L. R. Lind

L. R. · Levi R. Lind · Levi Robert Lind · R. L

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Lyric poetry of the Italian Renaissance: an anthology with verse translations.Paperback978-0-300-00156-31954
Studies in pre-Vesalian anatomy: Biography, translations, documentsHardcover978-0-87169-104-01975
Ten Greek Plays in Contemporary TranslationPaperback978-0-395-05117-71972
The Aeneid: An Epic Poem of Rome   "978-0-253-20045-71962Vergil
The Epitome of Andreas VesaliusHardcover978-0-262-12028-91969
The Epitome of Andreas VesaliusPaperback978-0-262-62011-61969

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