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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-4164-0003-5Kathleen MontgomeryAuthentic Assessment: A Guide for Elementary Teachers
2005978-1-4164-0019-6Edwin L. HerrCounseling Employment Bound Youth (SIGNATURE SERIES (GREENSBORO, N.C.).)
  ''978-1-4164-0023-3John W. BloomCybercounseling And Cyberlearning: An Encore
  ''978-1-4164-0028-8Garry Richard Walz · Chris J. KirkmanHelping People Cope With Tragedy & Grief: Information Resources And Linkages
  ''978-1-4164-0030-1Eric Counseling and Student Services CleMaximizing School Guidance Program Effectiveness: A Guide for School Administrators and Program Directors
  ''978-1-4164-0032-5Amos SalesPreventing Substance Abuse: A Guide for School Counselors
2005978-1-4164-0033-2J. Scott HinklePromoting Optimum Mental Health Through Counseling: An Overview
  ''978-1-4164-0037-0Eric Counseling and Student Services CleSchool Counseling: New Perspectives and Practices
  ''978-1-4164-0041-7Suzy Mygatt WakefieldUnfocused Kids: Helping Students To Focus On Their Education And Career Plans: A Resource For Educators
2004978-1-4164-0043-1Bradley T. ErfordProfessional School Counseling: A Handbook Of Theories, Programs, & Practices
2005978-1-4164-0045-5Laura N., Ph.D. GitlinPhysical Function In Older Adults: A Comprehensive Guide To Its Meaning And Measurement
2006978-1-4164-0049-3Janet E. WallWhat Do I Like to Do?: 101 Activities to Identify Interests And Plan Careers
2005978-1-4164-0052-3Robert Sandieson · Val Sharpe · Jack HourcadeFoundations, Teachers, And Families In Developmental Disabilities
  ''978-1-4164-0057-8John J. Hoover · James R. PattonCurriculum Adaptations for Students With Learning And Behavior Problems: Differentiating Instruction to Meet Diverse Needs
  ''978-1-4164-0058-5David L. Lee · Saul AxelrodBehavior Modification: Basic Principles (Managing Behavior)
2006978-1-4164-0066-0Stephen TruchThe Wisc-IV Companion: A Guide to Interpretation And Educational Intervention
2006978-1-4164-0067-7Richard T. Roessler · Stanford E. RubinCase Management And Rehabilitation Counseling: Procedures And Techniques
2005978-1-4164-0082-0Melinda S. Rice · Joanne F. CarlisleImproving Reading Comprehension
  ''978-1-4164-0120-9Kenneth G. Shipley · Celeste Roseberry-McKibbinInterviewing And Counseling in Communicative Disorders: Principles And Procedures
2006978-1-4164-0126-1McKibbinAn Advanced Review of Speech Pathology: Preparation for PRAXIS and Comprehensive Examination
  ''978-1-4164-0127-8Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin · M. N. HegdeAn Advanced Review of Speech-Language Pathology: Preparation for PRAXIS And Comprehensive Examination
  ''978-1-4164-0128-5Celeste Roseberry-McKibbinAdvanced Review of Speech-Language Pathology: CD-ROM: Preparation for PRAXIS and Comprehensive Examination
  ''978-1-4164-0129-2Patricia A. PrelockAutism Spectrum Disorders: Issues in Assessment and Intervention
2006978-1-4164-0130-8Jan S. Handleman · Sandra L. HarrisSchool-age Education Programs For Children With Autism
2007978-1-4164-0134-6Mary M. Wood · Constance A. Quirk · Faye L. SwindleTeaching Responsible Behavior: Developmental Therapy-Developmental Teaching for Troubled Children and Adolescents
2006978-1-4164-0138-4Paul W. PowerA Guide to Vocational Assessment
  ''978-1-4164-0140-7Sharon Bradley-Johnson · C. Merle, Ph.D. JohnsonA Handbook for Writing Effective Psychoeducational Reports
  ''978-1-4164-0143-8VollrathPro-Ed Series on Autism Spectrum Disorders (8-Book Combo)
2007978-1-4164-0145-2Sonja R. De BoerHow to Do Discrete Trail Training (Pro-ed Series on Autism Spectrum Disorders)
2008978-1-4164-0146-9Marjorie H. Charlop-ChristyHow to Do Incidental Teaching (Pro-Ed Series on Autism Spectrum Disorders)
  ''978-1-4164-0147-6Peter SturmeyHow to Teach Verbal Behavior (Pro-ed Series on Autism Spectrum Disorders)
2006978-1-4164-0149-0Janine Peck Stichter · Maureen A. ConroyHow to Teach Social Skills And Plan for Peer Social Interactions (Pro-ed Series on Autism Spectrum Disorders)
  ''978-1-4164-0150-6Billy T., Ph.D. Ogletree · Thomas OrenHow to Use Augmentative And Alternative Communication (Pro-ed Series on Autism Spectrum Disorders)
2006978-1-4164-0153-7Jennifer B. Ganz · Katherine Tapscott Cook · Theresa Earles-VollrathHow to Write and Implement Social Scripts (Pro-ed Series on Autism Spectrum Disorders)
  ''978-1-4164-0163-6S. David GertzLiebman's Neuroanatomy Made Easy And Understandable
  ''978-1-4164-0192-6Patricia L. McAnally · Susan Rose · Stephen P. QuigleyReading Practices With Deaf Learners
2007978-1-4164-0207-7Lorna IdolModels for Curriculum-based Assessment: A Blueprint for Learning
  ''978-1-4164-0210-7Richard L. Simpson · Brenda Smith MylesEducating Children and Youth With Autism: Strategies for Effective Practice
  ''978-1-4164-0211-4Marilyn A. NippoldLater Language Development: School-age Children, Adolescents, And Young Adults
2006978-1-4164-0213-8John J. Hoover · James R. PattonTeaching Study Skills to Students With Learning Problems: A Teacher's Guide for Meeting Diverse Needs
2007978-1-4164-0217-6Anna Lou Pickett · Kent Gerlach · Robert Morgan · Marilyn Likins · Teri WallaceParaeducators in Schools: Strengthening the Educational Team
2007978-1-4164-0230-5Adriana Pena-Brooks · M. N. HegdeAssessment And Treatment of Articulation And Phonological Disorders in Children: A Dual-level Text
  ''978-1-4164-0231-2Adriana Pena-Brooks · M. N. HedgeArticulation and Phonological Disorders: Assessment and Treatment Resource Manual
  ''978-1-4164-0232-9Vera Bernard-opitzChildren With Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Structured Teaching and Experience-Based Program for Therapists, Teachers, and Parents
  ''978-1-4164-0238-1Amos SalesRehabilitation Counseling: An Empowerment Perspective
  ''978-1-4164-0240-4Katherine O. Synatschk · Gary M. Clark · James R. Patton · L. Rozelle CopelandInformal Assessments for Transition: Employment and Career Planning
2007978-1-4164-0248-0Keith E. WilliamsTreating Eating Problems of Children W/ Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities: Interventions for Professionals and Parents
  ''978-1-4164-0250-3Nicholas J. Long · William C. Morse · Frank A. Fecser · Ruth G. NewmanConflict in the Classroom: Positive Staff Support for Troubled Students
  ''978-1-4164-0251-0Stanford E. Rubin · Richard T. RoesslerFoundations of the Vocational Rehabilitation Process
  ''978-1-4164-0253-4Tom E. C. Smith · James R. PattonSection 504 and Public Schools
2008978-1-4164-0255-8Jo Webber · Brenda ScheuermannEducating Students With Autism: A Quick Start Manual
  ''978-1-4164-0257-2Jan S. Handleman · Sandra L. HarrisPreschool Education Programs for Children With Autism
2008978-1-4164-0258-9Brian F. Bolton · Randall M. ParkerHandbook of Measurement and Evaluation in Rehabilitation
2006978-1-4164-0311-1Marcia Hornbrook StamerPosture and Movement of the Child with Cerebral Palsy
2008978-1-4164-0321-0Barbara SmithRecycling Occupational Therapist
2007978-1-4164-0332-6Susanne Smith RoleyUnderstanding the Nature of Sensory Integration with Diverse Populations
2008978-1-4164-0340-1Taddy MaddoxTests: A Comprehensive Reference for Assessements in Psychology, Education, and Business
2009978-1-4164-0346-3NagaiThank You For Calling (Includes Cd)
2008978-1-4164-0369-2David M. LutermanCounseling Persons with Communication Disorders and Their Families
  ''978-1-4164-0372-2Julie SmartDisability, Society, and the Individual
  ''978-1-4164-0377-7Craig R. Fiedler · Denise ClarkMaking a Difference: Advocacy Competencies for Special Education Professionals
2009978-1-4164-0383-8Paul Wehman · Katherine Mullaney WittigTransition Ieps: A Curriculum Guide for Teachers and Transition Practitioners
  ''978-1-4164-0390-6Joel HundertInclusion of Students With Autism: Using ABA-Based Supports in General Education
2006978-1-4164-0413-2Teresa A. UkrainetzContextualized Language Intervention: Scaffolding Prek-12 Literacy Achievement
2000978-1-4164-0414-9Kristine S. Retherford · Lucile HessGuide to Analysis of Language Transcript
2006978-1-4164-0417-0Franklin H. Silverman · Lynda MillerIntroduction to Communication Sciences and Disorders Kit
2002978-1-4164-0421-7Laura M. Justice · Helen K. EzellThe Syntax Handbook: Everything You Learned About Syntax ...(but Forgot)
2008978-1-4164-0423-1Nicholas James Long · Jody E. Long · Signe WhitsonThe Angry Smile: The Psychology of Passive-Aggressive Behavior in Families, Schools, and Workplaces
2009978-1-4164-0424-8C. June Maker · Shirley W. SchieverCurriculum Development and Teaching Strategies for Gifted Learners
2010978-1-4164-0425-5M. N. HegdeIntroduction to Communicative Disorders
  ''978-1-4164-0434-7Kathryn M. Yorkston · David R. Beukelman · Edythe A. Strand · Mark HakelManagement of Motor Speech Disorders in Children and Adults
2009978-1-4164-0436-1Edna Mora SzymanskiWork and Disability: Contexts, Issues, and Strategies for Enhancing Employment Outcomes for People With Disabilities
2010978-1-4164-0438-5Rick Parente · Douglas HerrmannRetraining Cognition: Techniques and Applications
2010978-1-4164-0484-2Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin · M. N. HodgeAn Advanced Review of Speech-Language Pathology: Preparation for Praxis and Comprehensive Examination: Includes Flash Drive
2011978-1-4164-0485-9Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin · M. N. HedgeAn Advanced Review of Speech-Language Pathology: Preparation for Praxis and Comprehensive Examination
  ''978-1-4164-0487-3David Allen ShapiroStuttering Intervention: A Collaborative Journey to Fluency Freedom
2010978-1-4164-0488-0Karen HuxAssisting Survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury: The Role of Speech-Language Pathologists
  ''978-1-4164-0490-3Paul W. PowerA Guide to Career Management and Programming for Adults With Disabilities: A 21st Century Perspective
2012978-1-4164-0492-7Paul Wehman · John KregelFunctional Curriculum for Elementary and Secondary Students With Special Needs
  ''978-1-4164-0495-8Randall M. Parker · Jeanne Boland PattersonRehabilitation Counseling: Basics and Beyond
  ''978-1-4164-0544-3Peggy L. AndersonCase Studies for Inclusive Schools
2014978-1-4164-0545-0Kathlyn L. ReedQuick Reference to Occupational Therapy
2013978-1-4164-0547-4Kathlyn L. ReedQuick Reference to Occupational Therapy
2014978-1-4164-0581-8Nicholas J. Long · Frank A. Fecser · William C. Morse · Ruth G. Newman · Jody E. LongConflict in the Classroom: Successful Behavior Management Using the Psychoeducational Model
2014978-1-4164-0585-6Laura L. Murray · Heather M. ClarkNeurogenic Disorders of Language and Cognition: Evidence-based Clinical Practice
  ''978-1-4164-0595-5Teresa A. UkrainetzSchool-age Language Intervention: Evidence-based Practices
2015978-1-4164-0686-0Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin · M. N. HegdeAn Advanced Review of Speech-language Pathology: Preparation for the Praxis and Comprehensive Examination
2016978-1-4164-0998-4Laura M. JusticeSyntax Handbook Everything You Learned about Syntax -- but Forgot
  ''978-1-4164-1057-7David M. LutermanCounseling Persons With Communication Disorders and Their Families
2018978-1-4164-1069-0Barbara J. Moore · Judy K. MontgomerySpeech–language Pathologists in Public Schools: Making a Difference for America's Children
2017978-1-4164-1080-5Judy A. Rollins · Rosemary Bolig · Carmel C. MahanMeeting Children's Psychosocial Needs Across the Healthcare Continuum