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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-1-85709-015-4Mara Helen WoodEdvard Munch: The Frieze of Life
1995978-1-85709-064-2William B. Jordan · Peter CherrySpanish Still Life from Velazquez to Goya
1994978-1-85709-065-9Michael Hirst · Jill DunkertonMaking and Meaning: The Young Michelangelo - The Artist in Rome, 1496 - 1501 & Michelangelo as a Painter on Panel
  ''978-1-85709-066-6Michael HirstMaking and Meaning: Young Michelangelo - The Artist in Rome, 1496-1501
1995978-1-85709-068-0Judy EgertonTurner: The Fighting Temeraire (Making & Meaning S.)
1996978-1-85709-129-8Richard KendallDegas: Beyond Impressionism
1997978-1-85709-164-9David BomfordConservation of Paintings (National Gallery Pocket Guides)
  ''978-1-85709-165-6Nicholas PennyFrames (National Gallery Pocket Guides)
  ''978-1-85709-166-3Erika LangmuirAllegory (National Gallery Pocket Guides)
2003978-1-85709-167-0Susanna GreevesRon Mueck at the National Gallery (National Gallery of London)
1997978-1-85709-168-7Erika LangmuirLandscape (National Gallery Pocket Guides)
1998978-1-85709-170-0Judy EgertonThe British School
  ''978-1-85709-171-7Lorne CampbellThe Fifteenth-century Netherlandish Schools (National Gallery Catalogues) (National Gallery London)
1997978-1-85709-173-1Susan FoisterHolbein's Ambassadors: Making and Meaning (Making & Meaning S.)
1997978-1-85709-177-9Gabriele FinaldiDiscovering the Italian Baroque: The Denis Mahon Collection
1998978-1-85709-218-9Erika LangmuirThe National Gallery Companion Guide
  ''978-1-85709-219-6David BomfordVenice Through Canaletto's Eyes (In the National Gallery)
1999978-1-85709-222-6Alexander SturgisFaces (National Gallery Pocket Guides)
1994978-1-85709-235-6Erika LanmuirNational Gallery Companion Guide
2000978-1-85709-248-6David BomfordColour (National Gallery Pocket Guides)
2001978-1-85709-250-9Erika LangmuirSaints (National Gallery Pocket Guides)
2003978-1-85709-257-8   ''Narrative (National Gallery Pocket Guides)
1999978-1-85709-270-7Christopher WhiteRembrandt by Himself: Catalogue to the National Gallery Exhibition
2000978-1-85709-292-9Neil Macgregor · Gabriele FinaldiThe Image of Christ: Catalogue of the Exhibition "Seeing Salvation"
2003978-1-85709-293-6D Gordon15th Century Italian Paintings: National Gallery Catalogues (National Gallery London)
2006978-1-85709-301-8Kathleen Adler · Erica E Hirshler · Barbara WeinbergAmericans in Paris, 1860-1900 (National Gallery London)
  ''978-1-85709-303-2Dawson CarrVelazquez (National Gallery Publications)
  ''978-1-85709-313-1Leah KharibianVelazquez Highlights Book (National Gallery London)
2004978-1-85709-315-5Xavier BrayEl Greco (National Gallery of London)
  ''978-1-85709-320-9Ashok RoyNational Gallery Technical Bulletin: v. 25 (National Gallery Technical Bulletins)
2007978-1-85709-322-3Colin B Bailey · Christopher RiopelleRenoir Landscapes
2005978-1-85709-326-1David & Elizabeth McGrath et al. JaffeRubens: A Master in the Making
2005978-1-85709-331-5Tracey Chevalier · Colin WigginsTom Hunter: Living in Hell and Other Stories (National Gallery London)
2006978-1-85709-333-9Christopher RiopelleManet to Picasso: The National Gallery (National Gallery Company)
2018978-1-85709-338-4Humphrey WineNational Gallery Catalogues: The Eighteenth-Century French Paintings (National Gallery London)
2006978-1-85709-346-9Alexander SturgisRebels and Martyrs: The Image of the Artist in the Nineteenth Century (National Gallery Publications)
2007978-1-85709-348-3Susan FoisterArt of Light: German Renaissance Stained Glass (National Gallery Publications) (National Gallery London)
  ''978-1-85709-353-7Colin Wiggins · Philip Conisbee · Juliet Wilson-BareauLeon Kossoff: Drawing from Painting (National Gallery Company) (National Gallery London)
2006978-1-85709-356-8David Bomford · Jo Kirby · Ashok Roy · Axel Ruger · Raymond White · Axel RügerArt in the Making: Rembrandt: New Edition (National Gallery Publications)
  ''978-1-85709-357-5Ashok RoyThe National Gallery Technical Bulletin: Renaissance Siena and Perugia, 1490-1510 v. 27
2007978-1-85709-362-9Rudi Ekkart · Quentin BuvelotDutch Portraits: The Age of Rembrandt and Frans Hals (National Gallery London)
2005978-1-85709-371-1David JaffeRubens: A Master in the Making (National Gallery Publications)
2007978-1-85709-372-8Ashok RoyThe National Gallery Technical Bulletin: v. 28
  ''978-1-85709-373-5Erika LangmuirMasterpieces From The National Gallery (National Gallery Company) (National Gallery London)
2005978-1-85709-376-6Caroline Campbell · Alan Chong · Deborah Howard · J Michael RogersBellini and the East (National Gallery London)
  ''978-1-85709-381-0Jill DunkertonBeyond the Naked Eye: Details from the National Gallery (National Gallery London)
2005978-1-85709-385-8Simon Schama · Colin Wiggins · Paul MoorhouseJohn Virtue: London Paintings (National Gallery Company, London)
  ''978-1-85709-391-9Mari GriffithMyths and Legends (National Gallery Pocket Guides)
2007978-1-85709-392-6Luke Syson · Alessandro Angelini · Philippa Jackson · Fabrizio NevolaRenaissance Siena: Art for a City (National Gallery Company)
  ''978-1-85709-398-8Christopher RiopelleTim Gardner: New Works (National Gallery Publications) (National Gallery London)
  ''978-1-85709-399-5Erika LangmuirThe National Gallery Companion Guide (National Gallery Company) (National Gallery London)
2011978-1-85709-407-7National Galler National Galler · Miguel Falomir · Jennifer Fletcher · Luke Syson · Lorne CampbellRenaissance Faces: Van Eyck to Titian
2008978-1-85709-409-1Simonetta Fraquelli · Giovanna Ginex · Vivian Greene · Aurora Scotti · Tobia Bezzola · Linda SchadlerRadical Light: Italy's Divisionist Painters (National Gallery London)
  ''978-1-85709-411-4Lorne CampbellRenaissance Faces: Van Eyck to Titian
2008978-1-85709-412-1Don Paterson · Colin WigginsAlison Watt: Phantom
  ''978-1-85709-413-8Christopher Riopelle · Ann SumnerSisley in England and Wales (National Gallery London)
  ''978-1-85709-414-5National GalleryRenaissance Faces: Van Eyck to Titian (DVD) (National Gallery London)
2010978-1-85709-418-3Charles Beddington · Amanda BradleyVenice: Canaletto and his Rivals (National Gallery London)
2009978-1-85709-422-0Xavier BrayThe Sacred Made Real: Spanish Painting and Sculpture, 1600-1700
2008978-1-85709-424-4S BosmanThe National Gallery in Wartime
  ''978-1-85709-425-1Michael WilsonIf the Paintings Could Talk (National Gallery of London (Paperback))
  ''978-1-85709-426-8Kenneth ClarkOne Hundred Details from the National Gallery: From the National Gallery, London
2009978-1-85709-427-5Oliver PeytonThe National Cookbook: Recipes from the National Dining Rooms at The National Gallery
978-1-85709-439-8National Gallery in Wartime: The National Gallery DVD Collection
2010978-1-85709-440-4Nicholas PennyA Closer Look: Frames
2009978-1-85709-441-1David Bomford · Jill Dunkerton · Martin WyldA Closer Look: Conservation of Paintings
2009978-1-85709-442-8David Bomford · Ashok RoyA Closer Look: Colour
  ''978-1-85709-443-5Louise GovierThe National Gallery Visitor's Guide: With 10 Self-Guided Tours (National Gallery London)
  ''978-1-85709-447-3Leah KharibianNational Gallery Pocket Collection
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2010978-1-85709-451-0Elizabeth Cowling · Neil Cox · Simonetta Fraquelli · Susan Grace Galassi · Christopher Riopelle · Anne RobbinsPicasso: Challenging the Past (National Gallery Company)
2009978-1-85709-452-7Elizabeth Cowling · Neil Cox · Simonetta Fraquelli · Susan Grace Galassi · Christopher Riopelle · Anne RobbinsPicasso: Challenging the Past
2009978-1-85709-454-1NationalgalleryPicasso: Challenging the Past (National Gallery DVD Collection)
  ''978-1-85709-460-2Dawson W. CarrEl Greco to Goya: Spanish Painting (National Gallery Company) (National Gallery of London (Paperback))
  ''978-1-85709-463-3Alan CrookhamThe National Gallery: An Illustrated History (National Gallery Company)
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  ''978-1-85709-465-7Erika LangmuirA Closer Look: Saints (National Gallery Company)
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2011978-1-85709-482-4Dillian GordonThe Italian Paintings before 1400 (National Gallery London)
2010978-1-85709-484-8Erika LangmuirA Closer Look: Angels
2010978-1-85709-485-5Erika LangmuirA Closer Look: Allegory
  ''978-1-85709-486-2Marjorie E. WiesemanA Closer Look: Deceptions and Discoveries
2011978-1-85709-491-6Luke Syson · Larry Keith · Antonio Mazzotta · Minna Moore Ede · Scott Nethersole · Arturo Galansino · Per RumbergLeonardo Da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan
2010978-1-85709-497-8Michael Bracewell · Marla Prather · Colin WigginsBridget Riley: Paintings and Related Work
  ''978-1-85709-500-5Erika LangmuirA Closer Look: Still Life
2011978-1-85709-504-3Susan Frances JonesVan Eyck To Gossaert Towards A Northern Renaissance
  ''978-1-85709-505-0   ''Van Eyck to Gossaert: Towards a Northern Renaissance
978-1-85709-509-8Van Eyck to Gossaert
2011978-1-85709-523-4Christopher RiopelleForests, Rocks, and Torrents: Norwegian and Swiss Landscape Paintings (National Gallery Company) (National Gallery London)
  ''978-1-85709-525-8Scott NethersoleDevotion by Design: Italian Altarpieces before 1500
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  ''978-1-85709-531-9Reverend N. Holtam · Richard ChartresThe Art of Worship: Paintings, Prayers, and Readings for Meditation
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2012978-1-85709-537-1Ian Warrell · Alan Crookham · Philippa SimpsonTurner Inspired - in the Light of Claude
  ''978-1-85709-544-9Antonio MazzottaTitian - a Fresh Look at Nature
2012978-1-85709-545-6Hope Kingsley · Christopher RiopelleSeduced by Art: Photography Past and Present (National Gallery London)
2014978-1-85709-553-1Xavier F. SalomonVeronese
  ''978-1-85709-557-9Gregor J. M. Weber · Jonathan BikkerRembrandt: The Late Works (National Gallery London)
2013978-1-85709-561-6Gemma Blackshaw · Edmund De Waal · Tag Gronberg · Julie Johnson · Doris Lehmann · Elana Shapira · Sabine Wieber · Mary CostelloFacing the Modern: The Portrait in Vienna 1900
  ''978-1-85709-567-8Marjorie WiesemanVermeer and Music: The Art of Love and Leisure (National Gallery London)
2015978-1-85709-573-9Xavier Bray · B. Mena Manuela Marqués · Thomas GayfordGoya: The Portraits
  ''978-1-85709-575-3Patrick Noon · Christopher RiopelleDelacroix: And the Rise of Modern Art
2014978-1-85709-579-1Marjorie E. WiesemanDutch Painting: Revised Edition (National Gallery London)
2015978-1-85709-584-5Sylvie Patry · Anne Robbins · Christopher Riopelle · Joseph J. Rishel · Jennifer A. ThompsonInventing Impressionism: Paul Durand-Ruel and the Modern Art Market
2016978-1-85709-596-8Erika LangmuirThe National Gallery Companion Guide
  ''978-1-85709-602-6Letizia Treves · Aidan Weston-lewis · Gabriele Finaldi · Christian Tico Seifert · Adriaan WaiboerBeyond Caravaggio
2017978-1-85709-609-5Matthias Wivel · Costanza Barbieri · Piers Baker-bates · Paul Joannides · Silvia Danesi SquarzinaMichelangelo & Sebastiano
2017978-1-85709-610-1Ashok RoyNational Gallery Technical Bulletin: Volume 37 (National Gallery Technical Bulletins)
2016978-1-85709-611-8Anne RobbinsPainters' Paintings: From Freud to van Dyck
  ''978-1-85709-612-5Christopher Riopelle · Tim Bonyhady · Allison Goudie · Alex J. Taylor · Sarah ThomasAustralia's Impressionists
2017978-1-85709-614-9Lelia Packer · Jennifer SliwkaMonochrome: Painting in Black and White
  ''978-1-85709-619-4Alison Smith · Susan Foister · Anna KoopstraReflections: Van Eyck and the Pre-Raphaelites
2018978-1-85709-638-5Anne Robbins · Caroline Campbell · Christopher Riopelle · Sarah Herring · Rosalind MckeverCourtauld Impressionists: From Manet to Cezanne
2019978-1-85709-643-9Francesca Whitlum-cooperBoilly: Scenes of Parisian Life
2004978-1-85709-903-4Charles Hope · Jennifer Fletcher · Miguel Falomir · Jill Dunkerton · David Faffe · Nicholas Penny · Caroline CampbellTitian: Catalogue of the National Gallery Exhibition 19 Feb-18 May 2003
2003978-1-85709-904-1Charles Hope · Jennifer Fletcher · Jill Dunkerton · Miguel FalomirTitian. [National Gallery Catalogue].
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2008978-1-85709-913-3   ''The Sixteenth-Century Italian Paintings: Volume II: Venice 1540-1600: Venice 1540-1600 v. 2 (National Gallery London)
2019978-1-85709-924-9Sarah HerringThe Nineteenth-Century French Paintings: Volume 1, the Barbizon School (National Gallery Catalogues) (National Gallery London)
2001978-1-85709-932-4Dillian GordonPisanello: Painter to the Renaissance Court (National Gallery Co Ltd)
2003978-1-85709-933-1David DaviesEl Greco (National Gallery Company)
2005978-1-85709-938-6David Davies · John H ElliottEl Greco (National Gallery Company, London)
2001978-1-85709-946-1Dillian Gordon · Luke SysonPisanello: Painter to the Renaissance Court
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2002978-1-85709-977-5Colin JonesMadame De Pompadour: Images of a Mistress - Catalogue of the National Gallery London Exhibition 16 Oct 2002-12 Jan 2003
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2007978-1-85709-999-7Hugo Chapman · Tom Henry · Carol PlazzottaRaphael: From Urbino to Rome (National Gallery Company)