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1994978-0-89079-608-5M. N. HegdeIntroduction to Communicative Disorders
1995978-0-89079-609-2C. June Maker · Aleene B. NielsonTeaching Models in Education of the Gifted
  ''978-0-89079-610-8Donald D. Hammill · Nettie R. BartelTeaching Students With Learning and Behavior Problems: Managing Mild-To-Moderate Difficulties in Resource and Inclusive Settings
1993978-0-89079-611-5Margo A. MastropieriA Practical Guide for Teaching Science to Students With Special Needs in Inclusive Settings.
1994978-0-89079-612-2James M. Kauffman · Daniel P. HallahanThe Illusion of Full Inclusion: A Comprehensive Critique of a Current Special Education Bandwagon
1995978-0-89079-614-6M. N. HegdeIntroduction to Communicative Disorders Student Coursebook
1988978-0-89079-615-3Jean P. Edwards · Thomas E. ElkinsJust Between Us: A Social Sexual Training Guide for Parents and Professionals Who Have Concerns for Persons with Retardation
1995978-0-89079-616-0Margaret L. LemmeClinical Aphasiology (CONFERENCE ON CLINICAL APHASIOLOGY//CLINICAL APHASIOLOGY)
  ''978-0-89079-617-7Edward A. Workman · Alan M. KatzTeaching Behavioral Self-Control to Students
  ''978-0-89079-618-4Benjamin Leigh Brooks · David A. SabatinoPersonal Perspectives on Emotional Disturbance/Behavioral Disorders
  ''978-0-89079-619-1Bridgie Alexis Ford · Festus E. Obiakor · James M. PattonEffective Education of African American Exceptional Learners: New Perspectives
1995978-0-89079-620-7Joel HundertEnhancing Social Competence in Young Students: School-Based Approaches
  ''978-0-89079-623-8Paul ZiontsTeaching Disturbed and Disturbing Students: An Integrative Approach
  ''978-0-89079-624-5Donald F. TibbitsLanguage Intervention: Beyond the Primary Grades (For Clinicians by Clinicians)
1996978-0-89079-625-2Michael J. Breen · Craig R. FiedlerBehavioral Approach to Assessment of Youth With Emotional/Behavioral Disorders: A Handbook for School-Based Practitioners
1997978-0-89079-626-9Paul WehmanExceptional Individuals in School, Community, and Work
1996978-0-89079-627-6Merlin J. MechamCerebral Palsy (Pro-ed Studies in Communicative Disorders)
1995978-0-89079-629-0Lorna Idol · Ann Nevin · Phyllis Paolucci-WhitcombModels of Curriculum-Based Assessment: A Blueprint for Learning
1996978-0-89079-630-6Robert H. A. Haslam · Peter J. ValletuttiMedical Problems in the Classroom: The Teacher's Role in Diagnosis and Management
1995978-0-89079-631-3C. June Maker · Aleene B. NielsonCurriculum Development and Teaching Strategies for Gifted Learners
1990978-0-89079-633-7Marcia K. HenryWords: Integrated Decoding and Spelling Instruction Based on Word Origin and Word Structure
1996978-0-89079-635-1Michael Bender · Peter J. ValletuttiA Functional Curriculum for Teaching Students With Disabilities: Self-Care, Motor Skills, Household Management, and Living Skills
  ''978-0-89079-636-8Michael Bender · Peter J. ValletuttiA Functional Curriculum for Teaching Students With Disabilities: Nonverbal and Oral Communication
  ''978-0-89079-637-5Peter J. Valletutti · Michael Bender · Bernita Sims-TuckerA Functional Curriculum for Teaching Students With Disabilities: Functional Academics
1996978-0-89079-640-5Edna Mora Szymanski · Randall M. ParkerWork and Disability: Issues and Strategies in Career Development and Job Placement
  ''978-0-89079-641-2Marci J. HansonAtypical Infant Development
  ''978-0-89079-642-9Dale R. Jordan · Dale R. JordonOvercoming Dyslexia in Children, Adolescents, and Adults
  ''978-0-89079-643-6Phillip J. McLaughlin · Paul WehmanMental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
  ''978-0-89079-645-0Darlene Mannix100 Everyday Words to Read, Write and Understand
1996978-0-89079-646-7Robert J. Lowe · Jean BlosserWorkbook for the Identification of Phonological Processes
  ''978-0-89079-647-4Rosalyn Benjamin Darling · Christine BaxterFamilies in Focus: Sociological Methods in Early Intervention
  ''978-0-89079-648-1Samuel L. Odom · Mary E. McLeanEarly Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education: Recommended Practices
1995978-0-89079-650-4B. Keith Lenz · Edwin S. Ellis · David ScanlonTeaching Learning Strategies to Adolescents and Adults With Learning Disabilities
  ''978-0-89079-651-1Ronald C., Ph.D. Eaves · Phillip J. McLaughlinRecent Advances in Special Education and Rehabilitation
  ''978-0-89079-652-8Marcia Datlow SmithBehavior Modification for Exceptional Children and Youth
1995978-0-89079-653-5William N. BenderLearning Disabilities: Best Practices for Professionals
  ''978-0-89079-655-9Paul Wehman · Paul Sale · Wendy S. ParentSupported Employment: Strategies for Integration of Workers With Disabilities
  ''978-0-89079-656-6William A. GordonAdvances in Stroke Rehabilitation
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1995978-0-89079-659-7Wendy S. Parent · John Kregel · Paul WehmanVocational Integration Index: Measuring Integration of Workers With Disabilities
  ''978-0-89079-662-7John J. Hoover · James R. PattonTeaching Students With Learning Problems to Use Study Skills: A Teacher's Guide
  ''978-0-89079-663-4Joseph S. Kaplan · Jane CarterBeyond Behavior Modification: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Behavior Management in the School
  ''978-0-89079-664-1Mary M. Wood · Karen R. Davis · Faye L. Swindle · Constance QuirkDevelopmental Therapy-Developmental Teaching: Fostering Social-Emotional Competence in Troubled Children and Youth
1997978-0-89079-665-8Carol A. Dowdy · James R. Patton · Tom E. C. Smith · Edward A. PollowayAttention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for Teachers
1995978-0-89079-666-5William Woodrow Woolcock · Joseph W. DomarackiInstructional Strategies in the Community: A Resource Guide for Community Instruction for Persons With Disabilities
  ''978-0-89079-667-2Maureen Bissen NeuvilleSometimes I Get All Scribbly: Living With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
1995978-0-89079-670-2Dorothy McCarrMultiple Meanings for the Young Adult
  ''978-0-89079-671-9William D. BursuckHomework: Issues and Practices for Students With Learning Disabilities
1996978-0-89079-672-6Helen Smith CairnsThe Acquisition of Language (Pro-Ed Studies in Communicative Disorders)
  ''978-0-89079-673-3Lynn J. Meltzer · Bethany N. Roditi · Donna P. Haynes · Kathleen Rafter Biddle · Michelle Paster · Susan E. TaberStrategies for Success: Classroom Teaching Techniques for Students With Learning Problems
1995978-0-89079-674-0James L. CaseClinical Management of Voice Disorders
1996978-0-89079-680-1David M. LutermanCounseling Persons With Communication Disorders and Their Families
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  ''978-0-89079-682-5Nicholas James Long · William C. Morse · Ruth G. NewmanConflict in the Classroom: The Education of At-Risk and Troubled Students
1996978-0-89079-683-2Catherine Maurice · Gina Green · Stephen C. LuceBehavioral Intervention for Young Children With Autism: A Manual for Parents and Professionals
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1996978-0-89079-695-5Margaret L. LemmeClinical Aphasiology (CONFERENCE ON CLINICAL APHASIOLOGY//CLINICAL APHASIOLOGY)
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  ''978-0-89079-697-9Mary S. Poplin · Patricia Tefft CousinAlternative Views of Learning Disabilities: Issues for the 21st Century
1997978-0-89079-698-6Paul ZiontsInclusion Strategies for Students With Learning and Behavior Problems: Perspectives, Experiences, and Best Practices
  ''978-0-89079-699-3C. Woodruff Starkweather · Janet Givens-AckermanStuttering (Pro-Ed Studies in Communicative Disorders)
1997978-0-89079-701-3Kenneth BzochCommunicative Disorders Related to Cleft Lip and Palate
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1997978-0-89079-706-8Thomas F. HarringtonHandbook of Career Planning for Students With Special Needs
  ''978-0-89079-707-5Taddy MaddoxTests: A Comprehensive Reference for Assessments in Psychology, Education, and Business (Tests, 4th ed)
  ''978-0-89079-708-2Marilyn J. Krajicek · Geraldine Steinke · Dalice L. Hertzberg · Nicholas Anastasiow · Susan SandallHandbook for the Care of Infants, Toddlers, and Young Children With Disabilities and Chronic Conditions
  ''978-0-89079-709-9Taddy MaddoxTests: A Comprehensive Reference for Assessments in Psychology, Education, and Business
1998978-0-89079-710-5Diane Pedrotty RiveraMathematics Education for Students With Learning Disabilities: Theory to Practice
1997978-0-89079-711-2Barbara B. Shadden · Mary Ann TonerAging and Communication: For Clinicians by Clinicians
  ''978-0-89079-712-9Michael R. Benz · Lauren E. LindstromBuilding School-To-Work Programs: Strategies for Youth With Special Needs
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1998978-0-89079-714-3Richard I. Naugle · C. Munro Cullum · Erin D. BiglerIntroduction to Clinical Neuropsychology: A Casebook
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978-0-89079-724-2Michael BenderFunctional Curriculum for Teaching Stude
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1998978-0-89079-729-7M. N. HegdeTreatment Procedures in Communicative Disorders
  ''978-0-89079-730-3   ''Treatment Protocols in Communicative Disorders: Targets and Strategies
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1998978-0-89079-733-4Debra Ross-SwainGeriatric Treatment Manual: Practical Tasks & Activities for Stimulating Information Processing Skills
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1998978-0-89079-759-4Ron Van HoutenHow to Use Prompts to Initiate Behavior (How to Manage Behavior Series)
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