978-1-84362-637-4   ''Storm The Lightning Fairy: The Weather Fairies Book 6 (Rainbow Magic)
2004978-1-84362-638-1Daisy MeadowsHayley: The Rain Fairy (Rainbow Magic - Weather Fairies): The Weather Fairies Book 7
2006978-1-84362-640-4Deirdre MaddenSnakes' Elbows (Red Apple)
2016978-1-84362-641-1Daisy MeadowsGoldie the Sunshine Fairy
2004978-1-84362-647-3Michael LawrenceNudie Dudie (A Jiggy McCue Story)
2005978-1-84362-649-7Bernard AshleyTen Days To Zero
2006978-1-84362-651-0John ButlerTen In The Den
2005978-1-84362-660-2Chris d'LaceyShrinking Ralph Perfect (Red Apples)
2004978-1-84362-661-9Daisy MeadowsHolly the Christmas Fairy: Special (Rainbow Magic)
2006978-1-84362-668-8Jane RayThe Happy Prince
2007978-1-84362-674-9Debi GlioriMr Bear To The Rescue
2004978-1-84362-675-6Tony MittonBumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus (Book & Tape)
  ''978-1-84362-678-7Jane SimmonsWhere The Fairies Fly (Book & Tape)
2009978-1-84362-681-7Lauren ChildClarice Bean, Utterly Me
2005978-1-84362-683-1Rose ImpeyMy Scary Fairy Godmother (Red Apple)
  ''978-1-84362-684-8Dawn ApperleyPrincess Rosebud
2004978-1-84362-685-5Adrian MitchellDaft As A Doughnut
2005978-1-84362-688-6Fiona DunbarThe Lulu Baker Trilogy: Cupid Cakes: Book 2
  ''978-1-84362-689-3   ''The Lulu Baker Trilogy: Chocolate Wishes: Book 3
  ''978-1-84362-690-9Sally GrindleyBravo Max
2006978-1-84362-691-6   ''Bravo Max
2005978-1-84362-692-3Tony MittonCome To Tea On Planet Zum-Zee
2004978-1-84362-693-0Sophie WindhamThe Orchard Book of Nursery Stories
2005978-1-84362-695-4Jane RayNoah's Ark
2008978-1-84362-710-4Vivian FrenchDraglins and the Fire
2005978-1-84362-720-3Brian KeaneyJacob's Ladder (Black Apple)
2006978-1-84362-721-0Brian KeaneyJacob's Ladder (Black Apples)
2005978-1-84362-725-8Livi Michael43 Bin Street
2005978-1-84362-727-2Amber DeckersElla Mental and The Good Sense Guide
2007978-1-84362-728-9Amber DeckersLiberty Belle I Love You, Goodbye
2005978-1-84362-729-6Shoo RaynerFrankatstein (Scaredy Cats)
  ''978-1-84362-730-2   ''Foggy Moggy Inn (Scaredy Cats)
  ''978-1-84362-731-9   ''Catula (Scaredy Cats)
2005978-1-84362-732-6Shoo RaynerCatkin Farm (Scaredy Cats)
  ''978-1-84362-733-3   ''Bluebeard's Cat (Scaredy Cats)
  ''978-1-84362-744-9   ''The Killer Catflap (Scaredy Cats)
  ''978-1-84362-745-6   ''Dr Catkyll and Mr Hyde (Scaredy Cats)
  ''978-1-84362-746-3   ''Catnapped (Scaredy Cats)
2006978-1-84362-747-0Tony MittonCome To Tea On Planet Zum-Zee
2007978-1-84362-748-7Tony MittonSpookyrumpus (Book & CD)
2004978-1-84362-752-4   ''Raps: Fangtastic Raps
  ''978-1-84362-753-1   ''Raps: Monster Raps
  ''978-1-84362-754-8   ''Raps: Robin Hood Raps
  ''978-1-84362-755-5   ''Raps: Royal Raps
2004978-1-84362-756-2Tony MittonRaps: Scary Raps
2006978-1-84362-780-7Saviour PirottaArachne, The Spider Woman (First Greek Myths)
  ''978-1-84362-781-4Saviour PirottaThe Secret Of Pandora's Box (First Greek Myths)
  ''978-1-84362-782-1   ''King Midas's Goldfingers (First Greek Myths)
  ''978-1-84362-783-8   ''Odysseus and The Wooden Horse (First Greek Myths)
  ''978-1-84362-785-2   ''Icarus, The Boy Who Could Fly (First Greek Myths)
2006978-1-84362-786-9Saviour PirottaPerseus and The Monstrous Medusa (First Greek Myths)
2005978-1-84362-788-3Anthony HorowitzHorowitz Horror: v. 1: Nine Nasty Stories to Chill You to the Bone (Black Apples)
  ''978-1-84362-789-0Anthony HorowitzHorowitz Horror 2: Eight Sinister Stories You'll Wish You'd Never Read: v. 2 (Black Apples)
  ''978-1-84362-794-4Giles AndreaeIt's Heaven Having You (Little Orchard Board Book)
2007978-1-84362-801-9Debi GlioriMr Bear To The Rescue
  ''978-1-84362-802-6   ''Mr Bear's New Baby
2005978-1-84362-818-7Daisy MeadowsCherry the Cake Fairy (Rainbow Magic - Party Fairies): The Party Fairies Book 1
2005978-1-84362-819-4Daisy MeadowsMelodie The Music Fairy: The Party Fairies Book 2 (Rainbow Magic)
  ''978-1-84362-820-0   ''Grace the Glitter Fairy (Rainbow Magic - Party Fairies)
  ''978-1-84362-821-7   ''Honey the Sweet Fairy (Rainbow Magic - Party Fairies)
  ''978-1-84362-822-4   ''Rainbow Magic: Polly the Party Fun Fairy
  ''978-1-84362-823-1   ''Phoebe the Fashion Fairy (Rainbow Magic - Party Fairies): The Party Fairies Book 6
2005978-1-84362-824-8Daisy MeadowsJasmine the Present Fairy (Rainbow Magic - Party Fairies)
  ''978-1-84362-830-9Penny DannThe Secret Fairy: Boutique
2005978-1-84362-831-6Penny DannParty Book (The Secret Fairy)
  ''978-1-84362-832-3   ''The Secret Fairy: Handbook
  ''978-1-84362-833-0   ''Christmas Handbook (The Secret Fairy)
  ''978-1-84362-835-4John MclayThirteen
  ''978-1-84362-839-2Ian WhybrowStar Baby
2005978-1-84362-840-8Jane SimmonsEbb And Flo And The Baby Seal
  ''978-1-84362-841-5   ''Ebb And Flo And The Greedy Gulls
  ''978-1-84362-842-2   ''Ebb And Flo And Their New Friend
2007978-1-84362-844-6Debi GlioriMr Bear: Mr Bear's Picnic
2005978-1-84362-849-1Penny DannSticker Activity Book (The Secret Fairy)
  ''978-1-84362-853-8Laurence AnholtGoing to Nursery
2005978-1-84362-854-5Laurence AnholtThe New Puppy
  ''978-1-84362-855-2   ''Harry's Home
  ''978-1-84362-858-3Lauren ChildClarice Bean Spells Trouble
  ''978-1-84362-859-0VIVIAN FRENCH · Sarah GibbPrincess Emily And The Beautiful Fairy (The Tiara Club)
  ''978-1-84362-860-6   ''Princess Katie and the Silver Pony (The Tiara Club)
2005978-1-84362-861-3VIVIAN FRENCH · Sarah GibbPrincess Alice And The Magical Mirror (The Tiara Club)
  ''978-1-84362-862-0Vivian FrenchPrincess Sophia and the Sparkling Surprise (The Tiara Club)
  ''978-1-84362-863-7VIVIAN FRENCH · Sarah GibbPrincess Charlotte and the Birthday Ball (The Tiara Club)
  ''978-1-84362-864-4   ''Princess Daisy And The Dazzling Dragon (The Tiara Club)
  ''978-1-84362-866-8Geraldine McCaughreanThe Orchard Book of Greek Gods and Goddesses
2005978-1-84362-869-9Daisy MeadowsStella The Star Fairy: Special (Rainbow Magic)
2006978-1-84362-870-5Michael LawrenceSmall Eternities (The Aldous Lexicon)
  ''978-1-84362-875-0   ''The Aldous Lexicon: The Underwood See
2005978-1-84362-879-8Michael LawrenceNeville The Devil (Jiggy McCue)
2006978-1-84362-885-9Belinda HollyerThe Truth About Josie Green (Red Apple)
  ''978-1-84362-926-9Cassandra GoldsClair De Lune (Red Apple)
2007978-1-84362-933-7Debi GlioriI Love You (Mr Bear)
  ''978-1-84362-935-1   ''Tickly Under There (Mr Bear)
2008978-1-84362-937-5Rose Impey · Katharine McEwen · KatharineTitchy Witch: Slipcase: Titchy-Witch (Twitchy-Witch)
2006978-1-84362-938-2Michael ColemanThe Bear Kingdom: The Howling Tower
2008978-1-84362-940-5Jean UreJust 16
2007978-1-84362-943-6Belinda HollyerRiver Song
2005978-1-84362-946-7Ceri WormanThe Secret Life of Jamie B Hero.com
2006978-1-84362-950-4Gill LobelBest Daddy in all The World
2005978-1-84362-953-5Daisy MeadowsSophie the Sapphire Fairy (Rainbow Magic - Jewel Fairies)
2009978-1-84362-954-2   ''Scarlett the Garnet Fairy: The Jewel Fairies Book 2 (Rainbow Magic)
2014978-1-84362-955-9   ''Emily the Emerald Fairy: The Jewel Fairies Book 3 (Rainbow Magic)
2016978-1-84362-956-6   ''Chloe the Topaz Fairy: The Jewel Fairies Book 4 (Rainbow Magic)
2016978-1-84362-957-3Daisy MeadowsAmy the Amethyst Fairy: The Jewel Fairies Book 5 (Rainbow Magic)
  ''978-1-84362-958-0   ''India the Moonstone Fairy: The Jewel Fairies Book 1 (Rainbow Magic)
2005978-1-84362-959-7   ''Lucy the Diamond Fairy: The Jewel Fairies Book 7 (Rainbow Magic)
  ''978-1-84362-960-3   ''Summer The Holiday Fairy: Special (Rainbow Magic)
2006978-1-84362-961-0Margaret MayoChoo Choo Clickety-Clack!
2009978-1-84362-984-9Rose ImpeyPirate Patch and the Chest of Bones
2006978-1-84362-994-8Jane SimmonsDaisy And The Moon (Daisy Duck)
2007978-1-84362-996-2John ButlerTen In The Meadow
  ''978-1-84362-997-9Penny DannFriends (The Secret Fairy)