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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-85797-000-5Maeve BinchyThe Copper Beech
  ''978-1-85797-001-2Penny VincenziWicked Pleasures
  ''978-1-85797-016-6Ian RankinStrip Jack (Inspector Rebus)
1993978-1-85797-021-0Angela Bowie · Patrick CarrBackstage Passes :" Life On The Wild Side With David Bowie " :
  ''978-1-85797-052-4Penny VincenziAn Outrageous Affair
  ''978-1-85797-053-1   ''An Outrageous Affair
1994978-1-85797-059-3Ann PurserPastures New
1993978-1-85797-080-7Ian RankinThe Black Book (A Rebus Novel)
1993978-1-85797-092-0Peter HainingTelevision Late Night Horror Omnibus
1992978-1-85797-095-1Jim SlaterThe Zulu Principle: Making Extraordinary Profits from Ordinary Shares
1993978-1-85797-102-6Commander Sharkey WardSea Harrier Over The Falklands: A Maverick at War
  ''978-1-85797-105-7Penny VincenziWicked Pleasures
  ''978-1-85797-107-1Peter HainingThe Armchair Detective: Great Tales of Crime and Detection
1996978-1-85797-111-8Robert HancockRuth Ellis: The Last Woman to Be Hanged
1995978-1-85797-131-6Mark AdkinGoose Green: A Battle Is Fought to Be Won
1993978-1-85797-140-8David CanterCranks Recipe Book: The Vegetarian Classics (Cranks Restaurants)
  ''978-1-85797-145-3Guy SajerThe Forgotten Soldier
  ''978-1-85797-149-1QUINNELL A.J.Perfect Kill
978-1-85797-154-5Death at La Fenice Leon Donna
1994978-1-85797-158-3Adam BallingerQuiet Soldier
1994978-1-85797-176-7Jim SlaterInvestment Made Easy: How to Make More of Your Money
2001978-1-85797-209-2Nancy Taylor RosenbergMitigating Circumstances
1994978-1-85797-210-8Robert CullenKiller Department: The Eight-year Hunt for the Most Savage Serial Killer of Our Times
1993978-1-85797-250-4Peter McAleeseNo Mean Soldier
  ''978-1-85797-252-8James Lee BurkeIn the Electric Mist With Confederate Dead
1994978-1-85797-288-7Paul CarrollBig Blues: Unmaking of IBM
  ''978-1-85797-321-1Susan PowterStop The Insanity: Change the Way You Look and Feel Forever
1995978-1-85797-323-5Susan PowterStop The Insanity: Change the Way You Look and Feel Forever
1994978-1-85797-341-9Trevor RowleyVillages In The Landscape (Country Heritage)
  ''978-1-85797-342-6Leslie DunklingPub Names Of Britain
1999978-1-85797-343-3W.G. CollingwoodThe Lake Counties
2000978-1-85797-352-5Alexander WalkerAudrey: Her Real Story
1995978-1-85797-356-3Michelle SpringEvery Breath You Take (Laura Principal novels)
  ''978-1-85797-359-4Tami HoagDark Paradise
1995978-1-85797-361-7Joseph FinderExtraordinary Powers
1994978-1-85797-389-1Penny VincenziAn Outrageous Affair 10 Copy Pack
  ''978-1-85797-393-8Robin NeillandsD-Day:Voices from Normandy 10c S/W
1995978-1-85797-404-1Adrian WealeFighting Fit: SAS Fitness Guide
  ''978-1-85797-409-6Robert CarterArmada
1994978-1-85797-411-9Peter HainingThe Armchair Horror Collection
  ''978-1-85797-413-3Ian RankinThe Black Book (A Rebus Novel)
  ''978-1-85797-419-5A.J. QuinnellThe Blue Ring
2000978-1-85797-425-6Penny VincenziAn Outrageous Affair
1994978-1-85797-428-7Michael OccleshawRomanov Conspiracies: The Romanovs and the House of Windsor
1996978-1-85797-434-8Robert CarterTalwar
2000978-1-85797-438-6Elaine CrowleyThe Ways Of Women
1994978-1-85797-445-4Luanshya GreerShadows in the Wind
1993978-1-85797-465-2Simon GandolfiGolden Girl: 10 Copy S/Wrap Pack
1993978-1-85797-469-0Kirsty WhiteMy Little Oyster Girl:10cpy S/Wrp P
  ''978-1-85797-471-3Edmund MccoyBlood of the Fathers: S/Wrap Pack
1994978-1-85797-478-2Tami HoagCry Wolf
  ''978-1-85797-480-5Nigel DempsterBehind Palace Doors
  ''978-1-85797-488-1Peter McAleeseNo Mean Soldier (Cassell Military Paperba)
  ''978-1-85797-493-5Laurence OlivierConfessions Of An Actor: The Autobiography
1994978-1-85797-504-8Rose ElliotVegetarian Slimming
  ''978-1-85797-551-2Peter HainingThe Frankenstein Omnibus
1996978-1-85797-552-9Jim SlaterBeyond the Zulu Principle: Extraordinary Profits from Growth Shares
1994978-1-85797-575-8Amanda QuickSeduction
  ''978-1-85797-576-5Amanda QuickSurrender
  ''978-1-85797-587-1Damien NoonanMichael Jackson (CD Books)
  ''978-1-85797-594-9Amanda QuickRendezvous
1994978-1-85797-595-6Amanda QuickSeduction
1995978-1-85797-600-7Susan PowterSusan Powter On Food
1996978-1-85797-608-3Brian FreemantleCharlie's Chance
  ''978-1-85797-611-3Lilian HarryKeep Smiling Through (Street at War)
  ''978-1-85797-626-7A. J. QuinnellMessage from Hell
  ''978-1-85797-652-6Joseph FinderThe Zero Hour
1995978-1-85797-655-7Ann PurserSpinster of This Parish (Peggy Palmer)
  ''978-1-85797-660-1Robert BallardThe Discovery Of The Titanic
1995978-1-85797-667-0Amanda QuickMistress
1994978-1-85797-681-6Orion Trade Stocklist July 1994 - January 1995
1995978-1-85797-684-7Peter HainingThe Vampire Omnibus
  ''978-1-85797-688-5Martin BakerA Fool and His Money
  ''978-1-85797-694-6Peter HainingVampire Omnibus: The Vampire Collection
  ''978-1-85797-697-7Phillip FinchF2F
  ''978-1-85797-732-5A.J. QuinnellBlack Horn
1995978-1-85797-736-3Peter HainingThe Television Crimebusters Omnibus: The Armchair Detective II
2001978-1-85797-739-4Nancy Taylor RosenbergFirst Offence
1995978-1-85797-740-0Michael TodThe Second Wave (Woodstock Saga)
1996978-1-85797-747-9A.J. QuinnellThe Mahdi
  ''978-1-85797-761-5Ann PurserOrphan Lamb
1995978-1-85797-801-8Maeve BinchyThe Glass Lake
  ''978-1-85797-812-4Lilian HarryGoodbye Sweetheart (Street at War)
  ''978-1-85797-813-1Ffyona CampbellOn Foot Through Africa
1994978-1-85797-823-0Tim SebastianSpecial Relations (Ome) 10 Copy Pck
  ''978-1-85797-826-1Adam BalllingerThe Quiet Soldier 10 Copy Pack
1994978-1-85797-827-8Bruce LewisAircrew 10 Copy Pack
  ''978-1-85797-834-6Peter McaleeseNo Mean Soldier:10cpy Shrinkwrap
  ''978-1-85797-842-1Linda DaviesNest of Vipers (Ome) 10 Copy Pack
1993978-1-85797-858-2Ruth Ellis 10 Copy Shrinkwrapped Pk
  ''978-1-85797-860-5Sharkey WardSea Harr.Over Falklands 10cpy S/Wrp
1995978-1-85797-863-6Ian RankinMortal Causes: An Inspector Rebus Novel (A Rebus Novel)
2000978-1-85797-869-8Penny VincenziAnother Woman
1995978-1-85797-870-4Sally SpencerUp Our Street
  ''978-1-85797-871-1Michael FreedlandSean Connery: A Biography
1994978-1-85797-886-5VariousTrue Crime: 12 Copy Pack
1994978-1-85797-897-1a J QuinnellQuinell 10 Copy Pack (Siege/Man)
1995978-1-85797-916-9Amanda QuickDesire
2001978-1-85797-927-5Alexander WalkerVivien: Life of Vivien Leigh (Legends)
1994978-1-85797-930-5Chris Welch"Led Zeppelin" (CD Books)
  ''978-1-85797-933-6Matt PritchettThe Best Of Matt 1994
  ''978-1-85797-938-1Ian RankinMortal Causes: An Inspector Rebus Novel (A Rebus Novel)
  ''978-1-85797-946-6Ffyona CampbellOn Foot Through Africa :
  ''978-1-85797-950-3Maeve BinchyThe Glass Lake
1994978-1-85797-957-2Penny VincenziAnother Woman
  ''978-1-85797-960-2   ''Another Woman
1993978-1-85797-993-0Gillian WhiteRich Deceiver
2000978-1-85797-998-5Penny VincenziWicked Pleasures
1993978-1-85797-999-2Maeve BinchyThe Copper Beech