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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-84617-010-2Susan R. SloanBehind Closed Doors (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-081-2Alexander FullertonNon-Combatants (Charnwood Large Print)
2006978-1-84617-138-3Jim KellyThe Fire Baby (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-139-0Annie MarksRosemary's Garden (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-154-3Pamela EvansLamplight on the Thames (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-155-0John HarveyAsh and Bone (Charnwood Large Print)
2006978-1-84617-163-5Terry PratchettThud! (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-170-3Jim BaileyThe Sky Suspended: A Fighter Pilot's Story (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-186-4Tony AsplerDeath on the Douro (Linford Mystery)
  ''978-1-84617-192-5Michael FinkelTrue Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-206-9Chap O'KeefeThe Rebel and the Heiress (Linford Western)
2006978-1-84617-208-3Guy BellamyThe Man Who Won (Ulverscroft General Fiction)
  ''978-1-84617-209-0Jennifer HaighBaker Towers
  ''978-1-84617-221-2Isobel ScottEnchanted Desert (Linford Romance)
  ''978-1-84617-247-2Bruce AlexanderRules of Engagement (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-275-5Quintin JardineLethal Intent (Charnwood Large Print)
2006978-1-84617-290-8Aidan MacCarthyA Doctor's War (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-306-6Alafair BurkeClose Case (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-323-3Claire Bertschinger · Fanny BlakeMoving Mountains (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-346-2Nicholas EvansThe Divide (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-347-9Mike GayleBrand New Friend (Charnwood Large Print)
2006978-1-84617-374-5Karen AbbottAfraid to Love (Linford Romance Library)
  ''978-1-84617-422-3Victoria HislopThe Island (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-439-1Misha DefonsecaSurviving with Wolves: The Most Extraordinary Story of World War II (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-440-7Aaron J. ElkinsGood Blood (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-458-2Dan BrownDeception Point (Charnwood Large Print)
2006978-1-84617-470-4Tom BensonThe Granton Gang (Linford Western Library)
  ''978-1-84617-483-4Robin SheltonAllotted Time: Twelve Months, Two Blokes, One Shed, No Idea (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-496-4Emma BlairThree Bites of the Cherry (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-498-8Duncan FalconerThe Operative (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-503-9Matthew ParrisA Castle in Spain (Charnwood Large Print)
2006978-1-84617-513-8Martina DevlinThe Hollow Heart: The True Story of How One Woman's Desire to Have a Baby Almost Destroyed Her Life (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-540-4Cody McFadyenShadow Man (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-558-9Richard StarkNobody Runs Forever (Ulverscroft Large Print)
2007978-1-84617-595-4Jane MorellWatchman (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-614-2Card FraserA World Apart (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-632-6Colin R. Martin RN BSc MSc PhD MBA YCAP FHEA C.Psychol AFBPsS C.SciWelcome to Hell (Ulverscroft Large Print)
2007978-1-84617-685-2Lawrence BlockHit Parade (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-686-9Jon CanterSeeds of Greatness (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-692-0Christobel KentA Florentine Revenge (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-706-4Margaret FrazerThe Bishop's Tale (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-733-0Marie-Therese Cuny · Leila CunyMarried by Force (Charnwood Large Print)
2007978-1-84617-747-7William McIlvanneyWeekend (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-776-7Caleb RandThe Rosado Gang (Linford Western Library)
  ''978-1-84617-787-3Camilla WayThe Dead of Summer (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-880-1Jane FallonGetting Rid of Matthew (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-898-6Margaret FrazerThe Widow's Tale (Ulverscroft Large Print)
2007978-1-84617-900-6Derek JohnsWintering (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-903-7Malcolm D. WelshmanPets in Prospect (Ulverscroft Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-918-1Ann CleevesHidden Depths (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-919-8Duncan FalconerThe Protector (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-921-1Xiaolu GuoA Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers (Charnwood Large Print)
2007978-1-84617-925-9James Patterson · Peter De JongeBeach Road (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84617-984-6Karen AbbottA Change of Heart (Linford Romance)