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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-0-300-74996-0Tango for Gabriela
978-0-300-74997-7Postcard from Kansas: Welcome to Interstate-7
978-0-300-75016-4Apartment House Exercise
978-0-300-75021-8Another Possibility (Gtr)
978-0-300-75026-3Flutist (and) Percussionists
978-0-300-75029-4Fantasies on Christmas Carols, Volume 2
978-0-300-75031-7From My Little Island
1908978-0-300-75033-1Fred HerschSaloon Songs
978-0-300-75039-3A Waltzer in the House
978-0-300-75044-7Tango Bittersweet
978-0-300-75047-8Six Character Pieces for Viola and Piano
978-0-300-75054-611 Short Pieces for Violin and Vibraphone
978-0-300-75056-0Violin Quartet (With Two Pieces for 4 Violins
978-0-300-75058-4Concerto Piccolino
978-0-300-75061-4Etudes Australes (Books I and II)
978-0-300-75062-1Etudes Australes (Books III and IV)
978-0-300-75081-212 Sacred Songs Op.137
978-0-300-75098-0See How They Love Me
978-0-300-75112-3Concertino for Xylophone and Orchestra (Xyl,P
978-0-300-75115-4Andante Fugue and Chorale
978-0-300-75162-8Chorale Preludes (12) in 2 Volumes: Vol. 1
978-0-300-75171-0Durations I
978-0-300-75172-7Durations II
978-0-300-75173-4Durations III
978-0-300-75174-1Durations IV
978-0-300-75178-9Intersection I (1951)
978-0-300-75181-9Marginal Intersection
978-0-300-75188-8Extensions IV
978-0-300-75191-8Piece for 4 Pianos
978-0-300-75198-7Ixion (Summerspace) Ballet
978-0-300-75208-3Four Songs to e.e cummings
978-0-300-75218-2For Franz Kline
978-0-300-75221-2Vertical Thoughts I
978-0-300-75222-9Vertical Thoughts II
978-0-300-75223-6Vertical Thoughts III
978-0-300-75229-8Intersection IV
978-0-300-75230-4Projection III
978-0-300-75239-7False Relationships and the Extended Ending
978-0-300-75278-6Bombardments No. 2
978-0-300-75283-0Sonatas - Cello and Piano (Complete)
978-0-300-75285-4Take it from Figure O
978-0-300-75290-8Sonatinas and Easy Sonatas
978-0-300-75331-8Christmas Symphony
978-0-300-75344-8Weihnachtsbaum (Christmas Tree) Volume 1
978-0-300-75354-73 Easy Trios Hob.XI/74 75 76
978-0-300-75363-9Cadenzas to Beethoven Piano Concertos Nos. 1
978-0-300-75367-7Synchrony (Orchestra Piece)
978-0-300-75369-1Masters of the Guitar Vol.1
978-0-300-75373-8Old and New Masters Vol.1
978-0-300-75378-3Suite de Pieces pour la Marechalle de Villars
978-0-300-75381-312 Two-Part Canzonettas
978-0-300-75386-8Suite in F from Tafelmusik
978-0-300-75387-5Preparatory Studies Pieces and Exercises (24)
978-0-300-75388-2Etudes (25) for Guitar Op.60
978-0-300-75390-5Early Guitar Music Vol.1
978-0-300-75392-9Neapolitan Songs of the 16th Century (15)
978-0-300-75393-6Old Masters of the 17th Century
978-0-300-75398-110 Easier Favorites
978-0-300-75399-8Easier Favorites (14 Pieces)
978-0-300-75402-515 Easier Favorites
978-0-300-75411-7Easy Pieces for the Young
978-0-300-75413-1Baroque Studies for the Alto Recorder
978-0-300-75414-8Baroque Studies for the Soprano Recorder
978-0-300-75416-2Easy Violin Duets - 1st position
978-0-300-75422-36 Fancies for Two Treble Instruments
978-0-300-75426-1Favorite Guitar Pieces
978-0-300-75428-512 Little Duos K.487
978-0-300-75436-06 Duets for Flutes Op.18
978-0-300-75438-4Easy Violoncello Duets, Volume 1 - 1st Position
978-0-300-75439-1Easy Violoncello Duets Vol. 1
978-0-300-75443-8Cello Book
978-0-300-75450-6Folk Music from South America
978-0-300-75454-4Twelve Pieces for Three Trumpets
2006978-0-300-75458-2Robert Livingston AldridgeCarolinian Dances, for Violin and Piano
978-0-300-75462-9John CageDance Music for Elfrid Ide
978-0-300-75463-6Partition classique EDITION PETERS CAGE JOHN - OPENING DANCE FOR SUE LAUB - PIANO Piano
2007978-0-300-75465-0ROBINSONSonata 1990
978-0-300-75467-413 Ways of Looking at the Goldberg
978-0-300-75479-7Seven Greek Folk Dances
978-0-300-75493-3Indeterminacy - Ninety Stories
978-0-300-75494-0The Jester, the Artist, and the Little Lion
2011978-0-300-75500-8Franz LisztLiszt: Piano Works - Volume 4 (Paganini Etudes & Concert Etudes)
1961978-0-300-75503-9Johann Sebastian BachBach: Inventions and Sinfonias, BWV 772-801
978-0-300-75504-6Oceanic Eyes
978-0-300-75512-1Praegustatum for James Levine
978-0-300-75513-8Long Piano (Peace March 11)
978-0-300-75517-6Partitions classique EDITION PETERS 80 CHORALE PRELUDES - ORGAN Orgue
978-0-300-75526-8French Suites
978-0-300-75527-512 Easy Duets
978-0-300-75528-2Ludwig van BeethovenBeethoven: String Quartets, Op. 18
978-0-300-75529-9Wolfgang Amadeus MozartLieder
2001978-0-300-75530-5Franz SchubertSchubert: String Quintet, D 956, Op. posth. 163
978-0-300-75532-930 Studies of Mechanism Op.849
978-0-300-75533-6Keyboard Concerto in A Major BWV 1055
1980978-0-300-75534-3DAVID CARR GLOVEROde To Joy
978-0-300-75535-0Piano Trios - Complete
2007978-0-300-75540-4Elliott Sharp · Marco CappelliAMYGDALA by Elliott Sharp Guitar Solo
2006978-0-300-75541-1James CohnCohn:Trio No. 2 for Piano, Violin, and Violoncello, Op. 85
978-0-300-75543-5Klavier Quintett (Piano Quintet), Op. 34 in F Minor
978-0-300-75544-2Violin Concerto No.1 in g minor Op.26
978-0-300-75546-6Trios (Complete)
978-0-300-75547-3Brazilian Landscapes No. 2, Op.78
978-0-300-75553-4Suites (Sonatas) For Solo Cello
978-0-300-75554-1Divertimento in Eb Major K563
978-0-300-75556-5Piano Sonatas, Volume 1
978-0-300-75557-2Giuseppe VerdiString Quartet in E minor
978-0-300-75560-215 Bass Arias from Cantatas
978-0-300-75562-6God would be Born in Thee
978-0-300-75564-069 Pedal Studies Vol. 1 Op. 67
978-0-300-75565-7String Quartets - Complete Edition
978-0-300-75566-4Complete Songs Vol.2: 87 Songs
2008978-0-300-75567-1ROBINSONWhen in Ourmusic God Is Glorified Chorale Prelude on Douglass
978-0-300-75568-8Chorale Prelude on Llanfair
2014978-0-300-75570-1Grieg Konzert a-Moll/A Minor, Op. 16, Piano and Orchestra
978-0-300-75571-8Complete Songs Vol.1: 51 Songs
978-0-300-75573-2Robert SchumannString Quartets Complete By Robert Schumann. Edited By Hermann. For 2 Violins, Viola, Cello.
978-0-300-75574-9Missa solemnis in D Major Op.123
978-0-300-75577-0Flute Sonatas (10) Complete in 3 volumes - Volume 2
978-0-300-75579-4Scherzi - Fantasy in f minor
978-0-300-75582-4Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Quartets (2)
978-0-300-75584-8Piano Concerto No.1 in D Hob.XVIII:11
978-0-300-75585-5First Tutor Op.599
2001978-0-300-75586-2Antonio VivaldiVivaldi: Violin Concerto in A Minor, RV 356, Op. 3, No. 6
978-0-300-75587-9Werke fur Violoncello und Klavier - Complete
2013978-0-300-75597-8Edition PetersPeters Music Writing Book: 12 Notensysteme pro Seite
2014978-0-300-75598-5Wolfgang Amadeus MozartMozart: Requiem in D minor, KV. 626 - SATB Choral
978-0-300-75608-1Intermediate Masterworks for Marimba - Volume 1
978-0-300-75609-8Intermediate Masterworks for Marimba - Volume 2 by Nancy Zeltsman
978-0-300-75611-1Fantasy on La Bamba
978-0-300-75615-9Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major K467
978-0-300-75693-7Marc-André HamelinHamelin: 12 Études in All the Minor Keys
978-0-300-75735-4Morton J RGan Jam for Jazz Orchestra Set of Parts and Score
978-0-300-75755-2Aria Op.1
2010978-0-300-75761-3Victoria BondPeculiar Plants for harpsichord (Keyboard)
2011978-0-300-75763-7Fred HerschHersch: Valentine
2010978-0-300-75764-4Three Diatonic Studies. 1. Chasing Goldberg 2. Cyclic Decent 3. Scalar RhythmsLerdahl Three Diatonic Studies for Solo Piano
2011978-0-300-75768-2Marc-Andre HamelinCon Intimissimo Sentimento: A Collection of 7 Pieces for Solo Piano
2011978-0-300-75771-2William BolcomCapricious Harlem
978-0-300-75772-9Three Waltzes for Piano by Robert Aldridge
2012978-0-300-75777-4John Cage4'33'' Centennial Edition
  ''978-0-300-75779-8Marc-Andre HamelinTheme and Variations
2014978-0-300-75783-5Felix MendelssohnMendelssohn: Piano Concerto No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 25 [Ed. Ruthardt]
  ''978-0-300-75795-8Sheet MusicCage: Haiku - Piano Solo
  ''978-0-300-75810-8Marc-André HamelinHamelin: Variations on a Theme of Paganini - Piano Solo
  ''978-0-300-75817-7Fred HerschHersch: Variations on a Theme by Tchaikovsky - Piano Solo
978-0-300-75858-0Daniel MendelowitzHistory of American Art
2014978-0-300-75884-9David RakowskiRakowski Preludes, Book IV
1956978-0-300-78202-8Jack LondonMartin Eden (Introduction and Notes By Sam S. Basket)
1955978-0-300-85853-2John William DeForestMiss Ravenels Conversion from Secession to loyalty
1999978-0-300-95720-4Illinois School Library Media AssociationLinking for Learning, the Illinois School Library Media Program Guidelines
2001978-0-300-95725-9Bristol Peter BaskettResuscition - Official Journal of the European Resuscition Council, Volume 50, Issue 1, July 2001
2007978-0-300-95740-2Hugh M. HefnerPlayboy's Lingerie (August-September, 2007)
1950978-0-300-96553-7James Fenimore CooperThe Prairie
1977978-0-300-99999-0YALEYale: Misc Items