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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1970978-1-4072-0008-8Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Ten Terrible Tales Box Set (Horrid Henry)
2006978-1-4072-0055-2Ian RankinIan Rankin 3 Book Set: A Good Hanging/Blood Hunt/Dead Souls
2007978-1-4072-0531-1AsstdFootball Frenzy Pack
  ''978-1-4072-0673-8Ian WilsonBible As History
  ''978-1-4072-0694-3Graham HurleyAngels Passing *Custom*
  ''978-1-4072-0707-0Tami HoagStill Waters *Custom*
2008978-1-4072-0749-0Mrs BeetonMrs Beeton's Preserves
2007978-1-4072-0823-7Robert LudlumThe Bourne Trilogy Pack
2003978-1-4072-1137-4Tami HoagDark Paradise
2001978-1-4072-1350-7Lisa GardnerThe Third Victim
1994978-1-4072-1435-1Jane AustenEmma
2001978-1-4072-1467-2Nigel & Hart, Peter SteelPasschendaele: The Sacrificial Ground
2006978-1-4072-1509-9Elmore LeonardThe hunted
2008978-1-4072-1513-6Ed McBainHeckler And See Them Die
2001978-1-4072-1612-6antonia-fraserThe Weaker Vessel: Woman'S Lot In Seventeenth-Century England Part Two
2002978-1-4072-1614-0Antonia FraserThe Gunpowder Plot Terror & Faith in 1605 Part Two
978-1-4072-1699-7Rebecca ShawTalk of the village
2005978-1-4072-1704-8Stephen CoontsFinal Flight
978-1-4072-1710-9the con man and `til death
2006978-1-4072-1970-7Isabella BeetonThe Best Of Mrs. Beeton's Kitchen Garden
2007978-1-4072-1976-9Francesca SimonGiant Slice of Horrid Henry (Horrid Henry 3-in-1)
2009978-1-4072-1977-6   ''Triple Treat of Horrid Henry
2006978-1-4072-2007-9Binchy MaeveWhitethorn Woods
2009978-1-4072-2113-7WJ BurleyWycliffe Omnibus Wycliffe's Wild Goose Chase, and the Virgin Queen, and the Cycle of Death
2010978-1-4072-2135-9Robert BurnsBrand: The Orion Publishing Group Robert Burns Selected Poems
  ''978-1-4072-2139-7John DonneTitle: John Donne Selected Poems Phoenix Poetry
2010978-1-4072-2140-3Christina RossettiSelected Poems
  ''978-1-4072-2142-7Alfred Lord Tennyson Michael BaronAlfred, Lord Tennyson Selected Poems
1900978-1-4072-2226-4Horrid Henry Annual 2010 *the Works*
2003978-1-4072-2229-5James Lee BurkePurple Cane Road
978-1-4072-2654-5The Tine Roof Blowdown
2008978-1-4072-2668-2Robert CraisLullaby Town (Cole and Pike)
2009978-1-4072-2691-0Michael ConnellyLast Coyote (P/B)
2008978-1-4072-2697-2Ian RankinHide & Seek
2010978-1-4072-2738-2Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Ten Even More Terrible Tales 10 book set RRP £49.90 - Henry's: 3 joke books (mighty, jolly & joke), Haunted House & Christmas Cracker; Henry: Robs the Bank, Gets Rich Quick and the Abominable Snowman & Mummy's Curse: & Horrid Henry
2007978-1-4072-2755-9FrancescaSimonHorrid Henry's Jolly Joke Book
2006978-1-4072-2783-2Miss ReadVillage Diary
2009978-1-4072-2805-1Jennifer WorthShadows of the Workhouse
  ''978-1-4072-2806-8Jennifer WorthFarewell To The East End by Jennifer Worth (Paperback) (Morrisons)
978-1-4072-2970-6E. LeonardFreaky Deaky
2007978-1-4072-2992-8R. J. ElloryA Quiet Belief In Angels
2005978-1-4072-3006-1Dashiell HammettThe Maltese Falcon
2006978-1-4072-3007-8Arthur C. ClarkeRendezvous With Rama
2010978-1-4072-3008-5Joe HaldemanThe Forever War
  ''978-1-4072-3009-2Alfred BesterThe Stars My Destination
2002978-1-4072-3091-7Richard MathesonThe Shrinking Man.
2004978-1-4072-3092-4Alice WalkerThe Color Purple
2005978-1-4072-3093-1Philip K DickMinority Report
1996978-1-4072-3101-3Stephen KingThe green mile
2001978-1-4072-3375-8Philip K DickFlow My Tears, The Policeman Said
2010978-1-4072-3376-5Tevis WalterMockingbird
978-1-4072-3380-2Si King · Dave MyersBBC The Hairy Bikers Best Loved Recipes, Mums Still Know Best by Si King & Dave Myers
2013978-1-4072-3448-9Harlan CobenOne false move
2007978-1-4072-3453-3harlan-cobenWoods, The
2011978-1-4072-3466-3Dan SimmonsHyperion
  ''978-1-4072-3469-4Philip K DickDo Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
2011978-1-4072-3470-0Terry PratchettEric
  ''978-1-4072-3471-7Daniel KeyesFlowers For Algernon
2013978-1-4072-3488-5Chasing the dime
2012978-1-4072-3489-2M. ConnellyThe Black Echo
2009978-1-4072-3490-8Michael ConnellyTHE BLACK ICE
  ''978-1-4072-3491-5   ''Concrete Blonde
  ''978-1-4072-3496-0   ''Trunk music
2002978-1-4072-3517-2Maeve BinchyMaeve Binchy Quentins
2011978-1-4072-3916-3Jennifer WorthJennifer Worth, In The Midst of Life
2012978-1-4072-3986-6The Hairy Dieters - How to Love Food and Lose Weight
2004978-1-4072-3996-5Philip K DickUbik
2000978-1-4072-3997-2Philip K. DickValis
978-1-4072-4321-4Robert LublumBourne Legacy-a Format Pb
978-1-4072-4322-1The Bourne Betrayal
2013978-1-4072-4323-8Eric Van LustbaderThe Bourne Sanction
  ''978-1-4072-4324-5Eric|Ludlum, Robert Van LustbaderThe Bourne Deception
2013978-1-4072-4325-2Eric|Ludlum, Robert Van LustbaderThe Bourne Objective
978-1-4072-4326-9Robert LudlumThe Bourne Dominion
978-1-4072-4327-6   ''The Bourne Imperative
978-1-4072-4338-2Au Revoir Liverpool
2013978-1-4072-4408-2Dmitry Glukhovsky[(Metro 2033: First U.S. English Edition)] [Author: Dmitry Glukhovsky] published on (January, 2013)
  ''978-1-4072-4409-9Phillip K. DickMartian Time-Slip
978-1-4072-4410-5AFFIRMATION (REMAINDER)
2013978-1-4072-4529-4Michael ConnellyThe Poet
2005978-1-4072-4530-0Michael ConnellyMichael Connelly Lincoln Lawyer
2009978-1-4072-4532-4   ''the scarecrow
2013978-1-4072-4556-0Harlan CobenGone For Good
2011978-1-4072-4557-7   ''HARLAN COBEN JUST ONE LOOK
  ''978-1-4072-4560-7   ''HARLAN COBEN HOLD TIGHT
2013978-1-4072-4562-1   ''Caught
2013978-1-4072-4563-8Harlan CobenPlay Dead
  ''978-1-4072-4564-5   ''HARLAN COBEN LIVE WIRE
  ''978-1-4072-4565-2   ''HARLAN COBEN STAY CLOSE
  ''978-1-4072-4638-3Philip K. DickA Maze of Death
2008978-1-4072-4639-0Philip K DickThe Penultimate Truth
2009978-1-4072-4640-6Christopher PriestInverted World
2014978-1-4072-4728-1MARTINThe Armageddon Rag
2008978-1-4072-4729-8George R.R. MartinFevre Dream
2003978-1-4072-4742-7Philip K. DickThe Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch
978-1-4072-4756-4Ian Rankin A Question Of Blood - Inspector Rebus Book 14
2014978-1-4072-4757-1Ian RankinSet In Darkness
2015978-1-4072-4758-8   ''Resurrection Men Ian Rankin
978-1-4072-4759-5Ian Rankin The Falls
2011978-1-4072-4854-7Olaf STAPLEDONOlaf Stapledon Sirius
2013978-1-4072-5002-1Harlan CobenMiracle Cure
  ''978-1-4072-5003-8   ''Shelter
978-1-4072-5028-1M. ConnellyThe Gods of Guilt
978-1-4072-5030-4M. ConnellyThe Fifth Witness
1999978-1-4072-5031-1   ''The Drop