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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-0-7528-0000-4Caro FraserThe Trustees
  ''978-0-7528-0001-1Susan PowterThe Pocket Powter: Questions and Answers to Help You Change the Way You Look and Feel Forever
  ''978-0-7528-0006-6Vince O'BrienManagement Buy-outs: A Guide for the Manager
  ''978-0-7528-0008-0Rebecca ShawThe New Rector (Tales from Turnham Malpas)
  ''978-0-7528-0009-7Thomas M. DischThe Priest
1995978-0-7528-0035-6Susan PowterFood Display Piece
  ''978-0-7528-0039-4John LawtonBlack Out 10 Copy Pack
1994978-0-7528-0044-8Simon KuperFootball Against the Enemy
1996978-0-7528-0045-5Gillian WhiteThe Beggar Bride
  ''978-0-7528-0048-6Caroline UpcherFalling for Mr. Wrong
1995978-0-7528-0049-3Illustrated Core Stocklist
  ''978-0-7528-0051-6Ann PurserPastures New 10 Copy Pack
1996978-0-7528-0054-7Caro FraserAn Inheritance
1995978-0-7528-0056-1Jim SlaterInvestment Made Easy: How to Make More of Your Money
2000978-0-7528-0057-8Sheelagh KellyShoddy Prince
1995978-0-7528-0058-5James Lee BurkeBurning Angel (Dave Robicheaux)
  ''978-0-7528-0059-2Michael ConnellyThe Last Coyote (Harry Bosch Series)
1996978-0-7528-0060-8Caroline UpcherFalling for Mr. Wrong
1995978-0-7528-0061-5Peter HainingMurder At The Races: Stories of Crime, Corruption, Murder and the Sport of Kings
1995978-0-7528-0062-2Peter HainingMurder at the Races: Stories of Crime, Corruption, Murder and the Sport of Kings
1998978-0-7528-0063-9Peter McAleeseMcAleese's Fighting Manual
1996978-0-7528-0064-6Frances EdmondsGames
1995978-0-7528-0065-3Rosemary AitkenThe Girl from Penvarris
1998978-0-7528-0066-0Helen CareyLavender Road (London at war)
1995978-0-7528-0067-7Elizabeth ScottThe Natural Way To Stop Snoring
  ''978-0-7528-0069-1Jonathan MargolisThe Big Yin: Life and Times of Billy Connolly (Orion)
1996978-0-7528-0070-7Larry McMurtryThe Late Child
1995978-0-7528-0071-4Larry McmurtryDead Man's Walk
1997978-0-7528-0072-1   ''Comanche Moon
  ''978-0-7528-0073-8   ''Zeke And Ned
1996978-0-7528-0074-5Alice CarrThe Last Summer
  ''978-0-7528-0075-2Alice CarrThe Last Summer
1997978-0-7528-0076-9   ''Dark Harvest (The home fires burning chronicles)
  ''978-0-7528-0077-6   ''Untitled 2 Carr (The home fires burning chronicles)
1998978-0-7528-0078-3Alice CarrUntitled 3 Carr
  ''978-0-7528-0079-0   ''Untitled 3 Carr
1996978-0-7528-0080-6Windsor ChorltonBlind Junction
  ''978-0-7528-0081-3Ann PurserNew Every Morning (Peggy Palmer)
1997978-0-7528-0082-0   ''Thy Neighbour's Wife
1998978-0-7528-0083-7   ''Mixed Doubles
1995978-0-7528-0084-4Penny VincenziForbidden Places
1996978-0-7528-0085-1Penny VincenziThe Dilemma
1997978-0-7528-0086-8   ''Windfall
1995978-0-7528-0087-5Jonathan MargolisLenny Henry: A Biography
1999978-0-7528-0088-2Bruce DessauRowan Atkinson: A Biography
1995978-0-7528-0089-9Susan PowterSusan Powter on Food
1999978-0-7528-0090-5Alice CarrUntitled 4 Carr
1999978-0-7528-0091-2Alice CarrUntitled 4 Carr
1995978-0-7528-0093-6Mark AdkinGoose Green 10 Copy Pack
  ''978-0-7528-0094-3Penny VincenziAnother Woman (Ome) 10 Copy Pack
1999978-0-7528-0096-7Susanna JacksonA Little Surprise
1995978-0-7528-0101-8Ffyona CampbellFoot Through Africa (Ome) 10 X Pack
  ''978-0-7528-0106-3Penny StanwayCoping With Your Premature Baby
  ''978-0-7528-0108-7Orion Trade Stocklist January 1995 - July 1995
1996978-0-7528-0109-4Ffyona CampbellThe Whole Story: A Walk Around The World
1995978-0-7528-0110-0Orion Paperback Stocklist January 1995 - July 1995
  ''978-0-7528-0111-7Tami HoagNight Sins (Deer Lake)
1995978-0-7528-0112-4Sally SpencerOld Father Thames
  ''978-0-7528-0113-1William LishmanFather Goose: The Adventures Of A Wildlife Hero
1996978-0-7528-0114-8Michael ConnellyThe Poet
  ''978-0-7528-0115-5Tom ConneryA Shred of Honour
  ''978-0-7528-0116-2Louise BagshaweThe Movie
1995978-0-7528-0118-6Elizabeth Marshall ThomasThe Tribe of Tiger: Cats and Their Culture
  ''978-0-7528-0119-3Liz RigbeyTotal Eclipse
1995978-0-7528-0122-3Liz RigbeyTotal Eclipse
1999978-0-7528-0124-7James RyanDismantling Mr Doyle
1997978-0-7528-0127-8Susanna JacksonA Little Surprise
  ''978-0-7528-0128-5Anita BurghThe Cult
1996978-0-7528-0129-2Tami HoagGuilty As Sin
  ''978-0-7528-0130-8   ''Guilty As Sin
  ''978-0-7528-0131-5Margaret Stone"Daily Mail" Savers' Guide: Simple, Sensible Ways to Make Your Money Work for You
  ''978-0-7528-0132-2A.S. Silke · W.I. SinclairRothschild Assurance Tax Guide 96-97 (J. Rothschild)
1996978-0-7528-0133-9Judy LedenFlying With Condors
  ''978-0-7528-0134-6Kate FieldingUntrodden Ways (Ravensdale)
  ''978-0-7528-0135-3   ''Untrodden Ways (Ravensdale)
  ''978-0-7528-0137-7Susanna JacksonLiving Other Lives
1996978-0-7528-0138-4Susanna JacksonLiving Other Lives
  ''978-0-7528-0139-1Anita BurghBreeders
1998978-0-7528-0140-7Sarah MilesBeautiful Mourning
1997978-0-7528-0141-4Kate FieldingA Secret Place (Ravensdale)
  ''978-0-7528-0142-1   ''A Secret Place
1996978-0-7528-0143-8Maureen LeePut Out the Fires
1997978-0-7528-0144-5Maureen LeeThrough The Storm
1996978-0-7528-0145-2Frances GalleymoreSafe
1997978-0-7528-0146-9Tom ConneryHonour Redeemed
1998978-0-7528-0147-6   ''Honour Be Damned
1995978-0-7528-0149-0Louise BagshaweCareer Girls 10-Copy Shrinkwrapped
  ''978-0-7528-0151-3Penny VincenziForbidden Places
  ''978-0-7528-0153-7Michael ConnellyThe Concrete Blonde (Harry Bosch Series)
1995978-0-7528-0154-4Michael ConnellyThe Last Coyote (Harry Bosch Series)
1995978-0-7528-0155-1Michael ConnellyThe Black Ice (Harry Bosch Series)
  ''978-0-7528-0156-8James Lee BurkeBurning Angel
1996978-0-7528-0157-5Philippa BlakeWaiting for the Sea to be Blue
  ''978-0-7528-0159-9Anna YeomansWhere are You, Henry?
  ''978-0-7528-0160-5   ''Where are You, Henry?
  ''978-0-7528-0161-2Erica JamesA Breath of Fresh Air
1997978-0-7528-0162-9Philippa BlakeHeat Of The Moment
1997978-0-7528-0163-6Erica JamesTime For A Change
1995978-0-7528-0164-3James Lee BurkeThe Convict
  ''978-0-7528-0165-0   ''The Convict
  ''978-0-7528-0166-7Ian RankinLet It Bleed (A Rebus Novel)
1996978-0-7528-0167-4Robin Gardiner · Dan Van Der VatThe Riddle Of The Titanic
2001978-0-7528-0168-1Louise BagshaweCareer Girls
1995978-0-7528-0169-8C D B BryanClose Encounters of the Fourth Kind: Alien Abduction and UFOs - Witnesses and Scientists Report
1996978-0-7528-0170-4Tim SebastianWar Dance
  ''978-0-7528-0171-1Rand Flem Ath · Rose Flem AthWhen The Sky Fell: In Search of Atlantis
  ''978-0-7528-0172-8Mcmurtry LarryDead Man's Walk Ome
1998978-0-7528-0173-5Rose ElliotVegetarian Slimming
1996978-0-7528-0174-2Joan CollinsToo Damn Famous
1996978-0-7528-0175-9Beverley PeberdyDo Robins Cough?
1995978-0-7528-0179-7Louganis GregBreaking the Surface EXPORT ON
1996978-0-7528-0180-3Andrew RobertsThe Aachen Memorandum Ome
1995978-0-7528-0181-0Larry McMurtryDead Man's Walk
1996978-0-7528-0182-7Sally SpencerPicnic in Eden
  ''978-0-7528-0183-4Mary NicholsThe Poacher's Daughter
  ''978-0-7528-0184-1Greg LouganisBreaking the Surface: No Peace Yet
  ''978-0-7528-0188-9K. W. JeterBlade Runner 2: Edge of Human
  ''978-0-7528-0189-6Barry NormanThe Mickey Mouse Affair
1996978-0-7528-0190-2Mary NicholsThe Poacher's Daughter
  ''978-0-7528-0191-9Jack CurtisMirrors Kill
  ''978-0-7528-0193-3Michael ConnellyThe Poet
  ''978-0-7528-0194-0Anita BurghBreeders
978-0-7528-0195-7The Movie (Ome)
1996978-0-7528-0196-4A.J. QuinnellMessage From Hell
  ''978-0-7528-0205-3Poppy Z. BriteExquisite Corpse
1996978-0-7528-0206-0Poppy Z. BriteExquisite Corpse
  ''978-0-7528-0207-7Sarah MilesBolt from the Blue (Her Memoirs)
  ''978-0-7528-0208-4Lisa ClaytonAt the Mercy of the Sea
1997978-0-7528-0209-1Windsor ChorltonLatitude Zero
  ''978-0-7528-0210-7   ''Latitude Zero
1999978-0-7528-0211-4   ''Cold Fusion
1997978-0-7528-0212-1Windsor ChorltonUntitled Windsor Chorlton
1998978-0-7528-0213-8Lawrence BlockEverybody Dies (Matt Scudder mysteries)
1995978-0-7528-0232-9Peres ShimonBattling for Peace (Ome) 10 Xpack
1996978-0-7528-0237-4Complete Stocklist Spring (Jan - July 1996)
1997978-0-7528-0238-1Bill LishmanFather Goose: Fly Away Home: The Adventures of a Wildlife Hero
1996978-0-7528-0239-8Peter HainingMurder At The Races: Stories of Crime, Corruption, Murder and the Sport of Kings
  ''978-0-7528-0240-4Tasker PeterThe Buddha Kiss (OME)
  ''978-0-7528-0241-1Frances EdmondsGames Ome
  ''978-0-7528-0242-8Philip MccutchanTom Chatto: Second Mate
1998978-0-7528-0245-9Ann PurserOrphan Lamb
1996978-0-7528-0246-6Dave BowlerShanks: The Authorised Biography Of Bill Shankly
1997978-0-7528-0247-3Helen CareySome Sunny Day (London at war)
1996978-0-7528-0248-0A.J. QuinnellMessage from Hell OME 10 X Pack
  ''978-0-7528-0250-3Paul P ReadPatriot in Berlin Ome 10 X Pack
1996978-0-7528-0252-7Tim SebastianWar Dance (Ome) 10 X Pack
  ''978-0-7528-0254-1Jack CurtisMirrors Kill (Ome) 10 X Pack
  ''978-0-7528-0255-8Joan CollinsToo Damn Famous (Ome) 10 X Pack
  ''978-0-7528-0256-5Amanda QuickRendezvous
  ''978-0-7528-0257-2Amanda QuickScandal
1996978-0-7528-0258-9Amanda QuickDangerous
2003978-0-7528-0259-6A.J. QuinnellThe Siege Of Silence
2001978-0-7528-0260-2Nancy Taylor RosenbergInterest Of Justice
1996978-0-7528-0261-9Ros & Jeremy HolmesThe Good Mood Guide: How to Embrace Your Pain and Face Your Fears
1995978-0-7528-0273-2Nicholas ParsonsStraight Man 10 Copy Pack
1996978-0-7528-0276-3Peter LingHalfway To Heaven
  ''978-0-7528-0277-0Michael MoorcockCorum (The tale of the Eternal Champion)
2001978-0-7528-0278-7Nancy Taylor RosenbergCalifornia Angel
1996978-0-7528-0279-4Ann PurserSpinster of the Parish
1997978-0-7528-0280-0Amanda QuickMystique
1996978-0-7528-0281-7Kay · Swann, Daphne · Cantor, David CanterEntertaining with Cranks
  ''978-0-7528-0282-4Joan CollinsToo Damn Famous
  ''978-0-7528-0283-1Joseph FinderZero Hour
1998978-0-7528-0284-8Reay TannahillReturn Of The Stranger
1996978-0-7528-0285-5Jane BrindleNo Heaven, No Hell
1999978-0-7528-0286-2Barbara LeamingKatharine Hepburn
1996978-0-7528-0287-9Elisabeth McneillWild Heritage
1995978-0-7528-0290-9Nigel ColbornThe Kirkland Acres
  ''978-0-7528-0291-6Alex GrahamBumper Basset 1995: Bumper Fred Basset
1995978-0-7528-0292-3Matt PritchettThe Best Of Matt 1995
  ''978-0-7528-0293-0Tom JohnstonTom Johnston's Year 1995: Cartoons from the "Sun" and the "News of the World"
1999978-0-7528-0294-7JakJak's Year 1995: Cartoons from the "Evening Standard" and the "Mail on Sunday"
1995978-0-7528-0295-4Stan McmurtryMac's Year 1995
  ''978-0-7528-0296-1Peter RawlinsonIndictment For Murder
  ''978-0-7528-0297-8Philip McCutchanTom Chatto, Apprentice
  ''978-0-7528-0298-5Robin NeillandsDesert Rats: The 7th Armoured Division 1940-1945: 7th Armoured Division, 1940-45
1996978-0-7528-0299-2Linda DaviesWilderness Of Mirrors
1995978-0-7528-0305-0Norman Catherine · Allan CameronLegend Of Memo The Hierophant: Graphic Novel
1995978-0-7528-0306-7Penny VincenziPenny Vincenzi Mixed 12 Copy Pack
  ''978-0-7528-0307-4   ''Another Woman 10 Copy Pack
1996978-0-7528-0312-8Martin BakerA Fool And His Money
  ''978-0-7528-0313-5Sally SpencerOld Father Thames
  ''978-0-7528-0314-2Michelle SpringRunning for Shelter
  ''978-0-7528-0315-9Susan PowterSusan Powter On Food
2006978-0-7528-0316-6Elizabeth RigbeyTotal Eclipse
1996978-0-7528-0317-3Curtis JackMirrors Kill (OME)
1995978-0-7528-0320-3Alexander WalkerAudrey Her Real Story 10 Copy Pack
1995978-0-7528-0324-1Michael FreedlandSean Connery 10-Copy Pack
  ''978-0-7528-0325-8Shimon PeresBattling for Peace (Ome) 10 X Pack
1997978-0-7528-0330-2Peter LingHappy Tomorrow
1996978-0-7528-0331-9Rebecca ShawTalk Of The Village (Tales from Turnham Malpas)
  ''978-0-7528-0332-6June Knox MawerThe Shadow Of Wings
2007978-0-7528-0333-3Lilian HarryThe Girls They Left Behind (Street at War)
1996978-0-7528-0340-1Chris KitchPavement for My Pillow: The Astonishing Story of One Woman's Climb from Pitiful Baglady to Scholar and Writer