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A Stupid BoyPaperback978-0-09-944142-72003
A Stupid Boy: The Autobiography of the Creator of Dad's ArmyHardcover978-0-7126-2338-42002
Dad's ArmyPaperback978-0-573-10014-72015David Croft
Dad's ArmyAudio CD978-1-4084-6821-02011   "
Dad's ArmyPaperback978-0-7221-0406-41976   "
Dad's Army   "978-0-330-23759-81973   "
Dad's Army: Big Guns v. 14Audio CD978-0-563-49491-12003
Dad's Army: Big Guns Vol 14Audio Cassette978-0-563-49490-42003David Croft
"Dad's Army" Christmas Special: Present Arms   "978-0-563-52587-52004
Dad's Army Christmas Special: Present ArmsAudio CD978-0-563-52592-92004David Croft
Dad's Army: Collection 2Audio Cassette978-0-563-52865-42002
Dad's Army: Collector's Edition Series 2Audio CD978-0-563-49661-82003
Dads Army Complete Radio Series 1Digital Download978-1-910281-30-72014
Dad's Army: Complete Radio Series 3Audio CD978-1-78529-067-12015David Croft
Dad's Army: Complete Radio Series Two   "978-1-4713-6660-42015   "
Dad's Army: Man of Action: Vol 9Audio Cassette978-0-563-55887-31999David Croft · Harold Snoad · Michael Knowles
Dad's Army: Menace from the DeepMisc. Supplies978-0-563-38878-41996David Croft
Dad's Army: Pt. 16Audio CD978-0-563-51022-22005
Dad's Army: Put That Light out Vol 11Audio Cassette978-0-563-47816-42001
Dad's Army: Starring Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier & Clive Dunn v.12: Starring Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier & Clive Dunn Vol 12   "978-0-563-52806-72002
Dad's Army: Ten Seconds from Now/A Jumbo-Sized Problem/When Did You Last See Your Money?/Time on My Hands v. 1Hardcover978-0-563-38285-01997David Croft
Dad's Army: The Collector's Edition Series One: BBC Radio Collection: Collector's Editon Series 1Audio CD978-0-563-52857-92009   "
Dad's Army: The Collector's Edition Series Three: BBC Radio Collection: Collector's Edition Series 3   "978-0-563-49662-52004   "
Dad’s Army: The Complete Radio Series One: 1   "978-1-4713-6656-72014David Croft · BBC
Dad's Army: The Complete Scripts: Scripts 1-8Paperback978-0-7528-6024-42003David Croft · Richard Webber
Dad's Army: The Defence of a Front Line English VillageHardcover978-0-563-20850-11989Paul Ableman · David Croft
Dad's Army: The Home Front: The Complete Scripts of Series 5-9   "978-0-7528-4743-62002David Croft
Dad's Army: The Honourable Man/High Finance/The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage/A Stripe for Frazer Vol 3Audio Cassette978-0-563-40104-91993   "
Dad's Army: The Lost EpisodesHardcover978-0-7535-0730-82002   "
Dad's Army: The Lost Episodes   "978-1-85227-757-41998   "
Dad's Army: The Lost Tapes: Classic Comedy from the BBC ArchivesAudio CD978-1-78529-185-22015   "
Dad's Army: The Very Best Episodes: Volume 1: v. 1   "978-0-563-50418-42006   "
Dad's Army: The Very Best Episodes: Volume 2: v. 2   "978-0-563-50433-72006   "
Dad's Army: The Very Best Episodes: Volume 3: v. 3   "978-1-84607-169-02007   "
Dad's Army: Vol 7 Don't Forget The DiverAudio Cassette978-0-563-38117-41997   "
Dad's Army: Vol 8 My British Buddy   "978-0-563-55745-61998   "
Dad's Army, Vol. 13: Mum's army   "978-0-563-52925-52003
Dad's Army, Vol. 13, Mum's armyAudio CD978-0-563-52926-22003
Dad's Army Vol. 15: We Know Our Onions/The Royal Train/A Question of Reference/The RecruitAudio Cassette978-0-563-52451-92004David Croft
Dad's Army, Vol. 15: We Know Our Onions / The Royal Train / A Question of Reference / The RecruitAudio CD978-0-563-52456-42004   "
Dad's Army, Vol. 16: Keep Young and Beautiful : Pt. 16Audio Cassette978-0-563-51017-82005   "
Dad's Army, Volume 1   "978-0-563-41120-81990   "
Dad's Army: Walmington Goes to War: The Complete Scripts of Series 1-4:: Walmington Goes to War - The Complete Scripts for Series 1-4Hardcover978-0-7528-4153-32001   "
Hi-de-Hi!Paperback978-0-573-11168-62010Paul Carpenter · Ian Gower
The Complete A-Z of Dad's Army   "978-0-7528-4637-82001Richard Webber · David Croft

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