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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2019978-0-460-87573-8Thomas HardyHardy: A Pair Of Blue Eyes
1996978-0-460-87577-6Arthur RossThree Arthurian Romances: Poems From Medieval France (Everyman Library)
1995978-0-460-87587-5Joyce CaryMister Johnson
  ''978-0-460-87594-3Walter ScottRob Roy (Everyman)
1998978-0-460-87596-7Charlotte BronteJane Eyre (Everyman Library)
1997978-0-460-87600-1Charles DickensThe Old Curiosity Shop (Everyman Dickens)
  ''978-0-460-87604-9Anthony TrollopeDoctor Thorne (Everyman Trollope)
2001978-0-460-87606-3Maria EdgeworthLeonora
2008978-0-460-87616-2Snorri SturlusonEdda (Everyman)
1997978-0-460-87617-9Henry JamesThe Wings Of The Dove (Everyman Paperback Classics)
1995978-0-460-87621-6Ford Maddox FordThe Soul Of London (Everyman)
1997978-0-460-87627-8William ShakespeareAs You Like It (Everyman Shakespeare)
1995978-0-460-87628-5H.G. WellsThe Invisible Man (Everyman Library)
  ''978-0-460-87629-2Niccolo MachiavelliThe Prince And Other Political Writings (Everyman's Library)
  ''978-0-460-87635-3Henry ThoreauWalden (Everyman)
1996978-0-460-87636-0Benito Perez GaldosThat Bringas Woman: The Bringas Family (Everyman's Library)
1997978-0-460-87639-1R. S. ThomasAutobiographies
1997978-0-460-87640-7HeliodorusEthiopian Story
2005978-0-460-87648-3Anthony TrollopeThe Eustace Diamonds (Everyman Trollope)
2000978-0-460-87651-3Elizabeth GaskellWives and Daughters (Everyman Gaskell)
  ''978-0-460-87656-8Joseph ConradTales Of Unrest (Everyman's Library)
1997978-0-460-87659-9Philip SidneyDefence Of Poesie: Astrophil And Stella And Other Writings (Everyman Paperback Classics)
2001978-0-460-87660-5Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell · Nancy HenryRuth
1996978-0-460-87663-6Charles DickensThe Mystery Of Edwin Drood (Everyman Dickens)
1998978-0-460-87664-3   ''The Pickwick Papers (Everyman Dickens)
  ''978-0-460-87676-6Daniel DefoeRoxana (The Everyman Library)
1995978-0-460-87677-3Ralph Waldo EmersonEmerson: Essays and Poems (Everyman's Library)
2010978-0-460-87678-0Mikhail SholokhovQuiet Flows the Don
1998978-0-460-87683-4Edmund SpenserShorter Poems: A Selection
2019978-0-460-87692-6William ShakespeareShakespeare: The Merry Wives of Windsor
  ''978-0-460-87699-5   ''Shakespeare: Henry V: Henry VI Pt. 1
  ''978-0-460-87700-8   ''Shakespeare: Henry V: Henry VI Pt. 2
2019978-0-460-87701-5William ShakespeareShakespeare: Henry V: Henry VI Pt. . 3
1998978-0-460-87710-7   ''Coriolanus (Everyman Shakespeare)
1995978-0-460-87719-0Menie Muriel DowieGallia (The Everyman Library)
1996978-0-460-87721-3Baroness Mary WarnockWomen Philosophers (The Everyman Library)
1998978-0-460-87726-8Charles DickensDickens Journalism Volume 3: Gone Astray and Other Papers 1851-59: Gone Astray and Other Papers, 1851-59 v. 3 (Everyman Dickens)
2000978-0-460-87728-2Charles Dickens · John DrewDickens Journalism Vol 4: Uncommerical Traveller & Other Stories: The Uncommercial Traveller and Other Papers, 1859-1870 v. 4
1996978-0-460-87729-9Adrienne ScullionFemale Playwrights of the 19th Century (Everyman's Library)
  ''978-0-460-87730-5Torrente BallesterThe King Amaz'd (Everyman Library)
1995978-0-460-87735-0H.G. WellsThe Time Machine (S.F. Masterworks)
2001978-0-460-87745-9Gillian ManningLibertine Plays Of The Restoration (The Everyman Library)
1996978-0-460-87751-0Miguel De CervantesEight Interludes (Everyman's Library)
1998978-0-460-87754-1VirgilVirgil: The Aeneid (Everyman)
1999978-0-460-87762-6Juan RuizThe Book Of Good Love (Everyman Paperback Classics)
2000978-0-460-87763-3Laurence SterneTristram Shandy (Everyman Paperback)
1996978-0-460-87767-1H.G. WellsScience Fiction Of H G Wells Vol 2 (H.G. Wells's science fiction)
  ''978-0-460-87773-2Joseph ConradAn Outcast of the Islands (Everyman's Library)
1997978-0-460-87781-7George GissingThe Whirlpool (Everyman Paperback Classics)
  ''978-0-460-87783-1Elizabeth GaskellSylvia's Lovers (Everyman Paperbacks)
1999978-0-460-87784-8Thomas HardyTwo on a Tower (Everyman Hardy)
1997978-0-460-87789-3Joseph ConradThe Nigger Of The Narcissus (Everyman Paperback Classics)
1996978-0-460-87793-0Jennifer BreenWomen Romantics 1785-1832: Writing In Prose (Everyman Library)
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1996978-0-460-87819-7Paddy LyonsLord Rochester: 19 (Everyman's Poetry)
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1997978-0-460-87823-4John ClareClare: Everyman's Poetry (EVERYMAN POETRY)
1996978-0-460-87824-1BBC Radio 4Poetry Please!: More Poetry Please: Selected Poems: 9 (EVERYMAN POETRY)
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1997978-0-460-87827-2Oliver GoldsmithGoldsmith: Everyman's Poetry (EVERYMAN POETRY)
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1971978-0-460-90544-2Kenneth Alexander MacKirdyChanging perspectives in Canadian history selected problems