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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1965978-0-563-06114-4Churchill, Winston: Tributes Broadcast by the B. B. C.
1968978-0-563-07304-8Denis MatthewsBeethoven Piano Sonatas (BBC Music Guides)
1964978-0-563-07487-8S. MacneillPiobaireachd: Classical Music of the Highland Bagpipe
1968978-0-563-08319-1John GrantLittlenose (Jackanory Story Books)
1969978-0-563-08449-5Lester B. PearsonPeace in the Family of Man (Reith Lecture)
1992978-0-563-08455-6VariousBerlioz Orchestral Music
1969978-0-563-08544-7Kenneth ClarkCivilization
  ''978-0-563-08552-2Still I Believe.
  ''978-0-563-08562-1British Broadcasting CorporationBroadcasting in the seventies: The B.B.C.'s plan for network radio and non-metropolitan broadcasting
  ''978-0-563-08587-4John GrantLittlenose Moves House (Jackanory)
1970978-0-563-09271-1Robert SimpsonBeethoven Symphonies (BBC Music Guides)
  ''978-0-563-09281-0F. Fraser DarlingWilderness and Plenty (Reith Lecture)
1970978-0-563-10149-9Maurice John Edwin BrownSchubert Symphonies (BBC Music Guides)
  ''978-0-563-10155-0Nigel CalderMind of Man
  ''978-0-563-10162-8Raymond Baxter · James BurkeTomorrow's World: No. 1
1973978-0-563-10168-0Ivor KeysBrahms Chamber Music (Music Guides)
1971978-0-563-10174-1John GrantLittlenose the Hero (Jackanory Story Books)
1972978-0-563-10348-6Peter WilliamsBach Organ Music (Music Guides)
  ''978-0-563-10431-5Eric SamsBrahms Songs (Music Guides)
  ''978-0-563-10489-6Arnold WhittallSchoenberg Chamber Music (Music Guides)
1980978-0-563-10498-8Jacob BronowskiThe Ascent of Man
1972978-0-563-10664-7Alison PlowdenMistress of Hardwick
1972978-0-563-10666-1David BellamyBellamy on Botany
  ''978-0-563-10671-5Paul Cooper · etc.Avventura: A Beginner's Course in Italian (BBC)
1974978-0-563-10829-0Bob Godfrey · Anna JacksonThe Do-it-yourself Film Animation (BBC Publications)
1972978-0-563-12127-5Edward PawleyBBC Engineering 1922-1972
  ''978-0-563-12205-0John E. HortonMendelssohn Chamber Music (BBC Music Guides)
  ''978-0-563-12241-8Joan ChissellSchumann Piano Music (BBC Music Guides.)
  ''978-0-563-12242-5Hugh OttawayVaughan Williams Symphonies (Music Guides)
1972978-0-563-12244-9John Berger · et alWays of Seeing (A pelican original)
1973978-0-563-12362-0Raymond Baxter · James BurkeTomorrow's World: No. 3
1982978-0-563-12465-8Stephen WalshBartok Chamber Music (Music Guides)
1973978-0-563-12468-9Patrick PiggottRachmaninov Orchestral Music (Music Guides)
  ''978-0-563-12586-0Fanny CradockCommon Market Cookery: France
  ''978-0-563-12592-1Joan AikenEscaped Black Mamba (Jackanory Story Books)
1974978-0-563-12593-8Georges FeydeauFitting for Ladies
  ''978-0-563-12594-5Georges FeydeauA Close Shave
  ''978-0-563-12595-2   ''Sauce for the goose
1973978-0-563-12596-9Delia SmithFamily Fare: Bk. 1
1974978-0-563-12597-6British Broadcasting CorporationHoliday 1974
1974978-0-563-12633-1John GrantLittlenose the Fisherman (Jackanory Story Books)
  ''978-0-563-12682-9Fanny CradockCommon Market Cookery: Italy
1986978-0-563-12769-7Stanley SadieMozart Symphonies (Ariel Music Guides)
1977978-0-563-12779-6Ninian SmartBackground to the Long Search
1979978-0-563-12856-4Michael TalbotVivaldi (BBC Music Guides)
1992978-0-563-12860-1VariousTchaikovsky Ballet Music (Music Guides)
  ''978-0-563-12862-5   ''Mozart Serenades, Divertimenti And Dances (BBC music guides)
1975978-0-563-12879-3John GrantLittlenose to the Rescue (B.B.C. Jackanory Story Books)
1976978-0-563-12892-2Michael BrightAnswers from Dial-a-scientist
1978978-0-563-12981-3Denis MatthewsBrahms Piano Music (Music Guides)
1976978-0-563-16012-0Giles OakleyThe Devil's Music: A History of the Blues
  ''978-0-563-16079-3Barbara Derkow · etc.Your Move
1982978-0-563-16479-1Joseph CremonaBuongiorno Italia!: Course Book
  ''978-0-563-16491-3Madhur JaffreyMadhur Jaffrey's Indian Cookery
1982978-0-563-16500-2Edward De BonoDe Bono's Thinking Course
  ''978-0-563-16507-1Ann Sutton · Peter CollingwoodThe Craft of the Weaver
  ''978-0-563-16525-5Joseph CremonaBuongiorno Italia: Cassette 1 (Language)
  ''978-0-563-16527-9   ''Buongiorno Italia: Cassette 2 (Language)
1983978-0-563-16562-0Richard E. BlizzardBlizzard's Wonderful Wooden Toys
  ''978-0-563-16575-0David HardyGreek Language and People. A BBC television course in Modern Greek for Beginners.
1975978-0-563-17006-8Molly Cox · David AttenboroughFabulous Animals
1976978-0-563-17064-8Jacob BronowskiThe Ascent of Man
1976978-0-563-17079-2Joan AikenMortimer's Tie (Jackanory Story Books)
1977978-0-563-17201-7Malcolm MuggeridgeA Third Testament: A Modern Pilgrim Explores the Spiritual Wanderings of Augustine, Blake, Pascal, Tolstoy, Bonhoeffer, Kierkegaard, and Dostoevsky
  ''978-0-563-17209-3Magnus MagnussonB. C.: Archaeology of the Bible Lands
1978978-0-563-17397-7Alec Clifton-TaylorSix English Towns
1977978-0-563-17399-1W. G. HoskinsEnglish Landscapes
1978978-0-563-17425-7Brian JohnsonThe Secret War
  ''978-0-563-17436-3Bryan MageeMen of Ideas: Some Creators of Contemporary Philosophy
  ''978-0-563-17493-6Biddy Baxter · Hazel Gill · Margaret ParnellBlue Peter Make, Cook and Look Book
  ''978-0-563-17507-0Richard BarberDevil's Crown: Henry II, Richard I, John
1978978-0-563-17610-7James Blades · Carole WardReady to Play
  ''978-0-563-17621-3William ShakespeareKing Richard II (TV Shakespeare S.)
1979978-0-563-17654-1Basil LamBeethoven String Quartets: Bk. 1 & 2 in 1v (BBC music guides/British Broadcasting Corporation)
2000978-0-563-17697-8David CoxThe Henry Wood Proms (The BBC Proms)
1979978-0-563-17714-2John GrantLittlenose's Birthday
  ''978-0-563-17728-9Joan EadingtonAdventures of Johnny Briggs (Jackanory Story Books)
  ''978-0-563-17748-7British Broadcasting CorporationGuide to Parliament
  ''978-0-563-17755-5Johnny BallThink of a Number
1979978-0-563-17760-9Brian BoydellFour Centuries of Music in Ireland
  ''978-0-563-17766-1Paul AblemanShoestring
  ''978-0-563-17769-2Brian JohnsonSecret War
1980978-0-563-17770-8Christine SparksEnigma Files
  ''978-0-563-17814-9William ShakespeareHamlet (TV Shakespeare)
2000978-0-563-17835-4Michael WoodIn Search of the Dark Ages
1981978-0-563-17887-3Anthony W. Clare · Sally ThompsonLet's Talk About Me: Critical Examination of the New Psychotherapies
  ''978-0-563-17903-0Michael Frayn · Ludovic Kennedy · Miles Kington · Michael Palin · Eric Robson · Brian Thompson · Michael WoodGreat Railway Journeys of the World
1981978-0-563-17905-4Malcolm MuggeridgeMuggeridge Ancient and Modern
  ''978-0-563-17929-0Maggie Allen · Michael ElderWalls of Jericho
  ''978-0-563-17943-6James FollettEarthsearch
  ''978-0-563-17961-0Mollie HardwickCalling Juliet Bravo: New Arrivals
  ''978-0-563-17988-7Anthony MastersTenko
1981978-0-563-17989-4Rosemary Gill · Crispin EvansMulticoloured Swap Shop Book: 4th
1983978-0-563-20000-0Jonathan MillerStates of Mind: Conversations with Psychological Investigators
1981978-0-563-20002-4William ShakespeareMidsummer Night's Dream (TV Shakespeare)
2000978-0-563-20011-6Shaun SuttonLargest Theatre in the World: Thirty Years of Television Drama
1982978-0-563-20056-7Hugo Young · Anne SlomanNo, Minister
  ''978-0-563-20082-6John GrantLittlenose the Marksman
1983978-0-563-20094-9William ShakespeareMacbeth (TV Shakespeare)
  ''978-0-563-20099-4Frank HiltonThe Paras
1984978-0-563-20117-5Peter Pagnamenta · R. J. OveryAll Our Working Lives
1982978-0-563-20128-1Kevin HowlettThe Beatles at the Beeb: The Story of Their Radio Career, 1962-65
1983978-0-563-20149-6David ThompsonRaphael: The Life and the Legacy
1985978-0-563-20192-2James BurkeThe Day the Universe Changed
1984978-0-563-20193-9M. R. D. FootSOE The Special Operations Executive: Outline History of the Special Operations Executive, 1940-46
  ''978-0-563-20204-2Russell Braddon · Christina Dodwell · Germaine Greer · William Shawcross · Brian Thompson · Michael WoodRiver Journeys
  ''978-0-563-20207-3David AttenboroughThe Living Planet: A Portrait of the Earth
1984978-0-563-20215-8Alec Clifton-TaylorAnother Six English Towns
  ''978-0-563-20237-0Hugo Young · Anne SlomanBut, Chancellor: Inquiry into the Treasury
  ''978-0-563-20261-5Mary Clarke · Clement CrispDancer: Men in Dance
1986978-0-563-20279-0William ShakespeareTitus Andronicus (TV Shakespeare S.)
  ''978-0-563-20282-0Ali A. MazruiThe Africans
2000978-0-563-20294-3Ron Lacey · Shaun WoodwardThat's Life Survey on Tranquillizers
1984978-0-563-20305-6Caroline Van den Brul · Susan Spindler"Tomorrow's World": Food
  ''978-0-563-20324-7Michael HardwickLast Tenko
1985978-0-563-20329-2Simon Jenkins · Anne SlomanWith Respect, Ambassador: An Enquiry into the Foreign Office
2004978-0-563-20331-5BBCBen: Story of Ben Hardwick
1985978-0-563-20361-2Ian GrimbleScottish Islands
1985978-0-563-20366-7Gerald FrowOh Yes it is!: History of Pantomime
  ''978-0-563-20369-8Peter CrawfordThe Living Isles: A Natural History of Britain and Ireland
  ''978-0-563-20389-6Betka ZamoyskaThe Burston Rebellion (Ariel Books)
  ''978-0-563-20395-7Lionel BlueBright Blue
2004978-0-563-20417-6BBCMasters of Animation Hb
1985978-0-563-20422-0Keith FloydFloyd on Fish
  ''978-0-563-20439-8Alec Clifton-TaylorSix More English Towns
1985978-0-563-20441-1Christopher JonesNumber Ten Downing Street: The Story of a House
1987978-0-563-20442-8Jennifer DaviesThe Victorian Kitchen Garden
1985978-0-563-20444-2Keith FloydFloyd on Fish
1986978-0-563-20447-3Ted J. Kaptchuk · Michael CroucherHealing Arts: A Journey Through the Faces of Medicine
1985978-0-563-20448-0B. B. C. Annual Report and Handbook 1986
1986978-0-563-20451-0Winifred FoleyA Child in the Forest (Ariel Books)
  ''978-0-563-20461-9Freddie Hancock · David NathanHancock (Ariel Books)
  ''978-0-563-20462-6Tom VernonFat Man in the Kitchen
  ''978-0-563-20472-5Hugo Young · Anne SlomanThatcher Phenomenon
  ''978-0-563-20484-8Robert SimpsonBeethoven Symphonies (Ariel Music Guides)
1992978-0-563-20485-5VariousBrahms Chamber Music (Ariel Music Guides)
1992978-0-563-20486-2VariousMozart Chamber Music (Ariel Music Guides)
1986978-0-563-20490-9Alec Clifton-TaylorSix English Towns
  ''978-0-563-20492-3Delia Smith · Terry WoganFood Aid Cookery Book
  ''978-0-563-20500-5Michael WoodDomesday: A Search for the Roots of England
  ''978-0-563-20506-7Keith FloydFloyd on Fire
  ''978-0-563-20508-1Olive Renier · Vladimir RubinsteinAssigned to Listen: Evesham Experience, 1939-43
1986978-0-563-20511-1Denis MatthewsBrahms Piano Music (Ariel Music Guides)
1988978-0-563-20545-6Karen RossOkavango: Jewel of the Kalahari
1987978-0-563-20550-0David AttenboroughThe First Eden: The Mediterranean World and Man
  ''978-0-563-20553-1David CoxDebussy Orchestral Music (Ariel Music Guides)
  ''978-0-563-20556-2Astra DesmondSchumann Songs (Ariel Music Guides)
  ''978-0-563-20582-1Sarah BrownNew Vegetarian Kitchen
  ''978-0-563-20583-8Bryan MageeThe Great Philosophers: An Introduction to Western Philosophy
1987978-0-563-20596-8Keith FloydFloyd on France
1988978-0-563-20599-9Jock GallagherTo the Victor the Spoils
1987978-0-563-20601-9Julia Smith · Tony HollandEastEnders: The Inside Story
1988978-0-563-20606-4Jock GallagherThe Archers - Return to Ambridge
  ''978-0-563-20607-1   ''Borchester Echoes [The Archers]
  ''978-0-563-20622-4Alan BennettTalking Heads: Alan Bennett's Six Classic Monologues
  ''978-0-563-20624-8Keith FloydFloyd on Britain & Ireland
1988978-0-563-20626-2Keith FloydFloyd on Britain and Ireland
  ''978-0-563-20631-6Angela HoldsworthOut of the Doll's House: The Story of Women in the Twentieth Century
  ''978-0-563-20633-0Alec Clifton-TaylorAnother Six English Towns
  ''978-0-563-20660-6John DownerSupersense Perception in the Animal World
  ''978-0-563-20664-4Donald Stewart · Philip AikmanFirst Class Quiz Book (BBC quizbooks)
1989978-0-563-20665-1Jonathan Lynn · Antony JayThe Complete Yes Minister
1988978-0-563-20667-5John VandenbeldNature of Australia: A Portrait of the Island Continent
1989978-0-563-20685-9Jennifer DaviesThe Victorian Kitchen
1989978-0-563-20695-8Sarah BrownSarah Brown's Quick and Easy Vegetarian Cookery
1988978-0-563-20696-5Ivo Peters · etc.The Train Now Departing
1990978-0-563-20702-3Julian Pettifer · Richard BradleyMissionaries
1989978-0-563-20704-7Michael GouldingAmazon: The Flooded Forest
1988978-0-563-20710-8Harry Dodson · Jennifer DaviesThe Victorian Kitchen Garden Companion
1990978-0-563-20718-4Arthur ReedAirline: The Inside Story of British Airways
1989978-0-563-20730-6Tim Tatton-BrownGreat Cathedrals of Britain: An Archaeological History
1991978-0-563-20749-8Philip Dodd · Louisa BuckRelative Values
1989978-0-563-20773-3Jonathan Lynn · Anthony JayThe Complete Yes Prime Minister: The Diaries of the Right Hon.James Hacker
  ''978-0-563-20787-0Peter TaylorFamilies at War: Voices from the Troubles
  ''978-0-563-20791-7Keith FloydFloyd's American Pie
  ''978-0-563-20803-7   ''Floyd's American Pie
2004978-0-563-20808-2BBCMaid Marian - How Band Together(Pb): How the Band Got Together
  ''978-0-563-20809-9   ''Maid Marian - Robert Inc.Chicken(Pb): Robert the Incredible Chicken
1989978-0-563-20826-6Michael PalinAround the World in 80 Days
1992978-0-563-20844-0David MacdonaldThe Velvet Claw: A Natural History of the Carnivores
1989978-0-563-20850-1Paul Ableman · Jimmy Perry · David CroftDad's Army: The Defence of a Front Line English Village
1990978-0-563-20898-3Roy Clarke · et alSingle Voices
1990978-0-563-20913-3Ivan RendallReaching for the Skies (Classics)
1992978-0-563-20918-8Chris BoningtonThe Climbers: History of Mountaineering
1990978-0-563-20920-1Christopher Ralling · Thor HeyerdahlThe Kon-Tiki Man :
2004978-0-563-20923-2BBCTricky Business(Laminated)
1999978-0-563-20985-0Francis DurbridgePaul Temple and the Conrad Case: A BBC Radio 4 Full-cast Dramatisation (BBC Radio Collection)
1984978-0-563-21011-5Brian PageA Vous la France (Language)
  ''978-0-563-21034-4Sarah BrownVegetarian Kitchen
  ''978-0-563-21053-5Ken HomKen Hom's Chinese Cookery
  ''978-0-563-21092-4Brian PageA Vous la France: Cassette 2
  ''978-0-563-21095-5Sarah BrownVegetarian Kitchen
1985978-0-563-21099-3J. L. M. Trim · Katrin KohlDeutsch Direkt!: Course Book
1985978-0-563-21100-6Alan MoysFrance Extra! (Language)
1998978-0-563-21134-1Dorothy MilesBritish Sign Language: A Beginner's Guide
1987978-0-563-21154-9Malcolm BillingsCross and the Crescent: History of the Crusades
  ''978-0-563-21248-5Claudia RodenMediterranean Cookery
  ''978-0-563-21252-2Richard E. BlizzardMore of Blizzard's Wooden Toys
  ''978-0-563-21282-9Malcolm BillingsCross and the Crescent: History of the Crusades
  ''978-0-563-21286-7Derek UtleyEspana Viva

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