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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1971978-0-85456-084-4Agatha ChristieTaken at the Flood ([Ulverscroft large print series. mystery])
1976978-0-85456-102-5Agatha ChristieThe Body in the Library (Ulverscroft large print series)
1972978-0-85456-115-5   ''Endless Night ([Ulverscroft large print series. mystery])
  ''978-0-85456-126-1   ''Towards Zero ([Ulverscroft large print series. mystery])
  ''978-0-85456-144-5   ''The Murder of Roger Ackroyd ([Ulverscroft large print series. mystery])
1973978-0-85456-203-9   ''The Sittaford Mystery
1974978-0-85456-270-1Agatha ChristieWhy Didn't They Ask Evans? ([Ulverscroft large print series. mystery])
  ''978-0-85456-283-1   ''Big Four (Ulverscroft large print series. [mystery])
  ''978-0-85456-301-2   ''The Hollow (Ulverscroft large print series. [mystery])
1975978-0-85456-313-5J.J. MarricGideon's Month (Ulverscroft large print series. [mystery])
  ''978-0-85456-326-5Agatha ChristieThree Act Tragedy (Ulverscroft large print series. [mystery])
  ''978-0-85456-339-5Agnes Newton KeithThree Came Home (Ulverscroft large print series. [non-fiction])
1975978-0-85456-345-6Alistair MacLeanForce 10 from Navarone (Ulverscroft large print series. [fiction])
  ''978-0-85456-366-1Agatha ChristieAppointment with Death (Ulverscroft large print series. [mystery])
1976978-0-85456-412-5Kathryn KuhlmanNothing is Impossible with God (Ulverscroft large print series. [non-fiction])
  ''978-0-85456-459-0Alistair MacLeanIce Station Zebra (Large Print Edition)
  ''978-0-85456-474-3Agatha Christie4.50 From Paddington
  ''978-0-85456-475-0   ''The Thirteen Problems
1976978-0-85456-476-7Agatha ChristieNemesis (Ulverscroft large print series. [mystery])
  ''978-0-85456-479-8   ''Lord Edgware Dies
1976978-0-85456-498-9Agatha ChristieCurtain: Poirot's Last Case (Ulverscroft large print series. [mystery])
1977978-0-85456-516-0   ''The Murder On The Links (Ulverscroft large print series. [mystery])
  ''978-0-85456-544-3Frank CastleDakota Boomtown (Ulverscroft large print series. [Western])
  ''978-0-85456-546-7Agatha ChristieThe Mysterious Mr.Quin (Ulverscroft large print series. [mystery])
1976978-0-85456-549-8Henri CharrierePapillon (Ulverscroft large print series. [fiction])
  ''978-0-85456-561-0Irving StoneAgony and the Ecstasy (Ulverscroft large print series. [fiction])
  ''978-0-85456-571-9Anya SetonGreen Darkness (Ulverscroft large print series. [fiction])
1974978-0-85456-596-2Jean PlaidyThe Third George (Georgian Saga 5) (Large Print Edition)
1970978-0-85456-660-0Elizabeth CadellBe My Guest
1970978-0-85456-661-7Maysie GreigDoctor in Exile - Ulverscroft Large Print Edition (Ulverscroft large print series)
1973978-0-85456-662-4Essie SummersLark in the Meadow
1972978-0-85456-665-5John CreaseySend Superintendent West
1969978-0-85456-666-2Agatha ChristieThe Clocks
1972978-0-85456-667-9   ''Murder In Mesopotamia
  ''978-0-85456-670-9   ''The Moving Finger
1971978-0-85456-671-6   ''Death on the Nile
1973978-0-85456-678-5Mazo RocheWhiteoak Brothers (Whiteoak chronicles series)
  ''978-0-85456-682-2Mazo RocheMaster of Jalna ([Ulverscroft large print series. fiction])
1972978-0-85456-695-2Zane GreyDrift Fence
1965978-0-85456-775-1Agatha Christie4.50 from Paddington