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Atypical Infant Development
Developing Cross-Cultural Competence: A Guide for Working with Children and Their Families
978-1-59857-163-92011Eleanor W. Lynch
Developing Cross-Cultural Competence: A Guide for Working With Children and Their Families
978-1-55766-744-12004   "
Early Intervention: Implementing Child and Family Services for Infants and Toddlers Who Are At-Risk or Disabled
978-0-89079-198-11989   "
Early Intervention Practices Around the World
978-1-55766-645-12003Samuel L. Odom · James A. Blackman
Frühgeborene pflegen - Eltern beraten und begleiten: Praxishandbuch zur Elternberatung und Entlassungsplanung von Früh- und Neugeborenen
978-3-456-85515-82015Kathleen A. Vandenberg
Homecoming for Babies 978-99943-691-7-11993   "
L'insegnamento al bambino Down. Guida pratica per l'intervento precoce 978-88-7946-062-01992
Me, Too!
On My Best Behavior
978-1-55766-513-32001Sonya Gutierrez Matias · Maria L. Morgan
Teaching the Infant With Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals
Understanding Families: Approaches to Diversity, Disability, and Risk
978-1-55766-699-42003Eleanor W. Lynch

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