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978-1-137-00001-9Castro's Secrets: The CIA and Cuba's Intelligence Machine
2014978-1-137-00013-2Sarah MatthewsApproved Mental Health Practice: Essential Themes for Students and Practitioners
978-1-137-00028-6Extreme Weather: A Guide To Surviving Flash Floods, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Heat Waves, Snowstorms, Tsunamis, and Other Natural Disasters
978-1-137-00029-3Henry VIII and His Court :HENRY
978-1-137-00041-5Jay MonaghanBook of the American West
2013978-1-137-00069-9Thomas S. PopkewitzRethinking the History of Education: Transnational Perspectives on Its Questions, Methods, and Knowledge
2012978-1-137-00078-1Kylie CraneMyths of Wilderness in Contemporary Narratives: Environmental Postcolonialism in Australia and Canada (Literatures, Cultures, and the Environment)
2013978-1-137-00083-5Colin H. Professor WilliamsMinority Language Promotion, Protection and Regulation: The Mask of Piety (Language and Globalization)
  ''978-1-137-00089-7Florentina TaylorInternational Perspectives on Motivation: Language Learning and Professional Challenges (International Perspectives on English Language Teaching)
2012978-1-137-00090-3Daniela PîrvuCorporate Income Tax Harmonization in the European Union (Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions)
978-1-137-00092-7Historic Costume for the Stage
2013978-1-137-00097-2Suzanne M. VerderberThe Medieval Fold: Power, Repression, and the Emergence of the Individual (The New Middle Ages)
2012978-1-137-00100-9Thomas O. BeebeeTransmesis: Inside Translation's Black Box
2014978-1-137-00103-0Elaine Padilla · Peter C. PhanTheology of Migration in the Abrahamic Religions (Christianities of the World)
2012978-1-137-00106-1Erika T. LinShakespeare and the Materiality of Performance
2013978-1-137-00112-2Upamanyu Pablo MukherjeeNatural Disasters and Victorian Empire: Famines, Fevers and the Literary Cultures of South Asia
2012978-1-137-00137-5Ihab SaloulCatastrophe and Exile in the Modern Palestinian Imagination: Telling Memories (Literatures and Cultures of the Islamic World)
  ''978-1-137-00140-5Samuel CohnEmployment and Development under Globalization: State and Economy in Brazil (International Political Economy Series)
2014978-1-137-00144-3Meera Tiwari · Solava IbrahimThe Capability Approach: From Theory to Practice
2012978-1-137-00146-7Rosemary Thorp · Stefania Battistelli · Yvan GuichaouaThe Developmental Challenges of Mining and Oil: Lessons from Africa and Latin America (Conflict, Inequality and Ethnicity)
2014978-1-137-00163-4Professor David Armitage · Professor Alison BashfordPacific Histories: Ocean, Land, People
  ''978-1-137-00165-8Professor David Armitage · Professor Alison BashfordPacific Histories: Ocean, Land, People
  ''978-1-137-00166-5Toby Carroll · Darryl S. L. JarvisThe Politics of Marketising Asia (Studies in the Political Economy of Public Policy)
2011978-1-137-00182-5Juan Fernández de Guevara Radoselovics · José Pastor MonsálvezCrisis, Risk and Stability in Financial Markets (Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions)
2012978-1-137-00185-6José Pastor MonsálvezModern Bank Behaviour (Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions)
2012978-1-137-00227-3Steven E. AschheimAt the Edges of Liberalism: Junctions of European, German, and Jewish History (Palgrave Studies in Cultural and Intellectual History)
2014978-1-137-00232-7J. Michie · Paul Sparrow · C. CooperDo We Need HR?: Repositioning People Management for Success
2013978-1-137-00236-5Sheena Malhotra · Aimee Carillo RoweSilence, Feminism, Power: Reflections at the Edges of Sound
2012978-1-137-00239-6Hong ZengSemiotics of Exile in Contemporary Chinese Film (Semiotics and Popular Culture)
  ''978-1-137-00240-2Joseph Carroll · Jonathan Gottschall · John A. JohnsonGraphing Jane Austen: The Evolutionary Basis of Literary Meaning (Cognitive Studies in Literature and Performance)
  ''978-1-137-00243-3Russell LopezBuilding American Public Health: Urban Planning, Architecture, and the Quest for Better Health in the United States
978-1-137-00247-1Stories of F Scott Fitzgerald
2012978-1-137-00253-2David Allen HarveyThe French Enlightenment and Its Others: The Mandarin, the Savage, and the Invention of the Human Sciences (Palgrave Studies in Cultural and Intellectual History)
  ''978-1-137-00256-3Michael Patrick CullinaneLiberty and American Anti-Imperialism: 1898-1909
  ''978-1-137-00259-4Samuel W. CollinsThe Carolingian Debate Over Sacred Space (The New Middle Ages)
2014978-1-137-00260-0Mitchell StephensImagine There's No Heaven: How Atheism Helped Create the Modern World
2012978-1-137-00261-7Hollis R. LynchK. O. Mbadiwe: A Nigerian Political Biography, 1915-1990
2013978-1-137-00264-8Mike J. Thompson · David BevanWise Management in Organisational Complexity
2013978-1-137-00268-6Matteo MorgantiCombining Science and Metaphysics: Contemporary Physics, Conceptual Revision and Common Sense (New Directions in the Philosophy of Science)
978-1-137-00269-3The Nature of Historical Explanation
2012978-1-137-00271-6Dustin McWherterThe Problem of Critical Ontology: Bhaskar Contra Kant
978-1-137-00280-8Testimonium Animae Or Greek and Roman Befo
978-1-137-00281-5Cider House Rules Edition
2012978-1-137-00282-2Jawanza Eric ClarkIndigenous Black Theology: Toward an African-Centered Theology of the African-American Religious Experience (Black Religion/Womanist Thought/Social Justice)
2013978-1-137-00285-3Marshall Wise Jr. AlcornResistance to Learning: Overcoming the Desire Not to Know in Classroom Teaching (Psychoanalysis, Education and Social Transformation)
  ''978-1-137-00286-0Alex Mikulich · Laurie Cassidy · Margaret PfeilThe Scandal of White Complicity in US Hyper-Incarceration: A Nonviolent Spirituality of White Resistance (Content and Context in Theological Ethics)
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  ''978-1-137-00288-4Dennis E. Smith · Hal TaussigMeals in the Early Christian World: Social Formation, Experimentation, and Conflict at the Table
  ''978-1-137-00289-1David Joy · Joseph DugganDecolonizing the Body of Christ: Theology and Theory after Empire? (Postcolonialism and Religions)
2013978-1-137-00292-1Simone Van Der Burg · Tsjalling SwierstraEthics on the Laboratory Floor
2014978-1-137-00295-2Momin RahmanHomosexualities, Muslim Cultures and Modernity (Palgrave Politics of Identity and Citizenship Series)
1967978-1-137-00297-6Archibald R. Editor LewisAspects Of The Renaissance A Symposium
2013978-1-137-00298-3Marian RobertsA-Z of Mediation (Professional Keywords)
2014978-1-137-00301-0Barry, Gordon, Jean and Rixon, Andy CooperBest Practice with Children and Families: Critical Social Work Stories
2012978-1-137-00306-5Neil Smith · Patricia O'ConnellHow Excellent Companies Avoid Dumb Things: Breaking the 8 Hidden Barriers that Plague Even the Best Businesses
2013978-1-137-00307-2J. CecilOnline Video Revolution: How to Reinvent and Market Your Business Using Video
2012978-1-137-00308-9Donna Mitroff · Ian I. MitroffFables and the Art of Leadership: Applying the Wisdom of Mister Rogers to the Workplace
2008978-1-137-00316-4R. Levermore · A. BeacomSport and International Development (Global Culture and Sport Series)
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2012978-1-137-00339-3C. Gormley-HeenanTeaching Politics and International Relations
  ''978-1-137-00340-9Graduate Institute of International and Development StudiesInternational Development Policy: Aid, Emerging Economies and Global Policies
2013978-1-137-00341-6Matt DawsonLate Modernity, Individualization and Socialism: An Associational Critique of Neoliberalism
2013978-1-137-00347-8Rym Ayadi · Sami MouleyMonetary Policies, Banking Systems, Regulatory Convergence, Efficiency and Growth in the Mediterranean (Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions)
978-1-137-00348-5George Adam SmithBook of the Twelve Prophets Volume 1
2012978-1-137-00350-8Maisha L. WesterAfrican American Gothic: Screams from Shadowed Places (American Literature Readings in the Twenty-First Century)
978-1-137-00352-2Your Days Are Numbered
978-1-137-00357-7Story of Civilization 11VOL
2012978-1-137-00358-4Hakeem Ibikunle TijaniUnion Education in Nigeria: Labor, Empire, and Decolonization since 1945
  ''978-1-137-00361-4Roy G. SaltmanSacred Humanism without Miracles: Responding to the New Atheists
2014978-1-137-00362-1Peer SmetsMobilities and Neighbourhood Belonging in Cities and Suburbs
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2014978-1-137-00367-6Robert CockcroftPersuading People: An Introduction to Rhetoric
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2012978-1-137-00376-8John O'ShaughnessyConsumer Behaviour: Perspectives, Findings and Explanations
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  ''978-1-137-00382-9Stefano D'AmicoSpanish Milan: A City within the Empire, 1535-1706
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978-1-137-00404-8Commonwealth Vs Sacco and Vanzetti
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2014978-1-137-00421-5Michael NetzleyCorporate Reputation in Asia
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978-1-137-00441-3Free Fall Edition Am
978-1-137-00447-5John Milton a Readers Guide to His Poetry
978-1-137-00450-5Collected Poetry of Dorothy Parker
978-1-137-00475-8National Parks Revised and Enlarged Edition
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978-1-137-00530-4Pathfinder Or the Inland Sea
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