Alison Plowden

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titlemedia typeISBN-13year of publication
Caroline and Charlotte: Regency Scandals. Alison PlowdenPaperback978-0-7509-4173-02014
Danger to Elizabeth: The Catholics Under Elizabeth I   "978-0-7509-2196-12010
Elizabeth I   "978-0-7509-3242-42004
Elizabeth IHardcover978-0-245-50577-51971
Elizabeth ReginaPaperback978-0-7509-2198-52000
Elizabeth Tudor and Mary Stuart: Two Queens in One IsleHardcover978-0-389-20518-01984
Lady Jane Grey and the House of Suffolk   "978-0-531-15000-91986
Lady Jane Grey: Nine Days QueenPaperback978-0-7509-3769-62004
Marriage With My Kingdom: The Courtships of Queen Elizabeth I   "978-0-7509-2197-82011
Mistress of Hardwick   "978-0-563-10664-71972
The Elizabethan Secret ServiceHardcover978-0-312-06716-81991
The Elizabethan Secret Service   "978-0-7108-1152-31991
The Stuart PrincessesPaperback978-0-7509-3238-72003
The Stuart PrincessesHardcover978-0-7509-0716-31996
The Young ElizabethPaperback978-0-7524-5943-12011
The Young Victoria   "978-0-7509-4699-52007
Tudor Women   "978-0-7509-2880-92002
Two Queens in One Isle: The Deadly Relationship of Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots   "978-0-7509-3239-42004
Women All on Fire: The Women of the English Civil War   "978-0-7509-3765-82004
Young Victoria   "978-0-7509-2574-72000

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