Lee Bennett Hopkins

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A Chorus of Cultures Anthology: Developing Literacy Through Multicultural PoetrySpiral-bound978-1-56334-325-41994Alma Flor Ada · Violet J. Harris
Amazing FacesHardcover978-1-60060-334-12010Chris Soentpiet · Joseph Bruchac · Nikki Grimes · Jane Yolen
America at War: Poems Selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins   "978-1-4169-1832-52008Stephen Alcorn
A Pet for Me: PoemsPaperback978-0-06-443716-52004
A Pet for Me: PoemsHardcover978-0-06-029111-22003
A Pet for Me: PoemsLibrary Binding978-0-06-029112-92003
Been to Yesterdays: Poems of a LifePaperback978-1-56397-808-11999
Behind the Museum Door: Poems to Celebrate the Wonders of MuseumsHardcover978-0-8109-1204-52007
Best Friends   "978-0-06-022561-21986James Watts
Best Friends: PoemsLibrary Binding978-0-06-022562-91986
Blast Off!   "978-0-06-024261-91995
Blast Off: Poems About SpacePaperback978-0-06-444219-01996Melissa Sweet
Blast Off!: Poems About SpaceHardcover978-0-06-024260-21995   "
Christmas PresentsPaperback978-0-06-008056-32005
Christmas Presents: Holiday PoetryLibrary Binding978-0-06-008055-62004
City I LoveHardcover978-0-8109-8327-42009
Days to Celebrate: A Full Year of Poetry, People, Holidays, History, Fascinating Facts, and More   "978-0-06-000765-22004
Days to Celebrate: A Full Year of Poetry, People, Holidays, History, Fascinating Facts, and MoreLibrary Binding978-0-06-000766-92004
Dizzy Dinosaurs: Silly Dino Poems   "978-0-06-135839-52011
Dizzy Dinosaurs: Silly Dino PoemsPaperback978-0-06-135841-82011
Extra Innings: Baseball PoemsHardcover978-0-15-226833-61993Scott Medlock
Families, Familes   "978-0-8215-0511-31998
Good Books, Good Times!Paperback978-0-06-446222-82000
Good Books, Good Times!Hardcover978-0-06-022527-81990Harvey Stevenson
Good Books, Good Times!Library Binding978-0-06-022528-51990   "
Good Rhymes, Good Times: PoemsHardcover978-0-06-023499-71995
Good Rhymes, Good Times: PoemsLibrary Binding978-0-06-023500-01995
Got Geography!Hardcover978-0-06-055601-32006
Got Geography!Library Binding978-0-06-055602-02006
Halloween HowlsPaperback978-0-06-008062-42006
Halloween Howls: Holiday PoetryHardcover978-0-06-008060-02005
Halloween Howls: Holiday PoetryLibrary Binding978-0-06-008061-72005
Hand in Hand: An American History Through PoetryHardcover978-0-671-73315-51994
Hanukkah LightsPaperback978-0-06-008053-22005
Hanukkah Lights: Holiday PoetryHardcover978-0-06-008051-82004
Hanukkah Lights: Holiday PoetryLibrary Binding978-0-06-008052-52004
Hear My PrayerHardcover978-0-310-71811-62011
Home To Me   "978-0-439-34096-02002
I Am the Book   "978-0-8234-2119-02011
Kim's place,: And other poems   "978-0-03-012081-71974
Let them be themselves   "978-0-06-023852-01992
Let Them Be ThemselvesPaperback978-0-06-446126-91992
Lives: Poems About Famous AmericansHardcover978-0-06-027767-31999
Lives: Poems About Famous AmericansLibrary Binding978-0-06-027768-01999
Mama & her boysHardcover978-0-06-022578-01981
Mama & Her BoysPaperback978-0-06-022579-71981
Marvelous Math: A Book of Poems   "978-0-689-84442-32001Karen Barbour
Marvelous Math: A Book of PoemsHardcover978-0-689-80658-21997
Me, Myself, and IPaperback978-0-8215-0500-72000
Me, myself and I!: Poems selected978-0-8215-0501-41998
More SurprisesPaperback978-0-06-444131-51989
More surprises   "978-0-06-022604-61987
More SurprisesHardcover978-0-06-022605-31987Megan Lloyd
Morning, Noon and Nighttime, TooLibrary Binding978-0-06-022577-31980
Mother Goose and Her Animal FriendsPaperback978-0-8215-0472-71999
Mother Goose and Her Children   "978-0-8215-0461-11999
Mother Goose and Her Children   "978-0-8215-0462-81999
Mother Goose Around the World   "978-0-8215-0492-51999
Mother Goose through the seasons   "978-0-8215-0481-91999
Mother Goose Through the Seasons   "978-0-8215-0482-61999
My America: A Poetry Atlas of the United StatesHardcover978-0-689-81247-72000
Oh, No! Where Are My Pants? and Other Disasters: Poems   "978-0-688-17860-42005
Oh, No! Where Are My Pants? and Other Disasters: PoemsLibrary Binding978-0-688-17861-12005
Pass the Poetry, Please!Hardcover978-0-06-027746-81998
Pass the Poetry, Please!Paperback978-0-06-446199-31998
Pass the poetry, please!Hardcover978-0-06-022602-21987
Pass the Poetry, Please!Paperback978-0-06-446062-01987
Pauses: Autobiographical Reflections of 101 Creators of Children's BooksHardcover978-0-06-024748-51995
Places to Visit, Places to SeePaperback978-0-8215-0531-11994 and others
Poem in Your Pocket for KidsHardcover978-0-8109-9142-22010Inc. Academy of American Poets
Questions: PoemsPaperback978-0-06-444181-01994
Questions: PoemsHardcover978-0-06-022412-71992
Questions: PoemsLibrary Binding978-0-06-022413-41992
Sharing the Seasons: A Book of PoemsHardcover978-1-4169-0210-22010David Diaz
Spectacular Science: A Book of PoemsPaperback978-0-689-85120-92002Virginia Halstead
Spectacular Science: A Book of PoemsHardcover978-0-689-81283-51999
Sports! Sports! Sports! A Poetry CollectionPaperback978-0-06-443713-42000Brian Floca
Sports! Sports! Sports: A Poetry CollectionHardcover978-0-06-027800-71999   "
Sports! Sports! Sports!: A Poetry CollectionLibrary Binding978-0-06-027801-41999   "
Sunbeams: I Can Read - Pack 1 Early Fluency LevelPaperback978-0-435-00070-71989Syd Hoff · Arnold Lobel · Lillian Hoban
Surprises   "978-0-06-444105-61986
The Best of Book BonanzaHardcover978-0-03-052681-71980
The Best of Book Bonanza   "978-0-03-056714-81979
The Sky Is Full of SongLibrary Binding978-0-06-022583-41989
The Sky Is Full of SongPaperback978-0-06-446064-41987
The sky is full of songHardcover978-0-06-022582-71983
Through Our Eyes: Poems and Pictures About Growing UpLibrary Binding978-0-316-19654-31992
Valentine Hearts: Holiday PoetryPaperback978-0-06-008059-42005
Valentine Hearts: Holiday PoetryHardcover978-0-06-008057-02004
Valentine Hearts: Holiday PoetryLibrary Binding978-0-06-008058-72004
Weather: Poems   "978-0-06-021462-31994
Weather: PoemsHardcover978-0-06-021463-01994
Weather: Poems for All SeasonsPaperback978-0-06-444191-91995
Wonderful Words: Poems About Reading, Writing, Speaking, and ListeningHardcover978-0-689-83588-92004Karen Barbour

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Lee Bennett (poems selected by) Hopkins