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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-0-304-00291-7A. DaltonSafety, Health and Environment
1958978-0-304-00908-4Whitman Publishing Co.Liberty Head~or~Morgan Type Silver Dollar Collection: 1884 to 1890- Number Two (Volume Two)
1980978-0-304-07941-4Beatrix Anderson · Maurice NorthCassell's Colloquial German: A Handbook of Idiomatic Usage
1981978-0-304-07942-1Michel Levieux · Eleanor LevieuxCassell's Colloquial French: A Handbook of Idiomatic Usage
  ''978-0-304-07943-8Arthur Bryson GerrardCassell's Colloquial Spanish: A Handbook of Idiomatic Usage
  ''978-0-304-07944-5P.J.T. GlendeningCassell's Colloquial Italian: A Handbook of Idiomatic Usage
1974978-0-304-10431-4Cary Bates · Elliot MagginAction Comics: In This Issue, Action Plus with Green Arrow: I've Finally Unmasked You for the Monster You Really Are! You Exposed My Secret, but Sacrificed Yours! Now the Whole World Knows Clark Kent Is Superman! (20N431J30410, Vol. 1, No. 431, January 1974)
1991978-0-304-10688-2Management Information Systems and Data Processing
1988978-0-304-11391-0Josef Guggenmos, James Fenimore CooperLederstrumpf Band 1. Der Wildtöter. Der letzte Mohikaner
1999978-0-304-13078-8Lovemap Guide
1974978-0-304-15431-9Michael Fleisher · Shelly MayerAdventure Comics: The Wrath of the Spectre! (20N431F30415, Vol. 1, No. 431, February 1974)
1975978-0-304-20179-2Janice L. TreckerWomen on the Move (Inquiries into Living Past)
  ''978-0-304-20180-8Tom B. JonesFirst Cities (Inquiries into Living Past S.)
  ''978-0-304-20181-5A.J. PodleckiAge of Glory (Inquiries into Living Past)
1975978-0-304-20182-2Ruth I. Hicks · Henry J. AbrahamBonds of Empire (Inquiries into Living Past)
  ''978-0-304-20183-9George BeechWorld Unto Itself (Inquiries into Living Past S.)
  ''978-0-304-20184-6Robert ForsterSeeds of Change (Inquiries into Living Past)
  ''978-0-304-20185-3Anthony MolhoMerchants, Money, and Magnificence (Inquiries into Living Past)
  ''978-0-304-20186-0John W. BaldwinCity on the Seine (Inquiries into Living Past)
1975978-0-304-20187-7David Spring · Eileen SpringFirst Industrial Society (Inquiries into Living Past)
  ''978-0-304-20188-4Richard RestonAftermath to Revolution (Inquiries into Living Past)
  ''978-0-304-20189-1Rhoads MurpheyChina Meets the West (Inquiries into Living Past S.)
  ''978-0-304-20190-7J.F. HowesTradition in Transition (Inquiries into Living Past S.)
  ''978-0-304-20191-4Susan H. MarshYears of Upheaval (Inquiries into Living Past)
1981978-0-304-22001-4Mohammed Abdo Yamani.A Boy From Mecca.
1996978-0-304-22620-7CullingfordAssessment versus Evaluation
1999978-0-304-24286-3Peter YoungCassell Atlas of the 2nd World War (Ome)
1962978-0-304-24410-2Seashells of the World
1972978-0-304-29000-0Marshall B. DavidsonConcise History of France
1972978-0-304-29001-7Reginald James WhiteConcise History of England
1976978-0-304-29002-4Dietrich Fischer-DieskauSchubert: A Biographical Study of His Songs
1972978-0-304-29004-8John BurkeEXPO '80
  ''978-0-304-29005-5John WestwoodPartnership Law
  ''978-0-304-29007-9Samuel Evelyn ThomasCommerce: Its Theory and Practice
  ''978-0-304-29008-6M. LeafeWhere the Money Goes
  ''978-0-304-29009-3Stephen KingLiving in Society (Social studies for school leavers)
1972978-0-304-29010-9Lord PlattPrivate and Controversial
  ''978-0-304-29011-6Rex BellamyTennis Set
  ''978-0-304-29012-3Diana RaymondBest of the Day
  ''978-0-304-29013-0Martin PageCompany Savage
  ''978-0-304-29014-7Erich JantschTechnological Planning and Social Futures (Management Studies)
1972978-0-304-29023-9Alan HymanThe Rise and Fall of Horatio Bottomley
1971978-0-304-29024-6Ernest Wilkinson · Roger Stuart FosterManagement Principles and Practice
1972978-0-304-29028-4Douglas BennettIrish Georgian Silver
  ''978-0-304-29029-1Alan BesticSex and the Singular English
  ''978-0-304-29032-1Mollie HardwickMrs. Dizzy: Life of Mary Anne Disraeli, Viscountess Beaconsfield
  ''978-0-304-29033-8Jacques-Yves Cousteau · Philippe DioleThe Whale: Mighty Monarch of the Sea
1973978-0-304-29034-5Johannes MeintjesThe Voortrekkers: Story of the Great Trek and the Making of South Africa
1972978-0-304-29035-2J.H.B. PeelEnglishman's Home
  ''978-0-304-29037-6Hunter RoweNude Diana
1972978-0-304-29039-0March CostKey to Laurels
  ''978-0-304-29040-6Vincent BromeThe Embassy
  ''978-0-304-29042-0Edith SimonAnglo-Saxon Manner: English Contribution to Civilization
  ''978-0-304-29043-7Henry CooperAutobiography
1973978-0-304-29044-4Richard ClutterbuckProtest and the Urban Guerrilla
1972978-0-304-29045-1Keith HanksFalk
  ''978-0-304-29047-5Robert GravesPoems, 1970-72
1972978-0-304-29049-9Priscilla MetcalfVictorian London ([Cassell's London series])
1973978-0-304-29052-9Nicholas MonsarratKappillan of Malta
1972978-0-304-29054-3Ralph Guy MartinLady Randolph Churchill: The Dramatic Years, 1895-1921 v. 2
1973978-0-304-29055-0Cassell & Publishers AssociationDirectory of Publishing 1973-74
1972978-0-304-29056-7G.H. PoucherFactory Plant and Works Services (A Cassell technical book)
  ''978-0-304-29057-4Mary T. RobinsonTheory Work for Intermediate and Advanced Typewriting Examinations
  ''978-0-304-29059-8Richard Guy MeadowsProblems in Electrical Circuit Theory: v. 1 ([A Cassell technical book])
1974978-0-304-29061-1Oliver WarnerLifeboat Service: A History of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, 1824-1974
1972978-0-304-29062-8Robert Glynne WilliamsElements of Taxation
1973978-0-304-29063-5Theo AronsonGrandmama of Europe: The Crowned Descendants of Queen Victoria
1972978-0-304-29064-2M. LeafeIntroduction to Commerce: v. 1: C.S.E. Commerce Course
  ''978-0-304-29065-9Sylvia C. RedstoneDe Jour en Jour: Bk. 4
  ''978-0-304-29066-6J. Hoyland · F. RaceEngineering Construction and Materials (A Cassell technical book)
1972978-0-304-29067-3M. LeafeOral Work in Office Practice (Cassell's office practice series)
  ''978-0-304-29068-0   ''Workbook on Post Office Services (Cassell's office practice series)
  ''978-0-304-29069-7Nicolas SlonimskyMusic Since 1900
  ''978-0-304-29070-3G.L. HodkinsonIntroduction to Electronics and Telecommunications (A Cassell technical book)
  ''978-0-304-29071-0Alexander EliotConcise History of Greece ([The Cassell concise history series])
1972978-0-304-29073-4Dougal HastonIn High Places
  ''978-0-304-29074-1Peter YoungThe War Game - Thermopylae Agincourt Edgehill Blenheim Lobositz Saratoga Austerlitz Waterloo Gettysburg El Alamein
  ''978-0-304-29075-8Melveena McKendrickConcise History of Spain ([The Cassell concise history series])
  ''978-0-304-29077-2John WinklerOn Marketing Planning
  ''978-0-304-29078-9Gordon BrandIndustrial Buying Decision: And Why Buying Decisions are Made (Management Studies)
1972978-0-304-29079-6Max WilkWit and Wisdom of Hollywood
  ''978-0-304-29080-2John JamesLords of Loone
  ''978-0-304-29081-9F. MetcalfeHeat Engines and Applied Heat (A Cassell technical book)
  ''978-0-304-29082-6Richard N. SkinnerLaunching New Products in Competitive Markets (Management Studies)
1973978-0-304-29083-3Doris Bass · Ann FarnhamC.S.E.Mathematics: Bk. 1
  ''978-0-304-29084-0   ''C.S.E.Mathematics: w.ans Bk. 1
1973978-0-304-29085-7Doris Bass · Ann FarnhamC.S.E.Mathematics: Bk. 2
  ''978-0-304-29086-4   ''CSE.Mathematics Part 2 with answers: w.ans
1972978-0-304-29087-1William HaggardThe Protectors
  ''978-0-304-29089-5Allan PriorParadiso
  ''978-0-304-29090-1Brian CleeveTread Softly in This Place
  ''978-0-304-29091-8Robert GravesDifficult Questions, Easy Answers
1972978-0-304-29093-2Peter Briggs200, 000, 000 Years Beneath the Sea
1973978-0-304-29094-9John Buchanan-BrownCassell's Encyclopaedia of World Literature
  ''978-0-304-29099-4Harry T. Sutton · G.H. LewisInventors' Workshop: Words Travel Bk. 1
  ''978-0-304-29100-7   ''Inventors' Workshop: Invented for Pleasure Bk. 2
1974978-0-304-29101-4Harry T. Sutton · G.H. LewisInventors' Workshop: Time Flies Bk. 3
  ''978-0-304-29102-1Harry T. Sutton · G. LewisInventors' Workshop: To Meet a Need Bk. 4
1972978-0-304-29103-8Alexander FullertonThe Escapists
  ''978-0-304-29104-5Walter G. Barrett · R.G. HollisMathspack: No. 4
  ''978-0-304-29105-2   ''Mathspack: No. 5
1974978-0-304-29106-9Peter StrevensA Short Pronouncing Dictionary of Modern English
1972978-0-304-29107-6M. LeafeWorkbook on Banking Services (Cassell's office practice series)
  ''978-0-304-29109-0G.S.A. WheatcroftValue Added Tax: A Guide to the Provisions of the Finance Bill (Management Studies)
1972978-0-304-29112-0Kenneth AgarCollect Your Own Words: Bk. 1
  ''978-0-304-29113-7Kenneth AgarCollect Your Own Words: Bk. 2
  ''978-0-304-29114-4William SlimDefeat into Victory
1975978-0-304-29115-1Evelyn E. CowieLiving Through History: War Bk. 10
  ''978-0-304-29116-8   ''Living Through History: Costume Bk. 11
1973978-0-304-29117-5May Theilgaard WattsThe Countryside Around You
1975978-0-304-29118-2Evelyn E. CowieLiving Through History: Government Bk. 12
1973978-0-304-29119-9Francoise VassieDe Nos Jours: Set A1
  ''978-0-304-29120-5Roland GaillacDe Nos Jours: Set B1
1973978-0-304-29125-0John Henry HarveyArithmetic of Commerce: Intermediate Course
1972978-0-304-29126-7Robert Glynne WilliamsPrinciples and Practice of Auditing
1973978-0-304-29127-4Alfred AllesExhibitions: Universal Marketing Tools (Management Studies)
1972978-0-304-29128-1Peter HamiltonComputer Security (Management Studies)
  ''978-0-304-29130-4John Henry HarveyArithmetic for the Business Student
1973978-0-304-29131-1   ''Arithmetic of Commerce: First Course: Nigerian e
  ''978-0-304-29133-5Sally HollowayLondon's Noble Fire Brigades, 1833-1904
1972978-0-304-29134-2H. BatesMontem Intelligence Tests for Primary Schools: Bk. 1
1973978-0-304-29135-9Nancy MackinnonCertificate of Secondary Education Civics: Inside Central Government No. 1 (C.S.E. civics course)
  ''978-0-304-29136-6   ''Certificate of Secondary Education Civics: How Local Government Works No. 2 (CSE civics course)
1974978-0-304-29137-3Nancy MackinnonCertificate of Secondary Education Civics: Institutions of Democracy No. 3 (CSE civics course)
1973978-0-304-29138-0Alan HunterGently French
  ''978-0-304-29139-7George Brian HardyEnvironment Through Photographs: Urban Land Use v. 1
  ''978-0-304-29140-3Pamela RamsdenTop Team Planning (Management Studies)
  ''978-0-304-29141-0Ernest BuntingClerical Duties: Bk. 2
  ''978-0-304-29142-7   ''Clerical Duties: Bk. 2
1972978-0-304-29143-4R. KestevenR. S. A. Typewriting Tests and Answers: Stage 1
1974978-0-304-29144-1Peter Strevens · Valerie KayBeyond the Dictionary in English
1973978-0-304-29145-8Walter G. Barrett · R.G. HollisMathspack: No. 1
1973978-0-304-29146-5Walter G. Barrett · R.G. HollisMathspack: No. 2
1974978-0-304-29147-2   ''Mathspack: No. 3
1973978-0-304-29148-9Peter John CroftAutograph Poetry in the English Language
  ''978-0-304-29149-6Edward LockspeiserMusic and Painting: A Study in Comparative Ideas from Turner to Schoenberg
  ''978-0-304-29150-2John Kuehl · Jackson R. BryerDear Scott, Dear Max: Fitzgerald-Perkins Correspondence
  ''978-0-304-29151-9Lucille KallenGentlemen Prefer Slaves
  ''978-0-304-29152-6Dorothy Halliday/ Dorothy DunnettDolly and the Starry Bird
1973978-0-304-29153-3John GloagEagles Depart
  ''978-0-304-29154-0Jacques-Yves Cousteau · Philippe DioleOctopus and Squid: The Soft Intelligence (Undersea discoveries of Jacques-Yves Cousteau)
1974978-0-304-29155-7Richard Guy MeadowsProblems in Electrical Circuit Theory: v. 2 (A Cassell technical book)
1972978-0-304-29156-4John Maxtone-GrahamNorth Atlantic Run
1973978-0-304-29158-8David JudsonGhar Parau
  ''978-0-304-29159-5Ernest RaymondOld June Weather
  ''978-0-304-29160-1Ernest RaymondWitness of Canon Welcome
  ''978-0-304-29161-8   ''Chalice and the Sword
1973978-0-304-29162-5Ernest RaymondThe Quiet Shore
  ''978-0-304-29166-3Anne DuffieldFiametta
  ''978-0-304-29167-0   ''Come Back Miranda
1973978-0-304-29168-7Anne DuffieldSugar Island
  ''978-0-304-29169-4   ''Castle in Spain
1972978-0-304-29171-7D.C.R. PraterLook at Your Atlas: Bk. 1
  ''978-0-304-29172-4   ''Look at Your Atlas: Bk. 2
  ''978-0-304-29173-1   ''Look at Your Atlas: Tchrs' Bk. 1
  ''978-0-304-29174-8   ''Look at Your Atlas: Tchrs' Bk. 2
1973978-0-304-29175-5Sloan WilsonSummer Place
1973978-0-304-29176-2Ronald HardyFace of Jalanath
  ''978-0-304-29177-9Helen Van SlykeAll Visitors Must be Announced
  ''978-0-304-29178-6Leslie W. RodgerMarketing Concepts and Strategies for the Next Decade (Management Studies)
  ''978-0-304-29179-3Sax RohmerMask of Fu Manchu
  ''978-0-304-29180-9Sax RohmerBride of Fu Manchu
1973978-0-304-29181-6Sax RohmerPresident Fu Manchu
1973978-0-304-29182-3Sax RohmerDaughter of Fu Manchu
  ''978-0-304-29183-0John RaynorWestminster Childhood
  ''978-0-304-29184-7Golf MagazineHandbook of Golf Strategy
  ''978-0-304-29185-4Ernest RaymondMiryam's Guest House
  ''978-0-304-29186-1D.R. ShermanThe Boat
1973978-0-304-29187-8Pat SmytheCotswold Adventure
  ''978-0-304-29188-5Haim G. GinottBetween Parent and Teenager
  ''978-0-304-29189-2John LaffinFedayeen: Arab-Israeli Dilemma
  ''978-0-304-29190-8Christopher NicoleLord of the Golden Fan
  ''978-0-304-29191-5John RossiterThe Manipulators
1974978-0-304-29192-2J.M. CavendishHandbook of Copyright in British Publishing Practice
1973978-0-304-29193-9G.R. CrosherAlong the Chiltern Ways
1973978-0-304-29194-6Claire RaynerGower Street (Performers/Claire Rayner)
1975978-0-304-29195-3G.R. CrosherA Bomb in the Submarine
1973978-0-304-29197-7W.A.P. ManserFinancial Role of Multinational Enterprises (Management Studies)
  ''978-0-304-29198-4G.R. CrosherOnward Paperbacks: Ker and the Kidnappers Set 1
  ''978-0-304-29199-1   ''Onward Paperbacks: Blackmailers Hideout Set 1
  ''978-0-304-29200-4   ''Onward Paperbacks: Hunt the Necklace Set 1
1974978-0-304-29201-1D.Sydney HigginsWider Aspects of English: Bk. 3
1975978-0-304-29202-8   ''Wider Aspects of English: Bk. 4
1974978-0-304-29203-5   ''Wider Aspects of English: Bk. 5
1973978-0-304-29204-2John SmithSpelling: Book Nought
  ''978-0-304-29205-9John SmithSpelling Book 5
1973978-0-304-29206-6John Henry HarveyArithmetic of Commerce: First Course
  ''978-0-304-29207-3Robert Glynne WilliamsElementary Bookkeeping
  ''978-0-304-29208-0Ernest BuntingClerical Duties: Bk. 1
1973978-0-304-29209-7Ernest BuntingClerical Duties: Bk. 1
1974978-0-304-29210-3George Brian HardyEnvironment Through Photographs: Conservation v. 2
1973978-0-304-29212-7R. KestevenR. S. A. Typewriting Tests and Answers: Stage 2
  ''978-0-304-29213-4   ''R. S. A. Typewriting Tests and Answers: Stage 3
  ''978-0-304-29214-1D.C.R. PraterLook at Your Bible: Old Testament Bk. 1
  ''978-0-304-29215-8   ''Look at Your Bible: Old Testament, Tchrs' Bk. 1
  ''978-0-304-29216-5   ''Look at Your Bible: New Testament Bk. 2
1973978-0-304-29217-2D.C.R. PraterLook at Your Bible: New Testament, Tchrs' Bk. 2
  ''978-0-304-29218-9Irene BurgessTypewriting Workcards: Elementary Set
  ''978-0-304-29219-6   ''Typewriting Workcards: Intermediate Set
1973978-0-304-29220-2Irene BurgessTypewriting Workcards: Advanced Set

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