Peter Turnbull

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After the Flood   "978-0-7278-7220-32003
After the Flood   "978-0-7278-5745-32002
All Roads Leadeth   "978-0-7278-7395-82004
All Roads Leadeth   "978-0-7278-5970-92003
And Did Murder Him   "978-0-312-05813-51991
Big MoneyPaperback978-0-00-617113-31992
Chelsea SmileHardcover978-0-7278-6494-92007
Chelsea SmilePaperback978-1-84751-003-72007
Chill Factor   "978-0-7278-9147-12006
Chill FactorHardcover978-0-7278-6275-42005
Condition PurplePaperback978-0-00-617731-91991
Dark SecretsHardcover978-0-7278-7359-02004
Dark Secrets   "978-0-7278-5908-22002
Dead KnockPaperback978-0-00-616833-11984
Deep and Crisp and Even   "978-0-312-19092-71982
Deliver Us from EvilPaperback978-1-84751-237-62011
Deliver Us from EvilHardcover978-0-7278-6892-32010
Embracing SkeletonsPaperback978-0-00-649913-81998
Fair Friday   "978-0-00-617112-61991
False KnightHardcover978-0-7278-6376-82006
False KnightPaperback978-0-7278-9170-92006
Fear of Drowning   "978-0-373-26423-02002
Fear of Drowning   "978-0-00-651362-92000
Fear of DrowningHardcover978-0-312-26158-02000
Fire BurnPaperback978-0-7278-9190-72007
Fire BurnHardcover978-0-7278-6419-22006
Hopes and Fears   "978-0-7490-8322-92004
Informed ConsentPaperback978-1-84751-124-92010
Informed ConsentHardcover978-0-7278-6751-32009
Long Day MondayPaperback978-0-00-647292-61993
Managing Business Relationships   "978-0-471-97075-01998David Ford · Lars-Erik Gadde · Håkan Håkansson · Anders Lundgren · Ivan Snehota · David Wilson
No Stone Unturned   "978-1-84751-049-52009
No Stone UnturnedHardcover978-0-7278-6611-02007
Once a BikerPaperback978-1-84751-026-62008
Once a BikerHardcover978-0-7278-6545-82007
Perils and Dangers   "978-0-7278-5672-22001
Perils and Dangers   "978-0-7278-7100-82001
Social Dialogue in the Process of Structural Adjustment And Private Sector Participation in PortsPaperback978-92-2-117721-02006
Sweet HumphreyHardcover978-0-7278-6339-32005
The Claws of the GryphonPaperback978-0-00-617531-51988
The Claws of the GryphonHardcover978-0-00-222816-91986
The Dance Master   "978-0-7278-7492-42006
The Dance Master   "978-0-7278-6080-42004
The Dynamics of Employee RelationsPaperback978-0-333-94836-12004Paul Blyton
The Dynamics of Employee Relations   "978-0-333-67985-21998   "
The Killing Floor   "978-0-00-647976-51995
The Killing FloorHardcover978-0-312-11844-01995
The Killing Floor   "978-0-00-232518-91994
The Man With No FacePaperback978-0-00-651128-11999
The Man With No FaceHardcover978-0-00-232661-21998
The Man With No Face   "978-0-312-19298-31998
The Return   "978-0-7278-7197-82002
The Return   "978-0-7278-5744-62001
Treasure Trove   "978-0-7278-7424-52005
Treasure Trove   "978-0-7278-6020-02003
Turning Point   "978-0-7278-6683-72008
Two-Way CutPaperback978-0-00-617611-41991
Two Way CutHardcover978-0-7089-2262-01990

P. Turnbull · Peder Tornvall · Peter J Turnbull · PETER STJ TURNBULL-KEMP · Peter Thornber · Peter Trampusch · Peter Tremp · Peter Trumbull · Peter Turnpenny · Peter W. Turnbull · Prof Peter J Turnbull

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