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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-0-7528-9373-0Lisa GardnerSay Goodbye
2008978-0-7528-9374-7Matthew KleinConned
978-0-7528-9375-4Miss ReadTiggy
2008978-0-7528-9376-1Maeve BinchyThis Year It Will Be Different: Christmas tales
  ''978-0-7528-9377-8John ConnorFalling (Karen Sharpe)
  ''978-0-7528-9378-5Sophia McDougallRome Burning (Romanitas)
  ''978-0-7528-9379-2Ian VinceThe Little Black Book of Red Tape: Great British Bureaucracy: Tales of Red Tape and Jobsworths
  ''978-0-7528-9380-8James RollinsThe Judas Strain (SIGMA FORCE)
2009978-0-7528-9381-5Maureen LeeMother Of Pearl
2008978-0-7528-9382-2Catriona McCloudStraight Up
2008978-0-7528-9383-9Victoria BlakeJumping the Cracks
  ''978-0-7528-9385-3Alex GrahamFred Basset 2008
  ''978-0-7528-9386-0Steve MosbyCry for Help
  ''978-0-7528-9387-7Rachel BillingtonLies and Loyalties
  ''978-0-7528-9388-4Kate HarrisonThe Secret Shopper's Revenge (Secret Shopper series)
2009978-0-7528-9389-1Steve HamiltonNight Work
2008978-0-7528-9390-7William NapierAttila: The Judgement
2009978-0-7528-9391-4Sam BakerThis Year's Model
2008978-0-7528-9392-1Ilana FoxThe Making of Mia
2008978-0-7528-9393-8Alex ScarrowLast Light
  ''978-0-7528-9394-5Adele GerasA Hidden Life
  ''978-0-7528-9395-2Ian RankinExit Music
  ''978-0-7528-9396-9Kate MosseSepulchre
  ''978-0-7528-9399-0Erica JamesTell It To The Skies
2009978-0-7528-9401-0Stephen CoontsThe Assassin
2008978-0-7528-9404-1Linwood BarclayNo Time For Goodbye
2008978-0-7528-9406-5Lisa GardnerSay Goodbye
  ''978-0-7528-9407-2Tilly BagshaweDo Not Disturb
  ''978-0-7528-9408-9William NapierAttila: The Judgement
2009978-0-7528-9410-2Veronica HenryJust a Family Affair
2008978-0-7528-9411-9Christian CameronTyrant
  ''978-0-7528-9414-0Terry Wogan OBEWogan's Twelve: A Sharp Eye and a Witty Word to Mark the Passing Year
  ''978-0-7528-9415-7Catrin CollierTiger Ragtime
2008978-0-7528-9416-4Harlan CobenHold Tight
2009978-0-7528-9418-8Peter GrimsdalePerfect Night
2010978-0-7528-9419-5Peter GrimsdaleJust Watch Me
2008978-0-7528-9421-8Erica JamesTell It To The Skies
2009978-0-7528-9422-5Theo PaphitisEnter the Dragon
2007978-0-7528-9521-5Ian RankinRebus's Favourite Pubs
  ''978-0-7528-9529-1Kate MosseSepulchre Poster
  ''978-0-7528-9530-7Crais RobertThe Watchman
2010978-0-7528-9708-0Pip Vaughan-HughesThe Fools' Crusade
2012978-0-7528-9710-3Steve HamiltonMisery Bay
2010978-0-7528-9713-4Alan BradleyThe Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag: A Flavia de Luce Mystery Book 2
  ''978-0-7528-9714-1Alan BradleyThe Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag: A Flavia de Luce Mystery Book 2
2011978-0-7528-9715-8   ''A Red Herring Without Mustard: A Flavia de Luce Mystery Book 3
2010978-0-7528-9717-2Pip Vaughan-HughesThe Fools' Crusade
2008978-0-7528-9719-6Christopher HitchensGod Is Not Great: The Case Against Religion
2009978-0-7528-9721-9Ian RankinBlack And Blue
2008978-0-7528-9722-6   ''The Black Book (A Rebus Novel)
2009978-0-7528-9723-3   ''The Hanging Garden
  ''978-0-7528-9724-0   ''Hide And Seek (A Rebus Novel)
2008978-0-7528-9726-4Ian RankinLet It Bleed (A Rebus Novel)
  ''978-0-7528-9727-1Andy TaylorWild Boy: My Life with Duran Duran: My Life in "Duran Duran"
978-0-7528-9728-8Must The Show Go On? (CD)
2008978-0-7528-9729-5Theo PaphitisEnter the Dragon
  ''978-0-7528-9730-1Monty DonAround The World In 80 Gardens
2009978-0-7528-9731-8Steve ClaridgeBeyond The Boot Camps
2008978-0-7528-9732-5Julie AndrewsHome
  ''978-0-7528-9733-2Dave PelzerMoving Forward: Taking The Lead In Your Life
2010978-0-7528-9734-9June HampsonJail Bait (Daisy Lane)
  ''978-0-7528-9735-6June HampsonJail Bait (Daisy Lane)
2011978-0-7528-9736-3   ''Fighting Dirty (Daisy Lane)
2011978-0-7528-9737-0June HampsonFighting Dirty (Daisy Lane)
2008978-0-7528-9738-7Joe HillHeart-Shaped Box
  ''978-0-7528-9740-0Linwood BarclayToo Close to Home
2010978-0-7528-9741-7   ''Fear the Worst
  ''978-0-7528-9743-1   ''Never Look Away
2011978-0-7528-9745-5   ''The Accident
2011978-0-7528-9746-2Linwood BarclayThe Accident
2009978-0-7528-9747-9   ''Fear the Worst
2008978-0-7528-9749-3George PelecanosThe Turnaround
  ''978-0-7528-9750-9Maeve BinchyHeart and Soul
  ''978-0-7528-9752-3   ''Heart and Soul
  ''978-0-7528-9753-0   ''Heart and Soul
2009978-0-7528-9754-7Erica JamesIt's The Little Things
  ''978-0-7528-9755-4   ''It's The Little Things
2009978-0-7528-9757-8Jeff LindsayDexter by Design
2011978-0-7528-9758-5Kyle Mills · Robert LudlumRobert Ludlum's The Ares Decision
2009978-0-7528-9759-2Raymond KhouryThe Sign
2010978-0-7528-9760-8Sophia McDougallSavage City
2009978-0-7528-9761-5Raymond KhouryThe Sign
  ''978-0-7528-9762-2Anita BurghUntitled Burgh 1 of 1
  ''978-0-7528-9763-9Anita BurghUntitled Burgh 1 of 1
2008978-0-7528-9764-6Matthew RavdenUntitled Ravden 2 of 2
  ''978-0-7528-9765-3Robert CraisChasing Darkness
  ''978-0-7528-9766-0Francesca SimonHorrid Henry Robs the Bank: Book 17
2008978-0-7528-9767-7Francesca SimonHorrid Henry Robs the Bank (book and cd)
  ''978-0-7528-9768-4Caroline LawrenceThe Roman Mysteries: The Scribes from Alexandria: Book 15
2010978-0-7528-9769-1Eric Van LustbaderRobert Ludlum's The Bourne Betrayal
2008978-0-7528-9770-7Lauren St JohnThe White Giraffe Series: Dolphin Song: Book 2
2010978-0-7528-9771-4Jamie RixFreaks of Nature 4.1 (Grizzly Tales)
2009978-0-7528-9772-1Jamie RixGrizzly Tales
2010978-0-7528-9774-5Peter HartAces Falling
2008978-0-7528-9775-2Francesca SimonA Hat Trick of Horrid Henry (The Mega-Mean Time Machine / Football Fiend / Christmas Cracker)
  ''978-0-7528-9776-9Michelle PaverOath Breaker (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness)
  ''978-0-7528-9777-6Julie WaltersThat's Another Story: The Autobiography
2012978-0-7528-9778-3Joe HillHorns
2011978-0-7528-9779-0Joe HillHorns (GOLLANCZ S.F.)
2012978-0-7528-9780-6Jo FrostJo Frost's Toddler SOS: Solutions for the Trying Toddler Years
2008978-0-7528-9781-3Ian RankinDoors Open
2009978-0-7528-9782-0Sally GardnerThe Silver Blade
2008978-0-7528-9783-7Nicola TyrerSisters In Arms: British Army Nurses Tell Their Story
2010978-0-7528-9784-4Justin CroninThe Passage
  ''978-0-7528-9785-1Justin CroninThe Passage
2012978-0-7528-9786-8   ''The Twelve
  ''978-0-7528-9788-2   ''The Twelve
2015978-0-7528-9789-9   ''The City of Mirrors (Passage Trilogy 3)
2016978-0-7528-9791-2   ''The City of Mirrors
2008978-0-7528-9792-9Francesca SimonA Giant Slice of Horrid Henry 3-in-1: Underpants/Stinkbomb/Queen
2009978-0-7528-9793-6Georgie AdamsThe Three Little Princesses
2020978-0-7528-9794-3Francesca SimonDon't Be Horrid, Henry!
2008978-0-7528-9795-0Francesca SimonDon't Be Horrid, Henry! (Early Reader 1) (Book/CD)
2011978-0-7528-9796-7Paul TordayThe Irresistible Inheritance Of Wilberforce
2008978-0-7528-9797-4Manchester UnitedThe Official Manchester United Annual 2009
  ''978-0-7528-9814-8Duncan BannatyneWake Up and Change Your Life
2009978-0-7528-9821-6Dugald A. SteerThe Dragon Diary
2010978-0-7528-9822-3Georgie AdamsThe Nursery Storybook
2008978-0-7528-9824-7   ''The Nursery Storybook (Book & CD)
  ''978-0-7528-9825-4Meg CabotMoving Day: Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls 1
  ''978-0-7528-9826-1Meg CabotThe New Girl: Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls 2
2011978-0-7528-9827-8   ''Best Friends and Drama Queens: Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls 3
  ''978-0-7528-9828-5   ''Fifth Grade's Not for Babies: Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls 4
2011978-0-7528-9829-2Meg CabotNature Calls!: Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls 5
  ''978-0-7528-9830-8   ''Sixth Grade Sux: Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls 6
2010978-0-7528-9831-5Scott BakkerDisciple of the Dog
  ''978-0-7528-9832-2Scott BakkerDisciple of the Dog
2008978-0-7528-9833-9Miss ReadTyler's Row (Fairacre)
2009978-0-7528-9835-3Rob JovanovicA Version of Reason: The Search for Richey Edwards of the "Manic Street Preachers"
2008978-0-7528-9836-0Miss ReadTyler's Row
2009978-0-7528-9838-4Kirk LakeThere Will Be Rainbows: A Biography of Rufus Wainwright
2007978-0-7528-9839-1Posy EdwardsZac Efron: Me and You (The Unauthorised)
2010978-0-7528-9842-1Hugo ArnoldThe Giraffe Cookbook
2008978-0-7528-9843-8Manchester UnitedDouble Champions: The Players' Own Account of the Dramatic 2007-08 Season (Manchester United)
2007978-0-7528-9844-5Ian Marshall · Team England RugbyWorld Cup 2007: The Official Account of England's World Cup Campaign (Team Eangland Rugby)
2008978-0-7528-9845-2Christopher PriestThe Prestige
  ''978-0-7528-9846-9Massimo FenatiGus & Waldo's Book of Sex
2010978-0-7528-9847-6Diana GabaldonAn Echo in the Bone (Outlander)
2009978-0-7528-9848-3Diana GabaldonAn Echo in the Bone (Outlander)
2014978-0-7528-9849-0Diana GabaldonWritten in My Own Heart's Blood (Outlander)
2009978-0-7528-9851-3Lance HardyStokoe, Sunderland and 73: The Story Of the Greatest FA Cup Final Shock of All Time
2008978-0-7528-9857-5Miss ReadOver the Gate (Fairacre)
2010978-0-7528-9858-2Christian CameronKiller of Men
  ''978-0-7528-9859-9   ''Killer of Men: 1
  ''978-0-7528-9860-5   ''Tyrant: Funeral Games
  ''978-0-7528-9861-2   ''Tyrant: Funeral Games
2008978-0-7528-9862-9Manchester UnitedThe Official Illustrated History Of Manchester United: The Full Story And Complete Record 1878-2006
  ''978-0-7528-9863-6Bradley WigginsIn Pursuit of Glory: The Autobiography
2013978-0-7528-9864-3Jo FrostJo Frost's Toddler SOS: Solutions for the Trying Toddler Years
2008978-0-7528-9865-0W.J. BurleyWycliffe and the Pea Green Boat
2009978-0-7528-9866-7Katie AgnewWives v. Girlfriends
2009978-0-7528-9867-4Katie AgnewWives v. Girlfriends
2010978-0-7528-9869-8   ''Saints v Sinners
2010978-0-7528-9870-4Katie AgnewSaints v Sinners
  ''978-0-7528-9872-8Robert CraisThe First Rule (A Joe Pike Novel)
  ''978-0-7528-9873-5   ''The First Rule (A Joe Pike Novel)
2009978-0-7528-9874-2R.J. ElloryThe Anniversary Man
  ''978-0-7528-9875-9R.J. ElloryThe Anniversary Man
2008978-0-7528-9876-6Frank HampsonDan Dare: Voyage to Venus: Pilot of the Future: Voyage to Venus Pt. 1
  ''978-0-7528-9877-3Les DennisMust The Show Go On?
2013978-0-7528-9880-3Ronnie O'SullivanRunning: The Autobiography
2013978-0-7528-9882-7Jamelia .Stronger: The Autobiography
2009978-0-7528-9883-4Lilian HarrySpringtime In Burracombe (Burracombe Village)
2010978-0-7528-9886-5Lilian HarryAn Heir for Burracombe (Burracombe Village)
2008978-0-7528-9887-2Paul Moody · Robin TurnerThe Rough Pub Guide: A Celebration of the Great British Boozer
  ''978-0-7528-9888-9Robyn SismanA Hollywood Ending
  ''978-0-7528-9889-6Robyn SismanA Hollywood Ending
2010978-0-7528-9890-2   ''The Perfect Couple?
  ''978-0-7528-9891-9   ''The Perfect Couple?
2008978-0-7528-9892-6Kate MosseSepulchre
  ''978-0-7528-9893-3Katharine McMahonThe Rose Of Sebastopol
2011978-0-7528-9894-0Tami HoagSecrets to the Grave (Oak Knoll)
2010978-0-7528-9895-7Tami HoagSecrets to the Grave (Oak Knoll)
2012978-0-7528-9898-8   ''Down the Darkest Road (Oak Knoll)
2009978-0-7528-9900-8Amy MacKinnonTethered
2009978-0-7528-9901-5Amy MacKinnonTethered
2008978-0-7528-9902-2Richard HammondAs You Do: Adventures With Evel, Oliver, and The Vice-President Of Botswana
  ''978-0-7528-9903-9R.J. ElloryA Quiet Belief In Angels
  ''978-0-7528-9905-3Julian FellowesPast Imperfect
2009978-0-7528-9906-0Graham HurleyNo Lovelier Death (Di Joe Faraday)
2008978-0-7528-9907-7Miss ReadFarther Afield (Fairacre)