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A Hell of a DogPaperback 978-0-440-22548-51999
Cartooning for Kids   " 978-0-06-446063-71987
Der dressierte HundGebunden
978-3-8331-4596-42008Arthur C. Haggerty
Der dressierte Hund   "
978-3-89508-589-52001Arthur J. Haggerty
Dog ProblemsPaperback 978-0-87605-514-41989
Dog Smarts: The Art of Training Your DogTaschenbuch 978-1-60239-084-32007
Dog Training for KidsHardcover 978-0-87605-541-01988
Dog Training in 10 MinutesPaperback 978-0-87605-471-01997
Dog Training in 10 Minutes   " 978-1-62045-743-61997
Dog Tricks: Eighty-Eight Challenging Activities for Your Dog from World-Class TrainersHardcover 978-1-884822-46-91996Captain Arthur J. Haggerty
Fall Guy: A Rachel Alexander MysteryPaperback 978-0-06-053900-92005
Fall Guy: A Rachel Alexander MysteryHardcover 978-0-06-053899-62004
978-3-89508-590-11998Arthur-J Haggerty · Carol-Léa Benjamin
Lady VanishesPaperback 978-0-8027-7619-82001
Lady Vanishes: A Rachel Alexander Mystery   " 978-0-06-076234-62005
Manhattan Noir   " 978-1-888451-95-52006Lawrence Block · Charles Ardai · Thomas H. Cook · Jeffery Deaver · Jim Fusilli · Robert Knightly · John Lutz
Mother Knows Best: The Natural Way to Train Your DogHardcover 978-0-87605-666-01985
Nobody's Baby Now   " 978-0-02-708850-21984
Running BasicsPaperback 978-0-13-783910-01982
Running basicsHardcover 978-0-13-783928-51979
Second-Hand Dog: How to Turn Yours into a First-Rate PetPaperback 978-0-87605-735-31988
See Spot Sit: 101 Illustrated Tips for Training the Dog You Love   " 978-1-60239-259-52008
Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence: A Positive Training ProgramHardcover 978-0-87605-742-11993
The Chosen Puppy: How to Select and Raise a Great Puppy from an Animal ShelterPaperback 978-0-87605-417-81990
The Dog Who Knew Too Much   " 978-0-440-22637-61998
The Hard Way: A Rachel Alexander Mystery   " 978-0-06-053904-72007
The Hard Way: A Rachel Alexander MysteryHardcover 978-0-06-053903-02006
The Long Good Boy: A Rachel Alexander and Dash Mystery   " 978-0-8027-3364-12001
The Wrong Dog: A Rachel Alexander MysteryPaperback 978-0-06-076236-02005
This Dog for Hire   " 978-0-440-22520-11997
Without a Word: A Rachel Alexander Mystery   " 978-0-06-053902-32006
Without a Word: A Rachel Alexander MysteryHardcover 978-0-06-053901-62005
Writing for kidsPaperback 978-0-06-446012-51985

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