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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-84782-000-6Nicholas BoothZigzag
  ''978-1-84782-006-8Lisa LutzThe Spellman Files
  ''978-1-84782-017-4James Gordon WhiteBarbary Coast Gundown (Linford Western Library)
  ''978-1-84782-023-5Gordon NimseThe Interpreter (Ulverscroft)
  ''978-1-84782-025-9Lois PryceLois on the Loose (Ulverscroft)
2008978-1-84782-044-0Barbara GowdyHelpless (Charnwood Large Print)
2008978-1-84782-046-4Jenni MillsCrow Stone (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84782-049-5Jonathan TropperHow to Talk to a Widower (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84782-081-5Jim KellyThe Skeleton Man (Charnwood Large Print)
  ''978-1-84782-130-0Tom ParryHomesteaders' War (Linford Western Library)
  ''978-1-84782-156-0Dean Koontz · Kevin J. AndersonDean Koontz's Frankenstein: Prodigal Son
2008978-1-84782-196-6Cody McFadyenThe Face of Death (Charnwood)
  ''978-1-84782-201-7Danny ScheinmannRandom Acts of Heroic Love (Charnwood)
  ''978-1-84782-230-7Rajiv ChandrasekaranImperial Life in the Emerald City (Charnwood)
  ''978-1-84782-235-2Denise MinaThe Last Breath (Charnwood)
  ''978-1-84782-268-0Mike CareyDead Men's Boots (Charnwood)
2008978-1-84782-277-2Terry PratchettMaking Money
  ''978-1-84782-296-3Patricia HutchisonPassport to Fear (Linford Romance)
  ''978-1-84782-343-4Linwood BarclayNo Time for Goodbye (Charnwood)
  ''978-1-84782-350-2Guillaume MussoWill You be There? (Charnwood)
  ''978-1-84782-421-9Stephen CoontsThe Assassin (Charnwood)
2008978-1-84782-457-8Louise BagshaweGlitz (Charnwood)
  ''978-1-84782-478-3Tony EarleyThe Blue Star (Ulverscroft)
2009978-1-84782-507-0H. H. CodyRedemption in Inferno (Linford Western)
  ''978-1-84782-574-2Lisa GardnerSay Goodbye (Charnwood)
  ''978-1-84782-577-3Hillary JordanMudbound (Charnwood)
  ''978-1-84782-685-5Beatrice ColinThe Luminous Life of Lilly Aphrodite (Charnwood)
2009978-1-84782-709-8Wendy PercivalBlood-tied (Ulverscroft)
  ''978-1-84782-764-7Elaine DiRolloThe Peachgrowers' Almanac (Charnwood)
  ''978-1-84782-765-4Victoria HislopThe Return (Charnwood)
  ''978-1-84782-766-1J. A. KerleyBlood Brother (Charnwood)
  ''978-1-84782-768-5Sir Roger, KBE. MooreMy Word is My Bond (Charnwood)
2009978-1-84782-799-9Dave BolingGuernica (Charnwood)
  ''978-1-84782-822-4Vicki MyronDewey (Ulverscroft)
  ''978-1-84782-910-8Paul D. GilbertThe Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes (Linford Mystery Library)
  ''978-1-84782-931-3Bill CorfieldThe Pilgrim File (Ulverscroft)