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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2018978-0-12-809999-5Supratim ChoudhuriBioinformatics for Beginners: Genes, Genomes, Molecular Evolution, Databases and Analytical Tools
2017978-0-12-810000-4Doreen Granpeesheh · Jonathan Tarbox · Adel C. Najdowski · Julie KornackEvidence-Based Treatment for Children with Autism: The CARD Model (Practical Resources for the Mental Health Professional)
2018978-0-12-810001-1David P. StowellInvestment Banks, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity, Second Edition
  ''978-0-12-810002-8Kenneth Paul Rosenberg · Laura Curtiss Feder PsyDBehavioral Addictions: Criteria, Evidence, and Treatment
  ''978-0-12-810003-5Craig ShimasakiBiotechnology Entrepreneurship: Starting, Managing, and Leading Biotech Companies
  ''978-0-12-810004-2Stefano GattiProject Finance in Theory and Practice, Second Edition: Designing, Structuring, and Financing Private and Public Projects
  ''978-0-12-810005-9Heinz P. Bloch · Fred K. GeitnerMachinery Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting: Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants
2018978-0-12-810006-6Robert L ZimdahlFundamentals of Weed Science, Fourth Edition
  ''978-0-12-810007-3Sassan AhmadiLTE-Advanced: A Practical Systems Approach to Understanding 3GPP LTE Releases 10 and 11 Radio Access Technologies
  ''978-0-12-810008-0Yanchang Zhao · Yonghua CenData Mining Applications with R
  ''978-0-12-810009-7Richard W. TreschPublic Finance, Third Edition: A Normative Theory
  ''978-0-12-810010-3Charles R. FittsGroundwater Science
2018978-0-12-810011-0James F. Broder · Eugene TuckerRisk Analysis and the Security Survey
  ''978-0-12-810012-7J. Andrew Royle · Richard B. Chandler · Rahel Sollmann · Beth GardnerSpatial Capture-Recapture
  ''978-0-12-810013-4Irvin Glassman · Richard A. Yetter · Nick G. GlumacCombustion
  ''978-0-12-810014-1Aldo V Da RosaFundamentals of Renewable Energy Processes
  ''978-0-12-810015-8Morris W. Hirsch · Stephen Smale · Robert L. DevaneyDifferential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and an Introduction to Chaos
2017978-0-12-810016-5Temple Grandin · Mark J. DeesingGenetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals
2018978-0-12-810017-2Wolfram Elsner · Torsten Heinrich · Henning SchwardtThe Microeconomics of Complex Economies: Evolutionary, Institutional, Neoclassical, and Complexity Perspectives
2018978-0-12-810018-9Yasmine Motarjemi · Huub LelieveldFood Safety Management: A Practical Guide for the Food Industry
  ''978-0-12-810019-6Maurice StewartSurface Production Operations: Vol 2: Design of Gas-Handling Systems and Facilities, Third Edition
  ''978-0-12-810020-2Kandethody M. Ramachandran · Chris P. TsokosMathematical Statistics with Applications in R
  ''978-0-12-810021-9Edward Sazonov · Michael R NeumanWearable Sensors: Fundamentals, Implementation and Applications
  ''978-0-12-810022-6Dennis R. Moss · Michael M. BasicPressure Vessel Design Manual
2018978-0-12-810023-3Ernst Worrell · Markus Reuter D.Eng.Handbook of Recycling: State-of-the-art for Practitioners, Analysts, and Scientists
  ''978-0-12-810024-0Robert A. GreenesClinical Decision Support, Second Edition: The Road to Broad Adoption
  ''978-0-12-810025-7Thomas L. SzaboDiagnostic Ultrasound Imaging: Inside Out (Biomedical Engineering)
  ''978-0-12-810026-4Andrew J. DayBraking of Road Vehicles
2017978-0-12-810027-1Yong Bai · Qiang BaiSubsea Engineering Handbook
2018978-0-12-810028-8Clemens Van Blitterswijk · Jan De BoerTissue Engineering
  ''978-0-12-810029-5Claire Soares EMM Systems Dallas Texas USAPrincipal EngineerGas Turbines: A Handbook of Air, Land and Sea Applications
2018978-0-12-810030-1Alireza BahadoriNatural Gas Processing: Technology and Engineering Design
2016978-0-12-810031-8Gwidon Stachowiak · Andrew W BatchelorEngineering Tribology
2018978-0-12-810032-5Ashish Verma · Anchal SinghAnimal Biotechnology: Models in Discovery and Translation
  ''978-0-12-810033-2Arsenio Balisacan · Ujjayant Chakravorty · Majah-Leah RavagoSustainable Economic Development: Resources, Environment, and Institutions
  ''978-0-12-810034-9Amitava Dasgupta · Jorge L. SepulvedaAccurate Results in the Clinical Laboratory: A Guide to Error Detection and Correction
  ''978-0-12-810035-6James ShengEnhanced Oil Recovery Field Case Studies
  ''978-0-12-810036-3Milton Ohring · Lucian KasprzakReliability and Failure of Electronic Materials and Devices
2018978-0-12-810037-0Celeste M. Todaro · Henry C. VogelFermentation and Biochemical Engineering Handbook
  ''978-0-12-810038-7Robert W. Thatcher · Joel F. LubarZ Score Neurofeedback: Clinical Applications
  ''978-0-12-810039-4Ann M. Coulston · Carol J. Boushey · Mario FerruzziNutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease
2016978-0-12-810040-0Peter WittekQuantum Machine Learning: What Quantum Computing Means to Data Mining
2017978-0-12-810041-7Dennis A. Hansell · Craig A. CarlsonBiogeochemistry of Marine Dissolved Organic Matter, Second Edition
2018978-0-12-810042-4Marjorie A. Hoy University of Kansas B.A.(1963)< · University of California--Berkeley · Univsersity of California--Berkeley M.S. (1966)< · br>Insect Molecular Genetics: An Introduction to Principles and Applications
  ''978-0-12-810043-1Sankara PapavinasamCorrosion Control in the Oil and Gas Industry
2016978-0-12-810044-8Mike Boland · Harjinder Singh · Abby ThompsonMilk Proteins: From Expression to Food (Food Science and Technology)
2018978-0-12-810045-5Jamie H. Warner · Franziska Schaffel · Mark Rummeli · Alicja BachmatiukGraphene: Fundamentals and emergent applications
  ''978-0-12-810046-2Marian Walhout · Marc Vidal · Job DekkerHandbook of Systems Biology: Concepts and Insights
2018978-0-12-810047-9Roi Cohen KadoshThe Stimulated Brain: Cognitive Enhancement Using Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation
2016978-0-12-810048-6William MenkeGeophysical Data Analysis: Discrete Inverse Theory, Volume 45: MATLAB Edition (International Geophysics)
2018978-0-12-810049-3Tony J. RouphaelWireless Receiver Architectures and Design: Antennas, RF, Synthesizers, Mixed Signal, and Digital Signal Processing
  ''978-0-12-810050-9Spyros G TzafestasIntroduction to Mobile Robot Control
2016978-0-12-810051-6Joseph J Feher Ph.D. Cornell UniversityQuantitative Human Physiology: An Introduction
2018978-0-12-810052-3Sandosh PadmanabhanHandbook of Pharmacogenomics and Stratified Medicine
2017978-0-12-810053-0Ali S. Faqi DVMA Comprehensive Guide to Toxicology in Preclinical Drug Development
2018978-0-12-810054-7Debasis Bagchi · Sreejayan Nair · Chandan K. SenNutrition and Enhanced Sports Performance: Muscle Building, Endurance, and Strength
  ''978-0-12-810055-4Fereidoon P. SioshansiEvolution of Global Electricity Markets: New paradigms, new challenges, new approaches
  ''978-0-12-810056-1Zeki BerkFood Process Engineering and Technology (Food Science and Technology)
  ''978-0-12-810057-8Govind AgrawalNonlinear Fiber Optics (Optics and Photonics)
2018978-0-12-810058-5Max Wyss · Silvia PeppoloniGeoethics: Ethical Challenges and Case Studies in Earth Sciences
  ''978-0-12-810059-2Victor Sadras · Daniel CalderiniCrop Physiology: Applications for Genetic Improvement and Agronomy
2016978-0-12-810060-8Xin-She YangNature-Inspired Optimization Algorithms
  ''978-0-12-810061-5Michael Glazer · Gerald BurnsSpace Groups for Solid State Scientists, Third Edition
  ''978-0-12-810062-2Linda Miner · Pat Bolding · Joseph Hilbe · Mitchell Goldstein · Thomas Hill · Robert Nisbet · Nephi Walton · Gary MinerPractical Predictive Analytics and Decisioning Systems for Medicine: Informatics Accuracy and Cost-Effectiveness for Healthcare Administration and Delivery Including Medical Research
2018978-0-12-810063-9Bruce E. Hobbs · Alison OrdStructural Geology: The Mechanics of Deforming Metamorphic Rocks
  ''978-0-12-810064-6Robert N. Taylor · James M. Roberts · F. Gary Cunningham · Marshall D. LindheimerChesley's Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy
2018978-0-12-810065-3Wilfried Haeberli · Colin A. WhitemanSnow and Ice-Related Hazards, Risks, and Disasters
  ''978-0-12-810066-0Suresh Babu · Shailendra N. Gajanan · Prabuddha SanyalFood Security, Poverty and Nutrition Policy Analysis, Second Edition: Statistical Methods and Applications
  ''978-0-12-810067-7Khalid Hakeem · Muhammad Sabir · Munir Ozturk · Ahmet Ruhi MermutSoil Remediation and Plants: Prospects and Challenges
  ''978-0-12-810068-4Amos Etzioni · Hans D. OchsPrimary Immunodeficiency Disorders: A Historic and Scientific Perspective
  ''978-0-12-810069-1Graham BorradaileUnderstanding Geology Through Maps
2018978-0-12-810070-7Mohamed A. El-ReedyOffshore Structures: Design, Construction and Maintenance
  ''978-0-12-810071-4Pengwei Du · Ning LuEnergy Storage for Smart Grids: Planning and Operation for Renewable and Variable Energy Resources (VERs)
  ''978-0-12-810072-1R.J. TrentMolecular Medicine, Fourth Edition: Genomics to Personalized Healthcare
  ''978-0-12-810073-8Zoltan A. NagyA History of Modern Immunology: The Path Toward Understanding
  ''978-0-12-810074-5Hanns-Christian GungaHuman Physiology in Extreme Environments
2018978-0-12-810075-2Warren TryonCognitive Neuroscience and Psychotherapy: Network Principles for a Unified Theory
  ''978-0-12-810076-9Douglas J. Cumming · Sofia A. JohanVenture Capital and Private Equity Contracting: An International Perspective
  ''978-0-12-810077-6Mike WilsonImplementation of Robot Systems: An introduction to robotics, automation, and successful systems integration in manufacturing
2016978-0-12-810078-3Martin KohlmeierNutrigenetics: Applying the Science of Personal Nutrition
2018978-0-12-810079-0Anilkumar G. Gaonkar · Niraj Vasisht · Atul R. Khare · Robert SobelMicroencapsulation in the Food Industry: A Practical Implementation Guide
  ''978-0-12-810080-6Jaydeep SarkarSputtering Materials for VLSI and Thin Film Devices
  ''978-0-12-810081-3Victor R. PreedyHandbook of Nutrition, Diet and the Eye
2018978-0-12-810082-0N Eswara Prasad · Amol Gokhale · R.J.H WanhillAluminum-Lithium Alloys: Processing, Properties, and Applications
  ''978-0-12-810083-7Marc J. RogoffSolid Waste Recycling and Processing: Planning of Solid Waste Recycling Facilities and Programs
  ''978-0-12-810084-4Bakytzhan Zhumagulov · Valentin MonakhovFluid Dynamics of Oil Production
  ''978-0-12-810085-1Charles P. Poole Jr. · Horacio A. Farach · Richard J. Creswick · Ruslan ProzorovSuperconductivity, Third Edition
  ''978-0-12-810086-8Ashraf LabibLearning from Failures: Decision Analysis of Major Disasters
2018978-0-12-810087-5Paul J. LaNasa · E. Loy UppFluid Flow Measurement: A Practical Guide to Accurate Flow Measurement
  ''978-0-12-810088-2Lóránt Tavasszy · Gerard De JongModelling Freight Transport
  ''978-0-12-810089-9Carl A. PinkertTransgenic Animal Technology: A Laboratory Handbook
  ''978-0-12-810090-5Miriam Leah Zelditch · Donald L. Swiderski · H. David SheetsGeometric Morphometrics for Biologists, Second Edition: A Primer
  ''978-0-12-810091-2Kim FowlerDeveloping and Managing Embedded Systems and Products: Methods, Techniques, Tools, Processes, and Teamwork
2016978-0-12-810092-9Richard C. Aster · Brian Borchers · Clifford H. ThurberParameter Estimation and Inverse Problems
2018978-0-12-810093-6Leon E. Rosenberg · Diane Drobnis RosenbergHuman Genes and Genomes: Science, Health, Society
2018978-0-12-810094-3B. Anne Croy · Aureo T. Yamada · Francesco J. DeMayo · S. Lee AdamsonThe Guide to Investigation of Mouse Pregnancy
2017978-0-12-810095-0Ching H. Yew · Xiaowei WengMechanics of Hydraulic Fracturing
2018978-0-12-810096-7Atul Tiwari · Lloyd Hihara · James RawlinsIntelligent Coatings for Corrosion Control
  ''978-0-12-810097-4John F. Shroder · Paolo PapaleVolcanic Hazards, Risks and Disasters
  ''978-0-12-810098-1Ted G. ByromCasing and Liners for Drilling and Completion: Design and Application (Gulf Drilling Guides)
  ''978-0-12-810099-8Wojciech J. Florkowski · Robert L. Shewfelt · Bernhard Brueckner · Stanley E. PrussiaPostharvest Handling: A Systems Approach
  ''978-0-12-810100-1Zekâi ŞenPractical and Applied Hydrogeology
2018978-0-12-810101-8Suzanne Peterson · Jeanne F. LoringHuman Stem Cell Manual: A Laboratory Guide
  ''978-0-12-810102-5Herbert Stone · Rebecca N. Bleibaum · Heather A. ThomasSensory Evaluation Practices (Food Science and Technology)
  ''978-0-12-810103-2Cristina M. AlberiniMemory Reconsolidation
2016978-0-12-810104-9Amitava Dasgupta · Kimberly Klein BSAntioxidants in Food, Vitamins and Supplements: Prevention and Treatment of Disease
2018978-0-12-810105-6Giancarlo Dal MoroSurface Wave Analysis for Near Surface Applications
  ''978-0-12-810106-3Rajesh KumarStrategies of Banks and Other Financial Institutions: Theories and Cases
  ''978-0-12-810107-0Mike Boland · Matt Golding · Harjinder SinghFood Structures, Digestion and Health
2018978-0-12-810108-7Jacob Peedicayil · Dennis R. Grayson · Dimitri AvramopoulosEpigenetics in Psychiatry
2017978-0-12-810109-4Onder Ergonul · Fusun Can · Murat Akova · Lawrence MadoffEmerging Infectious Diseases, Volume 1: Clinical Case Studies (Developments in Emerging and Existing Infectious Diseases)
2016978-0-12-810110-0John M. RyanGuide to Food Safety and Quality During Transportation: Controls, Standards and Practices
2018978-0-12-810111-7John F. Shroder · Tim DaviesLandslide Hazards, Risks, and Disasters
  ''978-0-12-810112-4John T. KatsikadelisThe Boundary Element Method for Plate Analysis
  ''978-0-12-810113-1Rajat AcharyaUnderstanding Satellite Navigation
  ''978-0-12-810114-8Kieran Tuohy · Daniele Del RioDiet-Microbe Interactions in the Gut: Effects on Human Health and Disease
  ''978-0-12-810115-5Surajit DasMicrobial Biodegradation and Bioremediation
2016978-0-12-810116-2Anke Meyer-Baese · Volker J. SchmidPattern Recognition and Signal Analysis in Medical Imaging, Second Edition
2018978-0-12-810117-9Stephen Bechtel · Robert LoweFundamentals of Continuum Mechanics: With Applications to Mechanical, Thermomechanical, and Smart Materials
2018978-0-12-810118-6Francois GagneBiochemical Ecotoxicology: Principles and Methods
  ''978-0-12-810119-3Anil Mital · Anoop Desai · Anand Subramanian · Aashi MitalProduct Development: A Structured Approach to Consumer Product Development, Design, and Manufacture
  ''978-0-12-810120-9Ajaykumar Vishwakarma · Paul Sharpe · Songtao Shi · Murugan RamalingamStem Cell Biology and Tissue Engineering in Dental Sciences
  ''978-0-12-810121-6Krishna RajanInformatics for Materials Science and Engineering: Data-driven Discovery for Accelerated Experimentation and Application
  ''978-0-12-810122-3Ian SuttonOffshore Safety Management: Implementing a SEMS Program
2018978-0-12-810123-0Alan C. JacksonRabies: Scientific Basis of the Disease and Its Management
  ''978-0-12-810124-7Ulla Vogel · Kai Savolainen · Qinglan Wu · Martie van Tongeren · Derk Brouwer · Markus BergesHandbook of Nanosafety: Measurement, Exposure and Toxicology
  ''978-0-12-810125-4John F. Shroder · Jean Ellis · Douglas J. ShermanCoastal and Marine Hazards, Risks, and Disasters
  ''978-0-12-810126-1Anda Cornea · P. Michael ConnFluorescence Microscopy: Super-Resolution and other Novel Techniques
2016978-0-12-810127-8Jacob Aboudi · Steven M. Arnold · Brett A. BednarcykMicromechanics of Composite Materials: A Generalized Multiscale Analysis Approach
2018978-0-12-810128-5Murray Webster · Jane SellLaboratory Experiments in the Social Sciences
  ''978-0-12-810129-2Syed Naeem AhmedPhysics and Engineering of Radiation Detection
2018978-0-12-810130-8Donglu ShiNanomaterials and Devices (Micro and Nano Technologies)
  ''978-0-12-810131-5Joe P. DeGeareThe Guide to Oilwell Fishing Operations, Second Edition: Tools, Techniques, and Rules of Thumb (Gulf Drilling Guides)
  ''978-0-12-810132-2Frank B. WattsEngineering Documentation Control Handbook: Configuration Management and Product Lifecycle Management
  ''978-0-12-810133-9Ronald W. MehlerDigital Integrated Circuit Design Using Verilog and Systemverilog
  ''978-0-12-810134-6Peter Koehler · Herbert Wieser · Katharina KonitzerCeliac Disease and Gluten: Multidisciplinary Challenges and Opportunities
2018978-0-12-810135-3Matthew Hull · Diana BowmanNanotechnology Environmental Health and Safety: Risks, Regulation, and Management (Micro and Nano Technologies)
2016978-0-12-810136-0Yolanda PicóChemical Analysis of Food: Techniques and Applications
2017978-0-12-810137-7Mark Schulz · Vesselin Shanov · Zhangzhang YinNanotube Superfiber Materials: Changing Engineering Design (Micro and Nano Technologies)
2018978-0-12-810138-4Anita Street · Richard Sustich · Jeremiah Duncan · Nora SavageNanotechnology Applications for Clean Water: Solutions for Improving Water Quality (Micro and Nano Technologies)
2017978-0-12-810139-1Peter Glenn RobinsonDentine Hypersensitivity: Developing a Person-centred Approach to Oral Health
2016978-0-12-810140-7Jurgen M. HonigThermodynamics, Fourth Edition: Principles Characterizing Physical and Chemical Processes
2018978-0-12-810141-4Dennis P. NolanHandbook of Fire and Explosion Protection Engineering Principles: for Oil, Gas, Chemical and Related Facilities
2016978-0-12-810142-1Jianhong Chen · Rui CaoMicromechanism of Cleavage Fracture of Metals: A Comprehensive Microphysical Model for Cleavage Cracking in Metals
2018978-0-12-810143-8Debasis BagchiNutraceutical and Functional Food Regulations in the United States and Around the World (Food Science and Technology)
2017978-0-12-810144-5Jeremy RamsdenApplied Nanotechnology, Second Edition: The Conversion of Research Results to Products (Micro and Nano Technologies)
2018978-0-12-810145-2John CarrollNatural Gas Hydrates: A Guide for Engineers
  ''978-0-12-810146-9Silvia Bautista-BañosPostharvest Decay: Control Strategies
  ''978-0-12-810147-6Yoram Vodovotz · Gary AnTranslational Systems Biology: Concepts and Practice for the Future of Biomedical Research
  ''978-0-12-810148-3Victor R. PreedyAging: Oxidative Stress and Dietary Antioxidants
  ''978-0-12-810149-0John F. Shroder · Paolo Paron · Giuliano Di BaldassarreHydro-Meteorological Hazards, Risks, and Disasters
2018978-0-12-810150-6Randy O. WayneLight and Video Microscopy
2017978-0-12-810151-3Ian SuttonPlant Design and Operations
  ''978-0-12-810152-0Erle C. Donaldson · Waqi Alam · Nasrin BegumHydraulic Fracturing Explained: Evaluation, Implementation, and Challenges
2018978-0-12-810153-7Richard LeachFundamental Principles of Engineering Nanometrology (Micro and Nano Technologies)
  ''978-0-12-810154-4John F. Shroder · Andrew E. Collins · Jones Samantha · Bernard Manyena · Janaka JayawickramaHazards, Risks, and Disasters in Society
  ''978-0-12-810155-1Noel Professor Cameron · Barry BoginHuman Growth and Development
  ''978-0-12-810156-8Subba Ramaiah KodigalaThin Film Solar Cells From Earth Abundant Materials: Growth and Characterization of Cu2(ZnSn)(SSe) 4 Thin Films and Their Solar Cells
2016978-0-12-810157-5Richard P. PohanishSittig's Handbook of Pesticides and Agricultural Chemicals
2018978-0-12-810158-2Goutam BrahmachariGreen Synthetic Approaches for Biologically Relevant Heterocycles
2016978-0-12-810159-9Victor R. PreedyProcessing and Impact on Active Components in Food
2018978-0-12-810160-5Sabu Thomas · Robert Shanks · Sarath ChandranNanostructured Polymer Blends (Micro and Nano Technologies)
2018978-0-12-810161-2Victor GiurgiutiuStructural Health Monitoring with Piezoelectric Wafer Active Sensors
  ''978-0-12-810162-9Shaurya Prakash · Junghoon YeomNanofluidics and Microfluidics: Systems and Applications (Micro and Nano Technologies)
  ''978-0-12-810163-6Waqar Ahmed · Mark J JacksonEmerging Nanotechnologies for Manufacturing (Micro and Nano Technologies)
978-0-12-810164-3Dominique HeymannBone Cancer, Second Edition: Primary Bone Cancers and Bone Metastases
2018978-0-12-810165-0Ian SuttonProcess Risk and Reliability Management
  ''978-0-12-810166-7W. Brian RowePrinciples of Modern Grinding Technology
  ''978-0-12-810167-4Zeev Zalevsky · Ibrahim AbdulhalimIntegrated Nanophotonic Devices (Micro and Nano Technologies)
2018978-0-12-810168-1Ronald Ross WatsonNutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Abdominal Obesity
  ''978-0-12-810169-8John X J Zhang · Kazunori HoshinoMolecular Sensors and Nanodevices: Principles, Designs and Applications in Biomedical Engineering (Micro and Nano Technologies)
  ''978-0-12-810170-4David GayExplorations in Topology: Map Coloring, Surfaces and Knots
  ''978-0-12-810171-1Parvaiz Ahmad · Saiema RasoolEmerging Technologies and Management of Crop Stress Tolerance: Volume 1-Biological Techniques
  ''978-0-12-810172-8Nguyen Danh Thao · Hiroshi Takagi · Miguel EstebanCoastal Disasters and Climate Change in Vietnam: Engineering and Planning Perspectives
2016978-0-12-810173-5Myer KutzHandbook of Environmental Degradation of Materials, Second Edition
2018978-0-12-810174-2Ronald Ross WatsonOmega-3 Fatty Acids in Brain and Neurological Health
2018978-0-12-810175-9Shinji Funayama · Geoffrey A. CordellAlkaloids: A Treasury of Poisons and Medicines
  ''978-0-12-810176-6Jeffrey M Karp · Weian ZhaoMicro- and Nanoengineering of the Cell Surface (Micro and Nano Technologies)
  ''978-0-12-810177-3Jingshan Zhao · Zhijing Feng · Fulei Chu · Ning MaAdvanced Theory of Constraint and Motion Analysis for Robot Mechanisms
  ''978-0-12-810178-0Carl L. YawsThermophysical Properties of Chemicals and Hydrocarbons
2016978-0-12-810179-7Carl L. YawsTransport Properties of Chemicals and Hydrocarbons
2018978-0-12-810180-3Michael D. GriswoldSertoli Cell Biology, Second Edition
  ''978-0-12-810181-0Andrew SiegelPractical Business Statistics
2018978-0-12-810182-7Wen-mei W. HwuGPU Computing Gems Emerald Edition (Applications of GPU Computing Series)
2017978-0-12-810183-4Walter Dodds · Matt WhilesFreshwater Ecology: Concepts and Environmental Applications of Limnology (Aquatic Ecology)
  ''978-0-12-810184-1Nicolae LobontiuSystem Dynamics for Engineering Students: Concepts and Applications
2018978-0-12-810185-8Herbert B. EndertonComputability Theory: An Introduction to Recursion Theory
2017978-0-12-810186-5Sunil K. MathurStatistical Bioinformatics with R
2016978-0-12-810187-2Ronald Ross Watson · Victor R. PreedyBioactive Foods in Promoting Health: Probiotics and Prebiotics
  ''978-0-12-810188-9David O. Norris · Kristin H LopezHormones and Reproduction of Vertebrates, Volume 3: Reptiles
  ''978-0-12-810189-6David O. Norris · Kristin H. LopezHormones and Reproduction of Vertebrates, Volume 1: Fishes
2018978-0-12-810190-2Charles L. EdelsteinBiomarkers of Kidney Disease
2016978-0-12-810191-9Ioannis S. ArvanitoyannisIrradiation of Food Commodities: Techniques, Applications, Detection, Legislation, Safety and Consumer Opinion
2018978-0-12-810192-6Gene E. LikensLake Ecosystem Ecology: A Global Perspective
2016978-0-12-810193-3Sassan AhmadiMobile WiMAX: A Systems Approach to Understanding IEEE 802.16m Radio Access Technology
2018978-0-12-810194-0Norman S. MillerPrinciples of Addictions and the Law: Applications in Forensic, Mental Health, and Medical Practice
2016978-0-12-810195-7Kandi Brown · William L Hall · Marjorie Hall Snook · Kathleen GarvinSustainable Land Development and Restoration: Decision Consequence Analysis
  ''978-0-12-810196-4Michael S. GoligorskyRegenerative Nephrology
2018978-0-12-810197-1John Sheffield · Dustin Froula · Siegfried H. Glenzer · Neville C. Luhmann Jr.Plasma Scattering of Electromagnetic Radiation: Theory and Measurement Techniques
2016978-0-12-810198-8Kim Kerr CPPWorkplace Violence: Planning for Prevention and Response