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1995978-1-57145-017-3George C., Dr McGavinInsects of North America (Science Nature Guides)
  ''978-1-57145-018-0Susan McKeeverButterflies (Science Natures Guides)
  ''978-1-57145-019-7Susan McKeeverFreshwater Life (Science Nature Guides)
  ''978-1-57145-020-3Christiane GunziAmphibians and Reptiles (Science Nature Guides)
2001978-1-57145-044-9Al Strachan · Eric DuhatschekOne Hundred and One Years of Hockey: The Chronicle of a Century on Ice
1997978-1-57145-045-6Robert Redding · Bill YenneBoeing: Planemaker to the World
1995978-1-57145-063-0Katrin CargillEmbroidery: 25 Classic Step-By-Step Projects (Traditional Needle Arts)
1996978-1-57145-069-2Maurice PledgerAn Adventure with Billy Bunny (Peek and Find (PGW))
  ''978-1-57145-070-8Maurice PledgerAn Adventure With Bobby Bear (Peek and Find (PGW))
1996978-1-57145-071-5Maurice PledgerAn Adventure with Charlie Chick (A Peek and Find Book)
  ''978-1-57145-072-2   ''An Adventure With Morris Mouse (Peek and Find)
1997978-1-57145-075-3   ''Adventures of Winnie Wolf (Peek and Find (PGW))
1998978-1-57145-076-0   ''An Adventure with Olivia Owl (Peek and Find (PGW))
1997978-1-57145-077-7   ''Adventure With Polly Polar Bear (Peek and Find (PGW))
1998978-1-57145-078-4Maurice PledgerAn Adventure With Oscar Otter (A Peek & Find Book)
1999978-1-57145-099-9Rolf G. RennerEdward Hopper: Transformation of the Real: 1882-1967
  ''978-1-57145-126-2Marcel PaquetRene Magritte 1898-1967: Thought Rendered Visible (Thunder Bay Artists Series)
1996978-1-57145-130-9Ingo F. WaltherPablo Picasso 1881-1973: Genius of the Century (Thunder Bay Artists)
1997978-1-57145-131-6Peter H. FeistRenoir
  ''978-1-57145-132-3Duncan ClarkeArt of African Textiles
1998978-1-57145-145-3Jonathan WoodConcept Cars
  ''978-1-57145-146-0Kathryn HawkinsWhat's Cooking: Low Fat (What's Cooking Series)
  ''978-1-57145-148-4Emma PatmoreWhat's Cooking Baking
1998978-1-57145-150-7Penny StephensWhat's Cooking Italian
  ''978-1-57145-151-4Jacqueline BellefontaineWhat's Cooking Chocolate (What's Cooking Series)
  ''978-1-57145-152-1Shehzad HusainWhat's Cooking Indian
  ''978-1-57145-153-8Jenny Stacey · Jenny StacyWhat's Cooking Chinese
2002978-1-57145-156-9Bill YenneSan Francisco Then & Now (Then & Now)
1998978-1-57145-160-6Tom McCluskieAnatomy of the Titanic
  ''978-1-57145-161-3Chris StaerckAllied Photo Reconnaisance of World War II
1998978-1-57145-163-7Michael Sharpe · Tim LamingAviation Art
1999978-1-57145-172-9Antony PrestonSubmarine Warfare: An Illustrated History
  ''978-1-57145-175-0Tom McCluskie · Michael Sharpe · Leo MarriottTitanic & Her Sisters Olympic & Britannic
2002978-1-57145-177-4Elizabeth McNultyBoston Then and Now (Then & Now)
1999978-1-57145-180-4Tom BridgeWhat's Cooking: Chicken
  ''978-1-57145-181-1Jenny StaceyWhat's Cooking Vegetarian
  ''978-1-57145-182-8Kevin BrazendaleThe Encyclopedia of Classic Cars
  ''978-1-57145-183-5David DonaldThe Encyclopedia of Civil Aircraft
1999978-1-57145-184-2Bruce Fogle · A. T. B. EdneyThe Complete Illustrated Guide to Cat Care & Behavior: A Comprehensive and Practical Guide to Every Aspect of Cat Care
  ''978-1-57145-185-9Bruce Fogle DVMThe Complete Illustrated Guide to Dog Care & Behavior: A Comprehensive and Practical Guide to Every Aspect of Dog Care
2002978-1-57145-186-6Robert Burton · Stephen KressThe Audubon Backyard Birdwatcher: Birdfeeders and Bird Gardens
1999978-1-57145-191-0Alexander D. Mitchell IVWashington, D.C., Then and Now (Then & Now)
  ''978-1-57145-203-0Karen FarringtonFaberge
2000978-1-57145-223-8Robin Langley SommerThe Ultimate Book of Historic Barns: History, Legend, Lore, Form, Function, Symbolism, Romance
  ''978-1-57145-224-5Samuel Willard Compton · Michael J. RheinThe Ultimate Book of Lighthouses: History, Legend, Lore, Design, Technology, Romance
  ''978-1-57145-229-0Alan Smith · Chris JarreyA Step-by-Step Guide to Restoring & Repairing Furniture
2000978-1-57145-243-6Elizabeth McNultySt. Louis Then and Now (Then & Now)
2002978-1-57145-244-3James Madison CollinsSeattle Then and Now (Then & Now)
2000978-1-57145-246-7Chester G. HearnRebels and Yankees: Naval Battles of the Civil War
  ''978-1-57145-250-4Carole ClementsWhat's Cooking: Soups
  ''978-1-57145-251-1Jenny StaceyWhat's Cooking: Potatoes
  ''978-1-57145-252-8Carol TennantWhat's Cooking: Fish & Seafood
  ''978-1-57145-253-5Marlene SpielerWhat's Cooking: Mexican
2000978-1-57145-255-9Anne WhiteWhat's Cooking: Mediterranean
  ''978-1-57145-256-6Christine FranceWhat's Cooking: Thai
  ''978-1-57145-258-0Julia FernandezCuisines of the World: Mexico
  ''978-1-57145-261-0Antony PrestonThe World's Great Aircraft Carriers: From the Civil War to the Present
  ''978-1-57145-262-7Robert JacksonThe World's Great Battleships: From the Middle Ages to the Present
2000978-1-57145-265-8Ned NashOrchids
  ''978-1-57145-266-5Chris McNab · Andy WiestThe Illustrated History of the Vietnam War
  ''978-1-57145-268-9Dave GellyIcons of Jazz
2001978-1-57145-269-6Edmund Swinglehurst · Lawrence Alma-TademaLawrence Alma-Tadema (Fine Art Series)
  ''978-1-57145-270-2Edmund Swinglehurst · John Singer SargentJohn Singer Sargent (Fine Art Series)
  ''978-1-57145-272-6Edmund Swinglehurst · Charles Rennie MacKintoshCharles Rennie Mackintosh
2000978-1-57145-278-8Elizabeth McNultyChicago Then and Now (Then & Now)
2000978-1-57145-281-8Tony Bacon · Dave Burrluck · Paul Day · Michael WrightElectric Guitars: The Illustrated Encyclopedia
  ''978-1-57145-282-5Not AvailableThe Holy Bible, Illuminated Family Edition, King James Version
  ''978-1-57145-287-0David MillerThe Illustrated Book of Guns: An Illustrated Directory of over 1,000 Military, Sporting, and Antique Firearms
2001978-1-57145-295-5Roy Bacon · Roger Hicks · Mac McDiarmid · John TiplerThe Encyclopedia of Motorcycles
  ''978-1-57145-296-2Tony Gibbons · Roger Ford · Rob Hewson · Robert JacksonThe Encyclopedia of Ships
1998978-1-57145-302-0Richard ScarryThe Firefighter's Busy Day
  ''978-1-57145-303-7Richard ScarryMiss Honey's Busy Day
1998978-1-57145-304-4Richard ScarrySergeant Murphy's Busy Day
2002978-1-57145-321-1Maurice PledgerIn the Forest: A Nature Trail Book (Maurice Pledger Nature Trails)
  ''978-1-57145-322-8A.J. Wood · Becki WoodBy the Seashore: A Natural Trail Book (A Touch and Feel Adventure)
2001978-1-57145-330-3Amanda Morrison · Cally MatthewsSimple Handmade Furniture: 23 Step-by-Step Weekend Projects
2002978-1-57145-333-4Emma FoaLet's Start! Modeling With Clay: Contains Everything You Need to Get Going (Let's Start!)
  ''978-1-57145-352-5Maurice PledgerIn the Rain Forest: A Maurice Pledger Nature Trail Book: Touch-and-Feel Adventure (Maurice Pledger Nature Trails)
  ''978-1-57145-353-2A. J. Wood · Maurice PledgerOn the Mountain: A Touch-and-Feel Adventure (A Nature Trail Book)
1998978-1-57145-372-3james-r-leiningerDavid's Great Battle - The Beginner's Bible
2002978-1-57145-380-8Lynn CouttsLet's Start! Stamp Art: Contains Everything You Need to Get Going
2000978-1-57145-424-9Dennis SchatzTotally Bugs
2002978-1-57145-425-6Dennis SchatzTotally Dinosaurs
2000978-1-57145-444-7Barbara Taylor · Steve PollockDiscovery Plus: Animal Kingdom
  ''978-1-57145-445-4Frances A. Dipper · Jane ParkerDiscovery Plus: Oceans & Rain Forests
2000978-1-57145-446-1Anita Ganeri · Fiona MacdonaldDiscovery Plus: Pyramid Builders
  ''978-1-57145-447-8Dougal Dixon · Andrew CharmanPrehistoric Worlds: An Interactive Book with Tabs, Folds, Flaps, Acetates, and Wheels (Discovery Plus Series)
  ''978-1-57145-448-5Nick GrahamDiscovery Plus: Bodyworks
  ''978-1-57145-449-2Helen Young · Chris OxladeDiscovery Plus: Weather & Sky
2001978-1-57145-453-9A.J. WoodIn The Ocean (Nature Trails)
  ''978-1-57145-470-6Ken FitzgeraldDallas Then and Now (Then & Now)
2001978-1-57145-471-3Linda Dodds · Carolyn BuanPortland Then and Now (Then & Now)
  ''978-1-57145-474-4Michael RoseAtlanta: Then and Now
  ''978-1-57145-479-9Richard PlattPopular Science Datafiles: Technology and Communications
  ''978-1-57145-492-8Debbie Roberts · Ian SmithCreating Garden Ponds and Water Features
  ''978-1-57145-493-5William C. DavisPortraits of the Riverboats
2002978-1-57145-494-2Bathroom Readers' InstituteUncle John's All-Purpose Extra-Strength Bathroom Reader (Uncle John's Bathroom Reader #13)
2003978-1-57145-495-9Katharine GaspariniCool Food: 200 Easy and Refreshing Recipes for Lazy Days
2001978-1-57145-511-6Katrina Hall · Denise W. TaylorThe Complete Book of Home Stenciling
2001978-1-57145-519-2Penny BoylanPainting on Glass
  ''978-1-57145-537-6Alison Jenkins100 Things You Don't Need a Man For
  ''978-1-57145-555-0Richard TamesDiscovery Plus: Knights and Battles
2009978-1-57145-556-7Maurice PledgerSounds of the Wild: Safari (Pledger Sounds)
2002978-1-57145-561-1Dave HunterGuitar: A Complete Guide for the Player
2001978-1-57145-562-8Henry Russell · Chris PellantEncyclopedia of Rocks, Minerals, and Gemstones
  ''978-1-57145-564-2Tod Rafferty100 Harleys
  ''978-1-57145-568-0Benjamin MyersBen Myers' Best American Beers
2002978-1-57145-574-1Nick Freeth · Cliff DouseGreat Guitarists: Icons of Music
2001978-1-57145-578-9Maurice PledgerPing Ping Panda
2001978-1-57145-579-6Maurice PledgerKippy Koala
  ''978-1-57145-580-2Staff of BotanicaBotanica's Gardening Encyclopedia
  ''978-1-57145-582-6Isabel De CordovaTransfer: Images on Glass, Fabric, Ceramic, Stone, Paper, Metal, Plastic and Wood
  ''978-1-57145-583-3Amanda Hammond · Tiffany Manning · Nigel NoyesIlluminate: Living With Candles
2002978-1-57145-593-2Eric EndersBallparks Then and Now (Then & Now Thunder Bay)
2001978-1-57145-594-9Peter ChanBonsai
2002978-1-57145-595-6Michael Sharpe · Graham Duke · Philip BirtlesAirport: Behind the Scenes of Commercial Aviation
1999978-1-57145-606-9Nigel CawthorneThe Art of Japanese Prints
1997978-1-57145-608-3David ClarkFuchsia (A Care Manual)
  ''978-1-57145-609-0Colin LewisBonsai (A Care Manual)
1998978-1-57145-619-9Tony Mace · Suzanne Mace · Laurel Glen PublishingCactus & Succulents (A Care Manual)
1998978-1-57145-620-5Kenneth N. E. Cox · Laurel GlenRhododendrons (A Care Manual)
2001978-1-57145-624-3Kristina Feliciano · Jo Lethaby · Jason ThompsonMaking Memory Books and Journals by Hand
1998978-1-57145-627-4Emma Biggs · Tessa HunkinMosaic (Stylish & Simple)
1999978-1-57145-637-3Mary Toomey · Barry FretwellClematis (A Care Manual)
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1999978-1-57145-649-6BotanicaBotanica's Trees & Shrubs: Over 1000 Pages & over 2000 Plants Listed
1997978-1-57145-651-9Kelly Hoppen · Kathy PhillipsTable Chic
1999978-1-57145-654-0Elaine GreenGlorious Stenciling: Creating vibrant patterns with stencils
2000978-1-57145-655-7Tracy Graivier BellCrazy Mosaic
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2002978-1-57145-688-5Alexander D. Mitchell IVBaltimore Then and Now
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  ''978-1-57145-690-8Iain ThomsonFrank Lloyd Wright in Pop-up
2001978-1-57145-692-2John RaineGarden Lighting
  ''978-1-57145-693-9Jack Falla · Jack BattenQuest for the Cup: A History of the Stanley Cup Finals, 1893-2001
2002978-1-57145-697-7Bathroom Readers' Hysterical SocietyUncle John's Bathroom Reader: Plunges into History
  ''978-1-57145-698-4Bathroom Readers' InstituteUncle John's Supremely Satisfying Bathroom Reader
2001978-1-57145-701-1Gordon RamsayGordon Ramsay's Just Desserts
2002978-1-57145-712-7Dennis SchatzTotally Reptiles (Totally Books)
2002978-1-57145-715-8Editors of Thunder Bay PressLe Cordon Bleu Complete Cook: Home Collection
2009978-1-57145-718-9Jan StradlingThe Human Body (The Wonders Inside)
2002978-1-57145-720-2Kate Haxell · Philip HaxellSimple Handmade Garden Furniture: 23 Step-By-Step Weekend Projects (Simple Handmade Furniture)
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2002978-1-57145-774-5Ronne RandallCheer Up, Little Duck: Touch and Play (Little Friends Series)
  ''978-1-57145-776-9Ros Taylor · Sandra Scott · Roy Leighton7 Days to Confidence: Practical Strategies to Transform Your Life
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2003978-1-57145-789-9Luann Colombo · Jennifer FairmanUncover the Human Body: An Uncover It Book
  ''978-1-57145-790-5Dennis SchatzUncover a T-Rex: An Uncover It Book
2003978-1-57145-791-2Paul Beck · Dave Dunford · Stephan KuhnUncover a Race Car: An Uncover It Book
2002978-1-57145-792-9Marcia ReissBrooklyn Then and Now (Then and Now)
  ''978-1-57145-793-6Joshua DinarDenver Then and Now (Then & Now)
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2002978-1-57145-806-3Christopher F. FossThe Encyclopedia of Tanks and Armored Fighting Vehicles: The Comprehensive Guide to over 900 Armored Fighting Vehicles from 1915 to the Present Day
2002978-1-57145-812-4Stephanie L. Tourles · Norma Pasekoff WeinbergHerbal Home Spa: A Natural Approach to Beautiful Hair, Skin, Hands, and Feet
  ''978-1-57145-813-1Joyce A. Wardwell · Greta Breedlove · Colleen K. DodtHerbal Well-Being: Simple Recipes for Making Your Own Herbal Medicines, Aromatherapy Blends, and Herbal Body-Care Formulas
  ''978-1-57145-814-8Bathroom Readers' InstituteUncle John's Biggest Ever Bathroom Reader
  ''978-1-57145-816-2Dorothy WoodCreative Glass: Decorating Glass With Wire, Beads, and Mosaic
  ''978-1-57145-818-6Judyth McLeodBotanica's Organic Gardening: The Healthy Way to Live and Grow (Botanica's Gardening Series)
2003978-1-57145-823-0Toby BucklandGarden Boundaries: 20 Projects for Trellises, Walls, Fences, Gates, Screens, and Hedges
2003978-1-57145-824-7Richard KeyGarden Surfaces: 20 Projects for Paths, Decks, Steps, Patios, and Edgings
2002978-1-57145-825-4Alison Jenkins100 More Things You Don't Need a Man For!: Exterior Home and Yard Maintenance
  ''978-1-57145-826-1Vatcharin BhumichitrVatch's Thai Street Food
  ''978-1-57145-827-8C. Scott LittletonMythology: The Illustrated Anthology of World Myth and Storytelling
  ''978-1-57145-828-5Martino Fagiuoli · Alfredo GuevaraCuba
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2002978-1-57145-830-8Antonio Carluccio · Priscilla CarluccioCarluccio's Complete Italian Food
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  ''978-1-57145-832-2   ''Quick Food: 200 Easy Everyday Ideas for Busy Cooks
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  ''978-1-57145-839-1Joseph Romain · James DuplaceyThe Pictorial History of Hockey
2002978-1-57145-842-1Sue Phillips · Neil SutherlandThe Container Gardening Encyclopedia
  ''978-1-57145-844-5Sue PhillipsThe Small Garden Encyclopedia
  ''978-1-57145-847-6Martha Gill · Mark McCauley · Mark McCanley · Anna KasabianColor Your Home Beautiful: Ideas and Solutions
  ''978-1-57145-848-3Lisa Skolnik · Maryellen DriscollLampshades & Lighting: The Project and Decorative Sourcebook
  ''978-1-57145-849-0Helen Thompson · Wanda JankowskiDream Kitchens: Recipes and Ideas for Modern Kitchens
2002978-1-57145-850-6Bathroom Readers' Hysterical SocietyUncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into the Universe (Uncle John Presents)
  ''978-1-57145-852-0Arva Moore Parks · Carolyn KlepserMiami Then and Now (Then & Now)
  ''978-1-57145-853-7Su Kim ChungLas Vegas Then and Now
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  ''978-1-57145-861-2Fiona DunlopNew Tapas: Culinary Travels With Spains Top Chefs
2002978-1-57145-865-0Jr. James CampiCivil War Battlefields Then and Now (Then & Now Thunder Bay)
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  ''978-1-57145-867-4Bathroom Readers' InstituteUncle John's Bathroom Reader for Kids Only!
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  ''978-1-57145-869-8Gwen BaileyWhat Is My Cat Thinking?: The Essential Guide to Understanding Pet Behavior
2002978-1-57145-870-4Gwen BaileyWhat Is My Dog Thinking?: The Essential Guide to Understanding Pet Behavior
  ''978-1-57145-873-5Bathroom Readers' InstituteUncle John's Ahh-Inspiring Bathroom Reader
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  ''978-1-57145-880-3Edward Arthur MaugerPhiladelphia Then and Now (Then & Now)
2002978-1-57145-881-0Jacqueline BurnsThe Handbag Book of Girly Emergencies
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  ''978-1-57145-888-9Tracy Graivier Bell · Sarah KellyCrazy Mosaic
  ''978-1-57145-891-9Bathroom Readers' Hysterical InstituteUncle John's Ahh-Inspiring Bathroom Reader Limited Edition (Bathroom Reader Series)
2003978-1-57145-897-1A. J. WoodBeetles and Bugs: A Maurice Pledger Nature Trail Book
2002978-1-57145-898-8Dugald SteerSnappy Little Colors: Discover a Rainbow of Colors
2003978-1-57145-899-5Dug Steer · Claire NielsonSnappy Little Bugs: A Pop-Up Book
2002978-1-57145-902-2Dugald SteerSnappy Little Dinosaurs: Have Some Prehistoric Fun!
  ''978-1-57145-904-6   ''Snappy Little Farmyard: Spend a Day Down on Snappy Farm
2002978-1-57145-906-0Dugald SteerSnappy Little Opposites: A Big and Small Book of Surprises
2009978-1-57145-907-7Jan StradlingBugs and Spiders (The Wonders Inside)
2003978-1-57145-911-4Derek MatthewsSnappy Farm: A Magnetic Fun Book
  ''978-1-57145-912-1Derek MatthewsSnappy Travel: A Magnetic Fun Book
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  ''978-1-57145-921-3Dugald SteerSnappy Little Zoo
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2003978-1-57145-924-4Susan BerryContainer Topiary
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2003978-1-57145-967-1Chart StudioThe 5 Senses: Real Science Made Easy
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  ''978-1-57145-969-5   ''General Science: Real Science Made Easy
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2003978-1-57145-973-2Nikki SimsRobot Rover: An Inventor's Handbook Kit
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2003978-1-57145-978-7Wendy StephenThe Essential Dessert Cookbook
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2003978-1-57145-985-5Brooks RobardsHistoric America: The South
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2003978-1-57145-998-5Rachel CarterThe Essential Vegetarian Cookbook
  ''978-1-57145-999-2Wendy StephenThe Essential Christmas Cookbook