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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-0-7089-0109-0Agatha ChristieSleeping Murder (Ulverscroft large print series. [mystery])
  ''978-0-7089-0115-1Mary WestmacottAbsent in the Spring (Ulverscroft large print series. [general fiction])
  ''978-0-7089-0119-9Agatha ChristieThe Labours Of Hercules (Ulverscroft large print series. [mystery])
  ''978-0-7089-0120-5Francis DurbridgeDead to the World (Ulverscroft large print series. [mystery])
  ''978-0-7089-0141-0Agatha ChristieParker Pyne Investigates ([Ulverscroft large print series. mystery])
1978978-0-7089-0153-3Agatha ChristiePeril At End House (Ulverscroft large print seris. [mystery])
  ''978-0-7089-0154-0Bill KnoxThe Taste of Proof (Ulverscroft large print series. [mystery])
  ''978-0-7089-0180-9Mary WestmacottRose and the Yew Tree (Ulverscroft large print series. [general fiction])
  ''978-0-7089-0186-1Agatha ChristieAfter the Funeral (Ulverscroft large print series. [mystery])
  ''978-0-7089-0187-8   ''The Hound of Death (Ulverscroft large print series. [mystery])
1978978-0-7089-0188-5Agatha ChristieMurder On The Orient Express (Ulverscroft large print series. [mystery])
  ''978-0-7089-0189-2   ''They Came to Bagdad (Ulverscroft large print series. [mystery])
  ''978-0-7089-0194-6D. E. StevensonKate Hardy (Ulverscroft large print series. [romance])
  ''978-0-7089-0217-2Mary WestmacottA Daughter's a Daughter
  ''978-0-7089-0223-3Agatha ChristieSparkling Cyanide (Ulverscroft large print series. [mystery])
1979978-0-7089-0331-5Mary WestmacottThe Burden (Ulverscroft large print series. [general fiction])
1979978-0-7089-0384-1Geoffrey JenkinsA Cleft of Stars (Ulverscroft large print series. [adventure, suspense])
1980978-0-7089-0397-1Lucy WalkerGone-away Man (Ulverscroft large print series)
  ''978-0-7089-0405-3Mary WestmacottGiant's Bread (Ulverscroft large print series)
  ''978-0-7089-0410-7D. E. StevensonSummerhills (Ulverscroft large print series)
  ''978-0-7089-0413-8Douglas ReemanRendezvous, South Atlantic (Ulverscroft large print series)
  ''978-0-7089-0476-3Agatha ChristieThe Murder At The Vicarage (Ulverscroft large print series)
1980978-0-7089-0544-9Rosamond FitzroyThe Manor of Braye (Ulverscroft large print series)
1981978-0-7089-0570-8Glendon SwarthoutThe Eagle and the Iron Cross (Ulverscroft large print)
1980978-0-7089-0587-6Edmund HillaryFrom the Ocean to the Sky: Jet Boating Up the Ganges (Ulverscroft large print)
  ''978-0-7089-0590-6Agatha ChristieABC Murders (Ulverscroft large print series)
1981978-0-7089-0675-0Patricia MoyesBlack Widower (Ulverscroft large print series)
  ''978-0-7089-0698-9Catherine CooksonTilly Trotter (Ulverscroft large print series)
1982978-0-7089-0810-5George MacDonald FraserFlashman (Ulverscroft large print)
  ''978-0-7089-0814-3Agatha ChristieFive Little Pigs (Ulverscroft large print)
  ''978-0-7089-0836-5Geoffrey JenkinsA Ravel of Waters
1982978-0-7089-0840-2James HerriotLord God Made Them All
  ''978-0-7089-0877-8Lucy WalkerLove in a Cloud (Ulverscroft large print series)
1983978-0-7089-0952-2June ThomsonShadow of a Doubt (Ulverscroft large print)
  ''978-0-7089-0970-6Catherine CooksonFeathers in the Fire (Ulverscroft large print)
  ''978-0-7089-1062-7D. E. StevensonRochester's Wife (Ulverscroft large print series)
1984978-0-7089-1114-3Ngaio MarshLight Thickens
  ''978-0-7089-1125-9Agatha ChristieThe Man in the Brown Suit
1984978-0-7089-1156-3Agatha ChristieN Or M? (Ulverscroft large print)
  ''978-0-7089-1161-7Mary Margaret KayeDeath in Zanzibar (Large Print Edition)
  ''978-0-7089-1179-2Sara WoodsMost Grievous Murder (Ulverscroft large print series)
  ''978-0-7089-1184-6Agatha ChristiePassenger To Frankfurt (Ulverscroft large print)
  ''978-0-7089-1206-5Dorothy SimpsonPuppet for a Corpse (Ulverscroft large print)
1985978-0-7089-1255-3Alexander KentSuccess to the Brave (LARGE PRINT)
1985978-0-7089-1259-1Frank G. SlaughterDoctors at Risk (Ulverscroft large print series)
  ''978-0-7089-1267-6Donald HamiltonSmoky Valley (Ulverscroft large print)
  ''978-0-7089-1285-0Elizabeth MayhewThe Dark Mountain (Ulverscroft large print)
  ''978-0-7089-1323-9Philippa CarrVoices in a Haunted Room (Daughters of England series)
  ''978-0-7089-1376-5Helen ForresterThree Women of Liverpool
1986978-0-7089-1427-4Scyld BerryTrain to Julia Creek
1986978-0-7089-1443-4Agatha ChristieMurder in the Mews (Ulverscroft large print)
  ''978-0-7089-1540-0   ''Partners in Crime
  ''978-0-7089-1562-2June ThomsonA Dying Fall
1987978-0-7089-1571-4Agatha ChristieBy the Pricking of My Thumbs
  ''978-0-7089-1637-7   ''Hickory Dickory Dock
  ''978-0-7089-1658-2Bill KnoxWavecrest (Ulverscroft large print series)
1987978-0-7089-1666-7Agatha ChristieHallowe'en Party
  ''978-0-7089-1689-6Jon MicheletOrion's Belt
1988978-0-7089-1771-8Agatha ChristieMrs.McGinty's Dead
  ''978-0-7089-1854-8Anthony PriceThe Alamut Ambush
1989978-0-7089-1955-2Agatha ChristieThe Mysterious Affair At Styles, (Ulverscroft large print)
  ''978-0-7089-2032-9Ellis PetersThe Confession of Brother Haluin
  ''978-0-7089-2101-2Ann CleevesCome Death and High Water (Ulverscroft Large Print)
1990978-0-7089-2173-9Anthea FraserThe Nine Bright Shiners (Ulverscroft Large Print)
1990978-0-7089-2174-6Sam LlewellynBlood Orange (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-0-7089-2200-2Ann CleevesMurder in Paradise (Ulverscroft General Large Print Series)
  ''978-0-7089-2224-8Bill KnoxThe Interface Man (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-0-7089-2228-6Julian Jay SavarinHammerhead (Ulverscroft General Large Print Series)
  ''978-0-7089-2262-0Peter TurnbullTwo Way Cut (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)
1990978-0-7089-2291-0Agatha ChristieThe Listerdale Mystery (Ulverscroft large print series)
1990978-0-7089-2326-9Agatha ChristiePoirot's Early Cases
1991978-0-7089-2346-7   ''Miss Marple's Final Cases and Others
  ''978-0-7089-2417-4James William WordenWayward Legionnaire: Life in the French Foreign Legion
  ''978-0-7089-2419-8Agatha ChristieCrooked House
  ''978-0-7089-2423-5Lesley O'mara · Beryl ReidBest Cat Stories (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)
  ''978-0-7089-2441-9Agatha ChristieThe Secret Adversary
1991978-0-7089-2453-2Ilsa SharpThere is Only One Raffles: Story of a Grand Hotel (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)
  ''978-0-7089-2554-6Mary LideCommand of the King
1992978-0-7089-2708-3Agatha ChristiePostern Of Fate
1993978-0-7089-2838-7Douglas ClarkMonday Theory
1994978-0-7089-3038-0Ann CleevesAnother Man's Poison (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-0-7089-3169-1Laddie LucasMalta: The Thorn in Rommel's Side - Six Months That Turned the War (Ulverscroft Large Print)
1995978-0-7089-3287-2Jan BurkeGoodnight, Irene (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-0-7089-3309-1Michael ClynesThe Grail Murders
  ''978-0-7089-3409-8P. C. DohertyAn Ancient Evil (Ulverscroft large print series)
1995978-0-7089-3426-5Kuki GallmannAfrican Nights
  ''978-0-7089-3438-8Vivian StuartThe Heroic Garrison (Sheridan)
1996978-0-7089-3476-0Ann- Margret · Todd GoldAnn-Margret: My Story
  ''978-0-7089-3493-7Rebecca ShawThe New Rector (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-0-7089-3498-2Katie FfordeLiving Dangerously (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-0-7089-3535-4P. C. DohertyThe Assassin in the Greenwood (Ulverscroft Large Print)
1996978-0-7089-3571-2Reginald HillBorn Guilty (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)
  ''978-0-7089-3583-5Margaret YorkePieces of Justice
  ''978-0-7089-3620-7Frederick E. Smith633 Squadron: Operation Titan (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-0-7089-3630-6Elizabeth FerrarsA Choice of Evils
  ''978-0-7089-3644-3Katie FfordeThe Rose Revived (Ulverscroft Large Print)
1996978-0-7089-3656-6Richard DalbyShivers for Christmas (Ulverscroft Large Print)
1997978-0-7089-3663-4Thomas EidsonThe Last Ride
  ''978-0-7089-3714-3Margaret BaconJourney to Guyana (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-0-7089-3736-5Alexandra Henry · Hilary Norman writing as Alexandra Henry · Hilary NormanIf I Should Die
  ''978-0-7089-3740-2Gareth PattersonWith My Soul Amongst Lions
  ''978-0-7089-3749-5Bruce AlexanderMurder in Grub Street (Ulverscroft Large Print)
1997978-0-7089-3763-1Priscilla MastersCatch the Fallen Sparrow (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-0-7089-3775-4Bill KnoxThe Counterfeit Killers (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-0-7089-3785-3Jan BurkeDear Irene (Irene Kelly Mystery)
  ''978-0-7089-3788-4Ann CleevesHigh Island Blues
  ''978-0-7089-3789-1Michael ClynesThe Gallows Murders (Ulverscroft Large Print)
1997978-0-7089-3808-9Suzanne GoodwinSheer Chance (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-0-7089-3809-6Ann GrangerA Word After Dying
  ''978-0-7089-3823-2Thomas EidsonAll God's Children
  ''978-0-7089-3826-3Quintin JardineSkinner's Ordeal
  ''978-0-7089-3850-8Bill KnoxA Cut in Diamonds
1997978-0-7089-3866-9Priscilla MastersA Wreath for My Sister
1998978-0-7089-3880-5William HarringtonHelter Skelter Murders ("Columbo")
  ''978-0-7089-3894-2Elizabeth McGregorOut of Reach
  ''978-0-7089-3896-6Diana RaymondThe Sea Family
  ''978-0-7089-3914-7Quintin JardineSkinner's Mission
  ''978-0-7089-3936-9Alexander CordellSend Her Victorious
1998978-0-7089-3938-3P. C. DohertyA Tournament of Murders
  ''978-0-7089-3953-6Anne HerriesRaphael
  ''978-0-7089-3958-1Ruth Silvestre · Michael GraterA Harvest of Sunflowers
  ''978-0-7089-3968-0Bill KnoxA Problem in Prague
  ''978-0-7089-3996-3Stephanie BarronJane and the Man of the Cloth (A Jane Austen mystery)
1998978-0-7089-4009-9Fiona BuckleyThe Robsart Mystery (Mystery at Queen Elizabeth I's Court)
  ''978-0-7089-4016-7Laurie R. KingA Monstrous Regiment of Women
1999978-0-7089-4025-9Bill KnoxBlood Proof
  ''978-0-7089-4032-7Stephanie BarronJane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor
  ''978-0-7089-4033-4David GrantTales from the Animal Hospital [LARGE PRINT]
  ''978-0-7089-4054-9Grace ThompsonThe Weston Women (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)
1999978-0-7089-4060-0Bill KnoxBloodtide (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)
  ''978-0-7089-4160-7   ''Death Bytes
  ''978-0-7089-4161-4Priscilla MastersScaring Crows
2000978-0-7089-4175-1Patricia RobinsForever (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)
  ''978-0-7089-4183-6Joyce HolmsBad Vibes (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)
  ''978-0-7089-4188-1Andrew TaylorThe Suffocating Night
2000978-0-7089-4197-3Ngaio MarshDead Water
  ''978-0-7089-4207-9Elizabeth McGregorSecond Sight
  ''978-0-7089-4253-6Alan FurstRed Gold
  ''978-0-7089-4271-0Baroness Emmuska OrczyThe Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel
  ''978-0-7089-4276-5Natasha CooperFault Lines
2000978-0-7089-4291-8Graham ThomasMalice in the Highlands
  ''978-0-7089-4318-2Bill Knox · Martin EdwardsThe Lazarus Widow
  ''978-0-7089-4319-9Jayne Ann KrentzFlash
2001978-0-7089-4356-4June CalvinSeige of Hearts
  ''978-0-7089-4372-4Emma JensenThe Irish Rogue
  ''978-0-7089-4377-9Michelle MagorianGoodnight Mister Tom
2001978-0-7089-4383-0Mark TimlinQuick Before They Catch Us
  ''978-0-7089-4395-3Betty RowlandsThe Man at the Window
  ''978-0-7089-4404-2Alison JosephThe Night Watch
  ''978-0-7089-4405-9Jayne Ann KrentzEye of the Beholder
  ''978-0-7089-4408-0Hannah MarchA Distinction of Blood
2001978-0-7089-4410-3Alexandra RaifeThe Wedding Gift
  ''978-0-7089-4416-5Gerald HammondDead Weight (Ulverscroft Mystery)
  ''978-0-7089-4420-2Deryn LakeDeath in the Peerless Pool: A John Rawlings Mystery
  ''978-0-7089-4431-8Quintin JardineScreen Savers (Ulverscroft Mystery)
  ''978-0-7089-4441-7John Dickson CarrDark of the Moon (Ulverscroft Mystery)
2001978-0-7089-4444-8Anthea FraserThe Twelve Apostles (Ulverscroft Mystery)
  ''978-0-7089-4448-6Priscilla MastersA Fatal Cut (Ulverscroft Mystery)
  ''978-0-7089-4457-8Diane FarrOnce Upon a Christmas
  ''978-0-7089-4479-0Margaret MaronStorm Track
  ''978-0-7089-4480-6Peter O'DonnellCobra Trap [Modesty Blaise]
2001978-0-7089-4601-5Danuta ReahSilent Playgrounds
  ''978-0-7089-4603-9Thomas H. CookPlaces in the Dark
2002978-0-7089-4648-0Anne BennettPack Up Your Troubles
2003978-0-7089-4649-7Caroline CarverBlood Junction
2002978-0-7089-4650-3Diane FarrFalling for Chloe
  ''978-0-7089-4653-4Prue LeithSisters
  ''978-0-7089-4670-1Ridley PearsonMiddle of Nowhere (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-4694-7Priscilla MastersEmbroidering Shrouds
2002978-0-7089-4703-6Hilary BonnerA Kind of Wild Justice
  ''978-0-7089-4714-2James RuddickDeath at the Priory: Love, Sex and Murder in Victorian England
  ''978-0-7089-4723-4Elizabeth HawksleyFrost Fair
  ''978-0-7089-4729-6Betty ShineA Free Spirit
2003978-0-7089-4737-1Bill KnoxDeep Fall, The
  ''978-0-7089-4738-8Deryn LakeDeath in the West Wind: A John Rawlings Mystery
2002978-0-7089-4745-6Robin MaxwellVirgin
2003978-0-7089-4788-3Linda HowardMr. Perfect
2003978-0-7089-4802-6Quintin JardineAutographs in the Rain
  ''978-0-7089-4834-7Ken McClureDeception (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-4837-8Martin Cruz SmithTokyo Station (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-4840-8Natasha CooperOut of the Dark
  ''978-0-7089-4871-2Lesley HortonSnares of Guilt
2003978-0-7089-4899-6Val AndrewsSherlock Holmes and the Longacre Vampire (Linford Mystery)
  ''978-0-7089-4947-4Graham HurleyAngels Passing (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-4963-4Terry PratchettThe Truth (Charnwood Library)
1997978-0-7089-5062-3Charles LeaderSalesman of Death (Linford Mystery)
  ''978-0-7089-5067-8Bill KnoxIsle of Dragons (Linford Mystery)
  ''978-0-7089-5876-6Lisa GrunwaldNew Year's Eve
1998978-0-7089-5877-3Lorna LandvikPatty Jane's House of Curl (Niagara Large Print S.)
2001978-0-7089-5963-3Andrew McBrideDeath Wears a Star (Linford Western Library)
1986978-0-7089-6262-6Henri J. M. NouwenWith Open Hands (Linford Inspirational Library)
1986978-0-7089-6266-4Martin Luther, Jr. KingStrength to Love (Linford Inspirational Library)
1987978-0-7089-6383-8Elizabeth ClareBy Golden Waters (Linford Romance)
1988978-0-7089-6490-3Elmer KeltonDonovan (Linford Western Library)
  ''978-0-7089-6503-0Ian StuartSnow on the Ben (Linford Mystery)
1993978-0-7089-7463-6Lisa CharlesDawn of a Dream (Linford Romance)
1994978-0-7089-7477-3Edward S. AaronsSay it with Murder (Linford Mystery)
1997978-0-7089-7989-1Lance HowardThe West Witch (Linford Western Library)
1981978-0-7089-8010-1Harold Robbins79 Park Avenue (Charnwood library series)
1997978-0-7089-8015-6Charlotte BronteJane Eyre (Bronte Sisters Collection)
1982978-0-7089-8027-9George Orwell1984 Nineteen Eighty-Four (Large Print Edition)
  ''978-0-7089-8048-4Catherine GaskinI Know My Love (Charnwood library series)
  ''978-0-7089-8062-0Charles DickensGreat Expectations (Charnwood library series)
  ''978-0-7089-8065-1J. R. R. TolkienThe Hobbit: Or There and Back Again (Charnwood large type)
1982978-0-7089-8075-0Catherine GaskinSara Dine (Charnwood large type)
1983978-0-7089-8101-6Harold RobbinsStiletto (Charnwood library series)
  ''978-0-7089-8111-5Sidney SheldonA Stranger in the Mirror
  ''978-0-7089-8122-1Arthur HaileyOverload (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-8134-4Lena KennedyNelly Kelly (Charnwood large type)
  ''978-0-7089-8155-9William StevensonMan Called Intrepid, A: The Secret War (Large Type Edition)
1983978-0-7089-8158-0Frank McDonaldProvenance (Charnwood library series)
1984978-0-7089-8171-9Nicholas MonsarratThe Cruel Sea
  ''978-0-7089-8228-0Jane AustenPride And Prejudice (Charnwood Library)
1985978-0-7089-8236-5Lena KennedyMaggie (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-8247-1Tom McNabRings of Sand (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-8258-7Jane AustenEmma (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-8285-3Diane PearsonSummer of the Barshinskeys (Charnwood Library)
1985978-0-7089-8286-0A. J. QuinnellBlood Ties (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-8305-8Sydney SmithMostly Murder (Charnwood Library)
1986978-0-7089-8311-9Morris WestThe Tower of Babel (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-8353-9Delia SmithOne is Fun! (Charnwood Library)
1987978-0-7089-8393-5Dick FrancisLester: The Official Biography (Large Print)
  ''978-0-7089-8448-2Sidney SheldonWindmills of the Gods (Charnwood library series)
1988978-0-7089-8504-5Jane AustenMansfield Park (Charnwood Library)
1989978-0-7089-8523-6Catherine GaskinThe Charmed Circle: Bk. 1 (Charnwood Library)
1991978-0-7089-8582-3Lena KennedyEve's Apples (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-8592-2Terence StrongSons of Heaven (Charnwood Library)
1991978-0-7089-8624-0Ronald SinclairAdventures in Persia (Charnwood Library)
1993978-0-7089-8717-9Bill PertweeStars in Battledress (Charnwood Library)
1994978-0-7089-8744-5A. J. QuinnellThe Perfect Kill (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-8758-2Jon ClearyDark Summer (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-8761-2Caroline CassJoy Adamson: Behind the Mask (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-8762-9Peter GurneyBraver Men Walk Away (Ulverscroft general series)
  ''978-0-7089-8767-4Anita BrooknerA Closed Eye (Charnwood Library)
1994978-0-7089-8789-6Helen ForresterThe Liverpool Basque (Charnwood Library)
1995978-0-7089-8808-4Jon ClearyBleak Spring (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-8811-4Jeffrey ArcherTwelve Red Herrings (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-8820-6LaVyrle SpencerNovember of the Heart (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-8832-9Emma BlairThe Sweetest Thing (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-8849-7Emma BlairThe Daffodil Sea (Charnwood Library)
1995978-0-7089-8855-8Barbara Taylor BradfordEverything to Gain (Charnwood Library)
1996978-0-7089-8890-9Caroline HarveyA Second Legacy (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-8912-8Michael CrichtonCongo (Charnwood Library)
1997978-0-7089-8933-3Marie JosephThe Way We Were: A Collection of Short Stories (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-8936-4David AmbroseMother of God (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-8949-4LaVyrle SpencerThat Camden Summer (Charnwood Library)
1998978-0-7089-8984-5Elizabeth AdlerThe Heiresses (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9013-1J. Randy Taraborrelli · J. Randall TaraborrelliSinatra: Pt. 2: The Man Behind the Myth (Charnwood Library)
1998978-0-7089-9014-8Emma BlairFlower of Scotland (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9029-2Twiggy Lawson · Penelope Dening · Lawson TwiggyTwiggy in Black and White: An Autobiography (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9045-2Arthur C. Clarke3001: The Final Odyssey (Charnwood Library)
1999978-0-7089-9051-3Catherine CooksonThe Lady on My Left (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9059-9Anita BrooknerFalling Slowly (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9062-9Rita Rogers · Natasha GarnettFrom One World to Another (Charnwood Library)
1999978-0-7089-9107-7Charlotte BinghamLove Song (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9110-7Ralph ComptonThe Dodge City Trail (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9111-4E. V. ThompsonMud Huts and Missionaries (Charnwood Library)
2000978-0-7089-9139-8LaVyrle SpencerThen Came Heaven (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9143-5Reginald HillSinging the Sadness (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9170-1Catherine CooksonThe Thursday Friend (Charnwood Library)
2000978-0-7089-9174-9Carol Ann LeeRoses from the Earth: Biography of Anne Frank (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9175-6Judith LennoxSome Old Lover's Ghost (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9186-2David GrantA Year in the Life of the Animal Hospital (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9204-3Simon WinchesterThe Surgeon of Crowthorne: A Tale of Murder, Madness and the Oxford English Dictionary (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9206-7Ralph ComptonThe Old Spanish Trail
2000978-0-7089-9210-4Terry PratchettThe Fifth Elephant
2001978-0-7089-9244-9Sam LlewellynThe Sea Garden (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9257-9Pamela EvansThe Carousel Keeps Turning (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9267-8Nancy ThayerBetween Husbands and Friends (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9292-0Margaret MayhewOur Yanks (Charnwood Library)
2002978-0-7089-9312-5Victoria ClaytonRunning Wild (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9333-0Santa MontefioreMeet Me Under the Ombu Tree (Charnwood Library)
2002978-0-7089-9336-1Norman CroucherLegless But Smiling: An Autobiography (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9340-8Margaret YorkeCause for Concern (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9346-0Mary Margaret KayeGolden Afternoon (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9358-3William GoldingLord of the Flies (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9364-4Alexander FullertonSingle to Paris (Charnwood Library)
2003978-0-7089-9367-5E. V. ThompsonHere, There and Yesterday (Charnwood Library)
2002978-0-7089-9373-6Erica JamesPrecious Time (Charnwood Library)
2002978-0-7089-9401-6Margaret MayhewThe Pathfinder (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9402-3Santa MontefioreThe Butterfly Box (Charnwood Library)
  ''978-0-7089-9403-0Terry PratchettThief of Time (Charnwood Library)
2003978-0-7089-9409-2Thalassa AliA Singular Hostage
  ''978-0-7089-9411-5Graham HurleyThe Perfect Soldier (Charnwood Library)
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