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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2009978-1-84905-821-6Terence StephensonSwine Flu/H1N1 - The Facts (Export Edition)
2010978-1-84905-822-3Robbie WoliverAlphabet Kids - From ADD to Zellweger Syndrome: A Guide to Developmental, Neurobiological and Psychological Disorders for Parents and Professionals
  ''978-1-84905-823-0Jonathan ShailorPerforming New Lives: Prison Theatre
  ''978-1-84905-824-7Sally KirkHope for the Autism Spectrum: A Mother and Son Journey of Insight and Biomedical Intervention
  ''978-1-84905-825-4Margaret "Pegi" PriceDivorce and the Special Needs Child: A Guide for Parents
  ''978-1-84905-826-1Rudy SimoneAspergirls: Empowering Females with Asperger Syndrome
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2010978-1-84905-831-5Debra L. Cumberland and Bruce E. MillsSiblings and Autism: Stories Spanning Generations and Cultures
2011978-1-84905-832-2Geri Giebel ChavisPoetry and Story Therapy: The Healing Power of Creative Expression (Writing for Therapy or Personal Development)
2010978-1-84905-833-9Brenda BattsReady, Set, Potty!: Toilet Training for Children with Autism and Other Developmental Disorders
  ''978-1-84905-834-6John MergesSocial Enjoyment Groups for Children, Teens and Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Guiding Toward Growth
2011978-1-84905-835-3Barbara R. LesterMy Parent has an Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Workbook for Children and Teens
  ''978-1-84905-836-0EdD Liane Holliday WilleySafety Skills for Asperger Women: How to Save a Perfectly Good Female Life
2010978-1-84905-837-7Carol L. Spears and Vicki L. TurnerRising to New Heights of Communication and Learning for Children with Autism: The Definitive Guide to Using Alternative-Augmentative Communication, ... and Learning Supports at Home and School
2011978-1-84905-838-4Ann Futterman CollierUsing Textile Arts and Handcrafts in Therapy with Women: Weaving Lives Back Together
2010978-1-84905-839-1Cheryl R. CarterOrganize Your ADD/ADHD Child: A Practical Guide for Parents
2011978-1-84905-840-7Lee R. ChasenSocial Skills, Emotional Growth and Drama Therapy: Inspiring Connection on the Autism Spectrum
2010978-1-84905-841-4Susan Larson KiddMy Child Has Autism, Now What?: 10 Steps to Get You Started
2011978-1-84905-842-1Bonnie ThomasCreative Expression Activities for Teens: Exploring Identity through Art, Craft and Journaling
  ''978-1-84905-843-8Deborah LipskyFrom Anxiety to Meltdown: How Individuals on the Autism Spectrum Deal with Anxiety, Experience Meltdowns, Manifest Tantrums, and How You Can Intervene Effectively
  ''978-1-84905-844-5Eric B. MillerBio-Guided Music Therapy: A Practitioner's Guide to the Clinical Integration of Music and Biofeedback
2011978-1-84905-845-2Ashley StanfordBusiness for Aspies: 42 Best Practices for Using Asperger Syndrome Traits at Work Successfully
  ''978-1-84905-846-9Lois Jean Brady and Jim Elliott America X GonzalezSpeech in Action: Interactive Activities Combining Speech Language Pathology and Adaptive Physical Education
978-1-84905-847-6Shana Nichols · Brigid Sinclair RankowskiA Girl's Guide to Growing Up on the Autism Spectrum
2011978-1-84905-848-3Albert J. CotugnoMaking Sense of Social Situations: How to Run a Group-Based Intervention Program for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  ''978-1-84905-849-0Hayoung A. LimDevelopmental Speech-Language Training through Music for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Theory and Clinical Application
2013978-1-84905-850-6Donald McCownThe Ethical Space of Mindfulness in Clinical Practice: An Exploratory Essay
978-1-84905-851-3Donald McCownMindfulness & Autism
2011978-1-84905-852-0Claire GolombThe Creation of Imaginary Worlds: The Role of Art, Magic and Dreams in Child Development
  ''978-1-84905-853-7Ayelet Kantor, Cooper R. Woodard, and Lewis P. Lipsitt June GrodenHow Everyone on the Autism Spectrum, Young and Old, can...: become Resilient, be more Optimistic, enjoy Humor, be Kind, and increase Self-Efficacy - A Positive Psychology Approach
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2012978-1-84905-859-9Jessica Perich CarletonStory Drama in the Special Needs Classroom: Step-by-Step Lesson Plans for Teaching through Dramatic Play
2013978-1-84905-860-5Frances BloomgardenScientific Approach to Artbased Assessme
2011978-1-84905-861-2Karra M. BarberThe Social and Life Skills MeNu: A Skill Building Workbook for Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  ''978-1-84905-862-9Lisa A. Timms60 Social Situations and Discussion Starters to Help Teens on the Autism Spectrum Deal with Friendships, Feelings, Conflict and More: Seeing the Big Picture
2012978-1-84905-863-6Ed.D. Michael P. McManmonMade for Good Purpose: What Every Parent Needs to Know to Help Their Adolescent with Asperger's, High Functioning Autism or a Learning Difference Become an Independent Adult
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2011978-1-84905-867-4Signe WhitsonHow to Be Angry: An Assertive Anger Expression Group Guide for Kids and Teens
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2011978-1-84905-878-0Marci Wheeler and Kealah Parkinson Susan MorenoThe Partner's Guide to Asperger Syndrome
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2012978-1-84905-883-4Rudy Simone22 Things a Woman with Asperger's Syndrome Wants Her Partner to Know
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2012978-1-84905-889-6Susan I. BuchalterMandala Symbolism and Techniques: Innovative Approaches for Professionals
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2013978-1-84905-896-4Joseph PinsonInvolving Senior Citizens in Group Music Therapy
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2012978-1-84905-913-8Laura VickersFlying to See Janet: A Fun Guide to the Airport Experience
2013978-1-84905-914-5Hal Wright CFP®The Complete Guide to Creating a Special Needs Life Plan: A Comprehensive Approach Integrating Life, Resource, Financial, and Legal Planning to Ensure a Brighter Future for a Person with a Disability
2012978-1-84905-915-2Jennifer Cook O'TooleThe Asperkid's (Secret) Book of Social Rules: The Handbook of Not-So-Obvious Social Guidelines for Tweens and Teens with Asperger Syndrome
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978-1-84905-926-8Autism and Its Medical Management
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2013978-1-84905-945-9Lisa RogersVisual Supports for Visual Thinkers: Practical Ideas for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Special Educational Needs
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  ''978-1-84905-947-3Christy OslundSucceeding as a Student in the STEM Fields with an Invisible Disability: A College Handbook for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Students ... or Learning Difficulties and their Families
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2013978-1-84905-950-3Emery Hurst MikelThe Art of Business: A Guide for Creative Arts Therapists Starting on a Path to Self-Employment
  ''978-1-84905-951-0Ashley StanfordTroubleshooting Relationships on the Autism Spectrum: A User's Guide to Resolving Relationship Problems
  ''978-1-84905-952-7Alan M. HultquistCan I tell you about Dyslexia?: A guide for friends, family and professionals
2014978-1-84905-953-4Amanda Alders PikeImproving Memory through Creativity: A Professional's Guide to Culturally Sensitive Cognitive Training with Older Adults
2013978-1-84905-954-1Deborah LipskyHow People with Autism Grieve, and How to Help: An Insider Handbook
  ''978-1-84905-955-8Christy OslundSupporting College and University Students with Invisible Disabilities: A Guide for Faculty and Staff Working with Students with Autism, AD/HD, ... Disorders, Anxiety, and Mental Illness
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2014978-1-84905-959-6   ''The Asperkid's Game Plan: Extraordinary Minds, Purposeful Play... Ordinary Stuff
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  ''978-1-84905-968-8Bonnie ThomasHow to Get Kids Offline, Outdoors, and Connecting with Nature: 200+ Creative activities to encourage self-esteem, mindfulness, and wellbeing
2015978-1-84905-969-5Raychelle Cassada LohmannTeen Anxiety: A CBT and ACT Activity Resource Book for Helping Anxious Adolescents
2013978-1-84905-970-1Judith Canty Graves and Carson GravesParents Have the Power to Make Special Education Work: An Insider Guide
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2016978-1-84905-972-5Mcgann Vanessa and LChildren of Suicide
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2015978-1-84905-976-3George Fitchett and Steve NolanSpiritual Care in Practice: Case Studies in Healthcare Chaplaincy
2014978-1-84905-977-0Lisa A. KurtzSimple Low-Cost Games and Activities for Sensorimotor Learning: A Sourcebook of Ideas for Young Children Including Those with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Other Learning Differences
  ''978-1-84905-978-7Julie KnappA Complete ABA Curriculum for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum with a Developmental Age of 1-4 Years: A Step-by-Step Treatment Manual Including ... Skill (A Journey of Development Using ABA)
  ''978-1-84905-979-4   ''A Complete ABA Curriculum for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum with a Developmental Age of 3-5 Years: A Step-by-Step Treatment Manual Including ... Skills (A Journey of Development Using ABA)
  ''978-1-84905-980-0   ''A Complete ABA Curriculum for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum with a Developmental Age of 4-7 Years: A Step-by-Step Treatment Manual Including ... Skills (A Journey of Development Using ABA)
2014978-1-84905-981-7Julie KnappA Complete ABA Curriculum for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum with a Developmental Age of 7 Years Up to Young Adulthood: A Step-by-Step Treatment ... Skills (A Journey of Development Using ABA)
  ''978-1-84905-982-4Nikki GiantLife Coaching for Kids: A Practical Manual to Coach Children and Young People to Success, Well-being and Fulfilment
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2014978-1-84905-986-2Joel ShaulThe Conversation Train: A Visual Approach to Conversation for Children on the Autism Spectrum
  ''978-1-84905-987-9John DeGarmo and Kelly DeGarmoA Different Home: A New Foster Child's Story
2015978-1-84905-988-6Shawnee Thornton HardyAsanas for Autism and Special Needs: Yoga to Help Children with their Emotions, Self-Regulation and Body Awareness
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2014978-1-84905-990-9Lee R. ChasenEngaging Mirror Neurons to Inspire Connection and Social Emotional Development in Children and Teens on the Autism Spectrum: Theory into Practice through Drama Therapy
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2014978-1-84905-992-3Alfred J. MalinowskiSelf-Care for the Mental Health Practitioner: The Theory, Research, and Practice of Preventing and Addressing the Occupational Hazards of the Profession
  ''978-1-84905-993-0Jean DemetrisGrandma's Box of Memories: Helping Grandma to Remember
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2014978-1-84905-995-4Bill NasonThe Autism Discussion Page on anxiety, behavior, school, and parenting strategies: A toolbox for helping children with autism feel safe, accepted, and competent
  ''978-1-84905-996-1Elise Geither and Lisa MeeksHelping Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder Express their Thoughts and Knowledge in Writing: Tips and Exercises for Developing Writing Skills
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