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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1966978-0-300-00001-6Leon Battista AlbertiOn Painting: Revised edition
1960978-0-300-00002-3Gordon W. AllportBecoming: Basic Considerations for a Psychology of Personality (The Terry Lectures Series)
1961978-0-300-00004-7Charles McLean AndrewsThe Colonial Background of the American Revolution: Four Essays in American Colonial History, Revised Edition
1934978-0-300-00005-4Charles McLean AndrewsColonial Period of American History: v. 1
1935978-0-300-00006-1Charles M. AndrewsThe Colonial Period of American History (Volume 4)
1938978-0-300-00008-5Charles McLean AndrewsColonial Period of American History: v. 4
1966978-0-300-00011-5J S BainInternational Differences in Industrial Structure
1967978-0-300-00014-6J D BarberThe Lawmakers. Recruitment and Adaptation to Legislative Life.
1966978-0-300-00015-3Ben, Edited By Jonas A. Barish JonsonSejanus
1968978-0-300-00016-0Samuel Johnson · W. J. BateSelected Essays from the "Rambler", "Adventurer" and "Idler" (Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel Johnson)
1962978-0-300-00018-4Samuel Flagg BemisJay's Treaty: a Study in Commerce and Diplomacy
1969978-0-300-00019-1Mary Clabaugh WrightChina in Revolution: The First Phase, 1900-13
1966978-0-300-00020-7J. H. BensonFirst Writing Book an English Translation and Facsimile
1964978-0-300-00023-8Abram BergsonThe Economics of Soviet Planning
1966978-0-300-00024-5Robert A. BoneNegro Novel in America
1967978-0-300-00029-0Horace BushnellChristian Nurture
1966978-0-300-00030-6Alexander PopeThe Poems of Alexander Pope: A reduced version of the Twickenham Text
1960978-0-300-00031-3Jerome CarcopinoDaily Life in Ancient Rome: The People and the City at the Height of the Empire
1963978-0-300-00032-0benjamin cardozoGrowth of the Law, The
1960978-0-300-00033-7Benjamin N. CardozoThe Nature of the Judicial Process (The Storrs Lectures Series)
1962978-0-300-00034-4Ernst CassirerAn Essay on Man: An Introduction to a Philosophy of Human Culture
1966978-0-300-00035-1Ernst CassirerLogic of Humanities
1961978-0-300-00036-8   ''The Myth of the State
1965978-0-300-00037-5   ''The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms, Volume 1: Language
  ''978-0-300-00038-2   ''The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms, Vol. 2: Mythical Thought
  ''978-0-300-00039-9   ''The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms: Vol. 3: The Phenomenology of Knowledge
1969978-0-300-00040-5Hamako Ito Chaplin & Samuel E. MartinManual of Japanese Writing - Book 3
1968978-0-300-00041-2Helen ChasinComing Close and other poems
1939978-0-300-00042-9Albert Charles ChibnallProtein metabolism in the plant,
1967978-0-300-00045-0William A. ChristianAn Interpretation of Whitehead's Metaphysics
1959978-0-300-00046-7Henry Steele CommagerThe American Mind: An Interpretation of American Thought and Character Since the 1880's
1951978-0-300-00047-4James B. ConantScience and Common Sense.
1968978-0-300-00048-1W.S. · Roop, D.H. CornynBeginning Burmese
  ''978-0-300-00050-4R A (ed.) DahlPolitical Oppositions in Western Democracies
1963978-0-300-00051-1Professor Robert A. DahlWho Governs?: Democracy and Power in the American City (Yale Studies in Political Science)
1964978-0-300-00054-2Peter DavisonThe Breaking of the Day
1966978-0-300-00056-6John DeFrancis · Chia-yee Teng · Chih-sheng YungAdvanced Chinese (Yale Language S)
  ''978-0-300-00059-7John DeFrancisBeginning Chinese: Reader Pt. 2 (Linguistic)
1965978-0-300-00062-7John DeFrancisCharacter Text for Intermediate Chinese (Yale Language Series)
1966978-0-300-00063-4   ''Character Text for Advanced Chinese (Yale Language S)
1964978-0-300-00064-1   ''Intermediate Chinese (Yale Language Series, 7) (English and Mandarin Chinese Edition)
1967978-0-300-00065-8   ''Intermediate Chinese Reader, Part I (Yale Language Series)
1968978-0-300-00066-5John DeFrancis · Teng Chia-yee · Yung Chih-shengIntermediate Chinese Reader, Part II (English and Mandarin Chinese Edition)
1962978-0-300-00067-2Frederick S. DellenbaughA Canyon Voyage
1966978-0-300-00068-9Robert C DentanThe Idea of History in the Ancient Near East
1991978-0-300-00069-6John DeweyA Common Faith (The Terry Lectures Series)
1962978-0-300-00070-2Theodosius DobzhanskyMankind Evolving: The Evolution of the Human Species (The Silliman Memorial Lectures Series)
1960978-0-300-00072-6Leonard W. DoobCommunication in Africa
1963978-0-300-00073-3J.T. DowneyCruise of the " Portsmouth " , 1845-47 (Western Americana)
1962978-0-300-00075-7S.S. MagoffinDown the Santa Fe Trail
1968978-0-300-00078-8Alan DuganPoems 3
1962978-0-300-00079-5Max FarrandThe Framing of the Constitution of the United States
1966978-0-300-00080-1Max FarrandThe Records of the Federal Convention of 1787, Vol. 1
1967978-0-300-00081-8   ''The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787: 1937 Revised Edition in Four Volumes, Volume 2
1967978-0-300-00082-5Max FarrandThe Records of the Federal Convention of 1787 Vol. 3
1968978-0-300-00083-2   ''The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787, Vol. 4
1967978-0-300-00084-9Henry C. Fenn · M. Gardner TewksburySpeak Mandarin: A Beginning Text in Spoken Chinese (Yale Language Series)
  ''978-0-300-00085-6Henry C. Fenn · Helen T. Lin · Henry T. K. Kuo · Joseph KuoSpeak Mandarin, Workbook (Yale Language Series)
1966978-0-300-00086-3Leo FishmanPoverty amid affluence; [papers]
1968978-0-300-00087-0Fran=coise. Yale University. Forster-HahnFrench and School of Paris Paintings in the Yale University Art Gallery
1959978-0-300-00089-4Erich FrommPsychoanalysis and Religion (The Terry Lectures Series)
1967978-0-300-00094-8John Collins PopeRhythm of " Beowulf "
1966978-0-300-00098-6William H. GoetzmannArmy Exploration in American West, 1803-63 (Publications in American Studies)
1959978-0-300-00100-6Maxim GorkyThe Lower Depths and Other Plays
1955978-0-300-00101-3R. GranitReceptors and Sensory Perception
1969978-0-300-00103-7Paul L. Hughes · James F. LarkinTudor Royal Proclamations: Volumes 2/3, The Later Tudors (1553-1603) (Vol 2 and 3) (v. 2 & 3)
1962978-0-300-00104-4Alfred Whitney GriswoldFar Eastern Policy of United States
1963978-0-300-00105-1   ''Liberal Education and Democratic Ideal
1968978-0-300-00106-8Jacques GuicharnaudModern French Theatre from Giraudoux to Genet
1967978-0-300-00108-2Geoffrey H. HartmanWordsworth's Poetry 1787-1814
1964978-0-300-00113-6Gerald C. HickeyVillage in Vietnam
1949978-0-300-00114-3Edited by Frederick W. HillesAGE OF JOHNSON
1958978-0-300-00117-4Albert O. HirschmanThe Strategy of Economic Development
1940978-0-300-00121-1Charles Howard HopkinsThe rise of the social gospel in American Protestantism, 1865-1915,
1963978-0-300-00122-8Walter E. HoughtonThe Victorian Frame of Mind, 1830-1870 (Yale Paperbound, Y-99)
1953978-0-300-00123-5carl hovlandCommunication and Persuasion; Psychological Studies of Opinion Change
1966978-0-300-00125-9Carl I. HovlandThe Order Of Presentation In Persuasion (Y-177)
1967978-0-300-00127-3Richard Chang · Howard H. Chao · Parker Po-Fei Huang · Linda HsiaTwenty Lectures on Chinese Culture: An Intermediary Chinese Textbook (Yale Language Series)
  ''978-0-300-00128-0Richard Chang · Howard H. Chao · Parker Po-Fei Huang · Linda HsiaTwenty Lectures on Chinese Culture: Exercise Book (Yale Linguistic Series)
1960978-0-300-00134-1Karl JaspersWay to Wisdom: An Introduction to Philosophy
1962978-0-300-00135-8Eleanor Harz Jorden · Hamako I. ChaplinBeginning Japanese: Part 1 (Yale Language Series) (Pt. 1)
1963978-0-300-00136-5Eleanor Harz Jorden · Hamako Ito ChaplinBeginning Japanese (part 2)
1960978-0-300-00137-2Carl Gustav JungPsychology and Religion (The Terry Lectures Series)
1962978-0-300-00139-6Ben JonsonVolpone, or the Fox (The Yale Ben Johnson, Vol. 1)
  ''978-0-300-00142-6C. P. KindlebergerForeign Trade and the National Economy
1969978-0-300-00143-3Judith SherwinUranium Poems
1971978-0-300-00144-0George KublerThe Shape of Time: Remarks on the History of Things
1965978-0-300-00145-7Leo KuperAfrican Bourgeoisie
1967978-0-300-00146-4Simon KuznetsModern Economic Growth: Rate, Structure and Spread
1966978-0-300-00149-5James M. LandisThe Administrative Process
1962978-0-300-00152-5ivo ledererRussian Foreign Policy; Essays in Historical Perspective
1966978-0-300-00153-2R.W.B. LewisTrials of the Word
1954978-0-300-00156-3L. R. LindLyric poetry of the Italian Renaissance: an anthology with verse translations.
1969978-0-300-00157-0Erik LundbergInstability and Economic Growth (Study in Comparative Economics)
1960978-0-300-00158-7John F. LynenPastoral Art of Robert Frost
1945978-0-300-00161-7Phyllis Mary KaberryThe Dynamics Of Culture Change; An Inquiry Into Race Relations In Africa [FACSIMILE]
1960978-0-300-00163-1Jacques MaritainEducation at the Crossroads (The Terry Lectures Series)
1964978-0-300-00164-8Louis MartzParadise Within Studies in Vaughan Traherne and Milton
1976978-0-300-00165-5   ''The Poetry of Meditation: A Study in English Religious Literature of the Seventeenth Century
1966978-0-300-00166-2Margaret MeadContinuities in Cultural Evolution
1941978-0-300-00167-9Neal E. Dollard, John, · Yale University. MillerSocial learning and imitation,
1943978-0-300-00168-6Herbert J. MullerScience and Criticism
1965978-0-300-00171-6John MurrayThe Problem of God: Yesterday and Today (The St. Thomas More Lectures Series)
1958978-0-300-00174-7a naglerShakespeare's Stage
2000978-0-300-00176-1Eugene O'NeillLong Days Journey into Night
1964978-0-300-00177-8Eugene O'NeillMore Stately Mansions
1969978-0-300-00179-2St. Thomas MoreThomas More's Prayer Book: A Facsimile Reproduction of the Annotated Pages (Elizabethan Club Series)
1975978-0-300-00180-8E.H. Phelps BrownThe Economics of Labour
1966978-0-300-00181-5N W PolsbyCommunity Power and Political Theory
1965978-0-300-00182-2Liston PopeMillhands and Preachers: A Study of Gastonia (Yale Studies in Religious Education)
1962978-0-300-00185-3David M. PotterTrail to California; The Overland Journal of Vincent Geiger & Wakeman Bryarly - Edited with a New Introduction
1959978-0-300-00188-4Roscoe PoundAn Introduction to the Philosophy of Law: Revised edition (The Storrs Lectures Series)
1962978-0-300-00190-7Lucian W. PyePolitics, Personality, and Nation Building: Burma's Search for Identity
1952978-0-300-00192-1David and Nathan Glazer. RiesmanFaces in the Crowd: Individual Studies in Character and Politics.
1969978-0-300-00193-8David RiesmanThe Lonely Crowd: A Study of the Changing American Character (Study in National Policy)
1967978-0-300-00195-2More Thomas Sir Saint 1478-1535Selected Letters (Yale Edition of the Works of St Thomas More. Modernized)
1960978-0-300-00196-9M J et al RosenbergAttitude Organization and Change: an Analysis of Consistency Among Attitude Components
1959978-0-300-00197-6Eugene V. RostowPlanning for Freedom
1962978-0-300-00198-3Eugene V. RostowRostow: Sovereign Preogative (PR Only)
1964978-0-300-00200-3theodore schultzTransforming Traditional Agriculture
1959978-0-300-00202-7Richard B. SewallThe Vision of Tragedy
1955978-0-300-00203-4G B HarrisonAntony and Cleopatra
1947978-0-300-00206-5William ShakespeareHamlet (Yale Shakespeare)
978-0-300-00208-9William ShakespeareKing Henry IV: Pt. 1
1954978-0-300-00211-9   ''Macbeth (Yale Shakespeare)
1957978-0-300-00215-7William ShakespeareKing Richard II (Yale Shakespeare)
1954978-0-300-00216-4   ''Romeo and Juliet (Yale Shakespeare S.)
1967978-0-300-00221-8Thomas C. SchellingArms and Influence (The Henry L. Stimson Lectures Series)
  ''978-0-300-00223-2Alexander M. SchenkerBeginning Polish: v. 1 (Linguistic)
1968978-0-300-00224-9   ''Beginning Polish: v. 2 (Linguistic)
1966978-0-300-00225-6Muzafer Sherif · Carl I. HovlandSocial Judgement (Attitude & Communication Study)
  ''978-0-300-00226-3marshall shulmanBeyond the Cold War
1963978-0-300-00227-0Don C. TalayesvaSun Chief: The Autobiography of a Hopi Indian (The Lamar Series in Western History)
978-0-300-00228-7George Gaylord SimpsonLife of the Past: Introduction to Palaeontology
1967978-0-300-00229-4George Gaylord SimpsonThe Meaning of Evolution: A Study of the History of Life and of Its Significance for Man, Revised Edition (The Terry Lectures Series)
1992978-0-300-00230-0R. W. SouthernThe Making of the Middle Ages
1961978-0-300-00231-7John E. SmithReason and God
1958978-0-300-00232-4Kenneth Wartenbee SpenceBehaviour Theory and Conditioning (Mrs.H.E.Silliman Memorial Lecture)
1960978-0-300-00233-1Edward. TaylorThe Poems of Edward Taylor.
1944978-0-300-00234-8Charles L. StevensonEthics and Language
1964978-0-300-00238-6St. Thomas MoreUtopia (Selected Works of St. Thomas More Series)
1962978-0-300-00239-3George Cavendish · William RoperTwo Early Tudor Lives: The Life and Death of Cardinal Wolsey by George Cavendish; The Life of Sir Thomas More by William Roper
1967978-0-300-00240-9W.E. TateThe Lost Pilot
1964978-0-300-00242-3J. TinbergenCentral Planning (Study in Comparative Economics)
1966978-0-300-00243-0James TobinNational Economic Policy
1961978-0-300-00244-7Robert. TriffinGold and the Dollar Crisis: the Future of Convertibility
1966978-0-300-00245-4Robert M. UtleyThe Last Days of the Sioux Nation (The Lamar Series in Western History)
1965978-0-300-00246-1Jean ValentineDream Barker and Other Poems
1961978-0-300-00247-8George VernadskyA History of Russia: New, Revised Edition
1967978-0-300-00249-2Laszlo VersenyiSocratic Humanism
1963978-0-300-00250-8Ben JonsonBen Jonson: Bartholomew Fair (The Yale Ben Jonson.)
1969978-0-300-00251-5Walker MargaretFor My People
1961978-0-300-00252-2W. Lloyd WarnerThe Family of God A Symbolic Study of Christian Life in America
1963978-0-300-00254-6J. O. Low, Paul S. Lunt, Leo Srole W. Lloyd WarnerYankee City
1965978-0-300-00257-7Bell Irvin. New foreword by C. Vann Woodward WileySouthern Negroes 1861 1865
1966978-0-300-00259-1John U. WolffBeginning Cebuano: Part 1 (Yale Linguistic Series, 9)
1968978-0-300-00260-7John U. WolffBeginning Cebuano, Part 2 (Yale Language Series)
1966978-0-300-00261-4Charles. AffronPatterns of Failure in La Comedie Humaine.
  ''978-0-300-00263-8H.R. Alker · Bruce M. RussettAlker: World Politics in the General Assembly
1955978-0-300-00264-5Gordon W. AllportBecoming: Basic Considerations for a Psychology of Personality (Based on the Terry Lectures delivered at Yale University)
1934978-0-300-00269-0Charles M. AndrewsColonial Period of American History: v. 1
1935978-0-300-00271-3   ''Colonial Period of American History: v. 2
1936978-0-300-00272-0   ''Colonial Period of American History: v. 3
1938978-0-300-00273-7Charles M. AndrewsColonial Period of American History: v. 4
1962978-0-300-00274-4Thurman Wesley ArnoldFolklore of Capitalism
1969978-0-300-00275-1Donald D. Matson · William J. GermanHarvey Cushing Selected Papers on Neurosurgery
1962978-0-300-00276-8Robert G. AthearnRebel of the Rockies: The Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad
1969978-0-300-00279-9Ralph A. AustenNorth West Tanzania Under German and British Rule: Colonial Policy and Tribal Politics, 1889-1939
1967978-0-300-00280-5Pete AxthelmThe Modern Confessional Novel
1965978-0-300-00282-9B.J. Bachmann · W.N. SticklandNeurospora Bibliography and Index
1966978-0-300-00283-6Joe Staten BainInternational Differences in Industrial Structure (Study in Comparative Economics)
1969978-0-300-00285-0Samuel E. Martin · Young-Sook C. LeeBeginning Korean (Yale Language Series)
1966978-0-300-00287-4robert bannisterRAY STANNARD BAKER, THE MIND AND THOUGHT OF A PROGRESSIVE
1967978-0-300-00288-1J D BarberThe Lawmakers
1964978-0-300-00289-8H. BarbourThe Quakers in Puritan England
1965978-0-300-00290-4Ben JonsonSejanus
1968978-0-300-00291-1Michael BarkunLaw Without Sanctions
1967978-0-300-00292-8Samuel H. BarnesParty Democracy: Politics in an Italian Socialist Federation
1968978-0-300-00293-5James BarrosAland Islands Question
1963978-0-300-00294-2Samuel JohnsonThe Works of Samuel Johnson, Vol 2: "The Idler" and "The Adventurer" (The Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel Johnson)
1962978-0-300-00299-7Samuel Flagg BemisAmerican Foreign Policy and the Blessings of Liberty, and Other Essays
  ''978-0-300-00300-0   ''Jay's Treaty: A Study in Commerce and Diplomacy
1955978-0-300-00301-7J H BensonThe First Writing Book
1967978-0-300-00304-8Thomas G. BerginFrom Time to Eternity
1964978-0-300-00305-5Abram BergsonEconomics of Soviet Planning
1968978-0-300-00307-9Stephane BernardFranco-Moroccan Conflict, 1943-56 (Case Study of International Conflicts)
1965978-0-300-00308-6Richard J. BernsteinPerspectives on Peirce: Critical Essays on Charles Sanders Peirce
1955978-0-300-00310-9Jacob BlanckBibliography of American Literature, Volume 1: Henry Adams to Donn Byrne (Bibliography of American Literature Seri)
1957978-0-300-00311-6   ''Bibliography of American Literature, Volume 2: George W. Cable to Timothy Dwight (Bibliography of American Literature Seri)
1959978-0-300-00312-3   ''Bibliography of American Literature, Volume 3: Edward Eggleston to Bret Harte (Bibliography of American Literature Seri)
1963978-0-300-00313-0   ''Bibliography of American Literature, Volume 4: Nathaniel Hawthorne to Joseph Holt Ingraham (Bibliography of American Literature Seri)
1965978-0-300-00316-1Robert A. BoneThe Negro Novel in America
1966978-0-300-00321-5William J. BrandtThe Shape of Medieval History; Studies in Modes of Perception
1959978-0-300-00322-2Leon Nemoy · Saul Lieberman · Harry A. Wolfson · William G. BraudeThe Midrash on Psalms: Vol. 13 (1-2) (Yale Judaica Series)
1969978-0-300-00323-9Jasper Yeates BrintonMixed Courts of Egypt
978-0-300-00324-6W R . BrodeScience in Progress: Series 15
1977978-0-300-00325-3W.R. BrodeYale: Science Progress 16
1965978-0-300-00326-0Paul. Brodtkorb Jr.Ishmael's White World: A Phenomenological Reading of Moby Dick
1955978-0-300-00328-4Cleanth BrooksTragic Themes in Western Literature
1963978-0-300-00330-7H.W. BroudeSteel Decision and National Economy (Study in Economics)